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Sun Bowl blog: UM-Notre Dame

EL PASO -- Time to renew the rivalry. The Miami Hurricanes (7-5) and Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-5) will meet for the first time in 20 years at the Sun Bowl. Kickoff is scheduled for 2 p.m. The game will be televised nationally on CBS. UM is a 2.5 point favorite.

> REWIND: In it's heyday, the rivalry was called Catholics vs. Convicts. UM is 7-15-1 all-time against the Irish, but won five of the last seven meetings. The series opened in 1955. Notre Dame won the last meeting 29-20 in South Bend in 1990.

> ABOUT NOTRE DAME: The Irish, who played the nation's toughest schedule, enter Friday's game on a three-game winning streak. Those wins were pretty impressive -- at home versus a ranked Utah team, Army and at USC. Sophomore linebacker Manti Te'o leads the Irish, who run a 3-4 scheme, with 127 tackles, 17th most in the country. Notre Dame's pass defense (ranked 40th) can create problems. The Irish have produced 28 sacks this season and are giving up under 10 yards per completion, one of only eight teams nationally to do that. The Irish have also picked off 14 passes. Darrin Walls has returned two of his five interceptions for touchdowns. The Irish are also very experienced at safety. Freshman quarterback Tommy Rees was called into action after Dayne Crist went down against Tulsa with three games left. Rees has thrown at least two touchdown passes in three of his last four games. His favorite target, junior receiver Michael Floyd (73 rec., 916 yards, 10 TDs) ranks second all-time in touchdown catches at Notre Dame and needs only one more to tie Jeff Samardzija. Notre Dame kicker David Ruffer, a former walk-on, is 20 for 20 on field goal attempts since last year -- including a career-long 50-yarder this season.


> How starting quarterback Jacory Harris plays...
Harris' play is an obvious key for the Hurricanes to win this game. But for his own future, he needs to have a good game. Harris has struggled with interceptions throughout his career and this game could go a long way toward deciding his future. New coach Al Golden, who will be watching the game from a box, will probably prefer to go with freshman Stephen Morris going forward anyway. But if Harris continues to struggle, he could make it easier for Golden to make that decision.

> The emotional life Mike James delivers... The sophomore has been dealing with the death of his mother, who passed away in a car accident Dec. 20. Her funeral is today and he's missing it to be with his teammates. Interim coach Jeff Stoutland said James would provide a huge lift to his teammates being with them. He also promised James would play in this game. Let's see if James and the players' motivation to play for former coach Randy Shannon play a factor.

> If the Canes look like a cold team standing on the sidelines... You remember last year's Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, right. UM players huddled up on the sidelines as temperatures dipped into the 40s. This game will be played in similar -- if not colder -- conditions. UM players came out for warmups wearing ski masks. I didn't notice any heaters on the sideline. Notre Dame? The Irish play in this weather all the time and brought their own special heated benches for the game.

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i just tuned in to the Celtics game; this team is an absolute embarrasment; can Miami trade Harris? good luck to Golden with this bunch-i dont think Shula or Lombardi could save this team.

Our defense is so terrible. Combine that with Jacory Harris....well you see.

hahaha 21-0 ! Looks Like FIU is gonna be the new Miami team boyssss!

AG will not put up with this. You heard him, NUMBER 1 - Dicipline. RH has these guys playing with recklessly, sort of like the 80's, except UM had the best athletes then.

What is so hard about running the freaking ball!?!??

they should sit the starters and play all the back ups....HARRIS SUCKS

Miami wanted to be in South Beach for New Years. Pretty obvious they don't want to play football today. It's too cold waaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaah!!!! This is messed up Golden better kick these guys in their behinds and bench em all until they get a little passion

Fire Shannon!!!

Oh, that's right.

Maybe it's just that "The U" really isn't a big deal anymore, folks.

They obviously intimidate nobody and how many kids really want to be in a boring program with lackluster fan support when they have so many better options?

I never seen this before and have been watching a long time. JH needs to sit, Whipple can't be worse

Can Highsmith took over at qb if just for today?

I swear I have never seen a worse QB than JH! I rather start a high school QB than him!


Are you kidding me?!? Even Golden is in the press box telling them to run the ball!

wow embarrasing

what are they waiting for..he sucks ..get him out of the game...he blames everyone else..there are open receivers but he does not know how to check off...3 ints and he is still playing?????? this coach sucks also

Go FIU! The days of Miami are history baby!



Jacory needs to become a kicker or something. Not only should he sit this game, he should never see the field again.

no question about which team hasnt had a real head coach in 10 yrs. Unbearable. it will take golden 3-5 yrs to change this.

BAILEY is terribly overrated.
Overall, MIAMI is a MAJOR disappointment.

SHANNON's recruiting was horribe . . . and it got worse each year. (Just compare UM's recriting classes to FSU's for example). His 2011 recruiting class (Randy's last legacy) is HORRIBLE too . . . the WORST one yet.


Teddy, please take Jacory with you.

This is Ohio St. all over again....except no Lamar Miller kick returns.

No fire. No desire. No leaders. Coach Golden, please help.

I'm truly embarrassed to say that I'm a Canes fan today. This past decade has been a complete joke for this football team. If this is what is to be expected on and off the field I can understand why no one would want to play for the []__[]. What a disappointment this team has been.

Harris used to be good as a Freshman and early Sophmore, then all of a sudden he got so bad. I guess terrible coaching will throw your development in reverse.

I am looking at this game as the jv team until Golden comes in and gets rid of Jacory. I said within 5 minutes of Shannon's hiring that we would be a bad team for 4 or 5 years until they fire Shannon and then we would have to start over with a real coach.

I think Golden will be great for this team. He will develop players and not let them hang out and run around. He will make much better decisions and hopefully bring in a real qb.

Has anyone heard about the qb's he is recruiting? I saw something about a JUCO dropback passer he was recruiting but then unfortunately I saw that he is also recruiting a Jacory Harris clone out of JUCO. Please tell me the clone is being recruited for db or receiver.

Anyone have any info on qb's being recruited?

what a joke this team should be arrested for impersonating a football team

Leave Morris in...get all of his freshman mistakes out.

Why won't they run the ball?

It's the OC. Worst play calling ever.

Jacory on has 3 interceptions....wow, looks like he's improving, he typically has 5 by this point.
Golden, I would seriously focus on High school qb's as a recruiting priority!

Fire Whipple right now dont let him call another play. Run Run Run and if they stop it good. Four INT'S when you can run? He's the poison that got rid of RS.

difference qb same results may as well put whipple in can't be any worst

our NEW OC must be coaching a bowl game somewhere, then he will be named. IF? anyone would even come here.

que clase de mierdaaaa

This team is embarrassing. If I were Golden, I'd let all of them go and start fresh. This is a disaster! Jacory is not a college quarterback; the jury is still out on Morris but it doesn't look promising.

This sucks! There's no excuse!

What is going on people. It looks like they played better under Randy. Besides this current problem. What is up with the monster recruiter Golden?

Golden should have no depth chart. General student population should be invited to try out.

Is there a NW player worth anything?

Maybe U can install the Army Triple Option at the Half and put Bosher in at Q.B.

Wow, what a complete embarassment. This team is getting completely pushed around in all facets of the game. It should be 28-0 after floyd just tried to be pretty.

receivers are running wide open where are are defensive backs

Al goldens is inheriting a real mess of a program!

24 - 0 man can it get any worst

So much for wanting to win one for Randy Shannon.

I think Jacory started his last game today

i just cancelled my season tix. kind of got caught up in the hype of a new coach, but this will take years to fix. shannon was worse than coker. i dont see ANY talent on this team. coker had a few.

I think al golden needs to head straight to teddy bridgewaters house and say "hey teddy, come to the U, the starting job is yours, I promise"

The main problem is lack of any fire or emotion. That can make up for less talent but it does not look like any of these guys care.

Just like all season.


21-0, I am just tuning in. From reading the comments, looks like J-pink6 is up to his ol trricks

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