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Anthony Chickillo will stay in Tampa to sign his LOI

National Signing Day is Wednesday, Feb. 2.  Future UM defensive end Anthony Chickillo was so excited at the prospect of signing his Letter of Intent that he wanted to do it in Miami instead of Tampa, where he lives and is a senior at Alonso High School.

But instead of doing it in Miami, Chickillo has decided to play it smart and do it during a 9 a.m. ceremony Wednesday at his high school. There were some NCAA compliance issues that had to do with possibly having his signing ceremony at Miami establishments owned or run by UM boosters.

"It's not worth getting in trouble over,'' said his mother, Joan, who is very excited at the prospect of having another Hurricane in the family. Anthony's father Tony was a UM star defensive lineman in the early 1980s. Anthony's late grandfather Nick was a two-way All-American lineman in the early 1950s.

And if you happened to catch Anthony in action this season -- including in the Under Armour All-American game earlier this month -- you know the caliber of athlete he is already. The kid has a motor that doesn't quit.

It should be fun to watch another Chickillo grow up in Coral Gables.





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No sense in taking any risks by doing it down here. It's a nice way to thank his HS, coaches, etc.

It's only right Chick goes to the U. When he's done he'll have at least one ring, for sure!

Great family and great family tradition!

Manny, I stand corrected for my comment last night. I think it may have been one to many beers last night. Sorry bro.

When we look back in 3-4 years this guy will be the reason the U is back. He brings the type character this team has been missing. He WILL be the kind of leader this team needs to be successful. Oh, and a dynamic pass rushing wild man.

Welcome to the []__[] Chickillo

The kid has bust written all over him.

5Titles, that's the same thing every girl you dated has said about you. Fat unwashed Pig sitting behind a computer all day.

Hmmmmmmm, I wonder why you are still a virgin Pig.

5Titles It's evident Coach Golden is cleaning up the program. Now if we could just clean up this blog; STARTING WITH YOU!!!!!!!

Lmao @ Bob

These dang Gator trolls


Hankerson is doing his thing at the senior bowl. I'm proud of that kid

Hankerson and McCarthy have both played well today in the Sr Bowl....Bailey, not so much. He just doesn't look fluid and like he has any moves to rush the QB.

Hey Gaytor baiters, go spend some quality time with your mother,sister,cousin. Probably all the same women. I may have mistaken gaysville for the redneck riviera tallahassee, sorry gaytor baiters.

Will see what he does. But remember dont let your mouth witness something your eyes have not. Fans expect alot out of this guy I dont . We still need a qb before anything

JayEl.... Double teamed all day... That is respect!

How about this 5titles - say that to Mr. Chickillo in person. Bet you won't......

If you watched the Under Armour All Star game then it just confirmed the hyped. If you didn't, well. Still has to prove it on the field but I put my money on him.

Jacob Rudock (QB from St. Aquanis) Mother needs to read this article out of Iowa. It might help him change his mind of committing to Iowa.

Don't get in any trouble over a letter signing. Plenty of time to get in trouble once you get to college, believe me. Enjoy the ceremony, revel in the spotlight a bit, then get down to the U and take your place as a scrub in the freshman class. I hope to see you work your way back into the spotlight by game 1 though.

Can't wait to have Chick on the team. He's gonna be awesome. Go Canes!

Anthony, I saw your day distinguish himself in the orange/green/white, and (giving away my age) may have seen your grandfather play, as I attended my first LIVE Canes game in 1955!
Welcome to the house the Chickillo's built!

Study hard, play hard, and the rest will be easy.
Go Canes.

The house the chickillos built your joking right!!!!

Hey, give respect to tradition. The Chickillo's are family that truly can say they are Hurricanes for generations. Hurricane football didn't just start in the last 30 years

Or the last 4 years like the Gatard trash.

Have the chickollo's won any titles at the U. Lmfao hes going be a bust if we dont win a national championship while hes here. P s we need a Q B a de is not going make or break us. A qb will

all the haters that are analyst just shut up esp. those that are not reppin the U. Also to those that are so call fans stop downing future players give them a chance, didnt u have chance some area of ur life. We all as fans get frustrated when the teams we like dont perform the way we want them to, try to find something positive. Half the bloggers want even approach these players talking trash so just shut

I heard this story before Von telemaque and ray ray armstrong = sean taylor and ed reed im still waiting on that. All this hype actions speak louder than words. Im sick of crowning these princesses kings.. When they aint did shiiiiit!!!¡

You guys just won't give up will you with NC talk. Even if all the kids in this class were to red shirted, and play their butts off there will be no NC. ACC titles maybe even back to back. The U is in a much different place than we were even at the end of the 90 much less the 80's and early 90's. Academically we can't recruit with the SEC factories anymore nor the other Schools of their ilk. Just be happy with the ACC and the fine institution the U has become. I know I am. I have my degree from the U and I don't need anymore NC RINGS, I want to see the U continue to grow and be among the finest Schools in the country much like Stanford and yes even Notre Dame. If we get a chance at another Ring somewhere down the road that would be nice, but I'm not planning on it. Hey I wouldn't mind a few Top Tens over the next 10 yrs, that would be very nice.

I never heard that Backspace you lying piece of garbage. That was never said. You are a disgruntled pig.

Smart move by Anthony's

You aint heard that. Well tell me what you heard the last 6 years that happened. No acc titles and your talking national titles gtfoh....

tru dat backspace ive heard this story four years ago shannon this that. why dont you nerds get off your cpu and come fill up sunlife ill be the guy on his feet the whole game

How can we win a national title before we win an acc title. Lets start with a bowl win maybe chickollo can help us win a bowl game. Go canes

its a cane thing i hear ya. they wont be in the building. There all talk!!!!

Was a member of canes sport and got black balled for asking a question on the wrong forum. Been a Cane since I was twelve and went to school there. Looked at the rules and all are broken on a regular basis by those who have been members for a while. I bleed orange and green and have never broken a rule. For those of you out there who know what I'm talking about please stand up to this crap. Read all my posts and you'll see I've never broken the rules. Also read the other posts and you'll see the other posters violating every other post. All I can do is put this word out at every place I know canes frequent. Go canes.

Al Golden will win NCs at UM and he will win them often. Hell, just ask the gators, they know, evidenced by the fact that they are still scared to play the CANEs every year !

All those fretting over a QB need to relax. Coach Golden is working on it. Perhaps Savage from Rutgers may end up transferring or watch Golden pull one or two out at the last minute. All else fails he will just have to coach up what is already here and that ain't chopped liver. Take away Jacori's penchant for interceptions and he is a capable QB.

yada yada! colorado,cali,arizona,and all the different atl cane posters(one of them is u cuz)etc etc. why dosent everyone put some money away for the next eight months, and sellout sunlife for the osu game. i know ill be thier u know the guy on his feet the whole game

all of you are funny.

Backspace = illiterate high school dropout.

Idiot, learn to spell, then learn to have a coherent thought, then come back and post.

Being stupid must suck, Backdouche.

you win championships with defense. this young man is just part of the building block. now we need to get that QB. no matter how much we want an ACC title ,bowl win and NC we need to stay on track and take one step at a time-defense first and foremost.

The Kid has bust written all over him! Don't get mad! Golden is good so far! He will win, but not because of players like Chick. Chick is a fine kid. He is far from elite! He does not come from elite! Can he be a good player? Yes, with hard work! Will he be great? Not likely! Don't get caught up on the under armor game. He struggled a lot this season against week opponents!

To the internet thugs on here, we laugh at fans like you! Trust me, you are my Fans!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea!!!!

5titles agreed


Hurricane football did start 30 years ago! That is when it meant something!

5Titles = Backspace.

Nice try, clown. The problem is, you can't hid your stupidity and illiteracy.

I hope Chick didn't play "week" opponents. I don't know what a "week" opponent is. Maybe, if he played a month opponent I would now.

In the meantime, dope, try and get your G.E.D and enroll at UFelony. They take idiots like you all the time.

How do you live life as stupid as you are?

Pretty Lame! You Created a new account to post that crap! Name Calling! That's novel of you!

Why are you internet thugs so sensitive about this kid?

Grow up!

P.S. The Kid still has bust written all over him!

Bob Sullivan & Back Space:

I'm a Gator fan and share your frustration, but it's only worse for me.

Other Gator fans are talking about a National Championship and only last year we were at one point in the bottom ten.

I know the ride is over in Gainesville for many reasons, yet the one that has me most worried is the rumor we are going to get slammed with a major NCAA investigation and program killling sanctions. I believe this is one of the reasons that the recruits don't want to sign with us as since Muschamp's arrival recruiting has been a full blown disaster.

At this stage, being a rational Gator, I would be happy to just have a winning season, which should be achievable since Jeremy Foley has successfully watered our schdule down over the years to a point that I have become embarassed.

When you combine Meyer quitting twice in one year, 35 felony arrests, NCAA investigation, a assistant coach who is now our head coach who couldn't mold the talent in Texas into a cohesive defensive unit, the Hurricanes and Noles coming on strong in the recruiting game and the fact we are despised by everyone in the country that makes them want to destory us when we play them it's time for my fellow Gators to shut the 'F' up!!!


One more thing...

How do you think I feel as a Gator when Muschamp went public and told the world that Anthony Chickillo was our #1 recruit and we were going to build our entire defense around him only to have the kid laugh in our faces telling people he would rather not play football than become a Gator...F'ing Brutal!!!

Put a fork in us...we're done!

Chickillo is the leader the U has been lacking and looking for he will come in and leave his mark on the program as ge will get miami to their 6th ring and he will be a big reason for it and we really need a qb whether it be brisset forcier or savage but we need one im not too confident in anyone thts there now

It would be nice if the fans could come with some realistic expectations. These recruits hadn't even signed with us and you all talking about six rings. Randy didn't get the job done but there were three teams that were better than us before we played the games last year. We didn't have a true middle lb, young o line and terrible play calling let me know we weren't going to win the acc. Make some realistic goals if he doesn't win the win the acc and has more than two losses what will u say then.

If u all knew about. The u and read all the blogs u would know backspace is a cane. Know the history of the U before u start bashing peoples fan hood.

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