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UM officially announces Golden as new coach

Here is the official press release from UM...

CORAL GABLES — University of Miami Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt has announced the hiring of Al Golden as the new head football coach at the University of Miami.

Al Golden Golden is the 22nd head coach in program history and leaves a resurrected Temple program to take the helm at Miami.

“From the beginning of this process, one candidate stood above the rest as the right fit for the University of Miami,” said Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt. “We are proud to welcome Al Golden to The U. His desire, leadership, communications skills and preparedness stood above the rest and he is the right man to meet the championship expectations of this program.”

Golden will be officially introduced to the Miami Hurricane fans during a press conference on Monday. HurricaneSports.com will have free live video of his formal introduction, as well as UStream coverage and a live chat where fans can interact directly with Miami athletics staff.

Over five seasons at Temple, Golden took the Owls to unprecedented heights. Before his arrival, TU had just two winning seasons over its 100-plus year history and had only won 22 percent of its games over the previous 30 years.

After taking over the Owls, who went 0-11 the season prior to his arrival, Golden has led his team to a 17-5 record over the last 22 regular season games, including a 2010 defeat of BIG EAST champion and Fiesta Bowl participant Connecticut.

The 41-year-old owns a 27-34 career record, which includes a 9-4 mark in 2009, and an 8-4 mark in 2010. He was able to lead the Owls to two winning seasons, which is exactly half of their all-time total since the inception of football at the Philadelphia-based school in 1894.

Golden has not only infused life into the win column at Temple, but he has done wonders in the academic area. The Owls had an APR score of 858 four years ago and that has sky-rocketed to 926. He also has spiked the Graduation Success Rate from a low of 47 percent to the current high total of 56 percent.


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Welcome to the U. Home of the worst fans in college football. GO CANES

what kind of offense does he run.any word on what he will do to current coaches

Let the whining begin from our "fans". Personally I love it.

good luck.
the U!!!!!!

Welcome to Miami!

He isn't the "big name" but if I gave you his qualifications without the name you would hire him in a moment. I much prefer this over an untested DC of the 51st best defense in the country. Definitely, the best coaching hire in Florida this year.

He played as a Tight End under Joe Pa, he was DC at UVA (bringing the defense from bottom 20 in the FBS to top 20 in the FBS), and worked wonders as a HC at Temple. Sounds like a good hire to me.

@Kevin I hope that it's pro-style and we don't throw our running backs out the window.

@seasonTicketsRenewed Most 'Canes boards are full of "WHO THE HELL IS AL GOLDEN?!?! BRING BACK JIMMY JOHNSON HE WON GAMES!!!1one" garbage. We need Golden to give us that extra boost, because everyone appreciates a winner.

Excited about this hire. The guy did a tremendous job at Temple (by Temple standards of course). Whether he'll be the next Miami great or not remains to be seen, but I have respect for his body of work. Welcome to Miami, coach.


I dont know anything about this guy, but like the article should they gave him some ups. All i know is not hiring Mike Leech is a mistake. Not hiring him bc of his history, a history of winning is all i saw.

I figured the boards would be full of angry "fans". Canes fans expect Tony Dungy or Gruden or Cowher. Ridiculous expectations. This is our guy. Support him until he proves himself to be unable to do this job. But I think we picked a good one.

Welcome to the "U". Lets get this ship pointed in the right direction now please. Good Luck!!

This is NOTHING to get excited about. I don't see U returning to prominence. We still won't beat UF or FSU or USF. FIU might give us a good licking.

This is Kirby's choice, if it fails, then U know who to blame.

Who? Temples coach?


I looks like the U finally made an educated and rational decision. I hope he is a bust though.

OK Manny and U-fans - here's my quick little "Welcome to Miami Coach Golden"
attempt to produce a poster you can print on T Shirt transfer paper
and make yourselves something you can wear for Christmas - or New Year's Eve.

Its FREE, so don't complain.


Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/12/12/1969275/miami-hurricanes-kirby-hocutt.html#ixzz17x7R9W4O

I love it! I agree with Chris...there is no arguing with his qualifications. He's won where noone else has one in over a century, he's young, his kids graduate, and he's a top-notch recruiter. I'm sure there will be some whiners on this blog at some point but I really can't find a flaw.

It's not like he's a career assistant defensive coordinator whose only claim to fame is being named the head coach in waiting for a team whose coach is nowhere near retirement.

Next year, we'll be the only program of the big-3 in Florida to have an experienced head coach leading our program. Sounds good to me.

Go Canes!

he's going to knock it out of the park he took a winless temple owls and turned that program around . welcome to the U....

Hey, great hire UM! This guys is a winner on and off the field. He is intense, has a Penn State background, was a TE and team captain (he is a leader), has coaching background, is young and will be a major winner at the U.

He likes his players to relate to the community and be part of it.

His Temple teams play with intensity and passion. Check out their film. Hey, he is a New Jersey guy!

Coach Golden will be a major step forward and the best coach in Florida within a short period of time!

Welcome, Coach. This alum is grateful that you are coming on board as the leader of our storied football program! GO CANES!

Sorry, spin it for all it's worth,but this was near the bottom of the barell............

Great Hire. now schedule the mac teams like ohio st does so we can prepare for the acc. if i were a recruit I would be liking my chops especially at linebacker. Plus a coach that has a set of balls to get in a ref's face or not take the quiting attitude this past team had. Good Luck there coach

This is a good hire!! The best of the finalist by far...take a look


and he wears a white shirt and tie on the sidelines.

class and character, my friends!

now, let's rack up the Ws in large bunches,
starting with ND!

I am behind you, Coach Golden...through THICK AND THIN. Welcome to the Gables! Don't forget that Miami has the biggest ploy of fairweather fartknockers in the entire college football world. Just ignore them and win 10 games and they will all shut up, I promise you. You are the MAN, Mr. Golden...best of luck!

We could also schedule MAC, WAC and FCS teams like Gator garbage does.

Golden eats Muschamp's lunch in 2013.

LMAO this is what everyone gets for wanting randy out so bad. This just shows what everyone outside of miami keeps saying its not a job anyone wants anymore this guy has a pro style offense and a losing record this is what all supposed "U" fans wanted now we get to a underwhelming offense with I-FORM AND 2 TE'S we are about to lose alot of current players and any offensive recruits who were interested. Lets just hope he doesnt bring that offense here thanks alot for running Shannon out for this BIG BOOM HIRE WE JUST GOT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Anyway Go Canes Hocutt will be done in 3yrs.

Good Hire.

Jimmy Johnson record before Miami - 29-25

Dennis Erickson - 50-31

He will have the talent here. Tough disciplined defense and a balanced pro style offense.

Come on? Al Golden? How did we go from Gruden to Golden?... We fired Shannon for this???

Dude is MAC conference? MAC? please... I had enough of this crap... Even though I was a longtime UM fan but I rather support FIU now...

Great hire. Welcome to Miami

I think this sums it up.

This year Al Golden beat the Big East champion with Temple. (A team who has been to 3 bowl games in over 100 years)

This year Randy Shannon lost to the 5th place Big East team with Miami (A team who has played for two national championships in the last ten years)

This is a disaster! I am familiar with temple. It is a basketball school and does not have the football atmosphere or attitude of southern schools. Remember most of his wins camme after temple was removed from the big east and relegated to the mac. He will be shocked when he sees the talent on the teams that play miami and he will be overwhelmed by the florida recruiting wars.

His team is 8-4 and didnt make a bowl game. His teams beat up on MAC teams that stink but lose to the good ones. The perfect coach for The U. Randy Shannon is a better coach then this dude. How can they hire him? Is this the best Miami could do?I hope I am wrong.

I must say this: I had no idea who Jimmy Johnson was when he was hired and was downright depressed about it. I WAS WRONG. In his picture, he looks intense and energetic and I'm excited to see what he can bring to a school with some really talented players.

I like the hire. We need someone who can actually teach. Let the guy complete a couple of seasons before you start complaining.

His offense is basically a proset like we have always run. He will think he died and went to heaven when he see's our backs and recievers. If I were him I would go after a real QB to bring in behind Morris. This is a great hire for us. I don't believe that shirt and tie will work in all this heat during early september though.

I remember Auburn fans BOOING Gene Chizik at the AIRPORT b-cuz they judged him from his 4-8 Iowa State record. What happens then? He gets BETTER ATHLETES(no problem for Miami), a GOOD/SMART QB(Heisman), and now is in the title game(Coach of the Year).

Coach Shannon hooked his wagon to J-12 and it cost him his job. So who will be Al's GOLDEN ticket at QB? That will determine his success b-cuz Miami gets the same athletes as Auburn does on recruiting day.

Listen to what the article says he has done all the same stuff shannon did from record to academic if i handed anyone of you this and told you to read it and took Goldens name out and the school coached you would think i was talking about Shannon so stop trying to make this seem so great. He has a LOSING RECORD AND IS GOOD AT GRADUATING KIDS sounds like the guy everyone just ran out of town to me. Bet he is a father figger to the kids up there at temple to and you guys will probably love that to since its Golden instead of Shannon. I agree shannon wasnt the best coach but lets not pretend that this guy isnt the same person with lighter skin another last resort hire F*** HOCUTT AND PREZ HOBBIT

Before all the chronic UM whinners start bad mouthing the hire. PLEASE do some research on the man. He won at Temple which one famed coach said "It will be a cold day in Hell, before they have 2 straight winning seasons". Yes he is not a Gruden, a Peterson or a Patterson, but those guys (Peterson and Patterson) were not leaving their respective schools. Guys I love UM, but the UF job (I hate to say it, but it is the truth) at this moment is better than the UM job. UF has more money, better facilities and their fans do complain and do have a sense of entitlement like our fans, but the HUGE difference between 'Canes and Gators fans is that Gators fans SHOW UP to their games. With UF (at the moment)being a top 5 program, they were only able to get a DC from Texas. If you believe that their AD Jeremy Foley only spoke to Muschamp you are crazy!! He spoke to Mullen, who turned him down and he put feelers out to Bob Stoops, Chris Petersen and Gary Patterson and probably was told that they were all happy at their current schools. After this revelation, Foley chose Muschamp. If that is all UF could do with the current state of their program, I am very pleased with what Miami has done. Golden is hands down a better coach than Muschamp. So before you bash the decision, please don't look at just the name, but look at the BIG PICTURE!! Remember when Jimmy and Dennis were hired, no one knew who they were either. I believe that Randy deserved one more year, but it is what it is. I am a 'Canes fan no matter what. So lets all get behind Coach Golden, the players, administration and the program and lets get back to winning championships!!

Watch some video on him. The guy is intense. You won't see players walking on and off the field like last year. I highly doubt the Canes will play without urgency like they did for the last four years under him. He's not a big name but none of our coaches have been. Do some research and support our coach. The guy is intense.

Mike Singletary is INTENSE (49ers Head Coach) he is about to get fired ina couple weeks Save it thats the best you can come with he is INTENSE F*** then lets hire SID ROSENBERG OR THE WASHINGTON ST. COACH HE IS INTENSE TO WASHINGTON SUCKS BUT HE'S INTENSE THATS A GREAT ATTRIBUTE. Give me a break

I think this is gonna be a Ron Zook moment!!!!!!!


Let me start by saying im a cane fan in PA. Diehars since i was 10. The reason people doubt the hire is because Gruden's name was leaked when it had no business being leaked. Hocutt messed that up. As far as Golden, he is an in your face coach. Very excited all the time. He was a touchdown away from beating UCLA last year and a td from beating Penn State this year. He takes no crap from anyone, refs included. He will not allow for mistakes. PSU is his coaching style. Pound the rock to set up the pass prostyle. Recruiting is my concern. It's a different beast in Florida, but if he succeeds there, he will win. Defense most likely will be 3-4. He learned from Al Groh.

The recruits will be flocking in droves to UM, now that you guys have the highly coveted coach from Temple leading the flock. Love the way you are all on his jock already, predicting national championships and a "golden era". You were the same way when Shannon was hired, when Jacory and the NW boys came in, when you beat FAMU this year, and when Stephen Morris beat Maryland. The most delusional, no-nothing, fair-weather, smack talking "fans"-who-don't-show-up-to-the-game in college football.

Yo Steve in the LC that is funny post. Thx I need it that. If u can make the deaf & the blind school temple have 2 winning seasons. U may actually have a diamond in the ruff. Will c what happens next yr..Go CANES 2011

Alright, calm down son. Do you really think we are going to land a huge name? If you look at all of the successful coaches right now they can from small programs. Hell, Auburn's coach was 8-4 at Iowa State and two years later he is coaching in the national championship.

Yeah, intensity is a good characteristic in the leader of a football team. Some of you Cane fans had very unrealistic expectations in the hire. Hiring the right guy is more important than a big name. Do some research in Temple's history and find out how many coaches had success there.

Rod "Chud" Chudzinski played as a TE for The U and was arguably our best ever OC. Now we have Al Golden. A guy that groomed under JoPa, played NFL as a TE and is also Defense minded. So he knows both sides of the game, keeps up with academics, recruits like crazy; is young, energetic, and aggressive! He has a history of turning around programs like he did at Temple in as little as a year... He has a PROVEN track record with a great resume. And best of all - this time he has the "full cupboard" of talent that Randy Shannon left him to work with. Boys and girls - THIS IS S GOOD HIRE!

Expect nothing less than ACC Championship with a BCS bowl for next year. It's going to be a long off season :-(

Kevin, I agree with you. Although intensity is one of the many positives about Coach Golden, it is MUCH needed at UM. Our team is often nonchalant, slow to break the huddle, looking dazed on O, and as even Coach Shannon said,lacking "urgency." We need an intense coach that will fire up the players and be dedicacted to maximum effort on every down.

Remember how good we all felt when the Canes showed life in the UNC game, and how disheartened we were at the UVA and USF games?

A good and INTENSE coach produces a team that is in it with heart for the full 60 minutes. I believe he will produce those kinds of teamas.

Yes, it was Temple, but check out the energy level of his teams. And the MAC is no pushover conference. It is a physical and hard-hitting conference that has produced some strong NFL guys.

So, give the new Coach a shot. I think we will all be happy with what comes out of this excellent hire.

Randy Shannon did LESS with MORE!


That sumes is up! This may be a very good HIRE!

Welcome To the U!

Ill give him a chance but if he tries to pull another shannon crap.... i will bash him all day every day..coach u better prove ur self fast cuz time is running out... get with it or get out...

I did research on temple last year when they were saying he would be a good choice for THE U and there are a load of other assistants and head guys that would have been better options than him im going to support the guy after today but im getting out my frustration untill i wake up tomorrow lol there are a number of other options and they went and got AL GOLDEN he is a AL GROH product AL GROH sucks i dont care how bad temple was every dog has his day and lets not forget he wasnt playing great competition. He runs a 3-4 defense south florida doesnt exactly offer great 3-4 end recruits there better suited to play in a 4-3 lets hope he changes that but again we will see i think they should have had a much better plan in place before firing Shannon and i dont expect big pretty hires it was idiot of them to every think they would get Gruden But you mean to tell me that with the talent in south florida you couldnt go out and get a agressive offensive minded coach rather it be a OC or HC I just hope these kids dont transfer or declare early for the draft cause no one wants to see a 2 TE 2 back offense at least not kids 17-20

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