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Seantrel feeling well -- and in the house (with a couple added notes)

UM right tackle Seantrel Henderson -- the 6-8, 360-pound monster on the field and thoroughly nice and low-keyed guy off it -- missed almost all the bowl practices in Coral Gables because of a wicked stomach virus that depleted him of fluids and had him quite sick.

He came back to practice the day before UM's final session back home, but missed the last one because he hadn't fully recuperated. Most of us were wondering when (and possibly if) he'd be back healthy enough for the bowl game.

But Seantrel is back, despite a snow storm in his home of Minneapolis that caused his plane reservations to be rebooked. I bumped into him last night in the El Paso Airport after he arrived. He seemed really happy to be here and said he was all better.

Hopefully, the time missed won't affect his stamina. But he has today and Tuesday to get into the grind, before tapering off Wednesday.

UM needs him for sure.

Addendum: Just watched the first part of practice and Seantrel was practicing at second team, with Jermaine Johnson at first team. Makes sense. Seantrel has been away from practice for a long time. Not sure what will happen in game. We'll talk to Jeff Stoutland in about an hour.

Also: Jacory Harris was taking the first-team snaps today in practice at a local high school in El Paso. Coach Stoutland informed a UM spokesman that he will not announce the starting quarterback today after practice. It seems that it will be Jacory, but we have not been told anything yet.




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Glad to have U back Man Moutain Henderson. Get refocused and lets lay waste to the Dame of Notre.

Have fun in your second tier bowl with your MAC coach losers! FIU is the champion of MIAMI!!!!!

whats a panter

I knew these FIU fans were going to pop up sooner rather than later. hey, guess what...if our bowl is second tier, then what exactly is yours? congrats on your win, but quit gloating to us until you beat a quality team and play in a decent conference. it's so funny how you fans think that because UM has been down you are now THE miami team. keep dreaming

Is there really a loser FIU fan on tis blog? can you believe the despondency of these second rate college students?


You are going to a second rate school
Your atheltic programs are second rate
Your team just beat a crappy Toledo program. UM would paste 60 on either of you even with jacorry

Look at the headlines- Jason Wittel is an alleged ra-pist. IS that why you all are here bragging?

Act like you've been there. Oh, sorry. You havent been there and you'll never be.

Amusing that beating "football powerhouse" Toledo in a third tier bowl suddenly makes FIU big-time. Even more amusing, apparewntly the FIU fans who hang out here can't even spell their school nickname right..."panters"...lol...but then maybe there's a lot of truth to that.

FIU and UM need to get along. There's no iminent competition and the schools are "tight".

Many FIU students are UM fans.

No need to hate or sh*t on anyone's parade.

It was a great day for FIU and Friday can be a great day for the U. Then, the whole city can celebrate the collective achievements of our student body. Take that back and forth yip yap to The Gator Clause.

UM and FIU are in no way shape or form "tight".

Congratulations to FIU, that was a fun game and I enjoyed cheering them on last night. However, please don't become like FSU and Gators fans and start opening your mouths after every win or recruit that you obtain. Go Canes!

"whats a panter"

It is what it is. The troll from FIU got it right the first time.

For FIU fans to immediately start talking trash after a bowl win simply demeans their school and their program.

Lmao @mo....surely that idiot doesn't attend the university

Yes I do attend! You're the ones who don't go to your University of Coral Gables!


Only due to the UM leadership of Mario and Pete are you able to say that FIU panters (way to miss the h there)... don't s**t where you eat comes to mind

FIU Panters? Really? Seriously? Show us you green card son!!!!

Mario and Pete left because they wanted to be part of the real MIAMI university!

I fixed my H, you mind your Ps and Qs or else we'll take Golden and make him our coordinator!!

I am a political prisoner from Cuba, and I want my human rights now, just like President Jimmy Carter says, OK?

OK now I get it, Miami International University... Lol is all I can do after that post... just enjoy your first bowl win.

Panter?. Sounds like you need to hit the books a lil harder..
No 1 at FIU can hold a candle to any 3rd stringer at Miami.. You might wanna direct your rambling towards a football team closer to your teams abilities.. ie, Tamiami Colts perhaps??


Harris 25/37 398 yds.-3 scores

Miller 22-177-1 score

Hankerson 8-166-2 scores

Yes FIU and UM are tight.

- They represent the same community.
- Many FIU students and alumni support The U Atheltic Program. When all the U students go back north, it's the Miami community that picks up the slack (which includes FIU students).
- Cristobal and Garcia are UM products.

So trashing FIU is counter-productive and vice-versa.

If we had a Univ Pres. like FIU has that could care less about grade point averages and graduation rates, MIAMI would be playing for a National Championship. Shalaya is the problem. Hopefully GOLDEN has the guts to tell SHALAYA (the ugly one) to stay away!

"Da U" - either you don't live in Miami or you're just clueless. Or maybe both.

The two universities have nothing in common. UM is a small private school in Coral Gables with mostly students from the northeast who live on campus. FIU is a large public school out by the Tamiami trail with mostly hispanic local students, 90% of whom live off campus.

UM doesn't represent the Miami community because the Miami community doesn't go to UM. The Miami community doesn't "pick up the slack" for the UM alumni because alumni are the only ones who go to the football games when the team isn't undefeated, local Miami fans are just unreliable glory supporters.

It's funny to be reading a post from a Cryami fan telling an FIU fan to act as if they 'have been there before'. When all Cryami fans do is rub in your face how good they are when they win. Oh that's right, it's been almost ten years since that has happened. LMAO! Stop living in the past, set your feet on the ground, and face reality, your glory days are over and the future looks bleak and mediocre at best.

Yea, it's been 8 years since we've played in the national championship game.

Enjoy your Little Ceasar's win, it's the best you're ever going to do.


Those would be great stats. Hope you are right!

ND is coming off 3 straight wins. Stopping Hughes will be tough unless our D-line penetrates. They have a freshmen QB who must have defenders in his face. They are confident and will play with fire. We are faster.

UM is coming off 2 losses. We have a new, energized coach and every position is up for grabs. I hope Jacory has his best game of the year to set the stage for the upcoming season. He will require protection and a strong running game. He must make smart decisions, throwing underneath if needed, and running the ball if it is open.

Let's see our receivers get open like many teams seem to do.

And how about short passes to running backs as well? They can run. Bring the Storm!

By the way, congratulations to FIU and especially to Coach Cristobal. Winning a bowl is a strong achievement for FIU. How did UM miss out on #4 with all that kick return speed?

He will require protection and a strong running game. He must make smart decisions, throwing underneath if needed, and running the ball if it is open.

Blah blah blah ... Shut it fool. Everyone sh@&ts their pants when Jacory " 50 cents a day" tucks and runs. He's TERRIBLE!

Ignore these FIU wannabes... they won the Little Caesar Bowl in Detroit (LMA)) and were lucky to win at that... I'm happy they won, but please don't flaunt your ignorance by trying to compare yourselves to "The U". FIU is not even in the same universe as Miami - child please. And to the FIU Panter guy - please learn how to spell before making a fool of yourself!

I'm glad to see the RS recruits doing OK. I'll admit that RS lacked player development, proper alumni relations, standard diction, and really had trouble with OC and DC. Nix set U back at least two to three years.

That said, didn't RS deserve another three years? I have told U again and again, Cristobal at least should have been interviewed. The guy that really turns U around will be a former player.

Cool Cat - Mario Cristobal isn't black, how could you possibly suggest him?

Lay off FIU guys. How do u know for sure that the 'Panter Poster' is really a fiu fan at all? U should be used to idiots posting on here for the sheer pleasure of pissing off the masses. They been doing it for years guys, so get used to it and learn to ignore it! It has to be someone whose team has less success as well as championships than the U, otherwise they wouldn't be posting their hatred for the U on a daily basis.

The pantry poster is certainly Curse Pig. Smell him from 100 miles away.

If you Miami fans continue to 'lower' yourselves by responding to simpleton bloggers from other schools nothing will ever change. All the immature enemy bloggers are trying to do is 'yank your chain' and as soon as they do you respond like a trained monkey. Ignore these children and they will go away. DO NOT RESPOND! FIU bloggers are nothing more than a bunch of nervous barking chihuahuas.

"What you recall," right Pig Man?


"Fool". "Shut up."Come on, really. Your limited education is showing again. Calm down.

Harris can and should run the ball if yardage is available. Like many, he should slide or get out of bounds and avoid hits. Not a real complex football concept.

hey Udocimus: The Little Ceasars/Dominoes Bowl isn't the best Cristobal will do. He's just getting started, admit it. Why don't U give Golden Tommy Tubberville's phone number, OK?

To reinforce CowboyCane's point, evidence is that not one mention of Seantrel Henderson, the subject of this thread since post 1, as the 2nd post was submitted by the "so called" FIU troll.

Ignore them.

When Henderson gets switched to his rightful position, LEFT tackle, all will be right in Canes World...party time, excellent!

"Cool Cat" - FIU still hasn't even beaten a team that's beaten a good team. They can win the Sunbelt every year and they still won't do better than Little Caesars until they can beat real football teams.

What happened on Jacory " 50 cents a day" Harris' last pass?

Racist a**hole.

"If I come back, I can have a great year and, at the same time, help my teammates and this university get back on top," Benjamin said.

What a JOKE. Get back on top?!?! The 7 remaining U fans might buy into that empty talk. Nobody else does. A team that has gotten pushed around for years in a basketball conference is NOT getting back to the "top." The top of what?

U live in fantasyland. U have Dom who says, " guys, we're three deep at every position and loaded.". Ohhhhhhh-Kay Dom. U have Sarasota who turns off his Threes Company reruns to watch the 'Canes get blown out then yells "Go Canes." And then U have that CANES FAN clown who promised dozens of times that Randy wasn't going anywhere and GUARANTEED the canes would play for the ACC title. Don't forget the mother of all clowns, Canesrule. He spent six months propping up Jaskinny as a Heisman lock and called that idiot Shannon the "Black Bear Bryant."

Until U win the sorry ACC U clowns need to ZIP IT. Seriously.

Isn't FIU that cute little school our boys beat up on the score board and on the field under Coker? Mouthy little sh#ts, how adorable. Go back to bed now kiddies. GO Canes!!!

Hey Ed,

The Gators can suck my balls. Where is your bowl game being played? Poor Meyer's ticker couldn't even handle how lowsy the Gators played. The SEC looked pretty strong against you. The SEC is very good football but not a lot of conferences get to cheat with so little consequences. Go DUCKS, F@ck the SEC.

Gatard trash thinks this year was an aberration and that Muschump will get them back on top.

It will be another miserable year in the land of sewers and trailers. The mythical Gatard Nation will turn on Muschump too, just like they did Spurrier, Zooker and the Liar.

Rewind back eleven months and suggest bringing in the entire Temple coaching staff to run The U football program. U would be laughed at for months. But nOw it's a "great hire.". U can thank Randy "Black Bear Bryant" Shannon fir the desperate state of affairs.

Temple? Really? TEMPLE?!?!

At least Randy built depths.

UFelony = NCAA Sanctions and irrelevance for another 100 years.

Manny, any news on Offensive Coordinator Candidates, Recruiting?

Are we responding to FIU fans? I am from Miami and graduated from the University of Miami, now get this right. Congrats to FIU for winner their first ever bowl game, but guys don't come here to talk trash. Maybe you should go up to FAU and talk trash to them. 5 National Championships vs 1 bowl win, am I missing something? FAU won a bowl game too, and they aren't talking trash. MIAMI, FLORIDA STATES, FLORIDA, USF, USF, FAU, and then we get to FIU. I mean get real guys, go win a few national championships and then you can start talking.

"Ed Reed"/whoever - you're such a loser dude, seriously you check this blog all day every day and you have to keep changing your name so that people won't realize how pathetic you are.

I'm a UM fan and I have a fulfilling job, lots of friends, and a girlfriend - I know for a fact you have absolutely no retort to say to that so game, set, and match.

"Sean Wilson is a cancer" - I'm guessing you're just the same loser answering himself but if not you need to stop humoring this guy and giving him the human interaction that he so desperately and pathetically seeks.

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