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VIDEO: Reaction from Golden press conference

Reaction from Monday night's press conference introducing Al Golden as the Hurricanes next football coach. Plus, Al Golden spends 20 minutes with the UM media.



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why do we say he's a gator troll when he's talking up the semen-oles?

Still trying to figure out how Randy was fired for a coach with a losing overall record.
This is suppose to bring us back to National relevance? Okay......

Posted by: dloving1 | December 14, 2010 at 08:55 AM

The same reason Auburn went after Gene Chizik. He was 5-19 at ISU, and is now playing for a BcS Title. You can even check out this moron, that sounds like most of you, not even giving Golden a chance:


No one on here knows anything about hiring a coach. So stop trying. If you went after all the guys that looks good on paper, you would never find the diamond in the rough. See Jimmy Johnson.

If only people didn't live in those tiny ass boxes of there's and actually get out once in awhile.


Kudos to the lady (not sure who it was so I won't put a name out there) that asked that Penn State question, we need more journalist like that who have the guts to ask those questions. Manny you are the man and you write some ballsy stuff, kudos to you as well!

Different guy big slap shot bob. We have a stray troll here and there like every site. We do have 3-4 gaturd trolls who are regularly on here. One of which is sean d-bag wilson. He is easily identified by his writing style, his usual theft of posting names and idiotic comments sprinkled with a few comparisons to the turds in order to troll. He also claims to have played for UF and has 7% body fat. I would laugh if it wasn't so pathetically sad. If a quintessential douche exists, it is him.

Quite frankly, I don't care what anyone on this forum has to say about "The Golden Hire", weather it be positive or negative.

All that matters is what the kids think. Those that are here and those that will be here in the future.

Now, from an educated stand point (that means for those of you that are just plain ignorant, research) this hire followed the exact same steps AD Jankovich used when he hired both Johnson and Erickson.

My research showed:

- That Golden's career path mirrors Johnson's so closely that it's scary.

- And I will say, as far as "coaching trees" go, Golden's will blow Johnson's and Ericksons out of the water.

- That Golden is considered, by his peers, one of the top 5 or 6 recruiters in the country.

- He has proven he can coach and improve his recruits

Does any of this mean he's the next Jimmy Johnson or Dennis Erickson?


Does it mean he knows what he's doing? You better believe it does.

Personally, I know he will succeed here, because he will demand it! He will demand it out of himself, his coaches and his players. And success to me, means championships. National Championships.

And don't give me that "let's win an ACC championship first crap.

Winning championships is every bit as similar to a person trying to putting their hand or fist "through" a board. If they try to "just hit the board", they will not break the board. They will most likely break their hand.

Now, if they try to put their hand or fist "Through" the board, they will break the board and they will likely not feel anything!

This means, ACC Championships will come as completed "objectives" as a means to his goal of winning National Championships.

Look, only time will tell. But, the changes:

- open practices.

- inviting and bringing the greats of this team back to practices and on the sidelines during games.

- Clinics with the local high schools.

and many others will only help THE U get back to national prominence.

THE U is on it's way back, GO CANES!

I love how everyone is giving Barack Muschamp a pass. When it goes bad in trailerville (and you know it will gaturds) it's going to be ugly.

Posted by: Sean Wilson drinks his own pee

You can't help it. You need to have the banter with us.

Whitlock is a moron. Don't preach about schematic blandness to us....Jimmy Johnson ran 10-20 plays in his playbook (even with the Cowboys), so get over it.

The guy hasn't coached a game here yet and people are already pounding on him?

to everybody hating on the canes b 4real the noles saying there state champions but what did they win by beating um and the gayturds nothin i didnt kno that in college u get a trophy 4 beating schools in ur state i thought that was high school ball and the gayturds gave this poor man 2 f*ckin heart attacks after he won 2 nc's clearly the guy couldn't deal with the pressure and now you got muskrat haha child please

Check this out from the posers at the fiu blog lmao:

Hello FIU fans,

I must say congratulations on FIU football becoming the SunBelt Champs and reaching a bowl. Ever since my beloved Orange Bowl was demolished, I've been angry at the U and the people who made that decision. The OB was my comfort & place of pride. The U lost several games at the OB in its final year and forgot its legacy. I felt disrespected, hurt, and angry that the decision was made to demolish it in favor of a "Pro" stadium. Well I just want to say thanks to FIU football for winning its last game at the OB and letting it die with pride. FIU understood what the OB meant for Miami, obviously the U didn't. I have ever since cursed the U...They will never win another championship unless my demands are met. Anyway, I saw what happened the day of the U and FIU fight and it was truly distasteful. The U was picking on the lil guy and bullying them. Taunting them throughout the game. It was disgraceful! After I saw FIU win the last game at the OB, I realized they understood the importance of the OB. After that I learned FIU would be constructing a football stadium modeled after the OB. The FIU AD understood how special the OB was & that a "pro" stadium was not the answer. I will finish off here by saying thank you FIU for respecting the OB in its final game. FIU will continue to rise...The U will continue to lose. I have tried reaching out to President Shalala and their AD and they gave me no other choice but to curse them. The only way they will ever beat the curse is if and when they play FIU @FIU stadium. That way they will see @FIU stadium, what made the OB so special. Thats when I will get my revenge. Until they keep ignoring me and calling me crazy, I will continue the curse. Oh and just for kicks, I made they're coach become Al "Golden". Until they play the Golden Panthers, they will not be very Golden at all. Hahahaaaaa. Long live the memory of my beloved OB. FIU Stadium will become the new OB. Thank you FIU...

Feral Douche I guess Gatard trash is still insecure when it comes to the Canes. As it always has been.

Thats the gaturd troll trying to get some reaction from the yellowcats.

"Jeez, there U third world immigrants go again in typical Cane tard fashion" ...

... Most of these 3rd world immigrants hire you trailer-trash folks to further your inbreeding ... ♪ just saying ♪

Posted by: GregCane | December 14, 2010 at 04:38 PM

I would love to meet this person and get into a Harry Potter-esque duel with them. We just have to wait for my magic wand to get out of the magic wand repair shop.

But most importantly, the curse was lifted a long time ago and has a protection spell put on the university and it's sporting departments.

Here's what we did to lift the curse:

Things You'll Need:

* one white candle
* black pepper
* a thin string
* Sandalwood oil
* a piece of paper
* a wok

1. It is very important that you concentrate on the curse you need to reverse.Take the piece of paper and write down the curse you wish to reverse.

2. Now tie it with a piece of string.The string should be thin.Make sure the string wraps around the paper making five perfect rounds around the roll of paper.To finish,tie a perfect knot.

3. Light a small fire in the wok.Light the candle and place it next to the window.

4. Pass the roll of paper through the flame of the candle three times.

5. Now whisper this spell three times;"As I say this blessed verse, unwanted curse, you shall reverse"

6. Be sure that you only concentrate on these lines as you perform this spell.

7. Once you recite these lines, drop the roll of paper into the wok. Add 3 drops of sandalwood oil into it and sprinkle some black pepper. Wait till the flames die out. If the paper has burned down completely, the curse has been reversed.

Here's what we did to cast a protection spell:

Cast while pointing your wand to the sky then say...

all three,
elements of astral i summon thee ,
Earth by Divinity,Divinity by Earth,
give the enemy the power to see,
The strength of the elements by my side,
No rules magic i shall abide,
now when my enemy meets his downfall,
this spell will have no power left at all,
in no way shall this spell reverse or place upon me any curse
so mote it be.

Then we ended all of that with help from our little Shaq-jeannie that shouted, "KAZAAM!"

Yea, I can't figure that out: U get rid of RS, then bring in a bag of mediocrity. why not Tuberville?

And Shalala says Kirby is great, yea right.

U won't win bid and not our a long time.

Shannon and Tuberville are the definition of mediocrity. Kirby did a great job hiring Golden. Anyone that can make Temple into a winner can coach and recruit. We got the best hire of both Florida and Florida State.

Championships - did you happen to hear Jason Whitlock on the Sedano show (the interview is up on Sedano's blog)?

He watches MAC football every year and he claims that not only is Golden a bad game day manager, but Temple spent way more than every other MAC school (which is true, after hiring Golden they spent more than any MAC, MWC, or WAC team on football) and starting taking questionable recruits that no one else would take (although Golden did graduate most of them).

I don't know what all that means in terms of what he can do at UM and I was blown away by his press conference but I looked into what he did at Temple and I am no longer impressed in the least bit.

Great chat again today, Manny. I could not have imagine that you would have all that information. I am so glad that the Herald has listed that you do a chat at 3:00 on Tuesday. Thanks again for not having a chat for over two months.

Two comments:

1. Lets do it Coach.

2. Man...a lot of cyber-punks sink a lot of time and effort into this page.


Die tonight, Curse Pig.

SOlid hire for the Canes. After 4 years it appears you have a good coach. I hope he fails but I think he will be good. Not sure if he can bring life to Nolife Stadium and the anemic fan base.

Eudicimus, no I did not hear what Jason WHitlock said. Don't take this the wrong way but to be honest with U, I'm not that concerned with what he has to say but I for arguments sake I will take a look at it. What I do know is at worse he can't be any worse than what we have had for the last decade since Butch left. OUr team under SHannons guidence would have been lucky to win the games that Golden won against Mac teams with Temples Talent. He is a proven winner that turned Temple into something from nothing with nothing. HE wants to be here and fits the part, not to say he definitly is going to be as successful as Johnson or Erickson but who's to say he is not. I know this he cannot be any worse a gameday coach than Shannon was. I do believe that without a doubt we are going to be a much better team with him next year than we were this past year and we will be in the ACC title game against FSU. I say let's not worry too much about what WHitlock says, instead lets see what the team looks like next september. I haven't been this excited about the next season since this time in 1999 when I knew that the next year we would beat FSU, which we did.

Bridgewater announced college om twitter at 10:00am!

Bridgewater to LSU!!!

Haha how's that fence around south Florida?

Just kidding INT12 jr is coming to um

No problem, nothing lost but another skinny running QB. Good luck out there Teddy with Less Miles. There's a long time between now and February and who know's he may sign with us. We need to go after a prostyle QB not another spread guy. The guy that Golden should go after more than anyone is Garry Stevens who coach Walsh, Testaverde, and Erickson before Jimmy left. Every since then our QB play has sucked. That man is the key to our QB problems and who Golden should work to get back at the U.

Penalties and QB play did this team in Golden has to fix that. Larry Coker Would still be the Head Coach If Kyle Wright wasnt a bust!! 5-stars=0 championships Blame Kyle Wright For the last 5-6 yrs.

You're talking apples and oranges right there.

Jacory was a three star recruit, Bridgewater is a five star recruit and the 3rd highest rated QB in the nation. Jacory is a inch taller and twenty pounds lighter than Bridgewater.

The hell with the rest of these recruits, losing Bridgewater would be a huge blow.

Bridgewater will come to UM. The real question is can he push Stephen Morris.

I like Morris' chances to start next year.

No Jacory reaction? Spence? Brandon Harris? Hopoefully they were in class or something.

I luv u Pete that was exactly what I was thinking scanning the blog. LMFAO!!!!

I'm a football crazy fan, especially college football and exactly Virginia Tech Hokies. I'm ll hope to see their game in Orange Bowl. I haven't get ma tix yet coz I don't know if I will have time to attend. But I don't, I'll get crazy! euuh, I can't even imagine!

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