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Sun Bowl blog: UM-Notre Dame

EL PASO -- Time to renew the rivalry. The Miami Hurricanes (7-5) and Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-5) will meet for the first time in 20 years at the Sun Bowl. Kickoff is scheduled for 2 p.m. The game will be televised nationally on CBS. UM is a 2.5 point favorite.

> REWIND: In it's heyday, the rivalry was called Catholics vs. Convicts. UM is 7-15-1 all-time against the Irish, but won five of the last seven meetings. The series opened in 1955. Notre Dame won the last meeting 29-20 in South Bend in 1990.

> ABOUT NOTRE DAME: The Irish, who played the nation's toughest schedule, enter Friday's game on a three-game winning streak. Those wins were pretty impressive -- at home versus a ranked Utah team, Army and at USC. Sophomore linebacker Manti Te'o leads the Irish, who run a 3-4 scheme, with 127 tackles, 17th most in the country. Notre Dame's pass defense (ranked 40th) can create problems. The Irish have produced 28 sacks this season and are giving up under 10 yards per completion, one of only eight teams nationally to do that. The Irish have also picked off 14 passes. Darrin Walls has returned two of his five interceptions for touchdowns. The Irish are also very experienced at safety. Freshman quarterback Tommy Rees was called into action after Dayne Crist went down against Tulsa with three games left. Rees has thrown at least two touchdown passes in three of his last four games. His favorite target, junior receiver Michael Floyd (73 rec., 916 yards, 10 TDs) ranks second all-time in touchdown catches at Notre Dame and needs only one more to tie Jeff Samardzija. Notre Dame kicker David Ruffer, a former walk-on, is 20 for 20 on field goal attempts since last year -- including a career-long 50-yarder this season.


> How starting quarterback Jacory Harris plays...
Harris' play is an obvious key for the Hurricanes to win this game. But for his own future, he needs to have a good game. Harris has struggled with interceptions throughout his career and this game could go a long way toward deciding his future. New coach Al Golden, who will be watching the game from a box, will probably prefer to go with freshman Stephen Morris going forward anyway. But if Harris continues to struggle, he could make it easier for Golden to make that decision.

> The emotional life Mike James delivers... The sophomore has been dealing with the death of his mother, who passed away in a car accident Dec. 20. Her funeral is today and he's missing it to be with his teammates. Interim coach Jeff Stoutland said James would provide a huge lift to his teammates being with them. He also promised James would play in this game. Let's see if James and the players' motivation to play for former coach Randy Shannon play a factor.

> If the Canes look like a cold team standing on the sidelines... You remember last year's Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, right. UM players huddled up on the sidelines as temperatures dipped into the 40s. This game will be played in similar -- if not colder -- conditions. UM players came out for warmups wearing ski masks. I didn't notice any heaters on the sideline. Notre Dame? The Irish play in this weather all the time and brought their own special heated benches for the game.

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Happy New Year canes fans. Are you all hung over like I am?

Good news for the new year: No more Whipple. About time that clown was gone. Here's something for you Whipple, take jacorry and your sorry "QB" son with you.

Aubrey Hill, Gone. For the life of me, I never knew how Miami would be ok having a former UF player as their coach and recruiting coordinator. The cynic in me thinks he purposely single-handedly destroyed UM recruiting at the benefit of the turds/

Why are these players so soft? There is no pride, no heart, no desire. Um has lost 3 bowls in a row now, and 3 games in a row. I am so tired of losing. I can't stand this anymore. The UM program is at its lowest since 1977. Good job Shalala, and Hocutt. You idiots and the geniuses on the board have really done something special here. First with the hiring of Shannon (what were you all thinking? did you actually interview the guy?)

I still have hope. I'd like to see how Golden closes out the recruiting season and who he gets. I'd like to see him get a new strength and conditioning coach b/c Swasey is stale and his players are soft and weak.

I see that FIU, USF, UCF, FSU, and possibly UF will all have won their bowl games. That leaves the bottom to Miami. This is sad adn pathetic. Coach Golden must resurrect this program and undo everything that Shannon did with his philospohy of silence. Golden has to allow former cane players to come in. he needs to allow unlce Luke tointeract with players. he neeeds to allow some swag. he needs to cut any and evry player who doesnt want to wear the U, who doesnt buy into the idea of being a cane, who doesnt want to work in the off season and play like a cane. Cut them, dismiss them, or bench them. period. This team is full of players just going through the motions. They need to leave. They are not canes. i can name them all. They know who they are and some of their fellow canes know who they are. heres one: jacorry harris.

a lot of ucf and fiu praise on the board ( agreed) but cant forget to mention FSU... i hate the noles like most canes fans ( who cares that the players 20 years ago " respected" each other)... but FSU just beat a solid SEC team in prime time... canes would have been blanked by spurrier ... FSU won with their veteran QB on the bench...ATTENTION Recruits: you will START as a sophmore at " THE U" if u come in 2011!
jacory, keep your head up... we know u are doing your best, and your recruiting class helped recruit some others to the program... however your " role" = J12 illusion is over... either reinvent yourself with help of ken dorsey or please concentrate on your academics and enjoy the wonderful opputtunity you got at the university... a quality education and private school experience.

Randy- i hope you watched the bowl game... you appear to be a good man but the players couldnt rise with u OR with out you.

players are players but we need a coach to make them a team... good luck Al!
zero expectations for this canes fan... i have no idea of the true quality of these players... but wish u luck in 2011... the season starts NOW... no talk- all walk... if you are going to waste time crying today as a player just quit now... curius are any players hitting the weight room today?

Allow uncle Luke in? Allow some swag?!?!

Its mind boggling that in the year 2011, you are still throwing up that foolishness There will be a few that are talking about swag in 2020. It will never end. It's as laughable as ND fans invoking Knute Rockne. You are truly clueless friend.

We may be clueless but at least we're not loser Gators fans who obviously had nothing to do new years eve because we're awake at 8:00 and checking UM's blog every half hour.

Get a life you f*cking f*ggot.

Nice obsessive blog stalking you worthless piece of fat and skin. Maybe you can hit every blog, PIG, and type the same boring post no one reads.

Like cancer, this Pig is here 365/24/7.

The Canes are a bad team, the ACC is not good, but ACC> SEC LEast.

That division is putrid. They should stop riding Bama/LSU's back.

So Golden thinks he's going to have a coordinator in a few days and it'll be someone from the NFL.

That means it won't be someone from a playoff team and it most likely will be someone from a team that's fired it's head coach and staff. Here's the list.

Already fired:

Carolina - Jeff Davidson
Dallas - Jason Garrett
Minnesota - Darrell Bevell
Denver - Mike McCoy
San Fransisco - Mike Johnson

Maybe fired:
Cincinnati - Bob Bratkowski
Oakland - Hugh Jackson
Miami - Dan Henning (HA!)
Cleveland - Brian Daboll
Jacksonville - Dirk Koetter
Houston - Rick Dennison
New Jersey A - Kevin Gilbride
San Diego - Clarence Shelmon
Tennessee - Mike Heimerdinger

So I don't know of any connections to UM or Golden for any of those guys and none of them really stand out as great candidates. I don't think Whipple would have been fired unless Golden already knew who his replacement would be. Might not even be an OC, could be an assistant coach, but I hope whoever it is has at least some experience.

Why would an NFL OC come coach with AL Golden(from temple) who knows less then he does and pay less?..Get real Golden is a Fraud..Kirby Holcutt is a joke..I am still waiting on the big splash head coaching hired that her promised.

Here's an idea: if you don't like how UM is running it's football program, stop following a school that has nothing to do with you and owes you nothing.

You "Miami" fans sound like a bunch of entitled, spoiled little brats. Funny enough because that's one of your main complaints about the players.

Give it a breather and jump back on the bandwagon when we start winning again. Y'all sure as hell aren't coming to games when we're losing anyway.

Bring in Lamar Thomas to teach these receivers how to catch. This team has NO HEART. This team is soft and J12 needs to show up or he will be riding the bench next season.

J "INT" 12 should be playing womens flag football for some sorry middle school team... that guy stinks! S. Morris is the real deal...

I just learned that Aubrey Hill took the same job at Florida. Good reddens to you. The only player to improve in receiving after joining UM was Hankerson. I remember his first year he had all those drops and then he took the summer off to receive additional coaching and he got a lot better.

Who ever taught Hankerson how to correct all of those dropped passes is the person who is fit for the Job vacated by Hill. I just hope that Golden knows how to hire a better staff than Randy Shannon did and I hope he knows to sign them to a two year max contract in case he needs to replace them without having a buyout clause for his staff.

From Patrick Nix to Mark Whipple there is improvement in yardage but all that was canceled by all the interceptions. 44 or maybe more in his 2 years at Miami.

Next thing I hope he does is build a bridge between old tradition and adds some new ones because these players today dont get amped up for old traditions hence look at the FSU game and now the Notre Dame game. What happened in the past doesn't carry weight for present players. If they are going to talk about the Past and hope to relate it to present players then you have to go back to who the U was before they started winning championships. Those are the years that resemble this team more than any of the teams players that won championships that keep coming back to visit and talk about upholding tradition.

In order to uphold tradition you have to start with your own tradition which is more will heart and determination than anything else. Every play has to be intense whether you are on the field or off the field per defense offense and special teams. Everyone has to look for a reason to get motivated by watching someone make one play and say that I am going to have my chance to make a play when the ball finally comes my but I cant take any play off cause it might be the next play that I have to make the play and I will be ready.

This team doesn't have that. There are too many individuals who only play for one side of the team instead of watching and supporting the whole team for four quarters.

EK, those are no longer traditions. They are mere memories now. Big difference. Everything that built and upheld those traditions is gone. That ain't hate, that's facts.

Just like the semblance of a life you may have had before you became a hermit shut-in who follows UM football every day of his life is gone.

Just read Manny's article on the game - some telling quotes from Ryan Hill. Hopefully Golden can take control of the locker room and get everyone on the same page.

shannon brainwashed the players. idc what anyone says. he may have played for The U, but he did his best to destroy it.

brandon harris is gonna come back btw. he likes miami too much. once he gets over the shannon firing he'll decide to stay.

if golden doesnt turn this ship around, sadly this could be the end of miami hurricanes football.


The "NEW" State Ranking
1. Florida State (Won)
2. Florida (Won)
3. Central Florida (Won)
4. South Florida (Won)
5. Miami (Lost)
6. Florida International (Won)
7. Florida Atlantic (None)

UCF and USF passed us...
I just hope FIU don't pass us...

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