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Yours truly, Randy Shannon

Several University of Miami football players discovered a present from former Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon when they opened their lockers in the past few days.

Inside: a postcard with the "U'' on one side and a handwritten message on the other.

“It was the nicest thing he ever said to me since I’ve been here,” senior left tackle Orlando Franklin said Monday. “He was just telling me to keep my head up and don’t get sidetracked.

“I’m going to actually rewrap it and put it under my Christmas tree so I can open it on Christmas Day. I felt real nice when I [saw] it in my locker."

Senior cornerback Ryan Hill also got a letter, and was equally touched. He said he has talked to "probably 20'' players who got the notes. He suspects many more received them.

Shannon's message to Hill: "Just keep working," Hill said. "Keep going, keep pushing, you're going to have a great career. [He said] it was fun and that he loves me.

"I was surprised. ...For him to take time to sit there [and write], just shows not only his compassion but the character of him. I really appreciate it."

Hill said he believes Shannon "has a sense he kind of let us down. But I'm going to tell him, ‘Hey listen, you didn't let anybody down. If anything, you put us in a better position to better ourselves."

> Interim coach Jeff Stoutland addressed the media Monday to talk about the Notre Dame matchup a bit. He said the Hurricanes "had a little workout this morning and we'll have a meeting this afternoon."

Stoutland called it "a breath of fresh air to get back outside, move around. It was a little chilly. It was nice. I guess it was 37 degrees in El Paso, and 47 here. We're getting closer. It was a good workout, a lot of enthusiasm and really that's just what I was monitoring."

> Stoutland said there was some individual work -- "the skill positions did a seven-on-seven session and the offensive and defensive lines primarily had all individual [work]. It was great to be able to teach and go back to the fundamentals of football."

The Canes will concentrate on final exams this week, while still doing limited work in the morning. They will practice Saturday and Sunday and "will be very similar practices to spring football,'' Stoutland said.

The coach said practices will continue daily after this weekend -- 9 a.m. meetings followed by 10:15 a.m. on the field.

The Canes will leave on a charter for El Paso and the Hyundai Sun Bowl the afternoon of Dec. 26th.

> Tim Harris Sr., the father of cornerback Brandon Harris and an assistant to Shannon when he was here, has been elevated to an assistant coach for the bowl game. Harris is able to recruit, according to Stoutland, and will work with the UM secondary to prepare for Notre Dame. Once practice begins he'll run the scout team defensive backfield.

> Stoutland said freshman right tackle Seantrel Henderson, who wore a boot on his left foot last week for a sprained Achilles' tendon and said he would be OK for the bowl game, "is fine, really fine. He'll be 100 percent."

> Freshman receiver Allen Hurns' right arm is in a sling.

TICKET UPDATE: The UM ticket office sold 2,000 tickets over the lunch hour today and is currently on pace to sell its entire allotment (8,000) before the end of business on Tuesday. Fans that want the best-priced tickets, $40, and also want to sit with fellow Hurricanes fans are encouraged to purchase ASAP. As of Monday afternoon, tickets were already appearing on secondary market sites for as much as $309.



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Very classy move by Randy Shannon. As a mentor and adviser to those young men, there are very few who compare to Randy. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to The U, Randy. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors!


True Canes Fans Everywhere

Dan garbage Morgan and Gino ragadie arm Torreta piss me off everyday I listen to them. Morgan the walking concussion was a alright player but he wasn't a beast he reminds me of Colin always on his a**. They need to shut up this program is going down hill fast because of people like them and Kirby players don't want to come here anymore. We love you Randy. Like I said before black coaches are already behind the 8 ball, Randy had no support from anyone but the Donna. You fire Randy an have no plan in place WHAT A DUMMY.

Rula, Oh shut the hell up with that lie that Black coaches are already behind the 8 ball crap. Shannon sucked and could not coach or develop players point blank. HE was a failure and a bad hire to begin with. Can the man recognize talent, yes but he just like Coker could never do anything with it. Plus he played favorites and when a coach starts doing that crap more times than not he fails, just as Randy did with Jacory. I suppose a moron like U would have been content to continue on with Shannon Wasting talent and time just so U could say a black man was head coach. I bet U are stupid enough to say that Ty Willingham should have kept both jobs at Notre Dame and Washington even though clearly he run both programs into the ground. That rula makes U a racist. U do know a black man can be a racist don't U? And U obviously can't be a Cane Fan saying things about Torreta and Morgan like that. Those guys just speak the truth, why don't U try it sometime.

ATL Kane09 speak the truth. Coach Shannon never had the financial backing to bring in top notch assistant coaches. Now that they fired Shannon they have money to spend. And for the coward fans who are speaking negative about Shannon, step up at the Sun Bowl be a man and say what your saying on this blog. Punk!

Shannon could not coach is the reason he was fired not financial backing or any other excuse U want to dream up. He sucked and thats why he is on the unemployment line. He got a NFL assistent in WHipple and he hired everyother coordinator so who's to blame but Shannon himself. Is he a good man? In some respects Yes. Is he a good role model for kids. Yes. Is He a good head Coach. 26-22 says NO.

shannon didn't get fired because of his skin color, he just didn't complete the final step, he's owned up to it, now the players should get equal amount of blame, did shannon jump offsides, drop passes, commit dumb penaltys, throw interceptiond no he didn't , he cant do it all himself, whipple it took you late in the year to realize run the ball!! my point is theres equal amount of blame to go around , yes i know it falls all back on the head coach but canes team in the past didnt need the coach to light a fire under them

listen to all you people with all your mushy,we love coach shannon crap..the same people who not long ago were calling for his head....pathetic..

Butch Davis or Tubby,proven guys that have better x'x and o's than RS. Thanks for all u did Randy

what planet do you all bleeding hearts hail from?

Shannon ran this program to the ground. It set us back 3 more years.

all that hype, all that wasted talent.
No communication skills, no leadership ability couldn't coach to save his life.

My 90 yr old granma can coach game time better than Shannon. At least she would preserve time outs till we need them

ANd i am gladd TB is de-commiting. That Northwestern BS is getting old. Of that over hyped, supe under achieving class of 2008, only sean spence has lived up to the expectations!

Listen, all these people talking about how great Shannon was what are you guys smoking??? Anyone who is a Miami Hurricanes Fan that is seating here and wishing we still had Randy needs to have their brains checked. Randy cant coach, case closed. To any school that hires him, good luck. Being nice doesn't make you head coaching material. I am glad I don't have to listen to any of press conferences because he brought down the value of my diploma every time he opened his mouth.

Well said Championship....that guy is right on the money! I don't care if the coach is black or white, just win me some National Championships!!!!!! The color people just put a bad taste in your mouth when they talk about race like that.

Randy you are a great man, mentor, and recruiter. I wish you and your family all the best.

Hey Hocutt... HIRE MIKE LEACH !!!!! Mike Leach is exactly what we need. You want us to compete for Championships and be a Top Contender ? Then what are you waiting for ? Hire Mike Leach now and he can have our guys ready to whoop the hell out of ND in front of the nation. All I want for Christmas is for you to hire Mike Leach !!!

So now that Randy is gone UM has so much money for a BIG NAME COACH and AST. COACHES..my question is where was all these funds up to this point?..KIRBY IS A JOKE..he should have been fired as well...

Cristobal is the best candidate. He has excelled in every part of his coaching career. 1.Great recruiter
2.Great leader
3.Great coach
4.Great educator
The turn around he has made to the FIU football program was outstanding. Recruits the So. Florida/Miami as well or better than anyone else. If he can win with the south florida recruits at FIU. Think of what he could do at the U. Hire Cristobal NOW. Best candidate by far.

I only have one word to say "Josh Mcdaniels" would be a great get almost like a Nick Saban!

Coach Shannon was in his comfort zone. He was the right person for the kids all the time, but he lost sight of Xs and Os. As a defensive coordinator, he was so concerned about the results on the field that UM annually put out one of the best defenses in the Nation. As a coach, he became friends with his staff more than their boss. As a coach, he allowed the Don to run the football team the way she wanted instead of getting on her to put up money to hire a better staff.

Stoutland is just now talking about going back to the basics. That should have been the case all the time when the line can not hold up weekly no matter who they play. Jacory is a better QB than most give him credit myself included, but the line was terrible all the years Stoutland has been coach and now he is talking about going back to the basics.

I wish Shannon learns that the CEO is a big picture of his staff and his staff let him down and they should have been fired for a real upgrade. For Jacory to be the second all time leader for throwing touchdown passes after Dorsey makes you wonder how good the Harris would have been if he had a line like Dorsey had.

From Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman, to Robert Marve and Jacory Harris the offensive line has been the worst group ever and the only constant is Coach Stoutland. Why did he last this long? If I was the offensive line coach then I would have asked coach Shannon to let me take the o-line out for individual workouts even if Shannon had something else in mind for the teams practice that day.

We live in a world of what have you done for me lately and that one puzzle would have changed everything to let Stoutland go.

My other beef is with coach Swassey. I know that he is an incredible strength coach, but he might need to tweek his routine. The type of players Miami recruits are fast. You cant coach speed. You either have it or dont. But these teams have not been as physical as the years past. Build on strength and if they out grow their position then good for them. This is the university that made safeties into linebackers and tight ends into left tackles. The ingredients are simply. Make them stronger and bigger and they will naturally be faster for the new position that they grow into.


Good move Coach!

Let's hope the players will come out and perform better! I just don't understand why coach Shannon could not get the most out of his players!

Good ma does not equal Good coach!

As I said before. This is maybe the final nail in the coffin for the program. Many wont recognize the effects of Randys firing for years to come, but I see it right now. No kid in talent rich South Florids sees UM as a option. No loyalty, no respect. Couple that with all the other problems UM already has, facilities, high academic and conduct requirements, no money for coaches and assistants, stadium etc. Current players that want out and feel trapped. The future looks horrible!


Great point. Many people just dont see the reality of Randy never having the proper monies to pay assistants. His best assistant was Mark Duper!

I have been a Hurricane fan since the Stork was prowling the field.I loved Randy always; cane,cowboy,cane and I would like to know what the hell is going on! If you are going to replaced a class act,maybe not the greatest hc,you need to have your act together what has happened to the Canes? It just seems like the end. Rich D. Orlando

The head coache's job is to win football games. Period, not to get along with the players! Randy should be a social worker. Not a coach! He was given an opportunity to be a head coach and he was correct,when he said he failed his players. He did and he failed us fans.

No matter what you think of Randy Shannon as a coach evryone agrees he is a great mentor, good man, and a Cane to the end. A great human being. They need to find a mentorship role for him at the "U"

Thank you Randy Shannon for all you've done.

That was a beautiful gesture by Coach Shannon. I wish him nothing but the best and success.


It obvious we aren't going to find a good coach especially with the Florida job opening up. If we haven't found someone interested yet the coach we do hire will not meet most of the fans expectations.

Rehire Shannon, get rid of the mediocre coaches beneath him and provide him with the financial backing to bring in some real assistant coaches! The dropped balls, lethargic display of enthusiasm on game days, up & down of the team falls on the shoulders of the assistant coaches!

Coach Shannon, you were the perfect recipe for the U, a class act! They will never be able to take away the fact that you are a CANE FOR LIFE!!!
Posted by: CANES4SHANNON | December 06, 2010 at 11:04 PM

Good post I totally agree get rid of those sorry a** position coaches

Coach Shannon you are a class act. Thank you for your commitment to this school and this this football program. You will continue to be blessed beyond your imagination. I am sure that we will see you on the sidelines again building men and winnin football games. You gave it your all without adequate financial backing. Your work will reveal itself in due time. Best wishes!

thanks for sharing a good story. Shannon has always cared about the students and it continues to show. Classy

Who honestly wants this job. The reason it isn't filled is because UM is going after men of high integrity to work for a school with none. Randy brought integrity to the word Miami and it got him nothing. The only reason to hire Leach is that he is the only person dumb enough to take it because NO ONE else wants that sort of liability on their campus.

UM is having trouble building a championship team for the last 6 years. Notre Dame hasnt had a championship team for over 10 years. Different coaches have taken the job, different players. Same result.

Dont you think it is time to blame the school? I mean in the NFL if a team like the lions sucks for a long time isn't the fault of the owner and GM. Isn't notre dame and UM lack of championships a results of the school athletic board or AD or even worse the school board.

I imagine the school boards of these school care deeply about their athletic programs maybe not first priority but for sure top 3. I personally think there is something wrong with UM board then coaches and players. It seems to be the common denominator.

Maybe not enough money is given to hirer coaches, maybe too much. Maybe there is no real vision or good management strategy or coaches freedom etc.

What I am trying to say if a team sucks for over 6 years you wouldnt look to keep blaming the coaches and players but the institution itself.


Although he couldn't accomplish all that he wanted, Coach Shannon is a class act and should be commended for instilling a positive culture at The U.

These kids that are de-committing are not true Miami Hurricanes and do not belong in the family of players. Let'em go to Free Shoes University (FSU) or Ugly Fockers (UF) Let their classless acts go to classless places. Gitonouttahere you spotted dogs!

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