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Soldinger would love shot to go back to The U

At one point during his coaching tenure at the University of Miami, Don Soldinger had an office full of future NFL running backs fighting to carry the ball in the Hurricanes backfield.

Don Soldinger "I got pictures now that if you saw them, you would just shake your head," said Soldinger, who spent 16 years at UM as a linebackers/tight ends coach from 1984 to 1988 and running backs coach/special teams coordinator from 1995 to 2006.

"At one point or another in my office, I had [James] Jackson, EJ [Edgerrin James], [Clinton] Portis, [Jarrett] Payton, [Najeh] Davenport, [Willis] McGahee and Frank [Gore]. I'd love to start another round like that again."

Soldinger, now 66, has spent the last five years since being let go by Larry Coker working as a strength training and speed development coach. He's spent the last two years serving that role at Miami-Dade Community College, training the national championship winning softball team, Steve Hertz's baseball team and most recently the men's and women's basketball teams. He's also traveled the country working special camps and coaching running backs. The bug inside him for coaching at the University of Miami? That remains as strong as ever.

New Canes coach Al Golden hired his fourth new assistant coach Wednesday when it was announced Brennan Carroll, the 31-year old son of former USC coach Pete Carroll would become the team's new tight end coach and national recruiting coordinator. But the offensive coordinator spot along with running backs coach and special teams coordinator remains open. Soldinger? He's interested in the latter.

"I hope does enough research just to talk to me," Soldinger said Saturday at the Citrus Bowl as he watched Miami Central play Orlando Dr. Phillips in the Class 6A state championship game. "Whether he comes up to me or not, I think I can help him. I know so many people in the state, still have a little bit of coaching left. The way it all ended wasn't good. I had a great career and I like to finish it off on the right note.

"[Golden] seems to want to want to have some sort of tie to the old players and tradition whereas I think Randy [Shannon] kind of made a mistake that way, turning a few people off that way. I love Randy because I coached him. But I think he kind of pushed some guys away.

"We'll see what happens. I've kept my hands in football in case something happens. I actually did a clinic for Butch [Davis] recently, went up to North Carolina, met with their staff for a few hours. I did a high school clinic for them. He really doesn't have anything there yet. But this is the first time I thought about leaving Miami. I haven't wanted to because my wife does real good in real estate. But if something came open I'd certaily like to help out."

Soldinger said the talent he sees in UM's backfield now "is probably the best group they've had since I've been gone."

"It's similar to the guys I had sitting in my room just a few years ago," Soldinger said. "[Mike] James, [Storm] Johnson, [Lamar] Miller, the kid from Booker T. Washington [Eduardo Clements] those guys all have it. They just need to be patient, stay positive and not worry about who is the man. All of the guys I had before were like that. They didn't like it back then. But they like it now. They're all making a ton of money."


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On the surface, I don't think Golden would be interested due to his age.

Golden's staff is built of 30 to 40 year-olds.

Viejo, I can't believe you said that. At his age, Soldy would have an unbelievable amount of know-how when it comes to RB conditioning, technique and all the nuances that go into making a RB his finest.

I would LOVE this!

Actually it would be a great hire since Soldinger is 66! Cant have a bunch of 30 and 40 year olds without mixing in a couple older guys

I remember Soldinger. He's one of the best high school coaches in South Dade. He sent his share of players to U.

But, 'ole Kirby might say no to this one, as he looks to be wanting to turn the corner from the old days.

If U are smart, U'll bring back RS as DC. U'll go talk to Denny Greene, Ty Willingham. U might want to have a sit-down with Cristobal, at FIU.

U'll realize that football is not just a game, it's BIG BUSINESS. When JoPa leaves at Penn St., Golden's out the door.

Teddy turned his back on U, because he knows that Golden would make him a "system" QB. Just like the bust Tebow.

"U are smart, U'll bring back RS as DC. U'll go talk to Denny Greene, Ty Willingham. U might want to have a sit-down with Cristobal, at FIU.

U'll realize that football is not just a game, it's BIG BUSINESS. When JoPa leaves at Penn St., Golden's out the door.

Teddy turned his back on U, because he knows that Golden would make him a "system" QB. Just like the bust Tebow."

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | December 22, 2010 at 05:24 PM

What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Soldinger was one of the WORST FIRES EVER!!!!!
His running back resume :Enough Said!!!!

Lets Just bring Ed James back and show these kids how to do work!! I am happy with Carroll higher, I don't think Miami's class will be loaded this year, I think they are just trying to fill in the depth chart! But I have a feeling you will see him out recruit FSU and UF and Clemson! A lot of people don't know this but Clemson has a ton of Florida players on there team!

You are absolutely right Canes 1st "Cool Cat" is a colossal tool. He needs to just shut UP. I'm a Canes fan but just b/c I am doesn't mean I have to automatically berate a rival player. Tebow is not a bust just b/c he didn't choose to be a Cane. In fact I doubt if Tebow would have been 1/4 as successful if he had opted to play under Shannon. While Shannon landed his share of recruits he also hindered their development big time. I love him but e was/is not a good coach.

I am 59 years old. Class of 70. Don Soldinger was an assistant football coach and a teacher at my high school Miami Coral Park. I guess from there he went on to take a HC vacancy at another South Dade HS(Name escapes me) where he was wildly successful. Then he began his tour of duty with the Canes. He was a great RB's coach. Coker had no right in firing him or any other assistant. Coker was a cancer and we paid dearly for his one NC at Miami.

Miami Southridge HS

Coral Park was once good at football? GO Rams!

"Canes 1st" made me pee myself.

Anyways bring back Kehoe.

I think he was a good RB coach, but the special teams were not great under him. They had players like Moss, Hester and Mack who were special team monsters when he was there, but the plays were made because of their skill not the scheme.

Soldinger would be great at RB coach. Plus his ties to the community would mend alot of fences that may have been undone in recent years and he knows strength and conditioning. Hope Golden reaches out to him.

yes, Soldinger would be a great rehire. his resume does speak for itself, it gives more FL ties which is always a good thing. and the fact that he is older does give a good mix in the coaching staff (in a been there, done it kind of way)

sounds to me like Golden is trying to hire from across the country so he can recruit where he pleases. he and his temple guys have the NE, Burrow/stoutland/Hill - FL, Carrol- Wcoast,...... look for him to hire a Texas and/or Midwest guy to fill out the rest of the staff?..

THe power of FIVE:

James jackson
Clinton Portis
najeh Davenport
Willis McGahee
Frank Gore

All on the field or on the sidelines at one point or another under Soldy

All NFLers. Portis could be a hall of famer

Coker should have fired one guy after the LSU Peach Bowl debacle instead of firing Kehoe, Soldi and others:

His name is Shannon. The Miami D against LSu was disorganized, lost, in shambles, there were poor adjustments during the game, there were poor substitutions and no answer to what LSU was throwing at them. Never mind the offense but LSU ran ragged against Um in the game. Shannon gave us a prelude then of things to come...

Having Sol would be great hire. How can u not hire this guy?

Would be a great hire! Coach Sol is a tremendous, in your face type of coach, his record speaks for itself. I know, cause he coached me in high school for a couple of years in the middle 70's. The positives outweigh the negatives. There is no substitute for experience and Coach Sol has it, he will develop and teach like no other. Great ties throughout the state and with former players. This is one hire, if he is hired, Golden would never regret, if at least for a couple of years. The man wants to come back home and retire a Cane, hire him!
GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring in Kehoe and Soldinger!

our running backs dont even need a coach they are so talented.

"What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

good one..

bring back Soldinger!

Why aren't we all asking or wondering who the Offensive coordinator candidates are!!! He's as important as the HC and I need a fix of possibilities to hold me over till its announced

hey Canes 1st, since U're a genius: How do u explain UF keeping Urban Cryer on the staff, yet Kirby gives RS the green light?

And, admit it: Golden is a goner as soon as JoPa stops keeping the job from somebody more deserving. The game passed JP by a long time ago.

If you want to make your fanbase Happy, bring back Coach Soldinger !!!
He is what Dade County and UM is all about.

Wow 'Cool Cat, must be great to have all the answers. Must not be great to be such a Douche.

"Cool Cat" - the fact that you think UM could retain Shannon as a coordinator or that they should look at Dennis Green and Ty Willingham shows that either you're blinded by race and not someone worth listening to or else there's some kind of sarcasm that isn't translating, in which case I'm the a**hole for calling you out.

And to answer your question above: it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that Urban Meyer retired by his own choice after a stellar coaching career and multiple national championships while Randy Shannon was fired by for gross incompetence and an embarrassing coaching record and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that Randy Shannon is black and Kirby hates him because he's racist.

For the more loyal readers - is "Cool Cat" just a troller trying to start arguments about race or is he legitimately that racist?

I would LOVE to have coach Sol back at UM. He is one of the best coaches in America. The man did an amazing at UM and we haven't been the same since he left.


This is a no-brainer.

Bring in Soldinger. Great coach, he has a lot of local ties to high schools but most importantly he bleeds orange and green. GO CANES!!!

Hey 'Cool Cat' just shut up, you are not making sense... and by the way, you are not cool.

I'm not sure about all of you other Cane fans, but everything looks to be exciting again... a month ago I had more questions than answers. Golden talks a good game and his previous players back him... I'd really like to know what Benjamin thinks of Shannon after this year, when Shannon threw him under the bus after every game. I feel like "leadership" was the key ingredient missing this year and attitude reflects leadership. Better days are ahead. Go Canes, and let the former Canes back on the sidelines, we are a team on a mission.

It would be nice to have the Real Don stand up!!!

What better way to get the old skool players to come back and visit and teach these young running backs how to do it.

Of all the RB's and Edge was a beast, Frank Gore's vision to this day amazes me. Before his injuries, and still after, continues to make runs that are almost poetic. But what is fact is that the prior array of Rb's, are witnessing the best group there has been since they left.

Don Soldinger is the South Florida football coach after Shula that I respect most. Schnellenberger is right up there too. I hope he does get brought on board. Sincerely.. Age is truly just a number and with Coach Sol.. I mean..you have seen him speak no? He will outwork and out-physical any of us.

Happy Holidays!

Hire Sol and hire him fast , he has it - he has done it - he hits all the notes : So Fla high school connections, links to the winning past , proven developer of talent and he wants in .. It's all about ( the winning tradition of ) the U !!!!!!!

Guys, its said that teams take on the personality of their coach. Well shannon had none. why do u think we came up lame so much?? U cant be a head coach and not be able to talk. When I mean talk, Look at the recruitthat said it was hard to talk to RS when golden was so easy on the phone. U Dont throw players under the bus---I LOVED RS BUT HONESTLY, HE WAS A HORRIBLE COACH, MAYBE ONE OF THE WORSE EVER. Honestly guys, he had no personality, bad game day coach, no motivation, I can keep going. HE DID BRING THE ROSTER TO 3 DEEP SO GOLDEN CAN TAKE US TO THE NEXT LEVEL------------COOL CAT--UR AN IDIOT------------Shannon even screwed up on that 4th and 15 in the oh state nat champ game when he only rushed 4 people and gave Krenzel all the time to complete that pass.

Rivals - My signed a TE, who is it?

Great news that Soldy would want to come back. We blocked more kicks and punts under him as special team coordinator than we did before he started coaching special teams and since that moron Coker Fired him. If shannon was such a MIAMI guy why didn't he hire Kehoe or Soldinger back? Its because he is stupid and Kehoe and soldy had more knowledge in their pinky toe than Shannon had in his whole brain. I hope Garry stevens would possibly be interested in coaching QBs if not being offensive coordinator. Give Soldy a call.

As a gator fan, I say I'm glad UM got rid of Soldinger. I dont want winners coaching at the U. If you ever get a chance to go to a coaching clinic that he is speaking, don't miss it. Straight shooter and great guy. I'm curious why no Dade HS came begging him to be their coach after he was fired by Coker? I know he went back to the Ridge after Jimmy left for Dallas. He turned them back into a powerhouse with the Davis bros. Anyone got an answer?

U know, ... they really ought to throw me at the very least a half ass welcome back parade.

but then again, I never left Miami ... ever


I'm all for WHATEVER makes the u THE U again! BRING HIM BACK!

This is exactly what we need! Bring him back! He knows what it takes! I hope this goes through!

yo...coach goal...the boys is right...bring back olesoul...kaptancane 73

Yeah!! Bring Soldi back and appoint Duper WR coach!!

I believe the tight end is Chase Harper. 6'6" 245 out of Texas.

Solly is the best assistant coach in the U's history period!

But he ain't coming back jmo-

What system is that? Teddy left cause it was going to be a prostyle offense and not a spread offense where he could just tuck the ball and run whenever he wants. He left cause he didn't think he was going to get the spotlight on himself cause it was going to be about the TEAM. Thats why he left. It wasn't cause he thought the coach was going to fail, or leave in a few years, or anything like that. He wanted to go to a program where he would stand out the most and he could be flashy, period.
What he doesn't understand is if he would have gone to the U, he could have maybe actually became an ACTUAL quarterback and not the glorified runningback he is. We are better off without him. " Duel Threat " quarterbacks are fail.

This is one of those "If I had one wish" deals...

I think he should bring Soldinger back and if they didn't keep Stoutland I would've suggested bringing Art Kehoe to coach the offensive line because under him the O-lone was awesome!

the pres. and AD want nothing to do with anything from old regimes.

Posted by: Arty | December 23, 2010 at 08:30 AM

So true Arty, and so sad ... It sure would be nice to give it a real go again huh ? Just like the good 'ol days...

This Coach Golden seems like a good kid. Would love to help him out, but just like with any service, someone got to pay someone to get it done. That's where This U and Administration simply comes up short.

And as to why I didn't stay in coaching at the college level ? I'm a Miami and Cane guy to the core. I have my 30 years now with the Dade Co. School system and the weather is fine... But it would be nice the stir up some Hurricane Warnings once again in the Gables.

Get back to U soon Arty, we'll hoist a few.

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