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Whipple on his job status

I asked UM offensive coordinator Mark Whipple today if he knows his job status and if he's staying. He never gave a definite answer, but it's seems more likely than not that he won't be returning -- unless Al Golden all of a sudden decides to publicly announce he's keeping him. Here's his answer. The ... represent where he just stopped talking, then continued with the other stuff.

Whipple's reply:

"I don't know. The most we said when this whole thing happened was that we were going to do the best things we can, for the players, the kids, that's what it's all about. That's what you're in it for. So, that's all we're doing, focusing on today's practice and tomorrow we'll get them mentally ready and we'll play the game on Friday.''

And as far as you guys knowing if you're going to be here after the season? "I don't... that's irrelevant at this point. One way or the other... Randy put a great staff together. We have great people. That's always... but it's part of the deal, it's part of it sometimes. When you win, you know, big games and everything else and championships the staff breaks, and sometimes when you don't win the staff breaks.

"But the relationships are really what... With John [Lovett] and all the other guys on offense and defense and then, but mostly with the players and the things that way. And I think this group of people and the coaching staff -- and obviously Stout has done a great job -- and I really... It hit home maybe a little bit more when [UTEP coach] Mike Price, an old friend, a great friend, said at practice the other day, 'Jeez, I was really surprised at your enthusiasm and the way the guys competed;' not surprised, but, he said 'Hey, you don't know what's going to happen in this situation.' And I think that's a tribute to the staff and Stout and what everybody has done. The relationship this group of men has with the players, and hopefully it will just continue today and then through Friday.''