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Sun Bowl blog: UM-Notre Dame

EL PASO -- Time to renew the rivalry. The Miami Hurricanes (7-5) and Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-5) will meet for the first time in 20 years at the Sun Bowl. Kickoff is scheduled for 2 p.m. The game will be televised nationally on CBS. UM is a 2.5 point favorite.

> REWIND: In it's heyday, the rivalry was called Catholics vs. Convicts. UM is 7-15-1 all-time against the Irish, but won five of the last seven meetings. The series opened in 1955. Notre Dame won the last meeting 29-20 in South Bend in 1990.

> ABOUT NOTRE DAME: The Irish, who played the nation's toughest schedule, enter Friday's game on a three-game winning streak. Those wins were pretty impressive -- at home versus a ranked Utah team, Army and at USC. Sophomore linebacker Manti Te'o leads the Irish, who run a 3-4 scheme, with 127 tackles, 17th most in the country. Notre Dame's pass defense (ranked 40th) can create problems. The Irish have produced 28 sacks this season and are giving up under 10 yards per completion, one of only eight teams nationally to do that. The Irish have also picked off 14 passes. Darrin Walls has returned two of his five interceptions for touchdowns. The Irish are also very experienced at safety. Freshman quarterback Tommy Rees was called into action after Dayne Crist went down against Tulsa with three games left. Rees has thrown at least two touchdown passes in three of his last four games. His favorite target, junior receiver Michael Floyd (73 rec., 916 yards, 10 TDs) ranks second all-time in touchdown catches at Notre Dame and needs only one more to tie Jeff Samardzija. Notre Dame kicker David Ruffer, a former walk-on, is 20 for 20 on field goal attempts since last year -- including a career-long 50-yarder this season.


> How starting quarterback Jacory Harris plays...
Harris' play is an obvious key for the Hurricanes to win this game. But for his own future, he needs to have a good game. Harris has struggled with interceptions throughout his career and this game could go a long way toward deciding his future. New coach Al Golden, who will be watching the game from a box, will probably prefer to go with freshman Stephen Morris going forward anyway. But if Harris continues to struggle, he could make it easier for Golden to make that decision.

> The emotional life Mike James delivers... The sophomore has been dealing with the death of his mother, who passed away in a car accident Dec. 20. Her funeral is today and he's missing it to be with his teammates. Interim coach Jeff Stoutland said James would provide a huge lift to his teammates being with them. He also promised James would play in this game. Let's see if James and the players' motivation to play for former coach Randy Shannon play a factor.

> If the Canes look like a cold team standing on the sidelines... You remember last year's Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, right. UM players huddled up on the sidelines as temperatures dipped into the 40s. This game will be played in similar -- if not colder -- conditions. UM players came out for warmups wearing ski masks. I didn't notice any heaters on the sideline. Notre Dame? The Irish play in this weather all the time and brought their own special heated benches for the game.

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Oh I get it...this is a tribute to Shannon. They're just doing what Shannon would have produced. "This loss is for you, Coach!"

UM should cancel the football program.

unbelievable that Harris just flushed himself down the drain. 4-7, 37yds, 3INTs

I am shaking my head....
It's my workout for the day....

just switched to the Celtics game; this team is embarrassing. can we trade Harris? Golden has one huge job to face,good luck -dont think Shula or Lombardi could help with this bunch.

Chokorry Harris loses the game again.. im glad i did not drive to texas...Coach Golden please dont allow Chokorry to plY NEXT SEASON.. FIND A WHITE QB THAT WILL WIN GAMES

No heart. No pride. No desire. No fight.

That is Shannon's legacy. Along with his "deal" with Miami Northwestern, and the false "football" players.:

Forston- good for a face mask that gave ND a first down on 3rd and 18.

Brandon Harris-- Burned twice. For 2 TDs

The interceptionmachine-- good gfor 3 ints

Al Golden should have an open try out for QBs. He should eliminate everyone's scholarships except: Seantrel, lamar Miller, Storm Jonson, and Eduardo Clements. Kick everone else off the team, and start fresh. Need to start with a clean slate. This black QB experiment at Miami has failed terribly.

Harris is not smart enough to be a QB in D-1 football. maybe at Bethune Cookman, or Hillman college, where he and dwayne Wayne can play catch with Sinbad.

Colin McCrathy is always out of position and looks lost. He stinks.

Brandon Harris to the NFL? Are you serious? He dropped, like 50 drafts spots in the fist 15 minutes of the game!

This sucks!

This is a sorry football team. Soulless and without guts. They are an embarrassment to the UM tradition, if not to Division 1 football.

Any openings in Conference USA?

From the opening kickoff with gutless Cooper running the ball out of bounds, to the clueless QB play, this team is pathetic.

Like the uniform colors though. Better than barf green.

The D line seems to be trying, but can't seem to sack the QB.

Jacory Harris is a sad case. Not too bright. FAMU needs you next year.

Brandon Harris, go to the NFL. Who cares? You have embarrassed yourself thoroughly.

Stoutland, if this is your idea of motivating a team. You are deluded. Move on and take the other coaches with you. You are losers.

Take this family crap and shove it. This "family" needs to start confronting one another's lack of guts.

Shannon left a psychological train wreck. Big surprise, right?

Whipple, you are an idiot. Even the writers here know that a run strategy is indicated. Move on and take Lovett with you.

Coach Golden, best wishes to you because you have a real uphill battle ahead. These guys have no heart. It will take time to teach them the value of self-respect. What a joke!

anyone wana takes bets on whether coach golden is sitting in his box regretting his decision - team fUll of a bUnch of pansies!!! nyway GO CANES!!!!!

This is worse than the florida state game. There is definitely something wrong with this program and I hope Golden can get it fixed by next year. I feel bad for Jacory, the kid's confidence is absolutely shot and he looks awful.



Believe the Dolphins and Canes have changed uniforms playing for fieldgoals

is it too early to fire Golden?

I just wanted to take some time to again thank Randy Shannon for finishing off what Larry Coker started. The complete and utter demise of the Hurricanes football program. I wonder if you get it. I doubt it. You probably think you did a great job. That's how disillusioned you are. When they hired you I thought it was a good hire because of your experience as a player and a coach. Clearly it takes more than that. This season is what you will be remembered for. Thanks again. I wouldn't want you near my kids Pop Warner team.

Can the canes afford to hire someone to give a good halftime interview? That was terrible.

Just close down the program.

Canes are too young. In two years and three years when these northwestern kids are juniors and seniors we Will win two national titles..bawhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Close down the program. This is a joke. Notre dame is terrible too.

linksys -- fixed by next year? After watching this debacle today, that might be hoping for a miracle.

Well, it's obviously that Stoutland is a terrible interem coach. Did you see his interview. His locker room speach is going to be "I believe in the guys in that locker room, talk to me in the 2nd half???" Give me a break.

Who's going to save this program? A coach from Temple who' never beaten a ranked team, and has 2 winning seasons. Sad.

Shameful. Worst I have ever seen. 30-30 documentary brought taers to my eyes. This game does too but in another wq\ay. Wish them the best in second half.

Watching UM play right now is the most demoralizing experience I've had in a long time.

How can the program that produced Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Sean Taylor, Warren Sapp, Bennie Blades, etc., look so heartless?

Remember the jacory for heisman talk at the beginning of the year from most of you clowns?


These LOSERS did not come ready to play. Pathetic. These are YOUR boys, Randy. Where is the UM pride????

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The new coaches should be fired for allowing the old coaches to coach

I am embarrassed for the canes. Fire Whipple. Brandon Harris, obviously you need to stay in school. Jacory to the Whaffle House. Recruit a qb. Golden to clean up the penalties and play calling. We should be whipping these fools.

this is for you people who supported shannon 3 yrs past the OB game, that should have been enough. there were some like myself, who wanted him fired that day. and now, we have 3 years more of his recruiting, or lack of, and no player developement. it will take more than next season to turn this around. look at ND. they are not really that good, but they are DEVELOPING. this will be the case here, i hope. but its not going to be good. all the hype next year from manny and susan, dont believe it, dont even read it. good luck coach golden, you will need it.

So far, this one is the mother of all embarrassments. St Thomas Aquinas could beat this team today. Lets pray for a miracle in the 2nd half.


miami football? WHAT A DISGRACE! This group of kids are the biggest baby's. randy has destroyed football at Miami. Two teams that Miami hate, f.s.u and notre dame and both are making this group of kids look stupid.

shannon should give money back. coker also. thanks to all the shannon supporters for the years it will take to fix this.

I am embarrassed for my canes. Fire Whipple an Lovett. Brandon Harris stay in school. Jacory to the Waffle House. Recruit a qb. Golden to clean up penalties, play calling, defensive and db's. Run Storm and Lamar

Golden has a lot of work to do before next season.

where is the celtics game??? a rerun of that would be better than this

allen baily looks like tarzan and plays like jane. he is a direct reflection of the U's talented but underachieving recruiting classes.

Brian Kelly is on another level as a coach. He is completely outcoached Miami's entire staff.

did you ever think why Jacory looks so "sharp" in practice and horrible in games? hmmm, could it be that Miami's defense is equally bad?

Coach Golden must change the culture and that means replacing ALL of the assistant coaches. Keeping any of the assistants will allow this losing culture, this cancer to remain in the locker room.

Stoutland's halftime interview was stunningly pathetic. It wasn't enough to suffer through that disgusting first half, we were then subjected to Stoutland looking like a deer in the headlights when asked what he was going to do to turn the game around...his response; "These kids have had a rough month". HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, keeping even one of these current assistat coaches is a HUGE mistake. I know Coach Golden wants to hit the ground running regarding recruiting and doesn't want to fire some coaches due to their connections, but today proves that turning this program around is a least a 3 year project.

I'm embarrassed.
This team sucks.

Hankerson needs to catch that ball.

Have some pride 'Canes!!!!!! Dammit I am sick of this crap!!!

Good luck to you next season Mr. Al Golden. May God bless you, because you are going to need need it with sorry bunch. This team plays with all the enthusiam of a chain gang picking up trash on the side of the highway. I am glad Jacory got to showcase his skills to the new coach. He should have his mind made up who his starting qb will be for next season by the end of this sorry game.

What happened to the cover it live? Bwahahahahaha. Gary I told u those idiots at lamespace are clueless.

NOTRE DAME: Smart, prepared, enthusiastic, DESIRE, great coaching, intelligent QB, etc.

MIAMI: Slow, can't tackle, poor coaching (bad play calling...more Whipple), Stupid Ass QB, indifferent, lackluster Shannon attitude still pervasive, would rather be home in Miami tweeting, etc. Poor Coach Golden...he will need three years to purge these poisoned players...Randy Shannon has destroyed the future of many kids that had dreams of the NFL.

This game can't end soon enough.... pathetic.

Do we ever need to see Jacory Harris throw another pass? This guy is a broken record. If he is throwing the ball there is a better than average chance it will be completed...to the wrong team. It's obvious that the plan wasn't to play a TRUE FRESHMAN this year at QB, and no team that's good ever has that plan. But we need to hitch our horse to a guy who is unproven. Jacory is a proven commodity. He's not good.

I have nothing against the kid. I think it's embarrassing that he endured racial slurs this year. But whether you're black, white, green or purple doesn't matter if you can't perform the job you were hired to do.

It's time for the U to move on and in all honesty it's probably not a bad idea for J12 either. Maybe FAMU or App. St. or some other I-AA school can let him play his senior year. Either way, I don't want to see him take another snap as a starter with a "U" on his helmet.

Golden will clean house. Clean sweep.

god we suck bad

Cheers to the old Cane Dynasty teams. At least we Cane fans had that. Miami's not likely to ever win another NC though. Limited scholarships now days, and no more Orange Bowl. Sadly, the fat lady has sung...

Jacory Harris is the WORST QB ever.

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