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Yours truly, Randy Shannon

Several University of Miami football players discovered a present from former Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon when they opened their lockers in the past few days.

Inside: a postcard with the "U'' on one side and a handwritten message on the other.

“It was the nicest thing he ever said to me since I’ve been here,” senior left tackle Orlando Franklin said Monday. “He was just telling me to keep my head up and don’t get sidetracked.

“I’m going to actually rewrap it and put it under my Christmas tree so I can open it on Christmas Day. I felt real nice when I [saw] it in my locker."

Senior cornerback Ryan Hill also got a letter, and was equally touched. He said he has talked to "probably 20'' players who got the notes. He suspects many more received them.

Shannon's message to Hill: "Just keep working," Hill said. "Keep going, keep pushing, you're going to have a great career. [He said] it was fun and that he loves me.

"I was surprised. ...For him to take time to sit there [and write], just shows not only his compassion but the character of him. I really appreciate it."

Hill said he believes Shannon "has a sense he kind of let us down. But I'm going to tell him, ‘Hey listen, you didn't let anybody down. If anything, you put us in a better position to better ourselves."

> Interim coach Jeff Stoutland addressed the media Monday to talk about the Notre Dame matchup a bit. He said the Hurricanes "had a little workout this morning and we'll have a meeting this afternoon."

Stoutland called it "a breath of fresh air to get back outside, move around. It was a little chilly. It was nice. I guess it was 37 degrees in El Paso, and 47 here. We're getting closer. It was a good workout, a lot of enthusiasm and really that's just what I was monitoring."

> Stoutland said there was some individual work -- "the skill positions did a seven-on-seven session and the offensive and defensive lines primarily had all individual [work]. It was great to be able to teach and go back to the fundamentals of football."

The Canes will concentrate on final exams this week, while still doing limited work in the morning. They will practice Saturday and Sunday and "will be very similar practices to spring football,'' Stoutland said.

The coach said practices will continue daily after this weekend -- 9 a.m. meetings followed by 10:15 a.m. on the field.

The Canes will leave on a charter for El Paso and the Hyundai Sun Bowl the afternoon of Dec. 26th.

> Tim Harris Sr., the father of cornerback Brandon Harris and an assistant to Shannon when he was here, has been elevated to an assistant coach for the bowl game. Harris is able to recruit, according to Stoutland, and will work with the UM secondary to prepare for Notre Dame. Once practice begins he'll run the scout team defensive backfield.

> Stoutland said freshman right tackle Seantrel Henderson, who wore a boot on his left foot last week for a sprained Achilles' tendon and said he would be OK for the bowl game, "is fine, really fine. He'll be 100 percent."

> Freshman receiver Allen Hurns' right arm is in a sling.

TICKET UPDATE: The UM ticket office sold 2,000 tickets over the lunch hour today and is currently on pace to sell its entire allotment (8,000) before the end of business on Tuesday. Fans that want the best-priced tickets, $40, and also want to sit with fellow Hurricanes fans are encouraged to purchase ASAP. As of Monday afternoon, tickets were already appearing on secondary market sites for as much as $309.



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Randy Shannon may not have been the right coach, but he is a mentor to young men and a good hearted man.

I wonder how many INTS's Jacory will throw in the bowl game and what excuse they will have for losing yet another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Classy move when the kids most need it!

Great job coach Shannon. You are a class act and good man. I wish best to you and your family and I hope you get the Vandy job. Coach Shannon you are a cane for life. Thanks again for your service to the student athletes.

Randy Shannon is a 5 star human being.

God bless the Shannon family.

The whole bowl season just reeks of another letdown. I'm just not excited about it.

I wish the school would have provided Shannon with the money that it takes to hire the right coordinators, if they did he would still be coach, because the man flat out can recruit. Wish you all the best coach, you are and always will be a TRUE CANE...

Not a Floridean but Shannon is a class act and did so many things right. I hope it works out for the U but things could go ther other way.

A hallmark moment in another piss poor year, thanks shannon.

Im hearing most of the players do not really care about this game. I asked a couple players in class and they say that some are thinking about transfers and that by time bowl game come around they are going to let "LOOSE" and do what they want!

Well whatever school Bridgewater ends up at it wont be lsu Zach Mettenberger just commit there and Bridgewater would have a chance in hell of beating him out at Qb and he likely wont end up at florida either looks like they have a legit option in there third stringer and second stringer for that offense and i doubt if he really wants to compete for a job over the next 3 yrs with driskel whom is faster and has a stronger arm maybe he will go to louisville with his friend Harris that seems to be like where Eli Rogers will end up to

RS is classy. U coaching radar: Denny Green, Ty Willingham, "Zeke" Thomas, er, Cristobal, Sumlin from UH, Edsall from UConn.

Look for Edsall and Sumlin to make big strides.

U still need the proper OC and DC. And of course, the salary.

I am not surprised about the transfer comment. When you fire a coach, state you have planned it for weeks, and then it is clear that you have absolutely no plan, I would expect the players to do nothing less. THEY DON'T HAVE A COACH!!!! Pitiful performance by Hocutt.

As for Coach Shannon, you are definitely a class act. I personally felt like he deeserved another year; not just because I am a homer for Randy--going back to his playing days-- but also because, despite a disappointing season, I felt like there was enough there to warrant one more year.

Many people, dealt with in the nasty and unprofessional manner that Shannon was, would have lashed out. I can't imagine what the last year has been like for Coach Shannon.

One thing is clear, by taking the high road, and staying true to the players, Coach Shannon has definitely walked out of this debacle looking like the much bigger man. Kudos to you Randy.

Now as for Hocutt, everyday that goes on exposes you for the dumbass that you are. Get off your haunches and hire Mike Leach. He is the best candidate out there; and by the time you come to realize it, after being turned down by a dozen lesser coaches who are smart enough to realize that they like their current situations better, he will demand more money and you will really look like an idiot. Hire Leach.

God Bless Randy Shannon. A true Cane.
From a dedicated Alumni and Cane Fan----

Randy isn't the best hc but he is a good human being and always had these kids best interest in mind. Thanks for your service Randy and u will always be in the Cane family no matter what.

I hope u get that Vandy job it will be perfect for you. Best of luck!

ATL Cane, thanks for your comment and I have to agree with you. I hope this team doesn't go backward as a result of this move by Hocutt. Loosing players and recruits will set this program back one or two years. Hocutt needs to make a move soon before the foundation Randy built starts coming apart.

by the time hobutt find a coach all the top recurit will be gone looks what happening now so sad. FIU will beat us next. hire leach

I won't let my kid play for any coach that mistreats players especially Mike Leach.

Signed: All Nationwide Recruits' Parents

Posted by: 360Cane | December 05, 2010 at 06:05 PM

Ur kid must be a chip off the ol Puuuzzzzy block just like mine.

Awwwwwwww, Wandy wote wedders tu hiz favorwit pwayers ... One again Captain ClUeless playing favorites and ignoring the other 60 kids that he crapped on all year.

One question ... Who was his ghost writer for these little post it notes ?

Gawd nos hez di'ant rites dem hemselves .

Give Josh McDaniels a call... It wouldn't hurt!!

Tissue Cane Clucks ?

Could anyone imagine that dirtbag Meyer doing anything like that? Just Showa that win ir lose, Canes have class. Gatards are all garbage.

Coach Shannon is a classy guy and I wish him the best. He would be great fit for Vanderbilt.

Coach Shannon, Will always be a CANE!!!! As for the Irish we will win this game for you!!!!! damn I hate that team and there crying whining fans too!!!!!!

It's just too bad things didn't work out for Shannon. Very classy individual.

For those of you worried about losing running backs b/c Mike Leach doesn't run the ball.....He has had a leading rusher of >800 yds 2009, two backs 742 & 681 in 2008, and 956 yds in 2006---top rusher in 2007 had approx 450 yds. Compare that to us; now imagine that with our running back talent. I bet we will have 2 x 1000 yd rushers (or 3 x 800) and a 3000+ passer with Mike Leach. Time to buck up and offer him an interview......

All of the people on 560 WQAM: Sid Rosenberg's, Omar Kelly's, Steve White's (and even though they are 'Canes greats) Gino Torretta and Dan Morgan who constantly bashed, insulted and degraded Coach Shannon during his tenure, you all would just hope to be 1/3 of the human being and molder of men that Coach Shannon was. Coach, I wish you all the best. You will always be a Hurricane (even though at this moment due to the way that Hocutt has treated you: not the firing, but the way they went about it, I would understand your apprehension to being a 'Cane). Well, again, all the best to you and your family. Please use this experience while being the head man at UM, to drive you in your next stint as a head coach, whenever that happens. You may have to take a DC position first, but YOU WILL be a head coach at a D1 school again. I am, as stated, a Cane for life, so Mr. Hocutt, do your due diligence and hire the best man possible to finish the job that Coach Shannon started.

Well done RS! You haters just don't know when to leave it alone. Wonder if you would say any of that sh*t directly to RS?

You're a real big man talking smack after the man makes a classy move like this. Just a punk*** b**tch is what you really are. I don't get this worked up on these blogs, but after reading some of the BS statements in response to RS taking time to write notes to players; that's seriously crossing the line.

And if I ever run into you, I'll say exactly what I wrote here and hope your b**tch a** wants do something about it.


Wow. All class all the time, Randy. You have my respect forever. Thank you for ALL you did for The U, you are the definition of a "good man".

LMAO on que Bridgewater de-committed Im guessing Chikillo isnt far behind if they dont get a coach who is a great recruiter Josh Mcdaniels is available lol everyone wanted to run shannon off now you who did get to see how we fair without him he wasnt the best HC but he could have been a good had you given him ample time I dont like mediocrity but its better than the alternative. Tuberville or Edsall doesnt exactly make me wanna "Slap my Mama in excitement"

The recruits will be there...even if we miss a few the most important thing is landing the right coach. If you believe all of the experts they said all season long we have one of the most talented teams in the country. So, the right coaching staff should have a good, if not great 2011 campaign.

My guess is Hocutt has gone underground and is not sharing any information with anyone that is not on a need to know basis after the Gruden circus where apparently a booster had diarrhea of the mouth and created a nigtmare scenario.

I have every confidence that he has his man in his sights and is trying to get him signed before he says another word on the head coach subject.

I hope it's Randy Edsall.

could someone please ask the AD to at least give Mike Leach a call for an interview. He has the right offense for the south Fla kids. He uses speed at all skilled positions. His record at TxTech was excellent considering the talent he had. The James incident was secondary to his meddling father for a spoiled brat kid. Not one player bad mouthed ML. Time to move and get into the battle for the national championship. ML represents that move.

I called each and every player while they were in jail ... What about me ?

I would expect nonthing less of you Coach. Classy as always. Much love and wish you and the family the best. No doubt in my mind you will bounce back soon, and it will be a place where your hand wont be tied by finances or anything else, and im sure you will do just fine.

Props to Coach Shannon!

Bottom line. Randy's record speaks for itself. And it ain't loud.

Minus FAMU, FIU, Central Fl., S. Fl. and Coastal Carolina His Overall record was,


ACC Record


Verses Ranked teams

4-9 including 1-7 on the road.

Come on people, why the pity party for a failure of a coach? He got the opportunity and BLEW IT ! Start thinking with your heads and not your bleeding hearts.

Maybe Randy can get a job with Hallmark, 'cause he can't delegate as a Head Football Coach for sheet.


Great move Shannon. I hope you get the job at Vanderbilt. I think it's the best place for you.


Randy isn't the best hc but he is a good human being and always had these kids best interest in mind. Thanks for your service Randy and u will always be in the Cane family no matter what.

I hope u get that Vandy job it will be perfect for you. Best of luck!

Posted by: neal | December 06, 2010 at 07:14 PM

Vandy is, unlike Duh U, an Academic Institution that actually requires their Head Coaches to have a FULL grasp of and clearly speak the English language.

Know's wats I means ?

Know wonder, U gradjiate so many kids. Come to da U, go to class and get a degree free. How many of them could even sit down during an interview session and carry on a intelligible intelligent conversation ? Half ? A Third ?

U can stop busting Ur arms trying to pat Urselves on the back, as to Duh U's Private School Academic standards Cane Tards.

Thoughts on Rob Chuds or Josh McDaniels as coach?

I'm glad to see so many real cane fans on here today instead of these idiots that continue to bad mouth a man that has done so much for the U. Thanks Randy. Why didn't whipple get the boot too? In a way it will be good we will see what kind of garbage will be called in that game. Classy move Randy.

Big deal, Randy wrote 20 post cards to his coddled favorite players . Face it, it's not like he doesn't have the time. What else is he going to do? Go on a National 50 state speaking tour on how be mediocre ?

It'll be good practice for him to send post cards though while he's on a 2 year vacation waiting on another Head job offer that ain't ever coming... (LB coach on a mid level team in a mid level conference is the best he'll get offered)

(OK, que cane tards clamoring how shannon will get another head job soon... Oye, typical cane clod. U be his agent and present that FOOTBALL Resume to searching Colleges... then get him an earpeice and a transmitting walkietalkie to radio in answers for him during his OUTSIDE DUH U unbias interview process. He'll be the token interview for many schools just to fill that quota.)


psssssssssst, btw, when does Nevin's U book come out ?

It could be worse. We could have a coach like Urban Meyer who insists they have a great OC. lol

Jump pass anyone?

Still smells like burning manure in trailerville!

And if I ever run into you, I'll say exactly what I wrote here and hope your b**tch a** wants do something about it.


Posted by: ATLKane09 | December 06, 2010 at 08:32 PM

Isn't it time for Ur overnight shift to wash dishes down in Buckhead ?

good job Randy shannon , classy man, forever and will always be apart of the U family and no-one can takw that away from him ,

Shannon's message to Hill: "Just keep working," Hill said. "Keep going, keep pushing, you're going to have a great career. [He said] it was fun and that he loves me... And keep flying around, watch film, practice hard, study the tape, gets better, create mo depths ... blah blah f'ing blah.

leach is the choice.
make it happen.

I would expect nothing less from Shannon. Class move.
The sad thing is the University denied him the opportunity to coach the Sun Bowl game.

He was quickly dismissed like he had committed a crime, and denied the chance to say goodbye to his players.

Here's what Shannon said the day he was hired in 2006 to replace Larry Coker: "This team is still Coach Coker's team. If he wants to coach in this bowl game, he will be the coach in this bowl game."

Randy Shannon, 2006, 12/12/2006

Larry Coker coached his final Miami game that year at the MPC Computers Bowl beating Nevada. In the regular season that year, the Canes were 6-6. Here's a link to the story and photo of Coker at the bowl game accepting the trophy,courtesy of Randy Shannon. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/bowls06/bowls?game=mpc

When you read the story, you'll see that the offense struggled but the defense, coached by Shannon, excelled.

Coach Shannon, classy at the start and right to the end. More than you can say for how the university treated him at the end.

Why isn't TCU's Gary Patterson's name mentioned more-he's one of the hottest coaches in the nation-past 3 years finished top 10-great offense and defense-Hocutt should try to win him over for UM.

I think everyone here knows that Randy was a great person. A great human. A great recruiter. But for what ever reason it could not transfer onto the football field. Are the players the ones who dropped balls? Jumped offsides? Holding penalties (Franklin)? Yes. But why did they keep doing it every week? That falls back on the coach not disciplining players.

Rehire Shannon, get rid of the mediocre coaches beneath him and provide him with the financial backing to bring in some real assistant coaches! The dropped balls, lethargic display of enthusiasm on game days, up & down of the team falls on the shoulders of the assistant coaches!

Coach Shannon, you were the perfect recipe for the U, a class act! They will never be able to take away the fact that you are a CANE FOR LIFE!!!

We have a ton of U fans in the ATL. Nice post ATL CANE. The beingness of a player, a coach, and a business man are completely seperate things. You cannot wear different hats and have the desired result. Ask JJ, Jones and the Cowboy organization about that one. Randy, you were an orverachiever as a player, a great developer of boys to men, and unfortunately fell short to the businessmen. Good luck. Your next great move is out there.
Look up and forward. I know that you are.

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