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UM-Notre Dame Sun Bowl appears set

The stars needed to align -- and it appears they have.

Barring a major surprise, it looks like the University of Miami will get to play Notre Dame for the first time since 1990 in the Dec. 31 Hyundai Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas.

Brian Kelly Sun Bowl officials said earlier this week it would love to have a Canes-Irish showdown, but needed a few things to fall into place.

For starters, no Pac-10 teams had to be available. That basically happened Saturday when Oregon knocked off Oregon State (making the Beavers 5-7 and ineligible for the post-season). Now, with Oregon (BCS Championship) and Stanford (Orange) headed to BCS Bowl games, only two other Pac-10 teams (Arizona and Washington) are bowl eligible. The Alamo Bowl and Holiday Bowl will take them, leaving the door open for the Sun Bowl to take a Big East team or Notre Dame (if the Irish are available).

But for the Irish to become available to the Sun Bowl, a few other things needed to happen Saturday. West Virginia had to beat Rutgers to finish 9-3, and UConn had to knock off South Florida to win the Big East title and earn a BCS birth. The Mountaineers rolled and UConn rallied to beat USF. The Champs Sports Bowl has first crack at the Irish. But having just signed a four year contract with the Big East to replace the Big Ten, bowl officials might be hard pressed to skip over a 9-3 West Virginia for 7-5 Notre Dame.

Champs Sports officials met Saturday night to vote, with their intention of keeping their team selections a secret until 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. But for all intent and purposes, it looks like the dream matchup between UM-Notre Dame will take place on the outskirts of a US-Mexican border.

The Hurricanes (7-5) were already scheduled to renew their rivalry with the Irish in 2012 at Soldier Field in Chicago with two other games (at South Bend in 2016 and in Miami in 2017) to follow. This will only whet the appetite.

The question is: Will UM win? The Hurricanes are still looking for their next coach having fired Randy Shannon a week ago. Players have said its been tough getting over it. Will UM be mentally ready for a showdown with an old-time rival?

First year coach Brian Kelly has the Irish playing good football of late. They finished the month of November with three straight wins over Utah, Army and USC. The 28-3 win over Utah was especially impressive. And the 20-16 win was at USC was as well. Offensively, Notre Dame ranks 97th in rushing, 63rd in total offense and 73rd in scoring. Defensively, their run defense ranks 57th, but they rank 29th in scoring defense and 26th in pass efficiency defense.

Numbers aside, there is plenty of great history between the Canes and Irish. Miami and Notre Dame met 19 times from 1971 to 1990. The Hurricanes won six of the last nine meetings from 1981 to 1990 when the teams were both in the national championship hunt. After the Hurricanes won a national title in 1991, only UM has played for a title again, winning in 2001 and losing to Ohio State in 2002. The Hurricanes haven't been to the BCS since 2003. Notre Dame played in the Sugar Bowl in 2006 and the Fiesta Bowl in 2005.

Notre Dame won the last meeting in South Bend, Ind. 29-20. The teams have never faced each other in a bowl game. 

Here are links to a few UM-Notre Dame videos on YouTube.

> The 1988 meeting between No. 1 UM and No. 4 Notre Dame in South Bend.

> Watch the Canes convert a 3rd and 43 in the 1989 meeting at the Orange Bowl. You can also watch the entire CBS broadcast of the game.

> The last meeting between UM and Notre Dame in 1990.


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Is this question too difficult?

HEY, dbc, ATLKane09, J12 ran Shannon out of town, canefame, Sporty-j


Or are you GUYS just blow'n smoke.



Here's what I want in a coach:

1)Proven winning record against quality teams.

2)Proven record of recruiting future NFL talent.

3)Proven record of an ability to coach future NFL talent.

4)Proven record of coaching in NC games.

Sure, this isn't the late 1980's but nothing wrong with hoping for this matchup for nostalgia purposes. I bought tix for the Sun Bowl well before I knew what the matchup was and am sitting here praying it is the U vs. ND. Really, would anyone even notice if NC State was playing Washington?

Just because name hasn't been mentioned has no relevance in the behind the scene search by the AD. So, suggest all those who are worried because a name hasn't been indicated by the media or by a blogger should chill. And, I think with any coach negatives can be found in their respective experience. It's all a learning process - for them, you and me. It's how you get up that matters, not being knocked down. For example, regarding the Connecticut HC, I wasn't very impressed with the play calling at the end of the USF game. Why throw passes with only a 3 point lead to stop the clock with each incompletion, and then turn the ball over as a result? But, that being said, CT won the game and he brought the team to BCS game for the first time.

I guess I need to make it simple for you guys.

How about this:

Would a coach that has the follow criteria be a good fit for THE U?

1)Proven winning record against quality teams for more than 10 yrs.

2)Proven record of recruiting future NFL talent. Say 50+ players in the NFL.

3)Proven record of an ability to coach future NFL talent. Proven winning record and produced 50+ players in the NFL.

4)Proven record of coaching in NC games. He has 3 NC rings.

Simple yes or no.

What ever we do dont let Randy Edsall out of the state. Go after that guy now. He is the best fit for the U. Disciple, 4-3 defense and pro style offense. If not him Jeff Jagozydski or Mike Mularkey.


brtdwag is right the running backs will leave and has leach put in the nfl besides crabtree
i want a coach that will put the hunger back into this team it makes me sick the way they just quit j12 hiding behind boxes on the sidelines whats that all about bring in a coach that will motivate and have the team prepare watching the championship games yesterday we have along way to go
go canes

3rd part. Yes.

The only one I can think of with those credentials are JJ or Butch davis

Dude, quit the silly games. We all want that, but reality is another thing.

Leach has its positives and negatives. You cant have it all, you may lose some players. Oh well

I've always said it- you dont want to be a cane, then get used to getting your faced pounded in by the canes (at one point or another).

But the bottom line is, players that are coached well, and coached up will be winners. It doesnt matter if they are 5 star, 2 star 1 star or none star recruits.
PRIME examples are:
Virginia Tech
Boise State

I'll take Va Tech, for example. Here we have a program which never recruits tons of 4, 5 star athletes, maybe theyll have 1, 2, but yet they spank UM and FSU year in year out and winno less than 9 games a year year in year out. Sure they are missing tayht extra "unknown" to get them over the hump to win a NC. But compared to Randy Shannon, their coaches are decades ahead of their time.


Leach got screwed by Texas Tech. He's a very bright and a good guy. His offense is unique and in the Big 12 enjoyed great success...HE'S THE WRONG GUY FOR UM!!!

His offense will mean the end of quality running backs attending the "U" as Leach passes almost 70% of the time.

Quality offensive linemen will also avoid the "U" as they will know that the NFL will question if they can run block, thus potetially costing them millions in the NFL draft.

If it's rainy and/or windy that will have the effect of shutting down the Leach offense against another quality team.

We will become one dimensional and any team that shuts down our passing game means we have no alternatives.

Remember...those Big 12 defenses that the Leach offense played against were pathetic. No secondaries! As only one example, Bud Foster would destroy that one dimensional offense year in and year out.

I hope Leach gets a great job and does well against everyone, but the Canes. Unfortunately if he were the next Canes head coach we would no longer be NFL "U" and our signature would be exciting games, not championship football.

Randy Edsall is the best possible coach who would bring a physical/tough Tom Coughlin, Bill Parcells approach and win championships.

The Sun bowl. That's a laugh.

If UM put in 26,000 total fans for thegame vs USF (of which I would say 9,000 were USF fans)for a total of 17,000 UM fans, how many would anyone venture to bet would travel to El Paso, Texas, right against the border with Mexico where there is a border war raging, as well as gang warfare, murders and kidnappings within a few miles?

There will be 400 UM fans at the game. All of the die hard ones. Notre Dame or not.

This will be a joke of attendance.

If Um plays ND at the Champs Bowl, I'd say maybe a sell out like the Wisconsin game. 45,000 ND fans, 10,000 UM fans.

Tommy Tuberville is another nice guy. We as Canes should be thankful for all he did for the Canes back in the day. Yet...HE IS NOT THE RIGHT GUY!

Tommy has never won a national championship... AS A HEAD COACH.

He typically wins 8 or 9 games a season and his losses seem to be front end loaded thus ending any hopes of a championship early in most every season.

Every year he was at Auburn, other than 2004 and 2006, the boosters and fans were screaming that he be fired because of the mistake filled, uninspired football...sound familiar?

During the 2003 season Auburn's president and athletic director, among others desperate to replace Tuberville, had flown on a private plane to Louisville and had a clandestine meeting with Bobby Petrino, who, when confronted for confirmation, was very contrite.

At the end of the 2007 year Tuberville pannicked because the cries for his firing were growing even louder so he inexplicably switched to the spread offense, which resulted in a flatout disaster and culminated in 2008 being his last season at Auburn.

This year Tuberville took Leach's Texas Tech team and posted 5 losses. One of those loses was to the worst Texas football team in history. Most all of the wins were over woefully inferior opponents.

If you are a fan of mediocrity, then Tommy Tuberville is your man.

Randy Edsall is the solution if they can convince him to come down here and coach in this hornets nest.

PS: Mike Leach was the leading candidate to replace Tuberville at Auburn, but flunked the inteview.

If Kirby doesn't give Leach a serious look (and in my opinion, the job), we need to find a new Athletic Director! We've done the safe hire and it hasn't worked!!! Everyone wants Leach. What is Kirby doing?????

What is everyones obession with Mike Leach? Leach is a Running Back killer folks !!! Can you hear the altercations with players already ? I can . Go talk to Craig James son. It takes a mentality down here to recruit kids in which I think Leach does not have. If it takes until after bowl season to find the best candidate for the job wouldn't you wait ? Maybe this is what Miami may have to do and it might not be a bad thing. We can only sign 15 recuits in February and the ones who want to come to the U aren't going anywhere ( Menocal, Davis right now.) This Coaching Assmbly that the A.D. is attending in NY tommorrow should be a gage to see who is really interested and besides leach lovers administration was not too impressed with Leach's interview the 1st time around before Shannon took over but you would know that if you read the sports buzz. Maybe Holcutt is waiting on Venables after Oklahoma plays their bowl. Who knows.

Why has there been no official interest in ML?The idea of a top coach is to win with little if any adversity, graduate your recruits, fill the stadium as the result of the above. ML has the approach to being successful at the UM.The AD and President need to get their act together and hire an individual that will present the UM in a positive light.

Anybody who doesn't want Leach as HC needs to shut up and never blog on here again because u know nothing about football and are complete jackasses like the fools that run this program!!!!

@ markdrebin:

Per the ACC, we are required to play the bowl game so we can't decline the invitation.

I'm just excited to see this team without randy shannon

those of you that want mario cristobal at UM are stupid, do you really expect mario cristobal to host ohio state next year and win, do you expect him to host K-state and win, to go to tallahassee, blacksburg, chapel hill, and win???? he needs to stay at FIU, he will have lots of success there because at FIU you are not expected to compete for a national championship every year, if he goes 3 years without winning the sun belt he's not going to get fired, shannon went 4 years without getting to the ACC championship and look what happened, cristobal will not fit at UM as a head coach.

hey dummies,
you must like kids getting locked up in closets, you must like not having a running game, you must like coaches who interviewed for this job before stumble in front of his prospective employers which is why the administration is not too keen on him right now but you keep lobbying for your boy Mike Leach.

For the life of me I cannot understand why all these people are wasting their time hoping Leach gets hired. It will NEVER happen. He is accussed of abusing an injured player. Whether it is true or not his rep is sullied & there is no way Miami will take the PR hit by hiring damaged goods. Wake up already! As for Tuberville - he got run out of Auburn & a mere 2 yrs later they're playing for the National Championship. You really think this is the guy who's gonna bring us back our glory?! In additional I don't think Mullen will take the job - he's waiting for Urban Meyer to retire. Harbaugh will blow us off too. He's waiting for an NFL slot. So who's left? Stoops & Edsall if we're still only interested in successful college head coaches. Oh, btw, I know it's about money but we shouldn't even accept a bowl invite this year. We quit against VT & never even bothered to show up against USF. This team has no pride, no guts. I'd be surprised if Brian Kelly doesn't push us all over the field in El Paso.

I won't let my kid play for any coach that mistreats players especially Mike Leach.

Signed: All Nationwide Recruits' Parents

ThirdPartySource: I like your criterion for a coach. Who do you have in mind? And, is it a feasible HC for UM? Put it out there TPS!

J12 ran Shannon out of town, CANES FAN,

You need to raise you football education, "dudes."

It's Tuberville! And below are the FACTS!

- 3 NC Rings.

- Recruited and coached 50+ NFL players.

- 5 SEC Division Championships

- Has the third best SEC record by any coach over the last 30 years (Saban's and Miles are 1 and 2)

All proof he can recruit and coach future NFL talent, "Dudes", period!

Wow, CANES FAN your like the guy that was pointed out regarding Tubs 1st yr at TTech. to Saban's lousy f 1st yr at Bama. To use your logic - if we were looking for a coach - at that time - we never had looked at Saban.

You "dudes" are picking coaches like you "pick your boy friends."

Grow up "Dudes".


Above are the facts. The interesting thing is I'm not pushing this guy. Just show someone that has pedigree equal to or close and is available.

Tuberville, according to this mornings Herald, is the only guy THE U is interviewing this week.
Just for recruiting they need someone now.

TPS, You make a nice argument for Tuberville in terms of historical facts.

One concern might be age, although he could groom a younger assistant for the future at some point. Isn't he mid to late 50s? Does he have the motivation to do the necessary work for the U to take that next step? Perhaps he is a guy who still pursues that elusive championship.

When one considers the "candidates" that have been mentioned, he DOES offer a lot AND may in fact be available (no small concern). He does offer a solid choice, a track record of higher level success, professionalism (I like his demeanor) and UM ties. Although he is not flashy,he is a "name" in coaching circles. I wonder what his players would say about him...

Not a bad idea and one that should at least be investigated, no?

Readers, please go online and read the depositions in the Leach vs. Tech case. He did not abuse the player. He has been absolved of this, and this is the reason why he is suing ESPN. Look what is being said about the guy, read the facts please.

As far as he being a running back killer, so what. Don't take this the wrong way guys, but look at how many good running backs we have now. How many games did we win this year? How many championships have we won lately with some good backs on the team? Please, look at the big picture. If we don't have a running back that goes to the NFL in the next few years, but we win a National Championship, which would you take?

We all love the Canes, we are all brothers in our love for the Canes. Read the facts before we decide not give this guy an opportunity. At least grant him an interview.

I read a column in which Paul Dee, who was involved in interviewing him, before the job was eventually tendered to Randy, say that all the rumors about Leach showing up late in flip flops for the interview were untrue. In fact, he said one of the primary reasons why Leach was not offered the job, was because they did not feel that he was truly interested in taking the job at the time. He also wanted to bring in his own assistants. At the time it was important that whoever came in would keep Randy Shannon on.

Well, guess what, he's interested now, and do we now care if he brings in his own assistants?


You have a great point. Most of the Leach pushers
have no clue.

I doubt seriously, if they really know what they are talking about. First off I never thought of him as a very good coach. Exciting offense. No defense. It seems as though He uses all his scholarships for offensive players. And his defenses are all walk-ons.
And then there's that situation.

The reality is he's not on our list.

Can those opposed to the hiring of Mike Leach please explain why? It can't have anything to do with recruiting, winning, or graduating. He has been exemplary in all those categories.

The ESPN / Craig James fiasco has been debunked as the yellow journalism it was.

Schematically he is not a pro-style coach, so I understand the opposition there, but that doesn't mean he can't/won't tweak his style to fit Miami personnel.

Putting players in the NFL may not have been TT's strong suit, but Leach wasn't getting the caliber of player he will in South Florida either. Also, Miami went quite a few years without producing any first rounder in the NFL draft - under both Shannon and Coker.

It is highly unlikely we pry Peterson or Patterson from their current gigs so Leach seems like the best of the rest and a guy with a U mentality.

Waiting for 'R' to demonstrate his superior intellect by calling me an idiot while responding to none of my arguments.

Posted by: Rohan Marley Christmas | December 05, 2010 at 11:12 AM

You do a fine job proving how little you know about sports all by yourself, my friend. No need for my help.

If I actually have to sit here an explain to you why you are a moron, what does that say about you?

I love it. All the idiots keep calling for a guy who won't even get an interview. God, you people are so stupid.


Well, he's 56. And I agree with your thought. I would like to find a guy that has the possibility of equaling or bettering Tuberville's body of work that's 35 maybe 40, but where is he? Who is he?

Personally, I don't see 56 as old. And he has shown he can relate to the kids.

He relate pretty well to his 1st rounders Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams and Jason Campbell. And I think Karlos Dansby understood him.

Look, when you buy a company you look at the earnings. And you shouldn't buy anything that doesn't have a positive history of at least 10 years. Not that every year is going to be positive - just a good steady growth. This show they (management) know what they are doing. Something we can use around here.

And at 56, I don't think he's going to jump to the NFL anytime soon. In fact, I don't think he has any interest in the NFL.

Personally, I do not want a coach who runs the spread or any other gimmick offense. I know that both of the teams in this years BCS NC game are spread teams, but if you look at Alabama, USC and other teams you see that if you get the correct coach, you can still run a pro-style offense and win. If we get a spread coach it will hurt us in the future in recruiting good running backs, O-Linemen and Quaterbacks. I want us to go with a coach that runs a pro-style offense. The reason for the explosion of the spread offense is due to teams not having enough talent to recruit players to run the pro-style set. This is not a problem for Miami. The only way if I were Hocutt that I hire a spread guy is only if he says he was forced to run the spread due to a lack of talent, but that with Miami's current talent and what he will be able to recruit in the future that he can/will be able to run a pro style offense.


You sold me with the business analogy. But the disclaimer in investing says past performance is no guarantee of future results.

With that said, however I'm willing to give TT a shot. Maybe he gets reinvigorated knowing he has a chance to win with great players without having to battle SEC powerhouses.

He recruited a lot of guys from my old HS Boyd Anderson to Auburn, so I know he's connected down there. But do you think he has that fire to create or embrace that us against the world mentality that made UM the U? Can he still fire up today's recruits? 5-plus years have passed since Cadillac, Campbell and Ronnie Brown played for him!

But he looks damn good given your stock screening err criteria.



Tuberville is a man I like personally and appreciate his contributions while here as an assistant. Yet, as a head coach he's NEVER won a national championship despite having plenty of opportunities to do so.

And his SEC record makes sense...THIRD BEST! We don't need third best coaching the Canes--we need the very best! During his tenure at Auburn his two most successful years were due to two players--Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams, not a Jimmy Johnson like coaching job. Which helped him achieve his glowing third place finish in the SEC, that makes you so giddy.

You say he had 50 players that went to the NFL...yet, still not one national championship as a head coach...that...dude...is not an endorsement, but a reason not to hire the man.

The best man for the job, by far, is Randy Edsall. Sadly, I don't think he will come here to coach. Edsall is a no nonsense coach who does not put up with players showing up for games only when they feel like it and making the same mistakes over and over again. He is a Tom Coughlin, Bill Parcells clone who builds tough, disciplined, winning teams and gets the most out of every player.

Tuberville is not a spread guy. He was force by boosters to go there. I was a disaster.

He knows THE U. He knows the Pro Style is what works here.

i live in central fla. canes r my team i read alot of feed back has the people in south. beach expressed to the miami powers that we want leach to be the coach we have to make some noise leach hc. levit dc.now and we will start the championship run with a foot up the irsh behind,in the sun bowl. ALL ABOUT THE "U"

Storm Johnson should've gotten the ball a lot this year. Why do I want to see Damien Berry when Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson are available.

I haven't seen much of Clements, but they should give him a shot in the bowl.


Your screen name is appropriate...you contend that the Boosters forced Tuberville to go to the spread during the 2007/08 season. Show some proof of that ...Dude!

You are just making things up and if Tommy was that weak to be pushed around by some no nothing boosters, then we sure don't need him coming here and being an errand boy for the boosters.

With each one of your posts it becomes more clear that Tommy is not the guy for the job and you are an excellent writer of fiction.


Why don't you interview Mike Leach?

I'm sure he would love to talk to you & tell you how much he wants this job.

The guy is a winner, colorful, and could safe the school money in that he would be the HC & OC.

Go talk to hom & keep his name in the news.


You wouldn't know FACT if it hit you in the face.

All you have to do is research, DUDE!

I'm an official Notre Dame hater & glad Miami will get to play in a bowl. However, the timing couldn't be worse. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Miami shows up with their "A Game".
Now, to the coach: they need to hire a good coach who really wants the job. Personally, I like Tommy Tuberville. I don't know much about Leach, but understand he's won wherever he's been. So, he screwed up once-what's the big deal? If we dig deep enough we can probably get some dirt on just about anyone. Ron


For the 135th consecutive week- dating back now eight plus years, a Miami Hurricane has scored a TD in the NFL. No other college program is even remotely close. No it is not just the old guys. Javarris James scored 2 today and yes, Reggie Wayne caught for almost 200 yds and a TD.

No need to go anywhere else if you wantto play on Sundays. NFL-U is where its at.

Been following this hissy fit about Tuberville, Edsall and Leach.

First of all, I don't have a dog in this fight.

Secondly, The facts about Tuberville are true. When I read them earlier, I did some research.

And regarding being forced into a spread offensive attack.

I'm in Alabama on business 6 to 10 times a year. Mostly Birmingham.

And the Tuberville supporters say this is a fact.

For me anybody but Leach or Mullen.

Go Cane beat Neutered Dame!


winning? he lost 4-5 games consistently aside from the '08 season.

recruiting? that is something he was never able to do. even being located in texas.

graduating? that he did do. but does that have anything to do with NOT putting players in the nfl? it would explain shannons success in that department too.

the lawsuit has cleared his name. but not to the families who are deciding to put their child in his care.

he will never change his offensive scheme, regardless of personel. thats wishful thinking. youre either a receiver or you wont see the field.

"Miami went quite a few years without producing any first rounder in the NFL draft"... something i dont want to see continue, which it will under leach.

theres a difference between someone with fire trying to prove himself like jimmy, and a low-class bum trying to stick it to his former employer like leach. and leach is not the best of the rest. he might be one of the worst candidates for the job.

Anybody who doesn't want Leach as HC needs to shut up and never blog on here again because u know nothing about football and are complete jackasses like the fools that run this program!!!!

Posted by: dummies | December 05, 2010 at 05:01 PM

Yup, people that don't want Leach are the ones that don't know anything about football. LOL. Why do you even watch football? Seriously?

if you want leach hired you are a straight dumbf***.

Inside the U repoted that Philadelphia Eagles DC Sean McDermot is emerging as a candidate for the job. Ray Lewis and Dan Morgan have given their endorsemnt as well as Jon Gruden and Jon Harbaugh.

or a rival fan who wants to see it happen. or youre as low-class as he is.

Thanks for the age info on Tuberville. Let's see, he's 56 and if wants to break Paterno's record (I assume JoePa will quit at 83), we could have TT for 28 big ones! Naw...

But your point about relating to kids is on the mark. After all, 56 ain't ancient. But, like you, I think that a younger coach dedicated to the college game would be a gift for UM. A lot of kids these days need a "father figure" who may appear at various age levels. So, in that regard, many coaches could fill that important role.

The spread offense issue is of concern. But then again, we in the northwest saw what Bama boosters can do to a coach (see Price, Mike).

Miami should run a pro style O and any coach brought in ought to embrace that philosophy. So, TT would fit in that respect. His history as a strong DC is also very appealing.

In the meantime, Canes, let's defeat Notre Dame and start something good for the future!

Um be screwed

lost another committ. marcus jackson. might re-committ depending on the new coach though.

oh, and why the f is BRAD CHILDRESS being named as a coaching candidate!? what in the world is up with people!? dear god...

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