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UM-Notre Dame Sun Bowl appears set

The stars needed to align -- and it appears they have.

Barring a major surprise, it looks like the University of Miami will get to play Notre Dame for the first time since 1990 in the Dec. 31 Hyundai Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas.

Brian Kelly Sun Bowl officials said earlier this week it would love to have a Canes-Irish showdown, but needed a few things to fall into place.

For starters, no Pac-10 teams had to be available. That basically happened Saturday when Oregon knocked off Oregon State (making the Beavers 5-7 and ineligible for the post-season). Now, with Oregon (BCS Championship) and Stanford (Orange) headed to BCS Bowl games, only two other Pac-10 teams (Arizona and Washington) are bowl eligible. The Alamo Bowl and Holiday Bowl will take them, leaving the door open for the Sun Bowl to take a Big East team or Notre Dame (if the Irish are available).

But for the Irish to become available to the Sun Bowl, a few other things needed to happen Saturday. West Virginia had to beat Rutgers to finish 9-3, and UConn had to knock off South Florida to win the Big East title and earn a BCS birth. The Mountaineers rolled and UConn rallied to beat USF. The Champs Sports Bowl has first crack at the Irish. But having just signed a four year contract with the Big East to replace the Big Ten, bowl officials might be hard pressed to skip over a 9-3 West Virginia for 7-5 Notre Dame.

Champs Sports officials met Saturday night to vote, with their intention of keeping their team selections a secret until 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. But for all intent and purposes, it looks like the dream matchup between UM-Notre Dame will take place on the outskirts of a US-Mexican border.

The Hurricanes (7-5) were already scheduled to renew their rivalry with the Irish in 2012 at Soldier Field in Chicago with two other games (at South Bend in 2016 and in Miami in 2017) to follow. This will only whet the appetite.

The question is: Will UM win? The Hurricanes are still looking for their next coach having fired Randy Shannon a week ago. Players have said its been tough getting over it. Will UM be mentally ready for a showdown with an old-time rival?

First year coach Brian Kelly has the Irish playing good football of late. They finished the month of November with three straight wins over Utah, Army and USC. The 28-3 win over Utah was especially impressive. And the 20-16 win was at USC was as well. Offensively, Notre Dame ranks 97th in rushing, 63rd in total offense and 73rd in scoring. Defensively, their run defense ranks 57th, but they rank 29th in scoring defense and 26th in pass efficiency defense.

Numbers aside, there is plenty of great history between the Canes and Irish. Miami and Notre Dame met 19 times from 1971 to 1990. The Hurricanes won six of the last nine meetings from 1981 to 1990 when the teams were both in the national championship hunt. After the Hurricanes won a national title in 1991, only UM has played for a title again, winning in 2001 and losing to Ohio State in 2002. The Hurricanes haven't been to the BCS since 2003. Notre Dame played in the Sugar Bowl in 2006 and the Fiesta Bowl in 2005.

Notre Dame won the last meeting in South Bend, Ind. 29-20. The teams have never faced each other in a bowl game. 

Here are links to a few UM-Notre Dame videos on YouTube.

> The 1988 meeting between No. 1 UM and No. 4 Notre Dame in South Bend.

> Watch the Canes convert a 3rd and 43 in the 1989 meeting at the Orange Bowl. You can also watch the entire CBS broadcast of the game.

> The last meeting between UM and Notre Dame in 1990.


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Man if Leach wants the job that bad I say give it to him!!!!!!

We all know he can score a whole bunch of points with his approach. Give him a shot to take us to the top! We have so many players on the roster now all of them can touch the ball in this wide open, high tempo system.

We dont have any bruiser backs we have fast open field runner's who are good in space. Then we start dropping bombs all over the field with all and I mean all of our receiver's

Coach Erickson ran a 5 wide set all day and still had very productive running backs!! Leach is the guy period.
With all the baller's in our area we can load up on all types of receiver's and backs.

Every recruit in the state is waiting to see who the HC is going to be! We can actually make a huge splash with the right hire. Go ahead SHANAE NAE & COLDCUT pull the trigger and make yourselves look like the brilliant one's......

On another note to the player's!!!!!

Ya'll need to play hard and win this bowl game. At the end of the day it really boil's down to how you all play on the field. Play Miami U ball... Make us proud, Make ya momma proud play for your future in The NFL. Will ya'll win this game so we can end the season on a high note and come back next year and ball Please!!! I no ya'll read this daily play with some pride.

Posted by: CANES FAN | December 05, 2010 at 02:35 PM

wow bull gator/CANES FAN, do we actually agree on something for once!?


For the 135th consecutive week- dating back now eight plus years, a Miami Hurricane has scored a TD in the NFL. No other college program is even remotely close. No it is not just the old guys. Javarris James scored 2 today and yes, Reggie Wayne caught for almost 200 yds and a TD.

No need to go anywhere else if you wantto play on Sundays. NFL-U is where its at.

Posted by: J12 ran Shannon out of town

kiss that streak/legacy/tradition goodbye under leach.

Leach got screwed by Texas Tech. He's a very bright and a good guy. His offense is unique and in the Big 12 enjoyed great success...HE'S THE WRONG GUY FOR UM!!!

His offense will mean the end of quality running backs attending the "U" as Leach passes almost 70% of the time.

Quality offensive linemen will also avoid the "U" as they will know that the NFL will question if they can run block, thus potetially costing them millions in the NFL draft.

If it's rainy and/or windy that will have the effect of shutting down the Leach offense against another quality team.

We will become one dimensional and any team that shuts down our passing game means we have no alternatives.

Remember...those Big 12 defenses that the Leach offense played against were pathetic. No secondaries! As only one example, Bud Foster would destroy that one dimensional offense year in and year out.

I hope Leach gets a great job and does well against everyone, but the Canes. Unfortunately if he were the next Canes head coach we would no longer be NFL "U" and our signature would be exciting games, not championship football.

Randy Edsall is the best possible coach who would bring a physical/tough Tom Coughlin, Bill Parcells approach and win championships.

^^^ i meant this post not ur other arguments


You wouldn't know FACT if it hit you in the face.

All you have to do is research, DUDE!

Posted by: ThirdPartySource | December 05, 2010 at 08:57 PM


I know someone who is either clueless or is lying, which is it?

Listen DUDE, I don't have to reserch something when I already know the facts.

Randy Edsall will be the next Canes coach...Tuberville didn't even get a call nor did Mullen...neither one of these guys will be coaching the Canes.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP)—Desperate to get a struggling football program headed in the right direction, Minnesota athletic director Joel Maturi spent two months conducting an exhaustive search to find the right man for the job.

The process was completed Sunday night when Maturi agreed to terms with Northern Illinois coach Jerry Kill on a five-year contract to take over the downtrodden Golden Gophers.

Head coaching experience was a must this time around after the Brewster move failed so badly, but Kill doesn’t bring the big-name recognition that some of the initial names mentioned—Boise State’s Chris Petersen, Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen, former Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer and former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti—brought to the table.

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach openly campaigned for the job, but the Gophers never strongly considered him.

Mike leach
Overall 84–43/ 47-33(big 12 conf)
Bowls 5–4

Randy Edsall
Overall 73–69/ 22-26( big e conf)
Bowls 3–1

Tommy Tuberville
Overall 117–65/ 67-55 ( sec

Winston Moss. I hope he can as bring Tom Moore from Indianapolis Colts as the OC. I know it's a reach.

Winston Moss as UM next HC. I hope Winston can bring Tom Moore from Indianapolis Colts as the OC. I know it's a reach. But anything possible....

ready for the ND mick's C.A.N.E.S.

OT recruit Marcus Jackson has de-committed from the canes. He said that the Shannon firing had a lot to do with it but so did the fact that they had a bad season and things look like they are getting worse.

So- which reason is it, Marcus? the shannon firing or the bad season? Because the two are connected, genius!

We don't want primadona 17, 18 year olds coming to the Gables. I don't know about the rest of you, but over the last few yrs I have been made sick and tired of these so-called 4-star, 5-star kids who end up doing NOTHING but leading up to signing day are all so diva-esque.

If you dont want to be a cane, dont be a cane. You never were one, and never will be. You will learn the hard way. Buh bye diva. NexT!

We need a coach who will be able to :
Get every one on the bus to the game
Be sure all players have on the correct numbers
Bring the footballs

Otherwise let the boys play.

You think old-school Canes fans were mad about losing to Virginia and USF? Imagine if they lose to Notre Dame. Poor players.

Someone needs to tell the team to MAN UP. They are not the first Hurricane team to loose a coach. Get over it players, this business of college football is BIG business, and remember, if you loved Shannon so much, you should have played for him like Canes of the past played for their coaches. If you would haved played like Canes, Shannon would still be here as your coach. So, MAN UP, act like Canes and go to El Paso and kick the crap out of the Golden Mouners! Remember to old saying, Canes Against the World!!

Posted by: CANES FAN | December 06, 2010 at 01:50 AM
Obsess much? Get some sleep dude, it's just a game.
Aren't you the guy that spent weeks guaranteeing that UM would win out and play in the ACCCG????
The same guy that spent weeks guaranteeing that Randy would be returning?????
Aside from the egg all over your face, you have zero credibility

Hire Walt Kichefski or fire Kirby-

Gruden search was a fiacso-he was never coming here from the start,so many said otherwise.What fools!

Nobody has any idea on this coaching search but, Hocutt better get it right or this program will sink to depths we have not seen here since the 70's.

Look no need in blaming the recuits who commit or de-commit other coaches are eating up the fact that shannon was fired and putting it into these kids heads that miami is on its way down and they are impressionable they see the hot teams and want to go play there. Like I said before, we have only 15 scholarships to give out this recruiting year so let all the recruiting gurus and whos-whos say what they want I belive finding the right coach is more important besides our cabin is not bare just need proper coaching that's all.

Everyone continues with this Leach talk-He his not coming here period!These people keep talking ad nauseum about this guy it ain't happening,you might have a better chance with Carl Selmer and he's been in a pine box for years!

Gary Ferman Canesport.com editor is another fool that got caught up in the Gruden fiasco-The media down couldn't get a sotry staright if it hit right up the old hershey highway!


You are totally alone in your attack on
thirdparty source.

His or her facts are correct. And we all agree with TubsFan.

Your anything but a Canes Fan. So get lost!

Hire Mike Leach Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will know who is interested this week.

Stanford is re-signing Harbaugh. We are going to be stuck with Tom Olividatti....so we will suck again


I am glad to see Sean Wilson off the blogs for now but I will keep an eye out 24/7 and be sure to uphold the good canes name. My basement is dark and the meatloaf is hot and I am hunkered down for the long run. I will keep you posted of my progress each day in the hunt

Yes Canesjunkie.

Hopefully we'll know something

NCAA Coaches Meeting starts today.

The Herald reported in Sundays paper that Tuberville is the only scheduled interview.
That maybe happening now early today.

Can't wait to see who else Hocutt interviews.

Gruden's Help:

Hire Childress!

WOW, Gruden. THANKS.

As reported in the Herald.

I'd like to give a big shout out to Randy Shannon and thank him for getting us into the HIGHLY antisipated SUN BOWL!!!!!!

R u kidding me??? We're the #1 football program in the nation and that sub-human "coached" us up to the SUN BOWL? Total JOKE!

RS should be forced to cover all expenses (flights, hotel, food, etc...) for The U to get to El Paso and stomp Notre Lame.

Hire Leach and get it over with. His number one goal is a NY Day bowl, then a national title in 2013!

Recruits- NFL-U is where it's at.

Don't need to look elsewhere. The U will be back. Be part of the tradition.

Check out the TV ratings when UM plays NOtredame. Even with a 7-5 record, the U gets media attention, imagine when the program wins 9, 10, 11 games? Do youwant exposure? Go to the U.

Edsall is not our man. His offense works great in the Big East but wouldn’t work in the ACC. We are not a “Smash Mouth” team and that is exactly what he wants. We already tried that with Nix and look how we did. Our games would be boring to watch. “Smash Mouth” is not what we need.

At this point, the only 2 viable options are either Tubberville or Leach. Trust me, we do not want Edsall.

Wrong Mike!


Fans got what they wanted but Shannon did not deserve to be fired ... especially the way it happened. Every coach has a disappointing season. Saban, Myers, Les Miles, Brown, Bear Bryant, ect ... Shannon is a "U" guy and would have provided stability for the long haul. Sure he's not as experienced as alot of coaches but all of those experienced coaches experienced the same things growing into what they are today. Well, not so easy grabbing a coach to come to the "U". The days are passing and top recruits are in the balance. I fear any coach that is hired will only use the "U" to springboard to another job. Shannon would have built a dynasty here. Too bad it did not happen within 4 years. I know he will be fine though - and all will see. He will coach again and "U" will be sorry.

From Rivals.com: "Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach openly campaigned for the job, but the Gophers never strongly considered him."

Leach is desperate to sign with any team that will have him. I think Minnesota made a mistake. When you consider their very limited talent pool which to pull from and no chance of ever competing for a national title Leach's offense would have been fun for their fans to watch and he would have won more than he lost similar to his success at Texas Tech.

Leach is a good guy...let's hope he lands somewhere soon, even if it means him only being an offensive coordinator.

Just read on canespace that we are trying to put together the dream team of coaching. Saban as D coordinator, Spurrier as O coorsindator, and Jimmy Johnson to be head coach.

bring in lu holtz

Dr. Lu . . Dr. Lu . . .

I don't think so.

Apparently you aren't man enough to respond to this. You GUARANTEED these things over and over and over...

Posted by: CANES FAN | December 06, 2010 at 01:50 AM
Obsess much? Get some sleep dude, it's just a game.
Aren't you the guy that spent weeks guaranteeing that UM would win out and play in the ACCCG????
The same guy that spent weeks guaranteeing that Randy would be returning?????
Aside from the egg all over your face, you have zero credibility

My best guess right now.

It's Tuberville.

Not that I'm pushing him, but from a realistic stand point we could sign him at the end of of the week.

Great record in the SEC. Recruited, coached and sent more than 50 players into the NFL.
Has always used a U-style offense and defense.
Except his last yr at Auburn. Most Auburn Tuberville supporters blame a "certain booster" for that move. And the say Tuberville was fired because he fired the spread O.C.

Or Edsall.

Edsall would work. But, I don't think an announcement would be doable until after the Orange Bowl. And maybe that's too late for the recruits.

If we don't here something either way by our bowl game; (yes Tubs no Tubs)or (yes Edsall no Edsall)

It will be Edsall.

If we here something this week or early next week it's Tubs.

Just heard an interesting point about Tuberville from one of his former players a THE U:

"He let us be us!"
warren sapp

Based on our recent history I can’t help but wonder if our current Canes appreciate the significance of playing Notre Dame or even care.

Over the last 6 or so years our players have been saying the right things leading up to big games, but their words don’t translate to the field. The best example is the last game in the Orange Bowl against Virginia.

This year’s FSU game is another example of many. A week of blah, blah, blah courtesy of our players and then as Kirk Herbstreit said, they didn’t even want to play—didn’t show up…and were blown out! This against our arch rival…a team with players who competed with our kids in youth league football and high school…are you kidding me?

We can blame Randy all we want for this, yet, the reality is most of these kids grew up watching the old Canes make a living against the greatest teams in the nation, with the greatest traditions. Those former Canes are still around the program trying to pass down their tradition to the current Canes, but for whatever the reasons it doesn’t seem to sink in…there’s no pride, no passion.

I don’t want to be negative, but I suspect we will hear all the same BS out of the players before the upcoming bowl game and then a inferior Notre Dame team may embarrass us. I hope I am wrong!

Let’s hope in the coming years the new head coach and his staff can recruit players that are talented and more importantly have a fire to create a winning UM tradition of their own.

Notre Dame might spank us. I'm not expecting these players to give their best effort.

I would love to see us make some personnel changes. Get Miller the ball and let Storm get some carries.

Can we see Tommy Streeter...maybe Aldarius in the slot?

I'm not sure what they can do with the D, it's just so bad.

Guys, we don't know who will be the next Canes coach, but there is something we can agree on.

Sean Wilson is disgusting racist with mother issues, ever since she kicked him out of her trailer (He kept blowing out the shocks and made the trailer shift to one side when inside.

His ID stealing is his weak attempt at grabbing anything better than him.

Leach got hammered by Oklahoma 65-21 with a potential National Championship on the line. He has never actually won anything ----his division or conference, no defense or running game and doesn't put a lot of players in the pros.

He was an idiot on the handling the James situation. You apologize, take the heat like a man and move on. That shows bad judgment.

Guys, my mom works at Sedanos and overheard something very interesting while checking out some customers - "Nuevo Técnico es senor Robbie Caldwell" I am just saying.

Also, Sean Wilson, I challenge you to a meatloaf eating contest you disgusting racist. You name the place(on a bus route) and I will be there!

Guys, he knows his mom doesn't work at Sedanos, but where she works, they give her a free ride to her trailer.

Funny that he is so desperate that he even steals that ID.

Gator Clause is still dead to the world, I see. Mike keeps deleting his racist garbage over there, and nothing else is being typed there other than his racist rantings. So, that leaves Mike deleting most of the comments there.

1987 Canes 24 Irish 0.

We were bad a**es back then.

What was it? 3rd and 46? We got 3 Walsh back to back personal fouls. Walsh connects for a 1st down. Back breaker.

Those were the days!

caniac, couldn't agree more. Great point.


Don't listen to the racist Gator fan. Come to Miami where you can play in front of hundreds and hundreds of fans. If your family is in the stands you can talk to them during the game from the field because it's quiet enough to converse.

Posted by: caniac

Nice try Sean Wilson!

Have the internets police arrested this Wilson character yet?

Now they haven't but we have ID'd the perp. I am working with the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Lt Horatio Cain, and Chris Hansen to bring him to justice. It is only days now til you are caught Sean Wilson.

@ Leach to the U

Chill with the "sub-human" crap when talking about RS or anybody for that matter. That term has some serious racial undertones as do many of the comments here. Let's stick to football analysis.

As for the new coach...I like Leach's offensive attitude and ability to motivate players, but if this guy could not get a look from Minn of all places, then something must be very wrong. I've heard about being blacklisted but if Minn won't look at you then...

As for Tubs...just don't know fellas. Someone wrote that having coached 50+ NFL players he should've won a champ by now. Good point. Also read that his record was 3rd best to UA and UF. Not a good sign that he couldn't beat those guys.

But if Warren Sapp and others endorse him then I'm willing to roll with Tubs. Anyway to get Tubs as HC and Leach as OC?


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