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Anthony Chickillo will stay in Tampa to sign his LOI

National Signing Day is Wednesday, Feb. 2.  Future UM defensive end Anthony Chickillo was so excited at the prospect of signing his Letter of Intent that he wanted to do it in Miami instead of Tampa, where he lives and is a senior at Alonso High School.

But instead of doing it in Miami, Chickillo has decided to play it smart and do it during a 9 a.m. ceremony Wednesday at his high school. There were some NCAA compliance issues that had to do with possibly having his signing ceremony at Miami establishments owned or run by UM boosters.

"It's not worth getting in trouble over,'' said his mother, Joan, who is very excited at the prospect of having another Hurricane in the family. Anthony's father Tony was a UM star defensive lineman in the early 1980s. Anthony's late grandfather Nick was a two-way All-American lineman in the early 1950s.

And if you happened to catch Anthony in action this season -- including in the Under Armour All-American game earlier this month -- you know the caliber of athlete he is already. The kid has a motor that doesn't quit.

It should be fun to watch another Chickillo grow up in Coral Gables.





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What truly amazes me is the way that people can predict the future quality of players with such "accuracy". One would think that if the poster really had such an ability, they would be too busy working full time for an NFL franchise (where the money is) to be able to take the time to spout off on these boards. I have no idea if Anthony Chickillo will fail to live up to the hype, live up to it, or exceed the wildest dreams he may have. I only hope that he works as hard as he can in practice, on the field and in the classroom to be the best he can be. I certainly would not ask any more of any person, and I am very happy that he has chosen to come to the []_[] as I believe and hope he will be a great player. His decision to stay in Tampa rather come to Miami and sign shows that he is a young man who thinks of the potential consequences of his actions - clearly a sign of maturity that many who post on this board do not demonstrate. GO CANES

Way to go 3G Chickillo. He dominated the Under Armour game, plaued better than the nation's alleged number 1 Clowney. Good clean kid. Unlike Pothead Fat Matt Patchan Jr. who has been a total bust at FU in Trailertrashtown USA. Remember his mother bursting into tears when he signed three years ago? The Chickiloo parents will be smiling broadly and proudly at this signing. I feel for the Patchans.

So Backdouche can bas Chickillo but we can't bash him? Plus, he's illiterate so he gets no sympathy.

You're an idiot, Backdouche. And your Gatards suck too.

"peoples fan hood?"

What choo talkin' 'bout Willis?

Backspace is a Cane like I'm Crazy Urban Meyer.

Question for backspace....

Just curious...why are you already calling Chick a bust when he hasn't even suited up? You make fun of others annointing him our savior before he's done anything, yet you annoint him as a bust before he's done anything.

Please list some reasons why you feel that way.

Topgoonie, you assume that the illiterate Backdouche knows how to think coherently and build an argument that is not inconsistent. He is a dope.

You won't get any response just more ripping. That is why he is Curse/Rawpimple/Purple Drank. You know that Pig can't stay away fromnthis site.

Die, Pig. N

So if he struggled against weak opponents(not likely in 5A football) then did he rack up all those stats against good opponents? Just saying.

Some of this bashing is really amazing. It is also true that many Canes get it with their positive comments.

"A sure bust." Let's see, Young Chickillo is a kid of character, a good student and he loves the U. His father didn't abandon him and he comes from an intact family. His mother loves him and didn't dump him on grandma. He has loved football since childhood and has obviously performed well as a high schooler. He was an MVP when playing with the nation's elite. He sleeps under a UM comforter!

Bashers, if you truly are Canes fans, what else do you want? With the dismal state of Miami football over the last several years, we are lucky to have this kid!

Any kid with talent who plays with heart and passion is a gift for the U, because that is who Coach Golden is, not to mention Coach D'Onofrio. Whther Chickillo sets the world on fire or not, he will be a positive force for OUR team. And we need a whole lot of that! Go Canes!

Canes just got a commitment from Bryant Dubose... This coaching staff is impressive...


Canes just got a commitment from Bryant Dubose... This coaching staff is impressive...


Bryant, Welcome to the Canes family. We are happy to have you! Good decision! Go Canes!

Anthony, just follow the 'Golden' Rules. Excited to watch as the next few days unfold to National Signing Day and watching the class round out to be an exceptional one! Major blessings to all Canes fans! Remember the 'Golden' Rule! :-)

Patchan is a huge bust, so thankful that kid didn't come here.

keep calling me a pig Manny tell these jerks im not any of those names mention above. IM NOT A GATOR OR A NOLE. JUST A CANES FAN WITH MY OWN OPINION DUMMY!! ps keep my name out of your handle loser

Your opinion sucks. Not based on anything therefore you are an illiterate loser.


I pose the question to you again if he struggled against weak opponents(not likely in 5A) did he rack up those amazing stats against strong opponents?

Welcome to the U 3 G Chickillo. You did your family proud. Unlike Gaturd bust Fat Matt patchan Jr. Good luck in the Gables, you will love living there.

BJ Dubose Commits!!




This is a below average Canes class. Next year we will see a real class.

Great Job, Donna's nephew. Cindy from Indian Harbor Beach

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