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UM officially announces Golden as new coach

Here is the official press release from UM...

CORAL GABLES — University of Miami Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt has announced the hiring of Al Golden as the new head football coach at the University of Miami.

Al Golden Golden is the 22nd head coach in program history and leaves a resurrected Temple program to take the helm at Miami.

“From the beginning of this process, one candidate stood above the rest as the right fit for the University of Miami,” said Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt. “We are proud to welcome Al Golden to The U. His desire, leadership, communications skills and preparedness stood above the rest and he is the right man to meet the championship expectations of this program.”

Golden will be officially introduced to the Miami Hurricane fans during a press conference on Monday. HurricaneSports.com will have free live video of his formal introduction, as well as UStream coverage and a live chat where fans can interact directly with Miami athletics staff.

Over five seasons at Temple, Golden took the Owls to unprecedented heights. Before his arrival, TU had just two winning seasons over its 100-plus year history and had only won 22 percent of its games over the previous 30 years.

After taking over the Owls, who went 0-11 the season prior to his arrival, Golden has led his team to a 17-5 record over the last 22 regular season games, including a 2010 defeat of BIG EAST champion and Fiesta Bowl participant Connecticut.

The 41-year-old owns a 27-34 career record, which includes a 9-4 mark in 2009, and an 8-4 mark in 2010. He was able to lead the Owls to two winning seasons, which is exactly half of their all-time total since the inception of football at the Philadelphia-based school in 1894.

Golden has not only infused life into the win column at Temple, but he has done wonders in the academic area. The Owls had an APR score of 858 four years ago and that has sky-rocketed to 926. He also has spiked the Graduation Success Rate from a low of 47 percent to the current high total of 56 percent.


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DBC give me a break the MAC is a pushover conference lmao thats hilarious and the big east is a JUGGERNAUT HUH

i think the U could do better... maybe we need to fly another plane with kirby's and donnas name... to save the program and get the coach that will bring back the swagger.. does anyone know if this guy has swagger for our canes?

You have got to be kidding me DBS the MAC isnt a pushover conference lol and the Big East is a JUGGERNAUT LMAO

check out Al training at Penn state.


I am very interested as to who may be his coordinators and more importantly who will be his recruiting coordinator. Any ideas?

whats the deal with wanting a sexy flavor of the week offense? This isnt UF, its the U. We run pro style because we get our kids in the nfl. Ya leachs offense is fun, but produces no nfl talent. A lot of teams run a pro style offense and make it work. Im happy we didnt get a spread coach


Hey I don't know much about this new guy or about Temple, but after watching a video of that team... I'm telling you I already like him more than I did Randy (and I'm on of those that thinks Randy deserved another year) just because of his attitude. I like his player's attitude, they play football with swagger and I think I'm going to like his defense.
Go check this video out:

I know that's no powerhouse, but that's the way you should play your easy games.

The previous coach from the school up north prior school was in the WAC / Mountain West . That conference was no different than the MAC. He did OK

Welcome Coach Golden

I know who wants to see 2 TE 2 back offenses. The best young players we have. Lamar Miller, Storm Johnson, Eduardo Clements, and Seantrell Henderson. Lets D up and run it down their throats!......Or do you want to see J-12 throwing 70 times a game in the spread????
GO CANES []_ _[]

Great Hire I only question his use of the 3-4 the talent that S.Fl. produces is not conducive to the 3-4 , also the 3-4 is susceptible to dive and isolation style run plays. Hopefully he'll chance that when he begins to evaluate the talent.

I'm a little concerned, the guy took a job with little risk by going to Temple.. In reality what did he have to lose? Another losing season? But I did some homework and looked at his Defensive stats at Virginia and they were horrible.. The team had a few nice wins here and there but gave up to many yards to the better teams.. All I've heard is how well he's done at Temple, but what did he really do? And who has Temple really played? If his record at Virginia is any indication of what how his teams play against top tier teams, I'm sorry to say that The U is in trouble.. With that said, I hope I'm wrong

Hocutt should be fired now, Leach is by far the best candidate and we miss him twice

Time will tell boys....

Grab your nuts and hold your breath and wait about 2 yrs and we'll find out whether Mr. Golden is "Golden" or not....

Welcome to The U family coach Golden. Most of us are with you but just like every family there are a few negative folks. We all still love them bc they are family. Win a few games and they will forget they will be saying they never had a doubt.

To the folks here complaining about the hiring of one of the most respected young head coaches in college football, can you let the guy introduce himself and play a game before you complain? Geez some of the most respected football minds have nothing but glowing reviews of the guy. I tend to have a “give the guy a chance” approach. We have fought long enough during the Shannon era. Let’s get together as fans and help get The U where it belongs….on top. Tonight begins a new era. Give the guy a chance and welcome him.

Don't have a problem with the hire......Just a problem with the amount of time it took. If he was the top choice for the job it should have taken a couple of days.....Instead he was probably down on the list and when the rest said no he said yes...thats why it took over 2 weeks. Hocutt can sugar coat it all he wants...but you know that's what happaned!!!

Hope it works out and the U is back on top of ACC and NCAA.

Did you notice the tweet that says Al Golden was named by a CBS sports guy the top recruiter in THE COUNTRY for the players he was able to bring to Temple?

This is a huge score for the UM. Nice work Kirby et al.

And watch film of Temple and see what kind of team this guy put on the field, this at a train wreck of a school. His teams were full on for 60 minutes.

Wait until we all see what he does at UM!

Welcome Coach Golden! Go Canes!

He runs a 4/3 scheme on defense and offensively he is a proset guy. Plus he is a great special teams guy and great recruiter. We are going to be a much better team with Golden than we were with Shannon and Coker before.

The MAC isn't the SEC, or even the ACC. It has produced big time players (Big Ben, etc.), and it has a history of playing bigger teams (like the Big Ten) tough. Urban Meyer coached at Bowling Green, and did ok at UF. Fact is, there is a lot of parity in college football (see Utah beating Alabama in a bowl game not long ago).

I guess my point is that the MAC has its merits.

However, turning around Temple in any conference is a large success story.

Canes fans, I believe we will be pleased with this pick for a HC. Hope I am not wrong on this one because, like you, it has been painful to watch the proud UM struggle.

i am looking forward to this new era and return to greatness. welcome coach Golden.

Welcome to the family, Al

This is a smart hire and it is a big splash and a better choice than Gruden. Golden is a hungry, up and coming coach that has succeeded everywhere he has been. He was the recruiting coordinator for Joe Paterno and you don't get that job because your average at recruiting. He improved the Virginia defense and made Templ let me repeat Temple are respectable program. All that tells me he is a talented winner that knows how to coach and recruit and best of all defensive minded like every great UM coach before him. Better Golden who will tirelessly work to make a name for himself and not use the U for a spring board. At the very least, I bet he knows how to manage the clock on game day and will recruit beefy ofensive linemen and qb that has been lacking the past four years.

Good hire.
Give him a chance.

Let him recruit. Need to get back the recruits we are about to lose!

1st on the agenda: A QB.

Anything better than Shannon, the robot, the non-communicator, the disinformation guy. The guy that lost 2X to Virginia in his tenure.

Please. I hope Randy Shannon moves to Alalska. I hope they start a program at Fairbanks U. So they can make him coach over there.

great hire

Yeah Yeah Yeah we hired Al Golden child please u should have given da the job to Whipple then Ho-Cutt !!

Great hire I am pleased

Once you get past the pathetic gather trolls ambushing the blog you can see some concern about him. It is understandable. I'm going to give him a chance just like I gave Randy a chance. UF jumped on a big DC name which they hope works out. We have a guy now with HC experience and you have to like that.

One last thing......
...............................Sean Wilson is still a douche

You so-caslled U fans I hope you got what u wanted in a Head Coach.. Do the the math.41 yr old guy from Penn State. That means he was recruited by Joe Pa right after the infamous Fiesta Bowl in '87= He hates our swagger. But you guys what a championship now.I hope he wins to and then when Joe Pa retires we will be searching again, but we will have our championship. WE need a Joe Pa, Bobby Bowden type coach someone who is in it for the long haul. Really this coach coaching in Miami is like Ray Lewis being LB coach for FSU. This guy is building his resume not the U. Good Luck everyone

He had a badass running back at Temple. I know he ran the ball. I think our offense will stay balanced for the most part. I can't argue the success he had at TEMPLE.

We now live in Tennesse. Not Vols fans, but everything here is about the Vols.

Kiffin came in as the savior, heard his press conference, he swore that this was home for him, his wife, and children. His dream job came up, one year after being hired at UT, and he bolted for USC.

Destroyed the fans, team, and they are in rebuilding mode part two. I read that something like this takes years to recover from.

Now, we have hired Golden. Paterno is how old? If he bolts to go to Penn State, after seeing what this does to a program, heck it happened right here with Saban, what do we do?

If Hocutt did not consider this, and have something in the contract to prevent this, I say we should be looking for a new AD as well as a HC.

I sit here today saying the same thing I said when JJ and then Erickson was hired: WHO!

Agreed Golden has fire and credentials, let's see if it translates to wins. We should know in short order as I think the expectation of at least playing for a ACC championship are not out of the question. As I have said all along the best team in the conference lost to James Madison and no matter how you spin it that adds up to a very weak conference.

One thing for sure I will not be calling the Hecht to see if the 4 seats I gave up for $3000 + in 2009 are available. Hope KH knows what he's doing.

Welcome to Miami Coach Golden. The weather is better here, and so are the players. If you can turn Temple around from a century of losing seasons to sending them to bowl games in less than 5 years, just think what you can do in South Florida. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

I beleive everybody deserves a chance.I also beleive that us "U" fans will find out real quick what he's made of because I beleive we have all kinds of great talent.I just think some of that talent needs a swift kick in the a- -!!Like I said,the talent is there.Let's see him do something with it. Go Canes

He ran a 4-3 defense at temple the 3-4 was only at UVA since groh is a 3-4 guy. I understand the concerns about his previous track record but you do have to remember that temple was 0-11 the year before he came. 3-31 in the 3 years before and no season with more than 4 wins since 1990. He had 2 of the top 5 seasons in school history at a school Pop Warner coached at. Sure he could have done more, but don't tell Al Golden you can't polish a turd. Something tells me he's thrilled to inherit a team with 23 wins over the last 3 years instead of 3

I worked in a few Temple games on the sidelines while part of the medical team. I can attest that he is intense. He demands that all players on the sidelines pay attention to the game, call "air" when there is a pass by the opposing team, etc. Good motivational speaker in the locker, too, without the foul mouth language that would come from another Temple great, John Chaeney. I didn't watch practices, but from the different games I covered with Temple during a span of 3 years (my last 3 of my orthopedics residency), there was a huge difference in the quality of play. He is also a big recruiter. he was able to get the best player in Philly at a time when Temple was still coming off a one win record. Give the man a chance and I think in 3 years he could be contending for the title.

I agree with canes2120

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