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Seantrel feeling well -- and in the house (with a couple added notes)

UM right tackle Seantrel Henderson -- the 6-8, 360-pound monster on the field and thoroughly nice and low-keyed guy off it -- missed almost all the bowl practices in Coral Gables because of a wicked stomach virus that depleted him of fluids and had him quite sick.

He came back to practice the day before UM's final session back home, but missed the last one because he hadn't fully recuperated. Most of us were wondering when (and possibly if) he'd be back healthy enough for the bowl game.

But Seantrel is back, despite a snow storm in his home of Minneapolis that caused his plane reservations to be rebooked. I bumped into him last night in the El Paso Airport after he arrived. He seemed really happy to be here and said he was all better.

Hopefully, the time missed won't affect his stamina. But he has today and Tuesday to get into the grind, before tapering off Wednesday.

UM needs him for sure.

Addendum: Just watched the first part of practice and Seantrel was practicing at second team, with Jermaine Johnson at first team. Makes sense. Seantrel has been away from practice for a long time. Not sure what will happen in game. We'll talk to Jeff Stoutland in about an hour.

Also: Jacory Harris was taking the first-team snaps today in practice at a local high school in El Paso. Coach Stoutland informed a UM spokesman that he will not announce the starting quarterback today after practice. It seems that it will be Jacory, but we have not been told anything yet.




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A panter is someone panting after girls in the Bahamas, apparently can't control himself.

An open letter to Jorge Rojas:

I am writing to you concerning the college blogs on the Herald's sports page, I know it's probably not a high priority for you but it's something that has a bigger impact on the actual sports themselves than even the articles and opinions that are written by your columnists.

The UM sports blog is unreadable. It's filled with Gators fans writing hateful and racist things, specifically about Randy Shannon and Jacory Harris, and that blog is undoubtedly what Teddy Bridgewater's mother was referring to when she was talking about what "fans were saying" about Bridgewater decommiting to UM and a key factor in the #2 rated quarterback in the country deciding not to attend UM.

As near as I can tell Mike McCall is a college student and he is able to edit his blog to remove the completely inappropriate remarks that Hurricanes fans leave there. I know that Manny and Susan are mainly columnists but I beg you, either hire an intern or someone to monitor the UM blog on a day to day basis or just turn off the comments section. I would imagine you're probably just as happy to have the view counts and the high volumes of comments but it is just disgraceful that the Miami Herald would prefer to publish racist and hateful material to the detriment of the University of Miami (one of their business partners) than to see their traffic go down slightly.

If it was a columnist writing this stuff instead of one anonymous person (and there is just one person who's predominantly posting that stuff on the UM blog) then the Herald would be forced to fire him or her. As it is, all I can do is write an email and hope for the best.

You know things have gone south for the "U" over the last couple of months when FIU fans feel that they are in a position to talk smack. I hope Golden can be good as gold and get things back in balance. I am a J. Harris fan but I do feel that Morris should be the starter for the ND game. The "U" is moving in a new and different direction and should stick with that plan. I am not sure that the "U" can pull this game out if J. Harris turns over the ball 2 to 3 times. The teams mind may be too fragil right now with all that has happened. They have not been game ready on more than one occasion this season. Not sure they will be this time around either.

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