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Former Cane Hurlie Brown joins UM staff

Former Hurricanes defensive back Hurlie Brown, who played on two national championship teams in 1989 and 1991, was hired Thursday as a special assistant at the University of Miami. 

Hurlie Brown Brown coached the secondary at FIU from from 2001 through the 2006 season and spent the last few years at Louisiana-Lafayette coaching defensive backs there.

Brown replaces Tim "Ice" Harris Sr., the father of former Hurricanes cornerback Brandon Harris, who spent three years as a special assistant to former coach Randy Shannon. Harris Sr. left the program earlier this week according to UM and will likely be named the head coach at Miami Booker T. Washington High as early as next Monday.

Harris helped coordinate the football team's community relations projects and assisted in other day-to-day operations of the football program when he was at UM. He won state championships in football and track at Booker T. in and was named USA Today's Coach of the Year in 2007. He sent three players -- including his son -- to UM in 2008.

After his son declared he would enter the draft earlier this month, Harris Sr. said he would remain at UM but was looking to get back into coaching.

> In other news, Miami Central cornerback Thomas Finnie was accepted into UM on Thursday morning and is set to begin taking classes according to UM's sports information office. Finnie is the first of three possible early entrants to begin taking classes in the spring semester.

> Spoke with former longtime UM assistant Don Soldinger who is crossing his fingers for Art Kehoe to land the Canes' vacant offensive line job. As our Susan Miller Degnan is reporting, Kehoe is meeting with Golden today for the first time

"I think Art could really help 'em," Soldinger said. "He's been there for everything. He's a Miami guy. Always has been. It doesn't make sense what happened with both of us. We just dedicated ourselves to winning games at Miami."


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I have known Art Kehoe for 25 years and I have never met a person more dedicated to the U. He produced more NFL players than any o-line coach in UM history, he also produced good students and all around good people. Art was let go because Coker was told that either he go or replace your coaches, he chose the low road and let 2 of his best coaches go, Art and Donny, shows you the character of Coker.
I hope Art gets the chance to come back to his first love, the University of Miami, it will be great to renew a long lost friendship. Love ya Art, hope to see you soon.

Posted by: Cane11 | January 21, 2011 at 09:15 AM

You would have sold out your staff as well. I am not saying Coker was right, but I understand.

I also heard that Pat Ruel is in the mix. If that is true, who do you guys think would be a better selection? Art Kehoe (a UM guy to the bone, who no matter where ever he coached at or will coach at,bleeds Orange and Green and will always be a 'Cane) or Pat Ruel (UM player back in the early '70's and was a great OL coach on those really good USC teams in the 2000's. During his tenure USC turned out countless All-American linemen and NFL O-Linemen). I would love to have either one. Personally and due to the fact that Kehoe has been with the program during all 5 NC's and knows what it takes to get kids to come here even though we don't sell out games and our facilities are not the best, I am pulling for him. On the other hand Ruel is also a good recruiter (USC's facilities are also not the best) and I feel as far as coaching goes, maybe Ruel has an edge, due to the amount of guys he put into the NFL over a short period of time. Either way, We HAVE to get one of these guys to coach the OL. We can't let them get away.

I love Art, but should his age be a concern? I wish him the best regardless. His love for the canes is truly felt from all us canes fans.

Wit coach ice goin back to BTW, watch how the super power central rockets come back to earth. Even coach Nigel at the jackson is not too happy to hear dat ice is coming back.

Nah, Kehoe is only 52, and is actually younger than Ruel. Coaches usually are in their fifties, not their thirties.


Nick Saban 49
Pete Carroll 49
Gene Chizik 49
Jim Harbaugh 47
Chip Kelly 47
Chris Peterson 46

I know they are three to five years younger, but he is not THAT old....

I won't look up the ages of OL coaches on those teams, but I bet they are all in their 40s and 50s.

I finna run for da mayor and build us a stadium close to Overtown. That ways you buyed your tix and we jack yo cars for unis.

True Dat

Luther Campbell Mayor Miami 2012

Go dem 'Canes

HoMotown Philly Fan,

Wrong again idiot. Grooms cancelled VT visit solid Cane commit. Sick of your gloom and doom attitude. Please gtfo of here.

When Art and Soldinger were let go one of the reasons for the dismissals being bantered about was their steadfast refusal to recruit using new technologies.

I know asking for an answer if this was true or not is an invitation to this boards racist wingnut to respond, but I would appreciate a sane response from anyone who truly has the 411 on that story.

Posted by: Andy Gustafson

Glad you asked. Yes that is correct. Recently, I stopped using a typewriter and am using one of these here word processing devices. Oops got to go, someone is beeping me.

Posted by: sickofthefans

Obviously, me questioning his desire of being a Cane worked. Welcome to the U , young man. Now run back at least 4 kicks next year and we are on speaking terms again. And change that gangsta pic on FB with all the $100 bills - NCAA may come questioning and we got Nevin lingering still.

Andy, what are U talking about as far as the technologies they refused to use?

Wow, I see that the hypocrite racist posts here with ebonics comments, then runs over to Gator Caluse whining about Canes fans picking on him.

What a loser you are, Curse Piggy.

I do have a question for you, fatso.

When you eat bacon, are you being a cannibal?

I would love to see Kehoe and Soldinger back not only because of keeping our tradition alive,but how can we forget the great o lines and running backs we had those years; whatever happened for their getting let go by Coker who was responsible for the U demise, should not be a deterrent in Pres. Shalala's eyes if she bleeds orange and green as they and we do. I certainly hope we at least hire Art.

Andy, what are U talking about as far as the technologies they refused to use?

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 21, 2011 at 02:56 PM


I believe it was issues as simple as emailing and texting the recruits. I love Art and Don and would love to see them both back in the orange and green, but wondered if anyone knew if there was any truth to that story.


There has to be a position for Soldinger on the staff--even if they have to invent one to have him there for his experience, knowledge and unmatched motivational skills.

If it's a money/budget issue why not ask our long line of great running backs who Soldinger coached and mentored, that are now multi-millionaires, to get together and establish a 4 year salary fund for Soldinger.

all you wana be ex'canes, yer not !!! I'm an alum from the late 70's early 80's and not a player. However I hung out with Jim Kelly, Don Smith, Lester Williams, etc. There are things I know about different things i.e. parties, girls, private matters that I would never ever divulge. You other's albeit some alums, never hung with FB er's. So stop making it like you did cause you were just another wannabe that just went to school at UM and nothing else.
You all know nothing about bigtime college ball
and more about happy hour at the Rat and bong hits in Pierson and Mahoney.Stop trying to be
experts on U football.

Art Kehoe is NOT getting hired. They are working a contract with Pat Ruel.

Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say tanhks for he answer.

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