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Sun Bowl blog: UM-Notre Dame

EL PASO -- Time to renew the rivalry. The Miami Hurricanes (7-5) and Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-5) will meet for the first time in 20 years at the Sun Bowl. Kickoff is scheduled for 2 p.m. The game will be televised nationally on CBS. UM is a 2.5 point favorite.

> REWIND: In it's heyday, the rivalry was called Catholics vs. Convicts. UM is 7-15-1 all-time against the Irish, but won five of the last seven meetings. The series opened in 1955. Notre Dame won the last meeting 29-20 in South Bend in 1990.

> ABOUT NOTRE DAME: The Irish, who played the nation's toughest schedule, enter Friday's game on a three-game winning streak. Those wins were pretty impressive -- at home versus a ranked Utah team, Army and at USC. Sophomore linebacker Manti Te'o leads the Irish, who run a 3-4 scheme, with 127 tackles, 17th most in the country. Notre Dame's pass defense (ranked 40th) can create problems. The Irish have produced 28 sacks this season and are giving up under 10 yards per completion, one of only eight teams nationally to do that. The Irish have also picked off 14 passes. Darrin Walls has returned two of his five interceptions for touchdowns. The Irish are also very experienced at safety. Freshman quarterback Tommy Rees was called into action after Dayne Crist went down against Tulsa with three games left. Rees has thrown at least two touchdown passes in three of his last four games. His favorite target, junior receiver Michael Floyd (73 rec., 916 yards, 10 TDs) ranks second all-time in touchdown catches at Notre Dame and needs only one more to tie Jeff Samardzija. Notre Dame kicker David Ruffer, a former walk-on, is 20 for 20 on field goal attempts since last year -- including a career-long 50-yarder this season.


> How starting quarterback Jacory Harris plays...
Harris' play is an obvious key for the Hurricanes to win this game. But for his own future, he needs to have a good game. Harris has struggled with interceptions throughout his career and this game could go a long way toward deciding his future. New coach Al Golden, who will be watching the game from a box, will probably prefer to go with freshman Stephen Morris going forward anyway. But if Harris continues to struggle, he could make it easier for Golden to make that decision.

> The emotional life Mike James delivers... The sophomore has been dealing with the death of his mother, who passed away in a car accident Dec. 20. Her funeral is today and he's missing it to be with his teammates. Interim coach Jeff Stoutland said James would provide a huge lift to his teammates being with them. He also promised James would play in this game. Let's see if James and the players' motivation to play for former coach Randy Shannon play a factor.

> If the Canes look like a cold team standing on the sidelines... You remember last year's Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, right. UM players huddled up on the sidelines as temperatures dipped into the 40s. This game will be played in similar -- if not colder -- conditions. UM players came out for warmups wearing ski masks. I didn't notice any heaters on the sideline. Notre Dame? The Irish play in this weather all the time and brought their own special heated benches for the game.

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i am reading so much about harris, deservedly so, but i haven't seen ONE player on this team act like they know what to do. why just harris, the WHOLE team looks pathetic. shannon hasd 3 years more than he should have, and some still think he should have had another year. just when i think i hear the thud as we hit bottom, we get worse. im glad this year is over, i couldnt stand another game,

What a wasted season! The "U" is nonexistent. This program is in the dumpster and will probably be there for the next two years!

This is HORRIBLE for recruiting. what are you talking about. What top flight player would want to join a team that shows so little pride in the history of their school, the rivalry, the emblem, and who throws the ball like Jacory Harris. Give the keys to Morris next year and be done with Harris. Thank GOD that Bridgewater isn't coming

Golden has a long uphill battle ahead of him and The U is a LONG LONG LONG way from being a legitimate top 20 program. Forget Top 10 for a few years at least.

Wow.... 4th and inches at midfield and you cant convert that either. WOW WOW WOW... The Hurricanes Alum in the NFL have to be embarrassed.

Another example of a pathic talented team playing like crap. They should have not accepted this bowl game if they weren't going to show up and play. Interim Head coach half time comments say it all....aaahhhh.

where is the attitude? Job interview huh everyone of these guys would be on the soup line with this kind of effort.

Delandcane, you are right on. No spark. No leadership from ANYONE.

No depth chart going into next year. Every position up for grabs.

BTW, Vaughn Telemaque is horrible.

All UM coaches should be ashamed of this pitiful performance. No starter from this team should be allowed to return next year under no circumstances. Next year should be named year ZERO.

this has to be the weakest, frail team that I have ever seen. Once again we are getting pushed around by another average team. Golden clean house and for gods sake do recruit some QBs and get a good qb coach and offensive coordinator.

As much as I think Harris is a good kid he just hasn't been able to perform at a level required to be a success consistently, he is toast at Miami. The problem is that although in comparison Morris is playing superior the truth is that Morris isn't good enough either. The loss of Teddy Bridgewater is a massive setback.

These players should play back the university for their education because they don't deserve the scholarships they received. Al, good luck because they are the most undisciplined and unmotivated UM team I have witnessed.



Fire the new coaches for letting the old coaches coach!

the only thing that we can take from this game is that the coaching staff will be brand new next season save 3 assistants. What a disaster and tragedy in El Paso

I'm sorry, but this team looks like the biggest bunch of vaginas I have ever seen play. Al Golden has a tough, tough job ahead of him. The only positive I can think of right now is that we only have one direction to go in...up.

You're kidding me with the balaclavas guys. Not a SINGLE Notre Dame player has a hoodie. Last time I checked, both teams were both human and are exactly the same. In the HISTORY of football, the team that shows up with the hoodies and all the extra little goodies that they hope will keep them warm usually get WAXED by the team that just braves the elements.

These guys have no FIRE. Our QBs have no leadership abilities. The freshman QB on Notre Dame has taken command of that team....no such thing on our side.

I feel like Jim Mora...."WE SUCK!!"

Good luck, Al Golden!

Why haven't our Seniors stepped up for this game? Where is the on field leadership? This makes me so mad. We have always had some kind of vocal leader or field general. I hope Golden allows these guys to be more vocal and physical next season. Good riddance to 2010 and hopes for a better 2011

Gary Danielson said Golden will install his defensive system at Miami. After this year and today's game in particular, it's time for big change. As long as the new system is effective, I could care less if it is 3-4 or 4-3. It's painfully obvious that Miami is too weak to play with the big boys. Dominating Duke and Wake Forest doesn't get it. Actually, they didn't even do that. I hope Golden does whatever it takes to change this mess.

Hey CANES FAN? this is all one whacky Gator fan right???

You prove over and over again what a complete moron you are.

How did your ACC Title Game appearance GUARANTEE work out.

You are a TOTAL embarrassment to rational fans


FIU has officially surpassed UM as the best team in MIAMI.

GO FIU, once they get full scholarships back and now recruit off of a bowl win and conference championship they will for sure be a top 25 team in the next year or two.

UM will lose recruits to them and regress even more IMO. A private school in coral gables is all that place is now. No more swagger, no more hear, no more nothing. These canes are not the ones we grew up watching.

Well... This certainly sets up the upcoming regular season rivalries! Can't wait till we meet again!

Lets face it, UM fans, this has been a Month full of distractions. Coach fired, teammates mother dies, and more.

We have much to look forward too.

(PS: I think Harris has seen the last of his playing days at The U)

It's sad, but you may be right. FIU has passed us as the best team in Miami. Luckily Golden has fire and passion so it won't be long before we get it together.

The better prepared team is winning, but the better of the two teams is losing. Think about it.

Coach Golden is going to be "golden" to this team. And for the 1st time since she has been here, Donna Shalala seems committed to winning a "ship". And she usually gets what she wants!

The Sun Bowl will forever be billed as:

The Catholics vs The Juvenile Deliquents

Guys im out. Gotta drink the sorrows away and prepare for the new year. LOL Happy New Year to all and God Bless


We need a real QB ie: Testaverde, Walsh, Torreta, Kelly, Kosar. Not these ghetto talking, interception throwing jive arses we have. Golden please get us a QB from the NE or Cali that can play.


Streeter makes a play, why didnt RS ever put him in.

I emphatically told U dUmb cane clUcks YEARS AGO that Japicky Harris is nothing more than a cruel joke. He was GIVEN the starting job by the worst coach in the history of Duhhh U, Randy "Marble Mouf" Shannon. How on earth U clUcks ever boUght into those two clowns is beyond comprehension.

Thanks for the YEARS of watching those two clowns and their endless comedy of errors. You're right, I haven't been able to take my eyes off of them.

U clUcks were still calling JaPICKY "special" throUghoUt this season. Silly cane tards.

this team sucks. Golden has alot of work to do. And if B. harris and S.spence (talking about going pro in an article) think there NFL 1ST ROUND draft picks there smokeing something.
We need a QB big time. This team has no leaders just players and alot of them can't play. I love the U but I'm having a hard time watching the game. I thought we would kill ND. I felt Shannon would be a great coach but he sucked there are so many things that need to be fixed and address on this team. I think and Coach Golden will be the next Jimmy Johnson. Good luck to us next year.


Why did they start Jacory Harris!!!!

Stephen Morris is clearly a better QB.

Dudes - keep the faith... This year is history. But Morris is a True Freshman... Only 4 starts! Give him a chance under a good QB Coach. I heard a rumor that Ken Dorsey may be back as a QB Coach. That would be awesome.

Golden called out all the NFL Canes - 44 current players - to come back and stand on the side lines. This team needs leadership!

We all remember Ed Reed's 1/2 time rant during the FSU game... Where did THAT go?! It's what has been missing.

They should call this the SUCK BOWL.. Why couldnt they play the first 3 quarters like they are playing the 4th...


That was disgraceful....


An absolUte and Utter embarrasment - not only to the fans, the University bUt college football. Maybe holtz and may were right afterall. My fellow CANES we are in major troUble - we have become even more irrelevant and below mediocre. Hope Coach Golden can tUrn this thing aroUnd (soon). GO CANES!!!!!!

LOSE not loose !! Can anyone in this paper speak English properly?

LOSE* to Notre Dame, you idiots!

Al Golden has his work cut out for him & the new staff.

Jacory Harris is done as a UM QB. Plainly spoken he is not an FBS QB.

Hopefully Stephen Morris & the new QBs (hopefully) coming in are the future of the U, because JH is NOT THE MAN!

A plainly pitiful performance by JH, and the UM defense did not look much better.

I hope that 2011 is a big time turn-around year for us. I'm glad that the 2010 UM football season is OVER!!

Any coach that even suggests that Jacory carry water out to the huddle should be fired on the spot. Enough with the Jacory experiment. He is a high school quarterback, nothing more.

It appears the D-Line and Stephen Morris have heart. They both showed-up in the second half. It was also nice to see a Streeter and Ford siting in a game on offense. Coach Golden has his work cut for him in the spring.

That's it!!! I'm F'IN DONE with the STINKIN hurricanes. FIU is this city's relevant program. Talk about two programs going in permanently opposite directions.

FIU was down 17 with minutes left in the third quarter and showed the TRUE HEART OF A CHAMPION and rallied back to win one of college football's all time great bowl games.

UM just rolls over and plays dead. UM is the nation's ultimate LAZY, ARROGANT team. Its gotten from bad, to worse, and will ultimately go to downright pathetic.

All aboard the FIU fan train.

Read more: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2010/12/sun-bowl-hurricanes-vs-notre-dame.html#ixzz19jYKe9Zw

Golden isn't going to turn it around soon. This is going to take a couple of years. At least he has a couple of pieces to work with.

Morris is going to be a good QB, Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson are studs, and the offensive line looks good.

Brandon Harris is the only salvagable thing on that defense.

All the jacory faithful, please shut up from here on out. Morris just proved he IS the future at QB. All the potential recruits for QB can see an advantage for coming to the U after jacory just went 4th string. Any interested recruit will automacally compete for starts or #2.

Any coach that even suggests that Jacory carry water out to the huddle should be fired on the spot. Enough with the Jacory experiment. He is a high school quarterback, nothing more.

Jacorry harris aka the drive ending interception machine, should not be allowed to play the position of QB at Miami ever again. he single handedly lost this game. 3 ints turned into 21 points. UM lost be 16. Stephen Morris, as a freshman is LEAGUES ahead of him.

There is no QB controversy at UM. Stephen Morris ISthe QB barring any injury, the QB compe in the spring should be for 2nd and 3rd string, Jacorry being relegated to 3rd.

Jacorry: Please do like Kirby Freeman and transfer. Or stop playing football. I am done being humiliated by FSU fans, USF fans, and now ND fans everywhere, because of your sorry --- lack of instincts and ability. I am so tired. Now I have to face all of these Irish fans that will undoubtedly get in my face tonight at the bars.

The JH era is OVER!

Al Golden & staff have their work cutout for them!

I hope that we can turn this ship around in 2011!!

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