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Stephen Morris in boot (and Aldarius out)

Practice is ending soon, and I'll get back to you all on Miami quarterback Stephen Morris' status. All we know is that on his second snap of this morning's practice in El Paso, Morris went down. He lay on his back, while UM assistants rushed to his side.

They then helped him off the field, and he could not touch his left foot to the ground as he was being carried off.

They examined him on a table, kept feeling his left ankle, and then gave him crutches. We (reporters) were asked to leave the practice field.

Very sad, considering UM has had a great bowl week so far. They're about to end and I have to go. I'll be back later.

ADDENDUM: We still don't know Morris' diagnosis, but at the end of practice he was seen wearing what appeared to be an inflatable boot. Practice will now be closed tomorrow. Coach Jeff Stoutland will talk to reporters afterward.

Coach Stoutland said he still wouldn't rule Morris out until he knew his exact injury. However, it appears pretty clear that Jacory Harris will start. We all would be pretty shocked to learn otherwise, although depending on the injury and what they could do to stabilize the ankle (along with painkillers), we still don't know if Stephen could somehow come into the game if needed.

Stoutland said third-stringer Spencer Whipple shared the reps with Jacory today.

In other news, receiver Aldarius Johnson will not play in the bowl game because of a knee injury sustained before UM arrived in El Paso, Stoutland said. Johnson was in street clothes and had his right knee heavily bandaged Tuesday.