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Newest on QB Stephen Morris (and Jacory)

UM offensive coordinator Mark Whipple spoke to the media at a news conference this morning and talked briefly on injured quarterback Stephen Morris, who hurt his left ankle during yesterday's practice.

When asked if Morris would practice today, Whipple said, "I don't know. We'll see. You know, he rolled his ankle. He was walking around pretty good. It was a lot better last night. So, we'll just see where he's at in the whole thing. I don't think it was bad as they originally thought.

"I quickly saw him this morning so we'll just see what that's like.''

UM will practice later this morning (it's two hours earlier here than in Florida). The practice will be closed, but we will be able to talk to interim coach Jeff Stoutland.

More from Whipple:

With starting job open at qb, how has that impacted Jacory and Stephen's performance in practice as far as competition?

"They both have gotten a lot better. Obviously Jacory is healthy, both physically and mentally, coming off of that kind of a violent concussion. Those guys have been tremendous. We said, 'Her's what we're going to do, and pretty much even the reps.' Obviously Jacory got a lot more [reps] yesterday but I feel really good about that position going into the game -- the best I've felt at any time. Now we'll see where Stephen is at.

"So it's been a positive. They've handled it really well, gotten a lot of reps and we practiced more than we did last year, so it's been really good.''

Moving forward, do you feel like both of those guys, having someone to push each other, is going to help them?  "I don't think competition is ever a bad thing. They're talking all the time and they always [did]. When Stephen played, Jacory was on the sideline helping him out with some things. They'd be there together -- and Spence -- 'Hey, you see this coverage,' or 'Look at this corner,' or 'Look at this safety and what he's doing..., all the things we talk about in meetings, and it carries over to the field. That has always been there. That's kind of why we said, when Randy and I talked, 'Hey, it's important that Jacory went to the Georgia Tech game,' or on the road. He wasn't going to play, but it was important that he was there as another kind of coach.''

We always talk about we've got a real good [meeting] room. Those guys are respectful of one another and have a great relationship.''