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Former Cane Hurlie Brown joins UM staff

Former Hurricanes defensive back Hurlie Brown, who played on two national championship teams in 1989 and 1991, was hired Thursday as a special assistant at the University of Miami. 

Hurlie Brown Brown coached the secondary at FIU from from 2001 through the 2006 season and spent the last few years at Louisiana-Lafayette coaching defensive backs there.

Brown replaces Tim "Ice" Harris Sr., the father of former Hurricanes cornerback Brandon Harris, who spent three years as a special assistant to former coach Randy Shannon. Harris Sr. left the program earlier this week according to UM and will likely be named the head coach at Miami Booker T. Washington High as early as next Monday.

Harris helped coordinate the football team's community relations projects and assisted in other day-to-day operations of the football program when he was at UM. He won state championships in football and track at Booker T. in and was named USA Today's Coach of the Year in 2007. He sent three players -- including his son -- to UM in 2008.

After his son declared he would enter the draft earlier this month, Harris Sr. said he would remain at UM but was looking to get back into coaching.

> In other news, Miami Central cornerback Thomas Finnie was accepted into UM on Thursday morning and is set to begin taking classes according to UM's sports information office. Finnie is the first of three possible early entrants to begin taking classes in the spring semester.

> Spoke with former longtime UM assistant Don Soldinger who is crossing his fingers for Art Kehoe to land the Canes' vacant offensive line job. As our Susan Miller Degnan is reporting, Kehoe is meeting with Golden today for the first time

"I think Art could really help 'em," Soldinger said. "He's been there for everything. He's a Miami guy. Always has been. It doesn't make sense what happened with both of us. We just dedicated ourselves to winning games at Miami."


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I'm glad they finally let Finnie in. I know they have to review these things, but I always feel a bit sick when a kid is trying to start college and isn't allowed to get there on time because of concerns over playing football. Welcome aboard Finnie.

Welcome to the []_[] Thomas!


Welcome to The U, young man. Glad to have you part of the family.

Mr Harris - Please continue to send those Tornados our way. We'd love to have them!!

Glad to see they are considering bringing Art Kehoe back. Just wish they would find a place for Don Soldinger too.

dams man,i always heard kehoe as this legend and now i know why. he was apart of all championship teams. very good news. as for ice harris keep sending those tonados

Actually Kehoe IS back!

NC Championship in 2011!!!!! #6!!!!!

Go Canes!

i think that is hilarious that they are interviewing Kehoe... i think he can thank the posters on the Herald and Sentinel... if i had a penny for all the times someone pushed for this guy to get hired back... i'd be a trillionaire!

Great - we got Kehoe. I hope that offsets the loss of Grooms who is going to VaTech "to see the campus and "hang out". This is a guy we want?

PS Shultz you are a dumbarse. Stay lost next time.

Good stuff Manny. Let's win No.6 Kehoe.

The U's success during kehos time had nothing to do with Keho. It had to do with rampant HGH use throughout the program. Bringing that windbag back will accomplish nothing

Posted by: Syringe

Maybe Jacory gets bigger a la Bonds?

One word. Kehoe baby! Cane for life! Never thought it could happen. 25 years as coach and 5 national titles at the "U". Golden on the war path. Got to love it so far.

jra... not for nothing but that was 32 words!

I stand corrected. 32 it is.

Glad to see a Central Rocket going to the U. It's been a while. Hopefully more will be going there to strut their stuff.

Rocket 4 life.

Welcome to the Cane family Finnie. I am sure that you a feeling real good right now. Enjoy the experience.

WOW !! Kehoe maybe comming home. Golden knows his UM history. Perfect timing. Alot of you will say he was resposible for the OL poor performance at the end of his tenure but this man also coached that great OL from 01 who won the NC. Best wishes for Tim Harris he also goes home. Booker T will be better for that. Hurlie Brown would be a great pickup. A UM man !! Wish Soldy was comming back too.

I never did understand why Coker fired these guys as things have just continued to slide. Art gives us another tie to our glorious past and hope for a glorious future. Art will have the bulk of this line drafted in the high rounds of the NFL if they listen to him. Of course he is not hired yet and Golden may have other thoughts. Let the Golden Era begin.

I just hope everything is okay between the "U" and Tim Harris. I would hope he would continue to keep sending BTW players to the "U". With coaching staff changes there can be fallout or hurt feelings. I have been thinking the transition was a little to smooth.

That explains why AJ Leggett decomited and went with fsu.

Seems like Harris is leaving on his own accord, so no worries about the Booker T pipeline...man don't play with my emotions regarding Kehoe that would be awesome! Could you imagine Seantrell, Linder, and the rest of those guys adopting that "Kehoe mentality!"

Posted by: Details
Ever wonder why you are Sean Wilson? With Kehoe in place, I am gonna book my NC game tix now. #6 here we come. We should easily blow through the ACC and put up big number in front of sell out crowds.

We are back. All we need to do now is hire Dorsey as our QB coach and Ray Lewis as out LB coach.

Go 'canes!!!!

Posted by: Motown Philly Cane
Grow a pair, Grooms is all Cane and YES we want him.



Kehoe and Soldinger were the heart and soul of the Canes. Wonder how Golden gets this hire passed Dr.Shel, it was her call that pushed Coker's hand in firing both of them.

Welcome to the U Mr. Finnie!!

Good luck and all the best to Ice Man Harris Sr.!!

...and let's get Art Kehoe in immediately!! He will be major contributor to taking us quickly to the promised land.

great to have U back Hurlie!!

For those saying that we hired Kehoe...where are you seeing that? I'd love him back! I want to read about it.

This is awesome. The best thing I have heard since Stoutland chose to go to Alabama. Before Stoutland took the same job at Alabama the next great news was Coker's firing.

I don't believe in good luck charms, but being a part of all national championships is as close as it gets. Besides, I could coach a line better than Stoutland or as good as Stoutland. Let's see, all I have to do is lead our line to the most sacks allowed by the offensive line and have a line that cannot produce a 1000 yard rusher. Simple enough.

When Gore was behind Portis he ran for over 800 yards while Portis ran for a 1000 yards. Simple enough. Not to mention the line we got were not top recruits out of High School, but Kehoe knew how to coach them up to NFL stars.

EK I don't know where you get your information, but the Canes lead the ACC in the least number of sack s allowed with 17. Look it up and quite guessing. Members of this year's line were not top recruits either except for Henderson. Listen up and this is what they did. The Canes lead the ACC in total offense, and were 3rd in rush yards. We had 3 runners with with 860, 690. and 397 yards. So the line could not have been that bad. Oh right they averaged 4.6, 5.8, and 5.5 yards per carry. Please get your facts straight.

Good news all around.

This coaching staff can beat the old one in a fist fight any day.

Wow! Using numerous aliases, the psychopath has been carrying on BS conversations with himself on this blog today at a record breaking clip.

This tells me he sees just how positive all of the developmments are for the Canes, while watching his cowardly gators implode that has put him on full tilt...very funny to watch!!!

Hee-Haw David Duke--you hired Muschamp who has no head coaching experience and Texas was about to fire. Each time Muschamp has visited a current recruit he's trying to save the next day the recruit signs with a different team. Then, you hired Weis who was fired by Notre Dame because he destroyed their program and is coming to Gainesville to retire. And you have told us that Urban Meyer was the greatest coach ever and your roster is made up of 4 & 5 star recruits, yet ole Urban posted a 7 & 5 record then quit on you...again! And now you are claiming that Muschamp and Weis are going to take the players Urban could only win 7 games with against a joke of a schedule and win the SEC and national championship...Hee-Haw!!!

It's all about the "U".. "U" are either with us or "U" are against us!

Lets go Canes! Nice to see some "former" Cane Greats getting jobs...

Now I would like to see Dorsey come in as a assistant QB coach...

1st welcome to the U finnie!!

And Kehoe!!!!! Yes, yes and F##k YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Kehoe and Soldinger were the 2 worst fires in the U history!!!!

*Offensive line


Next: Bring Soldy back!!!

Bring the Kehoe man back. U want to talk about someone who bleeds orange, green and championships then Kehoe is our man. And for gods sake find someway to get Soldinger back too. Those two are the backbones of our 5, thats right count them, 5 national titles.

this is the real Cane deal. Now the running game will set up the pass just like the championship days. play action here we come.


With the likes of Tyrone Moss, Charlie Jones, and Derron Thomas Kehoe's line was able to produce 701, 507, 150 yards rushing. None of those running backs went pro unlike Damien Berry, Mike James, and Lamar Miller. Of those players Mike James is the weakest link and that is no bashing on Mike James, it just goes to show you the talent he had to work with.

Another fact since you like bringing up facts so much, they ran the ball less when Kehoe was around compared to this years squad. Stoutland's group 190, 108, 70 attempts compared to Kehoe's group 137, 123, and 47 attempts.

I watch the games and have been watching before you knew how to put your abc together to spell canes boy.

The reason we got so many yards passing was because Whipple's offense is hybrid of a pro style offense and west coast/spread offense. That is why there were no intermediate routes. But 17 sacks compared to Ken Dorsey never having to wash his jersey is a combination of a great line and great play calling. Not to mention great recruiting of players that fit the system.

Stoutland is a joke in my book, but he may do better going somewhere that has a smash mouth offense cause that is his specialty, running blocking, but with the offense we had this years was not a match, his lines sucked and he never adapted. I mean, your line has played these same teams for four years and your line still gives up 17 sacks. Are you kidding me. That's all I have to say.

bring home the master "Art Kehoe". I can not wait to see him again in the side line.
Coach Al Golden do know the History of the U.

It's always great to see the enthusiasm a new coaching hire brings.

Welcome home, Hurlie!
Go Canes!

Art kehoe cool but I'd rather get pat ruel. Then I would go after kehoe if ruel didn't want the job.


Coker had to blame somebody for his ineptness. Why not the guys that won 4 other National Championships befor ehe got there.

If we bring back Kehoe, the sicko racist troll will no longer have an excuse to show here, sice he CLAIMED he would leave once Miami hired Kehoe back.

Of course, we know he won't honor that promise, but it will be fun to see him choke on his own words like it was a pizza folded in half from the Filene's dumpster.

I have known Art Kehoe for 25 years and I have never met a person more dedicated to the U. He produced more NFL players than any o-line coach in UM history, he also produced good students and all around good people. Art was let go because Coker was told that either he go or replace your coaches, he chose the low road and let 2 of his best coaches go, Art and Donny, shows you the character of Coker.
I hope Art gets the chance to come back to his first love, the University of Miami, it will be great to renew a long lost friendship. Love ya Art, hope to see you soon.

Welcome home Hurlie Brown !! Truthworder, there was a time that Tim Harris was on the coaching staff at Northwestern as well I'm sure you know. I'm glad to see that Elinko Watson from Booker T. got a UM offer. I liked what I saw of him on youtube. Hope he comes to the U.

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