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Canes news, notes day before Sun Bowl

EL PASO -- A couple of quick notes from Thursday's press conference with UM interim coach Jeff Stoutland.

> As expected, Jacory Harris will start at quarterback, but freshman Stephen Morris will be available to play. Stoutland said he was waiting to see what happened with Morris' left ankle, which he injured during practice Tuesday. Either way, consider this a big opportunity for Harris. He needs to play well to have any shot of trying to convince Al Golden to give him a chance to start next year. Stoutland said Harris has been "extremely sharp in practice."

Harris played in nine games this season, starting the first eight before a concussion sidelined him for the better part of a month. On the year, he has completed 144-of-263 attempts for 1,756 yards with 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Morris, who played in five games and started Miami’s last four games, completed 60-of-120 attempts this year for 958 yards, five touchdowns and eight interceptions.

> All-American freshman Seantrel Henderson will not start for the Hurricanes at right tackle; redshirt freshman Jermaine Johnson will. Stoutland said Henderson's conditioning is the key factor. Henderson missed a number of practices while he was out with the flu. Henderson will play, however, Stoutland said.

> Sophomore running back Mike James, whose mother died Dec. 20 in a car accident, is supposed to join the team today at 1:15 p.m. local time. Stoutland said James was on his way in on a flight from Chicago. Stoutland said he's assured James he will play because he practiced with the team everyday before they left South Florida.

> Expect to see more of freshman running back Storm Johnson in Friday's game. Stoutland said Johnson has earned more playing time with the way he's practiced. "Everytime you are ready to turn away, he does something to keep your attention," Stoutland said.


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Storm and Miller should both have a 1,000 yard season next year if we RUN ENOUGH

Nice job, Manny. Keep us in the loop with what's going on.

What's your gut telling you? Do we win this? Are the players psyched?

By the way, don't forget to get SMD her milk and cookies to keep those positive "vibes" flowing.

Even without competition from the NFL, the Little Caesars (Pepperoni) Pizza Bowl suffered a double-digit decline in both ratings and viewership Sunday night.

FIU’s 34-32 victory over Toledo in the Little Caesars (Pepperoni) Pizza Bowl earned a 1.4 U.S. rating and 2.174 million viewers on ESPN Sunday night, down 46% in ratings and 43% in viewership from last year (MAR/OHIO: 2.6, 3.809 mil).

This marks the least-viewed edition of the game since at least 2006 (viewership prior to the 2007 game was unavailable).

The sizable decline for Sunday’s game is surprising, considering that its chief competition — NBC’s Vikings/Eagles Sunday Night Football game — was postponed to Tuesday night.

Of the eight bowl games through December 26, Sunday’s ranks as the second-lowest rated and second-least viewed, ahead of only the December 18 New Orleans Bowl (1.3, 2.096 mil).
– smw

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?



Many eyes of the nation Friday will be watching Miami's bowl game against Notre Dame and Florida State's bowl matchup against South Carolina, according to a study by the Wall Street Journal.

The study determined which teams are the most popular TV draws during the bowl season. The Journal found that Southern California was tops, followed by Florida State, Notre Dame, Miami and Michigan.
-- pbpost


green - why do you know so much about FIU football? Nobody but you cares about them, give it a rest.

We are not in competition with FIU.

Posted by: green

Can the wall street journal study investigate the use of tarps at hurricane home games? You guys will go to the "depths" of hell to make a case to be relevant again.

Not relevant??!!

You damn sure care about the Miami Hurricanes don't you?


green - We are not in competition with FIU.

Posted by: Eudocimus | December 30, 2010 at 01:43 PM

is sneaky pete whispering $weet nothing$ in the sports editor's tin ear?
splashing f-i-u-don't-matter on the front page day after day ...
if you didn't know better ...
you would erroneously conclude this good-for-nothing commuter school was on par with the well-established, well-esteemed, well-followed University of Miami ...
you know, the school you love to hate since 1926 ...
swim with the fishies ...
how low do you go to accommodate other small frys like barry, st thomas, florida memorial ... miami-dade
a notch below, the county community college enrolls 170,000 students & graduated 1.5M alumni ...
where's their beat? blog? propagandist?
minor-league college athletics with a make-believe fan base subsidized by the strong-arm of an unsuspecting student body warrants scant attention from a major-league metropolitan newspaper ...
something's rotten at 1 herald plaza ...


"Bigger fish to fry" - kettle, meet pot.

Glad to see Morris can go, I wouldn't feel very good going into the game with Harris starting and only Spencer Whipple available to back him up...

There is, in other words, much more readership demand for coverage of the Hurricanes than of the Golden Panthers.
-- miami herald ombudsman (8/1/10)

UM does and should get the greater share of sports coverage ...
-- miami herald ombudsman (8/8/10)

pot calling kettle green ...
pray tell, what's the herald's agenda ...
to be or not to be ...
that's the question ...
in a nutshell ...
to foist dog food on a cultivated palate ...


You do know there's an FIU blog on this website right?

Maybe if you try talking about FIU there you'll find someone who cares.

Green, keep your FIU crap to yourself. THIS IS A HURRICANE BLOG!!

No one here cares that you hate some other random school.

As for the Canes, I don't think it matters who starts... we are the better team vs Notre Dame.

It doesn't much matter but this makes it more interesting. J12's last stand - he needs a big game to get Golden's attention.

I for one am welcoming back GREEN!

Where have you been?


Hey Eudocimus:

Question: Why is Spencer Whipple on U team?

Question: Is Golden the HC to point J12 in right direction?

1. because of his dad.

2. it doesn't matter who the coach is. If he's halfway competent the players will make him look like a genius.

National Weather Service forecast for El Paso tomorrow.

Friday: A slight chance of rain and snow showers before 11am. Partly sunny, with a high near 45. Breezy, with a west northwest wind around 22 mph, with gusts as high as 31 mph.
Temps in the 40's with high winds? Duck arm should be good for four or five picks.
How pathetic is that everyone is saying," this is Jacory's shot to prove himself."
Way too many question marks for Dah U. Especially the weather.

If the weather is iffy, all the more reason to run the ball and use the pass strategically. And the D must play with intensity.

Hope the Canes come out with fire for 60 minutes! Let's see a new level of desire!


good to hear about Storm J. and his work ethic and desire-he has been this way all year yet we play GC because he is a senior. He knows only one way to run and that is lateral no speed since the injury. Play the best player-period. Go canes

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