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Will D'Onofrio be UM's next d-coordinator?

According to a report by the Philadelphia Sports Daily, Temple defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio has turned down Temple's head coaching job and will follow his best friend Al Golden to the University of Miami.

Mark D'Onofrio According to the report, D’Onofrio is expected to become UM's defensive coordinator under Golden, though the source, who requested anonymity because of the nature of the situation, could not confirm that was the job he would have with the Hurricanes.

D'Onofrio was Al Golden’s teammate at Penn State before becoming an assistant with him at Virginia. After serving as the Owls’ defensive coordinator for two seasons, D’Onofrio was promoted by Golden to assistant head coach/defensive coordinator in the spring of 2008. D'Onofrio, who played professionally with the Green Bay Packers, has 10 seasons of college coaching experience.

As a player, the North Bergen (N.J.) native played at Penn State, where he starred at both inside and outside linebacker from 1988-91. He led the Nittany Lions in sacks (11) as a sophomore and tackles (71) as a junior. As a senior, he was elected captain and finished second in total tackles despite missing six games with an injury. He set the Penn State school record for causing the most fumbles in one season (five) and finished his career ranked in the top 10 in sacks with 15.

His defense at Temple ranked 18th against the run, 32nd in total defense, 39th in scoring defense and 74th in pass defense during a 9-4 season in 2009. The Owls also ranked 23rd in sacks. This season, Temple ranked 14th in pass defense, 16th in scoring defense and 17th in total defense. The run defense ranked 45th.

Golden said Monday after his introductory press conference he was going to first focus his efforts on recruiting before the dead period (which begins Sunday) and then will turn his attention toward building a staff. If D'Onofrio becomes his coordinator, it would be the least bit surprising considering how close the two are.

CHICKILLO TALKS WITH GOLDEN: With his wife looking for a new home for the family, Al Golden spent his second day in South Florida Tuesday working the phones and calling recruits.

Anthony Chickillo One happy person to receive a phone call late Tuesday night was Tampa Alonso defensive end and Under-Armour All-American Anthony Chickillo, who said he spoke with Golden for 35 to 40 minutes and came away impressed. The first thing Golden told him: "I want to win championships."

"We had a great talk," Chickillo said. "He's a real proud speaker. He was real enthusiastic about the direction he thinks he can take the University of Miami program. He said I'm a No. 1 priority right now, that I'm real important to the recruiting class and he knows about my family history and he says I'm very very important to the program. He wants me to be a Hurricane."

Did the talk change his opinion of Golden? "I never had a bad opinion of him because I never spoke to him," Chickillo said. "He had success at a Temple program that hadn't had a lot of success. Everywhere he's been he's had success. I think he's one of the best up and coming coaches right now. He really surprised me. I have a lot of love for UM. His passion surprised me. I think he's going to do a great job."

Chickillo said Golden wants to meet him and his family and build a relationship as soon as he can finalize his coaching staff. Chickillo said he will still take his other visits, but is planning on visiting UM in January.

On Sunday, Chickillo said he was a little worried about the defensive scheme UM would employ. But that changed after talking to Golden. "He said it's going to be a 4-3," Chickillo said. "You know all teams run different packages and stuff.

"He just said he watched my film and loved it and all the passion and how hard I play. He said guys like me can help the U return to where he wants it to be. He says there are so many great players in the program right now. He said it's not about them, it's not about me, it's not about him, it's about us. He said it's what we can do to bring Miami back to the glory days. I liked that. He seems like he has a little swagger to him."

Chickillo said Golden's recruiting approach is very different from the way former coach Randy Shannon handled things.

"Coach Shannon is a great guy, but he kept to himself a little bit more," Chickillo said. "I don't know how to really explain it except that he really didn't like to talk on the phone. You know what I mean? Coach Shannon preferred to talk in person. Coach Golden wanted to talk to me for a long time. He gave me his cell phone number and said to call whatever time it is. I didn't know coach Golden that well, but I can tell you now I like him."

Despite reports to the contrary, Chickillo said he never de-committed from Miami and has just been talking to schools more. "When I told coach I would take all my visits, he understood," Chickillo said.

As for how Golden stacked up against new Florida coach Will Muschamp, who called Chickillo on Sunday: "They are both great coaches. I would say Coach Golden got me a little more pumped. Coach Muschamp had me pumped up too. He's a very enthusiastic speaker too.

"All I know right now is I'm going to take all my trips. After that, I really don't know when I will make a final decision. But I'm still committed to Miami."

> Chickillo said he saw former Hurricanes commitment and Miami Northwestern star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater Tuesday at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

"I went over there to hang out like I always do," Chickillo said. "I'm real close with Coach Patrick. Teddy was there on an official. I just said hi to him. He seemed tired and was going back to the hotel."



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We need you at the []_[] Chik, Coach Golden is about to get this thing going and there is no doubt he wants you to be a part of it.


We can't wait to see you Anthony !!!!!!!!.
You were born to be a great Hurricane.
You will bring us all a lot of joy wearing a dirty CANES uniform.
We know you have the heart of a true Hurricane.

Sounds like a great kid and future Cane. Golden is for real. Can't wait to see this team next year.

Smart move by D'onofrio and Golden. Our defense is going to look like the Canes of Old.

was very skepical @ 1st not gona lie aboUt it. however after reading aboUt coach golden & watching the press conference i think that he may be what we need. we also need gUys like chickillo @ the U to get Us back to where MIAMI FOOTBALL belongs - on top. as always GO CANES!!!

Gene Chizik = Iowa state (5-19)!!!!!!
Chip Kelly = OC at New Hampshire!!!!!


BCS Title game

(Bleep the big name coaches)
just WIN!!!

I like those ranking at Temple that projects very well to a team with the speed and talent like we have at the U.

I think that he saved a recruit by calling on day 1 and I think that's a good sign that he was more impressive than Muschamp or whatever his name is at UF. That's was nice to hear.

I wonder what the call was like with Bridgewater or if he even got a call I think we should go after more pro-style passers and let them develope with the talented skill players that we have and help them develope as well. Lord knows I'm going to scream the next time Travis drops a TD.

Anyway we got 15 ships to offer let's see if he can make them all count. And play Tommy Streeter damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even have the education to put together two words that are comprehendible.

Posted by: Cane11 | December 14, 2010 at 07:32 AM


NASCAR Drivers have twice the educational comprehemtrophid realizalation than U

can U turn left ?

For all HS recruits still considering Florida...



He's been on here for three years including ...



So great to see all this positivity!
Coach Golden is a great hire, and I hope D'Onofrio comes with him. A Penn State linebacker, and those guys always play tough.

It is going to be exciting to watch the U rise with this kind of leadership!

For all you recruits, take a good look at a rising star as a coach, and a program on its
way back to the top. And if they build it, as they will, we will surely come and Sun Life will truly rock!

Start it off Canes! Beat Notre Dame!

An open letter to Jorge Rojas:

I recently looked at the "Gator Clause" blog on the Miami Herald, which appears to be run by a 5th year UF student. The discourse on that blog was coherent and had almost no "noise" from fans of other teams trying to start arguments. But strangely enough I kept seeing comments complaining about the "UM trolls", and eventually I came upon this message from Mike McCall, 5th year sr. and author of "Gator Clause":

"catnround, I feel you. I'm going through and deleting those comments as often as I can, but I'm not tied to this blog all day, so they're going to be up for a few hours til I can get to them.

My advice to everyone is to just ignore it. Don't respond, don't provoke it, just do your thing and I'll do the best I can at weeding it all out.



So basically the point I'm trying to make is that this kid is doing his job and Manny Navarro and Susan Miller Degnan are not. You want them to be sportswriters? Then have them write stories and turn off the comments section. But don't pretend that the Miami Herald has a Hurricanes blog because you do not. Get yourselves some interns, and tell them to start weeding.

Post of the Year

Well, well, well ... How do, Cane fans. Just here to give U a little non profanity inside education as to what exactley is going on with U and Ur U. Congrats on Al Golden. Fine man good Coach, better family man with a lovely wife plus 5, 3 and 1 year old beautiful children. It's just too bad for U that that 3 yr. old will never see the inside of a Coral Gables classroom. If U really think that Coach Golden is not using this job, that no one else wanted, as a stepping stone to be the "off Campus" "Coach in waiting" after Paterno leaves, then Ur sadly mistaken. That's ok U say, because with all that talent that is presently there and will be coming in, all U have to do is hire the next up n coming Head Coach right? Newsflash... U have only 15 schollies to pass out this transitional year, with only 4 wavering commits slipping through Ur fingers as U read. 15 huh? Now that's hardly a class wouldn't U agree? Combine that with the beyond average talent class that U signed last year (1 true freshman started for U this year and maybe 3 others saw the field in crunch time), and that's an entire upper class that will not pay dividends down the road at all. U say, U have upwards of 30 schollies to pass out in 2011 ? Well, my silly, delusional Cane friends, that's where U would be soooo mistaken.

After yet another 8-4 mediocre non ACC 'Ship year next season, all U will be is a floundering team with a Coach that is one year closer to getting that call from Happy Valley informing him that Coach Pa is calling it quits after 2011. It will be the Lamest of Lame Duck scenarios that a Football team can imagine. Kind of like FSU and Bowden, accept PSU's "Jimbo" will be planning his depature down in The City Beautiful. Still no problem huh Cane Fan? Well here comes Ur absolute KILL SHOT to the once proud 20th. Century Football Program that was known as "The U". Those 30 or so schollies Ur so excited about filling with Top S. Florida Talent? Useless. Fisher and Muschamp are entrenched at their respective Programs through 2018 at the very least. They will, as every other team's program will as well, use that against U and blow the doors off Ur talent pool further and lower than any of U could ever imagine. And there won't be a thing U can do about it except complain and make up new excuses. It will happen and with a 3rd. straight poor/average recruiting class, it'll be right back to the Coker years and Coker excuses. U know, the years where Shannon helped recruit too. But, by all means ... Deny, deny, deny.

So don't say that U weren't warned, but rather informed as to where U were just 3 short weeks ago, where Ur lil happy place it at for now and finally 2 years from now when the final curtain comes down and U truly will be the Harvard of the South that Donna so badly wants for HER repUtation.

Ahhhh, "Comedy n Tragedy", but hardly funny for U... But it will be dramatic I assure U. Kind of like the slllloooowwwww demolition of Ur Beloved O.B. ... And no, I don't mean the Virginia game, but actually when they took the big swings at it with the wrecking ball...

So, talk amongst Urselves, discuss and be honest and nice to each other as to what the real truth and future is...

U do enjoy what time U have left Cane Fan ... Have fun.

*** do read on if U'd like to learn some things that are FACTUAL that U Canes have gotten ALL wrong as to really happens during the hiring process of a Top-Flight College Athletics Program's Football Coach and be more educated than U were before as a result.***


On paper UM made the better hire, but you're loving UF's coach because Shalala didn't hire him. What does that tell you?

Posted by: I am Kazaam | December 13, 2010 at 01:38 PM


Now listen closely ... It tells me and anyone that has half a clue would know that had Donna and Kirby called and offered Muschamp 25 mil over 5 years gaurenteed over and over again, he would have turned U down over n over again (like Peterson, Patterson, Mullen, Gruden, Edsall, Pelini and others ALL said thanks, but no thanks to that downward demotion). U don't leave the keys in waiting of Texas, the best job College Football has to offer, to take over a non facilities, no stadium, non-elite, no fan base, non top 30 Average Program. U do however bolt, as the ONLY pursued candidate for the keys to the entire program, when the 2nd. best job in College Football offers U the kingdom. And That's Florida, whether U want to admit it or not...Read n learn something.

"Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds has no regrets. He believes the Longhorns benefited from making Muschamp the designated successor to Mack Brown."

"He had opportunities to leave and should have had them and still wanted to be at Texas," Dodds said Monday. "Florida is one of those schools you don't turn down. I understand that. I think everybody knows that. But it kept him here three years."

Ivan Maisel

"I think everybody knows that."

***True, Everyone Accept U***


"At the age of 39 -- and without having worked one day as a head coach in college football -- Muschamp walked away from what many consider to be the best job in the country and accepted a job that might be considered 1-A."

"Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley targeted Muschamp as soon as Meyer announced his retirement. The Gators will pay Muschamp more than $2.5 million per season, according to sources close to the situation, and it's somewhat of a gamble by the Gators."

"Established head coaches would have lined up out the door to interview for Florida's vacancy. Meyer led the Gators to two BCS national championships in 2006 and 2008 and annually signed one of the country's top five recruiting classes. It's a job almost any coach in the country would have wanted."

"But Muschamp was the only coach Florida met with, and Foley offered him the job over the weekend."

Mark Schlabach

***ONE CANDIDATE , One Offer ... 2.5 Days n Done***


"Muschamp wasn't going to wait forever for Mack -- he was too hot a name for that. But Texas did what it could to enhance his patience by making him the highest-paid assistant coach in college football."

"Nobody saw him going to Florida, certainly not as rapidly as it went down. Texas sources say the Saturday announcement was a shocker that caught a lot of people off guard."

Pat Forde

***Sounds like a team that was about to fire him?***


"Will Muschamp has passed on his share of head coaching opportunities."

"He was already next in line at one of the Taj Mahals of head coaching jobs. But on Saturday, he landed perhaps the Taj Mahal when Florida named him as its next head coach."

"Muschamp, Texas' defensive coordinator and the Longhorns' coach-in-waiting, was one of the hottest commodities among assistant coaches these past couple of years and was already making nearly $1 million per year. He said no thanks to Tennessee a year ago amongst other offers previously."

Chris Low

***Nice Neighborhood Huh ?***


That's 4 Top ESPN Writers that know the FACTS. I'd attach some of the "nice guy", "Good job at Temple", "MAC Competition" "Can he win @ Miami without facilities" "How long before Penn St. uproots him" Coach Golden fluff stories, but U already know them.

Bottom line, The Gators got their # 1 Long term Target and U got Ur # 8 Short term revolving door Target. And had he turned U down? Then who ? U've no earthly idea do U ?

And we'll be seeing U again when Joe Pa calls it a career in a few years... Maybe U can get all charged Up again over Gruden and all the other Top Head Coaching Talent that wants nothing to do with Ur Mediocre U.


Some more fodder from Ur ESPN Gameday boys ?
btw- just when was the last time U were a host team for Gameday? Bet U have no idea right? Yup, now that's relevance.

Fowler and Herbstreit know, why don't U ?

"There are some challenges that are very obvious that you have to deal with that are a little different from some of your other elite jobs," Herbstreit said, noting UM's facilities compared to those of top programs, as well as the distance from campus to Sun Life Stadium and poor home attendance.

"I'm not saying that's a deal-breaker," Herbstreit said of the latter two, "but if I'm a coach that's definitely a concern."

Fowler said the situation won't be easy for whoever steps in as Shannon's successor.

"Finding someone who can maintain what he was able to achieve with his team off the field and win more games and win championships and do it with a flashy offense that's going to capture attention is very, very difficult," Fowler said. "And that's perhaps why there aren't people lining up for it. Coaches are very aware of that set of challenges."

***Starting to get the real picture ?***

And Finally, Listen to me, I'll make it plan and simple so even U hardest of the hard headed Cluless Cane Fans can understand ...

Longtime former UM assistant coach Don Soldinger, who would like to see UM hire Mike Leach, believes "it's going to be hard to attract" many coaches who aren't familiar with the dynamic in Miami.

"It's very different than any other college atmosphere," Soldinger said. "It's not like Florida. It's not like a Florida State. It's not like Clemson. Mississippi State, which is in the middle of nowhere, has better facilities, better crowds than Miami."

To stress his point, Soldinger added of Mullen, "Why isn't he interested in Miami?"

Why ? It's ALL stated above, from the beginning to end, if U have the comprehension and ability to digest it all ...

That's Why ... Now Goodbye U 20th. Century has beens.

no doubt

Coach Golden should really look into hiring Stanford OC David Shaw. Coach Shaw is running that high power offense at Stanford. But coach Harbaugh gets all the credit.

That's what you call reporting. Thanks for all the info Manny and Susan.

You can't watch that video and not be pumped. Golden and D'Onofrio certainly seem to bring energy, enthusiasm and passion. Just have to wait and see if that translates to wins. For all the Gator lovers, that means you Will, dude go post on the Gator boards. Instead of trying to make the Gators look good by bashing the Canes why don't you support the merits of the Gators on their own. Your girlfriend won't look any better by you saying how ugly your buddy's girl is.....

@Will,2:35am writing with so much intensity and hate torwards the Hurricane football program? Do U get it Will,do U see it? Lol! What a loser. Seriously.

This is an intelligent man that can communicate with others (recruits and players, other coaches, the media). Shannon is a good person. Nobody says he isnt't. But he affirmative action experiment by liberal Shalala failed miserably. She had him by the --na-ds. And he is a very introverted man who cannot speak very well. Recruits dont like that, and we know the media (and eventually we fans) didnt like that. The guy never returned e-mails or phone calls, and he ran this program like a boot camp. We would have forgiven all that had he won. Had he beat wiskie in the bowl, had he beat FSU at home, had he played in the ACC ch. But he never backed his rigidity with good coaching. I cannot see him as HC ever anywhere.

Golden brings an opportunity for a bright future for the canes. A level of enthusiasm we havent seen here even before Shannon. He seems well-organized and has a plan. He wants to be a cane. Let's give the man a chance. Hope he recruits his a%% off in the next few weeks. Can't wait for next spring.

HEY WILLIE.... thank you for the book ??? as a gator why would U spend so much time on a miami post ?? really i have never been on a gator post EVER !!!! do U go by the "keep your friends close and your enimies closer thing" it took a long time and alot of reserch to put that together right ?? it seems like alot of time spent to try to prove that your head coach as better then mine lmao with neither has done a thing yet at there brand new jobs..... WILLIE is this a mine is bigger then yours thing?? come on WILLIE its ok i am sure both will do fine now get some rest its ok U proved your point after writing for a hour U have showed us again...... gators are emotionally small people with a lack of confidence in them selfs with the light on or off thus have to try to prove pointless points to make them selfs feel better late at night... GO CANES ...

When I hear about the Muskrat, I mean muskchamp hire or whatever his irrelevant name is I can only think of 1 thing...


A quick fire knee jerk reaction to the departure of your "faithful" Herban Lyar.

"I want to be near my family..." "Ive got health issues..." blah blah blah

Sounds to me like he's getting out while he can... much like Pete Carrol did at USC. He sees the writing on the wall. Its gonna be downhill from this point forward for your beloved UF.

What makes me smile the most is the fact that I havent heard much chatter from the UF fanbase or talk on the radio or TV about Muskchump. If he was making such a big splash in the CFB world... how come he hasnt got much attention??

I work with 3 Uf fans and asked them this morning if there has been much chatter about how many National Championships Muskrump will win at UF, how good their recruiting is gonna be, how they are even going to compete in the SEC conference... none of em could tell me much of anything about it.

Ol' Muskie was a good DC at Texas, but has no head coaching experience and is now thrusted into what SOME would consider the second best job in college football. Sounds similar to what the Canes went through with Butch, Coker, and somewhat with Shannon. How did that all work out for us??

Welcome to mediocrity UF fan. As a Canes fan we've been here for a while and let me tell you... the trip up is MUCH better than the way down.

Later Gaytor

To Tony Chickillo
I knew your grandfather very well and I know he is smiling down on you. He would be very proud of you. Wear the U on your helmet as he did, and wear it proudly, he was a Hurricane his whole life, and we miss him. Play like he did and you will have the opportunity to join him in the UM Sports Hall of Fame. See you at Greentree for 2-a days.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | December 15, 2010 at 02:27 AM

That embodies what the whole UF program is about. They can't take what they dish out and cry till they get it their way. Like playing the hurricanes in gainesville and crying until you have the SEC refs call the game. BooHoo Gayturds. The Herald hasn't done anything about it for the last three years. Manny tried for a little while though.


"Gator Nation?"

BWAAAHAHAHAH. Muschump will expose that myth.

recruits are more impress with al than the UF coah.. thats a good sign guys. lets get behind our coach adn support the amn.. WIn games and we will be there every game... cant wait for ohio state....to come over to our house

your using sports commentating as facts its entertianment four months ago these same pepole said jacory was better then terrele pryor.face it they know nothing its just a show

If Anthony or any of there other kids don t want to come here I say F them. Like Jimmy said you either play with us or die

With all the former Cane coaches out there,I think its very important to have a Bernard Clark,or Rod Holder on that coaching staff,if for no other reason to bring that real Cane presence back to where it should to be,this will allow future prospects to see what its still all about,which is tradition...

yea yea yea gators...and john Brantley was the next john elway...why are all you gator fans so worried about this hire..seriously just worry about your team and let us worry about ours...

If temple's defense ranked that high just think of the possiblities with the talent and the speed with miami. Like it alot. Get back to being the def of old days. Blitz like hell put tons of pressure on the qb and keep the foot on the throat the whole game. Swagger starts with a dominating defense.

Gator Nation = Atlantis

It doesn't exist.

Wow that Will dude is psychotic, lol. dude spends hours combing the internet for stories about Miami, and then posts it. My question is WHY? You're a weirdo, that's why, lol. Putting ANYTHING Chris Fowler says on the blog shows how stupid you are. Fowler was Capt of the Chess Club, and got stuffed into lockers, lol.

Willie boy is getting scared, he knows what's next, lol. hahaha We're Back!!!!

Gatornation = Bigfoot

Will Sucks!

Wow! Everyone is starting to jump on the Al Golden bandwagon all of a sudden. I was shocked and dissapointed about the hire and still am. Big deal that he speaks well, big deal that he is only 41, big deal that he has a ton of energy...I would too if I was just given a 1.5 million dollar raise.

I have been a UM fan since I was 8 years old and now at 40 i've seen quite a bit go on in the program...this however does not make me any type of expert when it comes to football but I can look at the facts and come to my own conclusions...agree with me or not.

I guess it was great that Al Golden turned the Temple Owls into a 9-3 and 8-4 team in the last two years...but he was never able to beat a team, in his conference, with better than a .500 record nor did he ever compete for a MAC championship. As for recruiting, Temple is known for its academics and so should be able to attract student athletes on that factor alone. However, Northen Illinois, a school that I really wouldn't know anything about just lost their head coach to Minnisota University because he was able to win the MAC. If I were a student athlete and had a choice between Northern Illinois and Temple I am going Temple all the way. Plus, Temple has far more money to spend on their football program then N.I. does. So why did they win the MAC and Al Golden's Temple didn't...my guess is COACHING! In the ACC you are going to see much better teams, with far better coaching, and superior talent than you do in the MAC. If he can't win against the coaches and talent in the MAC how is he going to do it here?

I hope I am wrong!

Cane for life.

If u are a true cane fan U would be embrace the new coach and look to get our recruits and more back to the U. Randy might not have been the most personal person or the most polished speaker as a coach. i have heard worse. however to majority of our beloved canes u see on sundays still dominating they love him and so do true cane fans. lets stop bashing randy and look forward. go canes


Hey willie,
Urban saw the writing on the wall, His team was giving him headaches and heartaches and he bailed because he couldn't face the inevitable, that the days as he knew them were over with. All that top 100 talent he has brought in, isn't anything without a QB or an RB, which you guys have neither of. He realized he wasn't going to beat Saban and hell, he couldn't beat MSU and Muskrat won't fare any better. You guys will lose 3 or 4 games next year, and that's if you can keep all those supposed studs out of jail.Last time I looked we lead 5 to 3.

I thank everyone for my developement as a football player & a man. Except the 4 years i spent in college!

Loch Ness Monster = Gator Nation

3 year myth and now it is OVA. Goodbye, Urban. Hellooooooooo Coach Zook...err...Muschump.

Brantley is transferring…hahaha

Bridgewater, Louis-Jean, Jackson are all visiting the U on the 17th. I guess Golden is doing something right and we all heard what Chickillo said about him.

How long before Gatard Trash start bashing Brantley and saying he was not that good followed by: "Driskel is the best QB in the country."

We've heard that song before, Gatard trash. Here's a clue: "Timmy Teblow ain't walking through that door, folks."

It's OVA, Gatard Trash. The Nation is closed. Muschump will keep you at 7-5.

Guys some key things that make me worried.

A) His main claim to fame is he started winning at Temple, which was terrible before he arrived. But before he arrived the Owls were a Big East team. Golden’s resurrection of the program is perfectly timed with their playing some of the worst teams in FBS.

2) The combined record of the teams Golden beat is 100-216. Against teams with winning records he was 2-24 in his five years and never beat a winning MAC team. That is a major red flag because it appears he shrinks in most big games.

D) This season the Owls were voted as favorites to win the MAC because of the talent Golden had brought to Philly. Their finish? 3rd in their own division. This actually leaves me with doubts as to his maximizing talent when you are alleged to have the biggest budget and most talent but can’t beat any team in the conference with a winning record.

For a bit of perspective on his MAC trouble, Brian Kelly took over Central Michigan and won the MAC in his third year. In five years Golden couldn’t beat a MAC team with a winning record.

We've heard that song before, Gatard trash. Here's a clue: "Timmy Teblow ain't walking through that door, folks."

Neither are the UM players from the past. Win an ACC in the present and get back to me

To, 'All About Da U'... i don't get it... anyway, why don't you try bringing those things up should Golden fail...right now the man is not about the past... he's about the future... i'm sure we can all find something negative and every single aspect of life... what a helluva way to travel through it though, huh? ...how bout you point out the positives on the guy instead... like he beat UConn (unlike UM, an actual BCS team) or that his defense was ranked in the top 18 in the nation in THREE categories (AGAIN... unlike UM) ...or ANY... FRICKEN... THING... POSITIVE??? Do you have it in you?

The last tiem I checked there isn't one coach in the history of the game that came to big coaching job after going undefeated at a different big coaching job... prove me wrong... and get off the man's jock!

cute practice video. Just like ND, miami will become a black hole of coaches. Go Hokies

If Golden is to succeed at Miami he needs a lot of breaks.

1.First, he will need minimum expectations no greater than 8-4 in 2012, and 2013. Miami just doesn't have the talent to expect more against its schedule. Plus, if Golden did pull a miracle and win quickly, he'd take off for his Alma Mater, Penn State.

2.Second, he will need there to be no restrictions from the administration on JUCO players and high school recruits with questionable academics and character. The Canes do have the potential to be quite good again in 2014, but only if Golden nails the 2012 and 2013 recruiting classes. He won't be able to do that if he can't take advantage of the local talent. And he can't take advantage of the local talent if he isn't allowed to take kids with bare-bones academics and behavioral issues.
3. Third, he's going to need to somehow get 2012 kids excited about Miami football. This is going to be extremely tough because cashing in on the "new coach" excitement bonus must happen in the first class. That won't happen for Golden because the vast majority of elite recruits this time are spoken for. So he'll have to try to raise the excitement level for the next class, which seems very unlikely given the results Miami is projected to have in 2012.
4.Finally, he's going to need a booster miracle. Miami hasn't shown the ability to spend for the support staff, coaching staff, facilities, etc. that it takes to be an elite program. Yes, the Canes will have a new athletic facility (not a stadium), but even Cane football people admit that upon completion, it still won't be the quality of a Florida or even Florida State. Miami is going to need money to pay for a quality staff. Yes, Golden may be able to bring some quality coaches with him from Temple, but the reality is that most of them are not likely to be stars. And what happens when star coaches come to Miami? They leave to make some real money. The only way Miami can prevent that is if it somehow gets some boosters to shell out the big bucks.

So if Miami is really, really patient with Golden, stops expecting quality attendance numbers, and drops this academic charade, this hire has a chance to pay off.

Now look at the schedule and the home schedule in particular. Miami hosts Ohio State, Boston College, UVA, Georgia Tech, and Duke. Ouch. On the road Miami is at Marshall, at USF, at MD, at FSU, at UNC, and at VT.

In all likelihood, Golden is going to waste the first-year excitement on an 8-4 (maybe 9-3) campaign, including a really boring home schedule, with the exception of hosting Ohio State-- a game in which the Canes will be sure home underdogs.

Given defending champion Virginia Tech's preposterously easy ACC schedule next season, it is quite difficult to imagine Miami making the ACC championship game for the first time in its history.

No national title. No 10-2 type season. At best finishing with the ACC's 3rd bowl. Those 10,000 potential new fans we assumed above? Gone.

Golden says he is the luckiest coach in America. He's wrong. As shown by all the better candidates who turned it down, the situation he is stepping into is not one to be envied.

So Golden isn't likely to light the world on fire in his first year. What about 2012?

No. That window I mentioned above? 2011 is the last year it will be open for a few years. After 2011 Miami loses a ton of talent. And while many teams lose talent and replace it with more talent, the Canes simply don't have the young players on their roster to do that. Why? Shannon's recruiting steadily declined after 2008, including a really poor effort in 2010 when he took an amazing number of scrubs after Miami wouldn't let him take the higher-rated players with lesser academic qualifications. It was a well-chronicled desperation move by Shannon to grab more players and improve the rating of his class on the recruiting sites. But Golden is stuck with those players nobody else wanted.

And what of the 2011 class that will sign in less than 50 days? Shannon left Golden with three commitments, one of which is not expected to qualify. Per Golden, zero of the commits are currently in the top 30 in the state. There is zero chance of Golden bringing in a class that is in the same stratosphere as those of FSU or UF, who already has an excellent class for Will Muschamp to maintain. The 2012 team won't have much if any help from talented sophomores, because the talent won't be coming this year.

While most teams do improve in the second year under a new head coach, Miami will be experiencing a talent drain in Golden's second year. That's a pretty unusual circumstance for a new head coach.

Posted by: All About Da U | December 15, 2010 at 12:57 PM

Your team hired a head coach that well......has never been a head coach.


So urban coached at Georgia huh?

CB Brandon Harris on Golden getting decommits & undecided recruits on board: "He definitely has the energy and enthusiasm to do it."

Ok NC coming up!

All about Da U,

Golden won't have a talent drain in year 2. The O-line will still be in tact, Morris will be the QB, miller & james will be at RB Cleveland will be at TE, the only place we will be hurting is at WR and what has that group done that outstanding, but drop passes. defensively will still have Vernon, Forston, Ojomo, lewis & Porter, Robinson up front Cain at LB, Telemaque and Armstrong at saftey & McGee at CB. It's the third year he'll have to worry about.

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