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UM-Notre Dame Sun Bowl appears set

The stars needed to align -- and it appears they have.

Barring a major surprise, it looks like the University of Miami will get to play Notre Dame for the first time since 1990 in the Dec. 31 Hyundai Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas.

Brian Kelly Sun Bowl officials said earlier this week it would love to have a Canes-Irish showdown, but needed a few things to fall into place.

For starters, no Pac-10 teams had to be available. That basically happened Saturday when Oregon knocked off Oregon State (making the Beavers 5-7 and ineligible for the post-season). Now, with Oregon (BCS Championship) and Stanford (Orange) headed to BCS Bowl games, only two other Pac-10 teams (Arizona and Washington) are bowl eligible. The Alamo Bowl and Holiday Bowl will take them, leaving the door open for the Sun Bowl to take a Big East team or Notre Dame (if the Irish are available).

But for the Irish to become available to the Sun Bowl, a few other things needed to happen Saturday. West Virginia had to beat Rutgers to finish 9-3, and UConn had to knock off South Florida to win the Big East title and earn a BCS birth. The Mountaineers rolled and UConn rallied to beat USF. The Champs Sports Bowl has first crack at the Irish. But having just signed a four year contract with the Big East to replace the Big Ten, bowl officials might be hard pressed to skip over a 9-3 West Virginia for 7-5 Notre Dame.

Champs Sports officials met Saturday night to vote, with their intention of keeping their team selections a secret until 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. But for all intent and purposes, it looks like the dream matchup between UM-Notre Dame will take place on the outskirts of a US-Mexican border.

The Hurricanes (7-5) were already scheduled to renew their rivalry with the Irish in 2012 at Soldier Field in Chicago with two other games (at South Bend in 2016 and in Miami in 2017) to follow. This will only whet the appetite.

The question is: Will UM win? The Hurricanes are still looking for their next coach having fired Randy Shannon a week ago. Players have said its been tough getting over it. Will UM be mentally ready for a showdown with an old-time rival?

First year coach Brian Kelly has the Irish playing good football of late. They finished the month of November with three straight wins over Utah, Army and USC. The 28-3 win over Utah was especially impressive. And the 20-16 win was at USC was as well. Offensively, Notre Dame ranks 97th in rushing, 63rd in total offense and 73rd in scoring. Defensively, their run defense ranks 57th, but they rank 29th in scoring defense and 26th in pass efficiency defense.

Numbers aside, there is plenty of great history between the Canes and Irish. Miami and Notre Dame met 19 times from 1971 to 1990. The Hurricanes won six of the last nine meetings from 1981 to 1990 when the teams were both in the national championship hunt. After the Hurricanes won a national title in 1991, only UM has played for a title again, winning in 2001 and losing to Ohio State in 2002. The Hurricanes haven't been to the BCS since 2003. Notre Dame played in the Sugar Bowl in 2006 and the Fiesta Bowl in 2005.

Notre Dame won the last meeting in South Bend, Ind. 29-20. The teams have never faced each other in a bowl game. 

Here are links to a few UM-Notre Dame videos on YouTube.

> The 1988 meeting between No. 1 UM and No. 4 Notre Dame in South Bend.

> Watch the Canes convert a 3rd and 43 in the 1989 meeting at the Orange Bowl. You can also watch the entire CBS broadcast of the game.

> The last meeting between UM and Notre Dame in 1990.


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Go get Mike Leach!!!

As exciting as this matchup appears, it's sad to see how irrevelant it is. Still, seeing ND struggle for most of the past decade has been tremendously satisfying.

Would be the best possible consolation prize for this mess of a season. Go Canes!

Beat ND. No Leach. I rather have Kevin Sumlin from Houston. Go Canes!

Notre Dame = Arrogance without accomplishment, Morality without goodness. We are going to smoke those fools.

The question is: Will UM win? The Hurricanes are "still looking for their next coach having fired Randy Shannon a week ago. Players have said its been tough getting over it".MAN UP AND GET OVER IT....this is the problem with this team,bunch of whiners....hate to say it look for a n.d.blow out..

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/12/um-notre-dame-sun-bowl-appears-set.html#ixzz17EcxqHvx..are you serious??..MAN UP AND GET OVER IT....this is the problem with this team,bunch of whiners....

Any bets on UM ticket sales?
I predict less than 2,000.

Not if we hire Mike Leach. Kirby, get it in gear. Mike Leach is the man; no Gator re-treads--especially not for a guy with record no better than the man you just fired. HIRE MIKE LEACH!!!!

Go get the Leach! He wants to be here and the price is right.

This is a classic matchup of super powers from centuries ago. Please hire Don Strock/Don Johnson. The Canes need to man up..boo hoo you lost your coach, not like you listened or understood him anyways



NO mike he has baggage.... Lets beat ND...tickets sale for the U.. very low.. is to far.. and i am not going near that border... u will get chopped and put in bags... GO CANES

I agree with some of the comments. The players need to pull it together. I really wished RS wasn't canned because he wasn't the guy that dropped the balls, false started, fumbled etc.. (you get the picture). Its time to put it behind you and try to win one last time this season!! GO CANES

all the canes that wanted Shannon Fired should have their tickets by next week. How in the hell can they keep the offense coordinator on after those fatal calls. He should have been the first one out the door....Dumb play callin and dumb defensive postures got us here in the first play....Shannon took bad advice he should have coach the defense like Jimbo Fisher does the offense at FSU

I would look at a Div II coach who gotten much out his students and athletes as much as possible and get them to play hard. All the well know candidates have baggage and scandals. Get someone who is on the up and coming list that proven he can coach and will appriciate the opportunity instead of a well name guy..All the well name guys seems to be fired before somewhere or should have been.

If we hire Leach (longshot) the wife and I will be in Texas celebrating the new year.

the coac from UCF gorge has coaches in the ACC has turn UCF into a great program

Miami needs mike leach like Iraq needs Saddam Hussein. Go after someone who understands the college game, can recruit, and understands that players are students first and athletes second

Mike Leach should be our the next coach.

With this hire, the swagger will return, we'll be utilizing, and DEVELOPING, all this speed we recruit.

And, we might not be in this of seeking a new coach again for a long time.

Do not think Miami/ND is happening. Mark Schalbach just tweeted Miami is going back to the Champs Sports Bowl.

Miami/ND is not happening at the Sun Bowl...its happening at the Champs Sports Bowl.

Mark Schlabach is a hack.

@ John F......FYI Mike Leach had one of the highest player graduation rates in NCAA FB. Very similar grad percentage to Shannon. The bottom line is Leach can coach, he has vast experience as a head coach, he's an offensive master, and he was vindicated on allegations with Greg James son's claims being proven false.

The wau the media handled the Gruden fiasco, I won't believe a UM/ND bowl matchup until the coin toss before the game.

I'd try the Mike Leach adventure - definitely would shake things up in the ACC. Hell - he did a helluva lot with players nobody wanted. What could he do with this gang? I do know he brings serious intensity and this sleepy bunch could use some of that,

we have no winner ( players ) on this team this has been the problem for years..no talent. ND is well coached and lousy teams with great coaching beats us hands down every time. Lets hope UM goes and gets Marc Trestmen and turns this program around before it gets worse

Why have coaches such as Ty Willingham, Denny Green, or Herm Edwards come up in this conversation? Yeah, yeah I know that Denny Green has some baggage, but who doesn't? I Personally think that Ty Willingham will make the most of a 2nd chance at a big time program, and it would definitely add intrigue to the already set future Notre Dame match ups!!!

relatively unknown hungry coach from outside the program--are you ready to win it all again and again and again?

Why have coaches such as Ty Willingham, Denny Green, or Herm Edwards come up in this conversation?

Because they all suc! Ty has been fired by his last two schools, Denny Green has been fired about 5 times, and Herm Edwards was fired from his last two jobs!

HIRE MIKE LEACH and a good DC and we will be back...with the talent we have the sky is the limit!!!

Again, recent history is what Miami folks like to remember. ND mopped up the Canes regularly in the 70s and 80s.

I cannot wait...heard we are making a pitch to romeo crennel

One name that has not be mentioned is Winston Moss. Moss played for the Canes in the 80's, won a national championship here, had a stellar NFL career with the Raiders and now is the asst. Head coach with the Packers.
Moss is a Cane, knows defense, and if you remember how he played, you will never forget some of the hits he delivered. I think he deserves a look, plus he is still young enough to coach for another 15-20 years.

Yeah Slimbo, and harvard and Yale and Army mopped up on Notre dDame in the 1890s as well. WHO THE ___ CARES about the 60s and 70s. The point is, the 80s and 90s is when BOTH teams were regularly competing for NCs and the "rivalry" was created by the media (catholics vs convicts)

Who are the convicts now? A ND player is being investigated for rape.
Mofin and others: Please stop with that Randy Shannon crp. He was the HC he was THE BOSS. he could have stepped in and said in the closing seconds of the USF game, we are running the ball, we'll get closer, we are kicking a field goal to win. he could have said to Whipple at the Virginia game- We ares starting Morris over whipple as the number 2. He could have managed time outs better. he could have should have would have. But he didnt. he had no leadership ability> He played favorites. He had some sort of weird deal with harris' dad. He did not put the best players on the field consistently and was a horrendous motivator.


Bring back the nastiness. Get rid of these whiney soft players that are so "upset". Please gimme a break.

Can those opposed to the hiring of Mike Leach please explain why? It can't have anything to do with recruiting, winning, or graduating. He has been exemplary in all those categories.

The ESPN / Craig James fiasco has been debunked as the yellow journalism it was.

Schematically he is not a pro-style coach, so I understand the opposition there, but that doesn't mean he can't/won't tweak his style to fit Miami personnel.

Putting players in the NFL may not have been TT's strong suit, but Leach wasn't getting the caliber of player he will in South Florida either. Also, Miami went quite a few years without producing any first rounder in the NFL draft - under both Shannon and Coker.

It is highly unlikely we pry Peterson or Patterson from their current gigs so Leach seems like the best of the rest and a guy with a U mentality.

Waiting for 'R' to demonstrate his superior intellect by calling me an idiot while responding to none of my arguments.

Why not take a look at Winston Moss, if he is interested? He has strong Cane AND football credentials.

Regarding Willingham, the guy is aloof and disconnected (sound familiar?). People here in the northwest had high hopes for him, and he delivered an 0 and 12 season at Washington. He alienated boosters,fans, media, etc. No thanks.

Denny Green (baggage master) and Herm Edwards (another hustler, but can bring intensity) are not the answer. We don't need NFL retreads. An up and coming NFL assistant could work.

ND will put it to the Canes unless our guys have a major attitude change. John Stoutland may be able to heat up some intensity and pride for that game.

Watching most Division 1 games, a fan is hard put to find a team such as the Canes in terms of lack of intensity, breaking the huddle nonchalantly, not keeping up the motivation if ahead in the fourth quarter, etc. The sideline energy for the UNC game and the intensity in much of the Pitt game were nice changes. By contrast Wisconsin was the real deal when they beat us in last year's bowl game. Those guys came to play hard on every down. Very disciplined and focused, like ND will be.

Let's hope we find a dedicated coach to fire up our talent for the entire game each week.In the interim, let's see 60 minutes of intense play in our bowl game and win it for the Cane nation! This team needs a positive going forward, and these kids owe it to themselves to give it everything they have got.

Canes are a 20-year team. No more no less. Don't have the $$ to compete with the big boys. Just get used to it.

Mike Leach fellas! Leach gives us everything we would get from Gruden with the exception of immediate sellout games. Folks would probably wait to see what kind of impact Leach has before coming back to the games in droves. Gruden would sellout right away. But outside of that, Leach would give us everything else.

1. Motivation of existing talent
2. Re-engagement with former players now in NFL
3. Connection with boosters to get more dollars for the program
4. Recruit like crazy to play in his offense
5. Us against the world mentality that feeds the U. The man is suing ESPN! How's that for cohones!
6. The mindset to destroy your opponent. Drop 50 and never call of the dogs!
7. Engage the tri-county community so Sun Life is packed with Canes fans
8. At least a 5-8 year committment to the U
9. Embrace the bravado of the athletes that creates the swagger known as The U
10. Read #1 again! The talent is here, we need this guy because he WILL WIN with this TALENT!

Go Canes!

Just read the canesport article on Leach.

Why doesnt anyone in the herald interview Leach? Are they afraid? were they told not to?

I am now convinced. Miami doesnt need any more vanilla.

Miami needs Leach.

UM needs Leach

Leach wants to coach at the U.

Why would Hocutt or Shalala not explore this with an open mind?

Arent liberals supposed to have an open mind?HMMM?

Give leach a chance. Interview him.

You'll see that will translate into: Opening up the offense, exciting football, wins, increased attendance, and increased $ to the school. I willpersonally begin donating again myself.


But no brains is what this administration has demonstrated to me since the Coker hire.

And while we are on the topic of intensity,
how about a look at Carl Pellini, DC at Nebraska, or Don Treadwell, OC at Michigan State? These are Youngstown, Ohio guys with grit, fire and a passion to win. They are both coordinators (though Treadwell took over for D'Antonio for a few games), and are at big-time programs with recent success. Both have been mentioned as prospective head coaches.

Kevin Sumlin? Why? Go after Art Briles at Baylor instead. He is a PROVEN winner.

And Mike Leach is still in waiting. At least grant the guy an interview! What's to lose?

I'm convinced. Leach - Leavitt (as DC) in 2011!

We need a coach! who is he?

CHRIS PETERSON provides more of a balance atack compared to Mike Leach. We have a stable of WRs that have yet to hit the field and a stable of RBs coming back next year. CHRIS PETERSON is also a very good DEFENSIVE minded coach also and his special teams unit is flawless...

Mami should decline the invitation and turn the focus on getting a new coach (that will not be Donna's LAP DOG) and staff, focus on a top 10 recruiting class and figure out how to get rid of DONNA. I would not be surprised if Shannons players quit on the interm coach and Miami gets spanked by ND. HIRE LEACH!!!

Here's what I want in a coach:

1)Proven winning record against quality teams.

2)Proven record of recruiting future NFL talent.

3)Proven record of an ability to coach future NFL talent.

4)Proven record of coaching in NC games.

I don't care about the name. If he has accomplished the above criteria he will be very good for THE U.

So, all I ask, is simply put up some names that meet the above criteria.

HEY, dbc, ATLKane09, J12 ran Shannon out of town,
canefame, Sporty-j

Just answer my question. Go to the below link or up a post or two.

I can answer it. Can you?

Posted by: ThirdPartySource | December 05, 2010 at 12:20 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/12/um-notre-dame-sun-bowl-appears-set.html?cid=6a00d83451b26169e20147e065b89d970b#comment-form#ixzz17G8VE9cz

After what Cristobal has done at FIU, why isn't he being considered? EX cane, great recruiter,tireless worker, turned FIU into a winner.

If you read the sports buzz then you see what I'm talking about with Clemments and Johnson and if you bring in Mike Leach then they are gone. All of you who say bring in Leach have no clue.

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