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No starting QB decision and no Mike James (just for now)

UM interim coach Jeff Stoutland just spoke at a Sun Bowl news conference at the Hawthorn Suites in El Paso.

He was asked, as he has been asked continually, who is going to start at quarterback for the Hurricanes. Will it be junior Jacory Harris or will it be freshman Stephen Morris?  Someone asked if he had told the team.

 Stoutland: "I get asked that question about five times a day. I’ll get there with this thing. We are not going to announce that today or maybe even tomorrow.. There are still a couple of practices left. And when I tell you it's close, it’s real close. We’re monitoring a lot of the thing we just talked about. There might be times in the game where we might play both players based on what we’re doing schematically.

We have not announced that to the team – no,  we have not announced that."

Is it important for the team to know?

"Not really," Stoutland said, "because if you notice you guys are out there and everyday they are rotating with the ones, with the twos. There really has been no one guy playing with the ones all the time. I think the only person sometimes who knows is the center."

Stoutland also said running back Mike James, whose mother died in a car accident last week, has not arrived because of the snow storms in the Northeast, where James had to go regarding family matters.

"He’s stuck in a snow bank,'' Stoutland said. "Really, I’m not joking. He’s in New Jersey. He had to go with family to New York. I talked to him last night and he literally can’t get a plane out. Those airports were closed down. So, we’re trying to get him on anything here. He should be here, if not today, tomorrow for sure."

Also, Stoutland said that all the coaches on the UM staff know their job status as far as if they will be retained by new UM coach Al Golden. He said he didn't know what had been formally released, because he said he doesn't read the papers.

"I just know there are three coaches who have been asked to stay,'' he said, referring to himself, receivers coach Aubrey Hill and linebackers coach Micheal Barrow.

Nothing has been announced regarding offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, special teams coordinator/tight ends coach Joe Pannunzio and running backs coach Mike Cassano, so suffice it to say that it appears their UM coaching career will be over after this bowl.

"It has been an emotional week for the coaches,'' Stoutland said.

I'll be back after practice with any updates or news...





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Susan Miller Degnan....should not be covering the Hurricanes, especially the football team. this isn't sexist just an opinion. She is average at best, there are better reporters on some of the blogs.

Apologies to regular readers for reposting - I'm not going to spam this message constantly, I'm just going to post it once on each blog entry until I get some kind of response.

An open letter to Jorge Rojas:

I am writing to you concerning the college blogs on the Herald's sports page, I know it's probably not a high priority for you but it's something that has a bigger impact on the actual sports themselves than even the articles and opinions that are written by your columnists.

The UM sports blog is unreadable. It's filled with Gators fans writing hateful and racist things, specifically about Randy Shannon and Jacory Harris, and that blog is undoubtedly what Teddy Bridgewater's mother was referring to when she was talking about what "fans were saying" about Bridgewater decommiting to UM and a key factor in the #2 rated quarterback in the country deciding not to attend UM.

As near as I can tell Mike McCall is a college student and he is able to edit his blog to remove the completely inappropriate remarks that Hurricanes fans leave there. I know that Manny and Susan are mainly columnists but I beg you, either hire an intern or someone to monitor the UM blog on a day to day basis or just turn off the comments section. I would imagine you're probably just as happy to have the view counts and the high volumes of comments but it is just disgraceful that the Miami Herald would prefer to publish racist and hateful material to the detriment of the University of Miami (one of their business partners) than to see their traffic go down slightly.

If it was a columnist writing this stuff instead of one anonymous person (and there is just one person who's predominantly posting that stuff on the UM blog) then the Herald would be forced to fire him or her. As it is, all I can do is write an email and hope for the best.

Please start Morris!!

Thanks Susan, it was informative to me...hope Mike makes it in safely

Posted by: MAC chumps/ACC chumps...one in the same

Hey, Sean Wilson/Curse/Soldy you stupid slob. The phrase is "one and the same." You are too stupid to realize it and make similar errors over and over. It is so clear you are not a college graduate or, if you did graduate, it was from the public diploma mill at UFelony.

Pig, you are neither as funny nor witty as you think yourself to be.

Die for New Years, Pig.

Thank you Susan.

Morris is hurt so Jacory it is.

Nice, good thing we gots depths.

An injured Morris. Oh no! That
is a downer for sure.

However, let's see Jacory step up and
lead the team to a win. It is his chance
to show us what he can do, and I hope he does it.He has had success in the past, but the interception thing must be controlled, as in zero.

Meanwhile, the D must play an exceptional
game and contaiun the Irish.


And I agree with Eudocimus. There is a lot of unnecessary hate on this blog, obviously from iffy "fans" who spew negativity. Support whomever you want, but do it constructively. If you have an arguement to make, do it rationally. If you can't, go back to school. There is more than enough dumb in our culture,
don't you think?

Eudickmous is right we need to keep the racist PIG off our blog. It is not fair they are erasing our retaliatory comments on the Gator Clause. If he eve makes it my basement - he will cruisin for a brusin.

I'm pretty convinced by now that "Sean Wilson is a cancer" is just that same loser answering himself.

Say whatever you want about UM - they suck, their coach comes from nowhere, UF is great, nothing you say changes the fact that you personally are a loser who has absolutely no life. You spend every day of your life checking this blog to try to get people to talk to you because you don't have any real people in your life who can stand to be around you.

Do your family a favor and just end it man, think about how bad they'll all feel that they didn't talk to you when you were alive - they'll all talk about you like you were the greatest guy, it'll be the best day of your life.

Posted by: Frank

Excellent advice "frank", please post on all the Gator Blogs so we can win the war against the racist PIG, Sean Wilson.

Ain't no "war", just one really lonely gators fan. I'm sure you also have a couple of UM names you use to talk to yourself on the gators blog, you just can't get anyone to join in because all your offensive material gets taken down by the moderator.

That is obviously the fake. I am trying to stop this racist insanity. I believe Sarasota 'cane is the rabble rouser.

If all of the coaches know their fate, why nothing definitive on Whipple, Cassano, and Pannunzio?

Special teams was terrible, and with Carroll's TE responsibilities, I'm guessing Pannunzio is out. Cassano is Whipple's guy, so they are probably a package deal. And I've read Golden wants to bring Tyree Foreman from Temple to coach RB's and special teams.

Whipple's O put up good stats. Top 35 in yards, and great balance in run and pass yards. The ill-timed penalties and turnovers are the only reason the PPG were not among the highest in the country. I think Whipple can still do a fine job.

But if Whipple's gone ... Go get Bryan Harsin from Boise State. If we can't get Petersen, might as well get his offense.

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