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LIVE! Hurricane Hoops from Sunrise ... Miami (7-2) vs. UCF (9-0) @ BankAtlantic Center, 1 p.m.

Caneshoops George Richards here LIVE! from the BankAtlantic Center in scenic Sunrise.

It's a little chilly in here, but that's what happens sometimes when hockey meets the hardwood.

The Panthers ice is covered up and there's a basketball court. Hopefully some fans will join us. If not, we're here for you.

The first game of this Orange Bowl double-dip features Miami against the upstart UCF Knights. UCF hasn't played too many tough teams, but they did knock off the Gators. The Gator plays Frank Martin's Kansas State squad in the second game.

Anyway, the LIVE! chat is below. Just click on the play button to see the posts. If you have a question or comment, submit it and I'll approve it (as long as it's clean). That process may take a moment or two so be patient.

Let's play two!



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Finally a winning program

Why is Shannon gone and Haith isn't? UM basketball has great talent and very poor coaching. Horrible to watch...

Sad to watch this gifted team today. Very disorganized down the stretch, weak rebounding, weak defense at the point of attack and a kind of listlessness. They
had a good lead at the half, then tanked and looked disorganized with the game on the line.

what a joke to watch....change the coach now....before ACC play

Is Temple's Coach still John Cheney? Maybe we could use their basketball coach too. I kind of like Haith, but my patience with him is wearing thin. He has been here for 6 years and Perry Clark was fired, and he probably did more.

Haith has only been to 1 NCAA tournament, and has never gone above 500 in the conference. Just like Shannon, he brough in some good talent, but has done nothing with it. Yet he gets lauded all the time for what a good job he's doing. The only reason he hasn't been canned is that the expectations for UM basketball are always so low.

Just like football you can see their terrible coaching. I mean, everytime the game gets close, just like the Memphis game, they either start jacking 3's or go one on 4 to the basket for a blocked shot. This has been the case for years now.

How sad was it to see the stands filled with UF fans rooting for UCF. USF, UCF, FSU, UF. We are like 5th in the state in the two major sports now. Sad.

UF fans are trash. Do you expect anything more from them.

Their team is getting pounded by K-State so just desserts.

Low class Gatards. Nothing new.

I've said it for 2 years now. Haith is probably THE worse game day coach in the NCAA. That's right. he is worse than Shannon. Ok. maybe his equal.

He too should have been fired along with his bro' Shannon. Looks like Hocutt has his hands full. He needs to examine this debacle. He can't win an important game to save his life. He cannot motivate his players to rise up and play with energy when it matters.

Shaneh neh needs to re-examine what it means to be a coach. Coaching a D-1 team to sucess has nothing to do with skin color. get me a chinese guy of latin grandparents. I could care less. Bottom line, is this affirmative action experiment with Shannon and Haith has exploded in their faces.

Fire Haith now.

This team graded out a double"D". Making "DUMB" shooting and passing decisions'and not playing any "DEFENSE"the 2nd half. Another long season for the double "D" canes in the ACC>

Fire Haith now

The only fans pulling for UCF, were UCF fans -- they represented waaaaaay better than the canes. At least get your hate speach facts right.

If the canes in the stands were as enthusiastic for there own team as they were for K-State against the gators, maybe you'd have a home court/field advantage in something.

I felt bad for the cane players -- you 'fans' should be ashamed.

Maryland is firing there head football coach in order to hire Mike Leach. Golden better produce!

There was UF, FSU, UM...

There is UF, FSU, UM, USF, UCF...

There will be UF, FSU, UM, USF, UCF, FIU, FAU...

UM can't compete with these big enrollment state schools... I only see bad things on UM's future...

Canes lost, Gators Won and the Terps got Leach ...

Another day in Duh U's Athletic Program huh cane clod ?

Two years from now ? Get a black sharpie .

mark it

Golden, who spent last week on the road recruiting, spent part of Saturday with recruits. UM is hosting several this weekend.

Nice vacation ...


Over/under on when Muschump quits because he can't stand Gaard trash fans?

5 years max. Destination job? When was the last time anyone dreamed of retiring in a trailerpark? Delusion in Trailervile.

UF fans are trash.

Their team is getting pounded by K-State so just desserts.

Posted by: Sean Wilson is a cancer | December 18, 2010 at 05:11 PM
Your therapist recommends that you take an extended break from viewing sports. It's killing U man.

Yes. 7-5 with a Homecoming ass-pounding certainly is a pattern.

- Non-existent QB play.
- Under-achieving supposed "five-stars."
- Coaches quitting.
- Felony arrests.

What was that you were saying about patterns, dumbass Gatard trash?

Why would anyone live in that dump off of I-75?

What tradition does UF have? 3 NCs,wow, I'm impressed.
Here's tradition:

Never having an undefeated season
Dont tase me bro
The Quran burner redneck preacher
31 arrests
Urban Cryer's fake heart attack

Yep, add fake heart attacks and ignorant redneck bible thumpers to the pattern.

Wow, UFelony sounds like a great place to go to school.

Our fans out numbered yours at the BAC 20 to 1. Your fans are pathetic.

Anyone have canessport access and know who the surprise commit is?


oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh a mystery recruit huh ?

I hear it's Sean Taylor's, cousin's, sister's, boyfriend's, autie's, second generation, removed twice great nephew who was an All-State Kick Holder and Tee retriever at BFE Remedial H.S.

Go canes

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