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Whipple on his job status

I asked UM offensive coordinator Mark Whipple today if he knows his job status and if he's staying. He never gave a definite answer, but it's seems more likely than not that he won't be returning -- unless Al Golden all of a sudden decides to publicly announce he's keeping him. Here's his answer. The ... represent where he just stopped talking, then continued with the other stuff.

Whipple's reply:

"I don't know. The most we said when this whole thing happened was that we were going to do the best things we can, for the players, the kids, that's what it's all about. That's what you're in it for. So, that's all we're doing, focusing on today's practice and tomorrow we'll get them mentally ready and we'll play the game on Friday.''

And as far as you guys knowing if you're going to be here after the season? "I don't... that's irrelevant at this point. One way or the other... Randy put a great staff together. We have great people. That's always... but it's part of the deal, it's part of it sometimes. When you win, you know, big games and everything else and championships the staff breaks, and sometimes when you don't win the staff breaks.

"But the relationships are really what... With John [Lovett] and all the other guys on offense and defense and then, but mostly with the players and the things that way. And I think this group of people and the coaching staff -- and obviously Stout has done a great job -- and I really... It hit home maybe a little bit more when [UTEP coach] Mike Price, an old friend, a great friend, said at practice the other day, 'Jeez, I was really surprised at your enthusiasm and the way the guys competed;' not surprised, but, he said 'Hey, you don't know what's going to happen in this situation.' And I think that's a tribute to the staff and Stout and what everybody has done. The relationship this group of men has with the players, and hopefully it will just continue today and then through Friday.''



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Recruits: The Probowl has 8. Countthem... EIGHT former canes.

Eno[]_[]gh said.

And no one cares less than the entire football world.

What they do care about?

The NFC starting QB, ol #7
The 0-2 team that turned it all around and became the 2010 ACC Champions.

Now if only we could spell the word "irrelevant" with 10 U's.

Keep Whipple, Lovett add a QB Coach and RB Coach and 2 or 3 assitance to help out. Al Golden only needs to compliment the Temple coaches with UM staff and go from there . UM need a manager like AG, the coaches can coach they did not have a CEO to manage the team, that's where Al Golden comes in, like Jimmy Johnson of old.

Keep the coaches and do a better job of recuiting in the state of Miami and watch we win a national championship within a year or two.

Because Virginia Tech is somehow relevant with Zero national championships with it's inability to ever, ever put together a complete season? OK. Yeah, that's awesome. Congrats on always putting together a solid, "almost, but not quite" National Champioship team. Enjoy losing your first 2 games next year for the upteenth time in a row, on your way to another 10 win season that no one will ever remember.

I was having this convo with my FSU buddy.

He claims that FSU is "back" bc they made it to the ACC Championship.

My Answer:

For FSU, UM and UF fans, relevance is defined by National Championships. Loser like Va Tech praise ACC Championships, we don't.

So you can take your ACC Championships and treasure them all you want. We both suck in my opinion.

Completely agree. The ACC stinks, Miami stinks, and Va Tech and FSU are marginally better right now. Stanford will dominate VaTech and make us look even worse. Like I said, enjoy that perpetual 10 win season, as if anyone cares. Win it all and then come back to me. Heck, win it all and make us proud of the ACC. I'll even brag about that. But don't come on here and trash the U as if Va Tech has actually done anything that anyone remembers other than recovering from a loss to James Madison. When you have a memorable season due to the fact that you lost a game to James Madison on your home field, you don't have any business talking smack.

Sorry but that is rambling nonsense from a lame duck coach who was unemployed before The Idiot came calling. The fans trashed his inconsistent playcalling but now it's some heartfelt goodbye? Please!
Canesrule, you were on his washed up sak for months with your laughable "UMASScanefan" persona. You remember, he reduced sacks by 70% at D-2 UMass. (crickets) All that talk later that he would "bolt to the NFL" was just good comedy.
Will the TEMPLE mastermind retain this washed up OC? Does anybody really care?


To let Whipple go would be a huge mistake when one considers all the circumstances. First of all you have two QB's that are very familiar with the system. Secondly, Miami is the only team in the ACC that ranks in the top 30 nationally in overall offense. Statistically, this teams' offense can compete. The problem Miami had was the QB who hasn't shown the mental copacity to play at the college level. When the change to a true Freshman was made, Miami put up over 500 yards of offense in 3 out of the 4 games he played.

I don't think the problem is the offensive coordinator. It was the entitlement that some players felt and didn't have to compete for their spots. JH has 36 INT's as a 2 1/2 year starter and was on pace to throw more than he did last year.

There is no harm in keeping Whipple around one more year and see how it goes. If things do not go as well, then get rid of him. The question should be: who could come in and improve the overall offense?

I think Golden is giving Whipple an on the job tryout. He wants to see if Whipple was the problem or not. That's why we haven't heard anything about the OC position. Either that or Golden has to wait for the bowl season to be over to announce Whipples replacement

I think whipple should stay, bringing in a new OC with new terminology, schemes and all of that will take another 2-3 years for those guys to get adjusted...same with the defense... i think our D will be worse than last year bc of the new terminology and schemes...once again, we will suffer bc of the turnover at the OC and DC! If Golden tells whipple to scrap the no huddle offense and run more...our offense will be dominant! Go canes!

Take the name, I'm done with this nonsense.

wtf? there is nothing wrong with going no huddle. its dumbass plays like a pass when your in field goal range with less than 20 seconds left and the game tied. no other OC in the world would call that and if we had anybody else we woulda won that game. also, the reason we hit 500+ yards of offense is cus he decided it might be pretty good to run....only took him 2 years to realise it and then he goes back to the pass like the dumbass that he is

Why in Gods name would we have kept Randy Shannon and how do U think he could coach us to an undefeated season. Losing to Virginia and South FLorida along with getting blown out by FSU makes your statement irrelavent and stupid. At least now we do have a real head coach who knows how to win and gameplan.

Whipple MUST go. For somebody who has all the experience in the world, I wasn't too pleased with the use of the talent we got. I don't know who's decision it was to actually put Spencer Whipple behind J12. That was the biggest mistake yet, set U back at least a game.

It looks like Golden is going to be a manger. He managed to get TU out of the basement. But then again, we're talking about the MAC.

I say look at Gary Stevens. He's been there, done that. Plus, he's a JJ protege.

With a junior who is in the game with basically 3 years of playing and starting experience, he probably figured that the QB would have enough sense to throw the ball away if the reciever was not open. The problem with Whipple is Harris has no arm or brain to play the position. He's in a dog fight just to start the bowl game with a true freshman and he has 3 years experience on Morris. That shows just how bad Harris is. Wish we had Taylor Cook or Marve here now but SHannon ran them out of town by playing favorites.

wtf? there is nothing wrong with going no huddle

there's nothing wrong with it when it works...but it wasn't...when you have laron byrd catch a pass gets up and holds his hands up like "whats the next play" or Benjamin catching a pass one play then running the wrong route the next play then obviously it is not working...so huddle and make sure everyone is on the right page!

Cat, I agree with U that Gary Stevens would be a huge grab for us as well as for our quarterbacks. Walsh said the QB play declined since Stevens left and he was right.

I remember the Olsen & Nix years as our OC. Keep the man!

Big mistake letting him go.

Can we jus have an OC that works on the screen game starting in the spring!!! screen teams are so deadly!!!


Great post.

I fear, more than anything, my 'Canes becomming a "Virginia Tech". A team thats pretty good, but rarely wins a game verses a top 5 team and wallows in top 10-15 mediocrity.

The ACC has been way down the last 6 years and what does VT have to show for it? An average ranking of 12th and a total of ZERO runs at the NC.

Unless Golden is hiring Bryan Harsin, from Boise State, there is no reason to lose Whipple. There are very few statistically succesful pro-style offenses in the college game. Aside from Boise and Miami, the other national leaders are all spread, run-n-shoot, or option based attacks.

Wisconsin, Stanford, and 'Bama are also in the mix, but none of those offenses match the balance of Miami.

Borges, from San Diego State is also a decent option. As is Chuck Long, current OC at Kansas and fired HC from San Diego State before Borges arrived with Brady Hoke. Though not a HC, his offenses at Oklahoma were stellar.

I was hoping Whipple was getting a game audition for his job, but his comments suggest he is on the way out.

Of course, if his ol' pal Cowher replaces Sparano, he'll probably still have a coaching gig at Sun Life ... Just on Sundays, as opposed to Saturdays.

Miami was ranked 8th in overall defense, 58th in scoring offense, 53rd in passing offense and 28th in rush offense but Golden fired the DC and might retain the OC?? With that stable of running backs?? Ridiculous!

I wanted Whipple fired more than Shannon. We scored a grand total of ZERO points against mediocre teams like USF and Virginia in the first half!! I know the Defense gave up some points at some critical times, but to me Whipple has done a terrible job of managing the offense. We should have been a rush first pass less often offense. Instead Whipple called so many plays where JH was asked to chuck the ball downfield for grabs!! Whipple only seemed to turn to the run after JH got hurt. We've seen JH Harris' propensity to turn the ball over for 2.5 years, so a smart OC would have featured the running game more and the pass less. We have just as much potential to make a big play with the run as the pass, probably even more since we seem to have better OVERALL athletes at running back than at receivers.

Hey Championships, yea, I actually liked Marve. Have we seen what RS saw in J12 that Marve didn't have? I didn't like Marve's OC.

But, letz face it. Somebody, coaching-wise, has to take charge of player development.

Note Dame is not gonna sit down in this game.

Whipple is not the problem with the O, it's the Qb's who are colored blind and the dam recievers who dropped half a hundred passes this year and we won't even talk about the penalties. Yeah, can Whipple, because these zero offensive weapons we are supposed to have, choke! That's right blame him!

Cat, I agree, this coaching staff did the worst job of developing raw talent of any in Major college football. Gary Stevens would be a godsend to get as a QB coach. And U are right Notre Dame and Brian Kelly will come out firing because he wants to use this as a showcase game to show Notre Dame is back. So we better come out and be ready to play.

Let Coach Whipple audition for the job and then we can all see if Randy was getting in his way too. This week for the first time in years we are hearing from the players and it has been a breathe of fresh air. during games Whip and Randy were arguing on the sidelines, we all remember that. Whip it is your day in the sun, get it done, make Coach Golden happy and you have a shot. Let it rip you have absolutely nothing to lose, put on a show, you have the talent to do it.

Randy made some bad hires. Nix was the worst of them all. He said he was impressed with the way Gtech played Miami every year. It was never Gtechs offense that was good and Nix was the OC only in name at Gtech. That being said Whipple can not call plays. He might be able to design plays, but he has no feel for the game. He is the main reason Jacory throws as many INTs as he does. A lot of them are thrown when there is one or two receivers in a pattern and he has to unload deep to benjamin. Sorry Whipple, but goodbye

The Hokies either start strong or finish strong, but never both.

Viginia Tech (1st half of season) since 2000:
2000: 6-0
2001: 6-0
2002: 6-0
2003: 6-0
2004: 4-2
2005: 6-0
2006: 4-2
2007: 5-1
2008: 5-1
2009: 5-1
2010: 4-2

2nd Half:
2000: 5-1
2001: 3-2
2002: 4-3
2003: 3-3
2004: 6-0
2005: 4-2
2006: 6-0
2007: 5-1
2008: 3-3
2009: 4-2
2010: 6-0

Whipple showed us what it was liked to go out with the finesty person only to realize this person was never yours while your friends think you've got the it factor! At the end of the ball, people retire to hotel rooms with their date while you get a handshake & hug as your date leaves. And Whipple was the matchmaker showing what beautiful people he could display when you wanted human cmpanionship.

Let Mark Whipple go!

Patrick Nix at OC!!! He ran bubble screens and we were so deadly...nottt

Miami should keep Whipple,The problem wasn't with him,it was the QB,Harris.Remember too that Shannon was the head coach,he's the one that decides what type offense and plays are ran.We had the best running backs and receivers in the country,just couldn't rely on Harris to throw the ball right without lobbing it up for anyone to intercept.We had a lot of dropped passes from the receivers too that should have been caught.Our running backs coach has done a superb job with the backs.I feel Whipple's hands were tied.He has too much experience to just let him go.Remember the head coach is ultimately responsible for the team and how it performs.

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