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Brissett enjoys UM visit, will decide Monday

Lisa Brown has felt a lot like a phone operator of late. Everyone she knows and doesn't know has been trying to figure out where her son, Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett, will be going to college.

Jacoby Brissett Brown isn't sure where that will be just yet. But she knows her and her son will probably be making that decision on Monday night, before announcing it to the public on Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m. at Dwyer High.

"Our plan is to cut the list down by tomorrow," Brown said Sunday evening. "We have to hammer a few things out so he can make the best decision possible. But I can tell you this: he had a really great time on his visit to Miami this weekend and they're definitely in it."

UM's coaches have tried hard over the last two months to recruit a talented quarterback since Miami Northwestern's Teddy Bridgewater de-committed and signed with Louisville following the coaching change. The Canes learned over the weekend they are out of the running for Orlando Lake Nona's Kevin Sousa, who informed UM coaches he's down to South Florida and Wake Forest. St. Thomas Aquinas' quarterback Jake Rudock told UM coaches earlier this week he was sticking with Iowa.

As for Brissett, Dwyer coach Jack Daniels said he called him Sunday morning to trim one of his four remaining schools from the list. So who is out? "He has it down to three schools," Daniels said. "He kind of wants to tell the school before I say anything else. I can guarantee Miami is one of the three schools still in it."

Florida, Wisconsin and Washington were the other schools still in the running for Brissett before his weekend visit to Coral Gables. The 6-4, 200-pound senior U.S. Army-All American visited Washington officially last weekend. Wisconsin is the only remaining school that has recruited him since Sept. 1 of his junior year. Florida, which already has highly-touted Jeff Driskel, "only started recruited him a few weeks before Miami did," according to Daniels.

"I don't try to get too involved," Daniels said. "But I know he has a pretty good opportunity at Miami and his mom is a huge Canes fan. That's definitely in their corner."

Daniels said Hurricanes coaches have put a full court press on Brissett over the last two weeks. Al Golden and several assistants went to see Brissett's high school basketball game on Monday. Golden sat next to Brissett's mother during the game.

"He's as close to Coach Fisch and Coach Golden as someone can get to anybody in a span of two weeks," Daniels said. "If he's really close to anybody, it's the coaches at Wisconsin because they've been recruiting him from Day 1. He really likes the offensive coordinator. The thing is the distance.

"We'll have to wait and see how he feels Monday. But the plan now is he'll inform the coaches of where he's going and make a formal announcement Wednesday morning. Honestly, it's kind of exciting. I'm on edge. We'll see what he ends up deciding soon."


> Daniels said UM, which hasn't spent a lot of time recruiting his players in the past, have already verbally offered 6-6, 280-pound left tackle Patrick Miller, who is part of Dwyer's 2012 class.

> Jacksonville Ed White offensive lineman Kaleb Johnson, who visited UM Jan. 21, will make his announcement at 9 a.m. Wednesday at his high school, according to his coach Terry Gilliam. Johnson (6-5, 280) met with UM coaches on Tuesday.

"Miami is still definitely in the picture," Gilliam said. "The others are North Carolina, Louisville and Rutgers. His mom decided he would let the school know before hand."

Does any school have an edge? "I don't know," Gilliam said. "But I do know he has a family member who works at North Carolina."

> Las Vegas Bishop Gorman defensive tackle Jalen Grimble, a 5-star recruit according to Scout.com who visited UM last weekend and was once a USC commitment, took his official visit to UCLA this weekend according to coach Tony Sanchez.

"He's going to announce at [5 p.m. EST] on National Signing Day," Sanchez said. "I'll find out more tonight when I talk to him at our banquet. But I can tell you Miami is still in it."


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We're still in it with everyone! That's pretty amazing by itself. We're running out of spots though. If we get Brissett I'll sleep easy on signing day no matter what happens with the rest. We have depth coming in at every shallow position, we have great ones at positions of need (assuming Moore commits a CB, he and Chickillo and Crawford fill the most glaring holes and should play in the fall), and if we get Brissett we have a real future QB that takes the pressure off our efforts in that area next year.

Very good haul, and could be a great class. It won't be highly rated, but it's a small class that fills every need with good players that all have promise.

Go Canes!

Good info, wondering where we'll get the scholly's from though!

This guy is the biggest drama queen on the planet. Sorry, but suspense is looking like a tacky soap opera. By now, you should know which school you want to attend. I'm sure he does, but he likes the attention.

HOw is it that we only have 16 scholarships and other teams bring in like 25 players?

With each day, the news only gets better and better! Go Mom Brown!

Where ever he ends up is fine with me. What's definitely not fine is that the old administration at the U kept on missing with these players and those of other high schools that have at least shown interest for the U as of late. Shame on them especially Shannon being a Florida resident and a supposed Miami guy for all his life and these stories that come out in regards to not recruiting some schools. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

The number of available scholarships is determined by the total number of players who will be on the roster, with a max of 85. This is a variable number as it depends upon how many leave the program after each season from the original 85. The younger the team with fewer graduating seniors, the greater the retention, will result in fewer allowable scholarships. I think I got that right.

Whats Jack Daniels wife's name?

Southern Comfort?

@Tony Smith: I don't think calling him a drama queen is helping our cause. We WANT him to come to the U.

@PhinsFan: B/c our players graduate. We have less to give.

@305Football: Get over it. Shannon's gone. Move on. At least we know he won't be recruiting out of SoFla wherever he lands as a coach.

@Al Golden and Staff: You are a HAWK! I cannot, CANNOT wait to see what you do with these boys this year. This is the most excited I've been to be a Cane for 10 years.

Jacoby, come on into the Canes Family! You would be a great addition in bringing a storied program to the top, and getting a first class education! Hope you choose to be a Cane and your mom can come see you play!
Go Canes!

who cares, randy shannon ain't here no more, thats all that matters.

Why do 'Canes fans have to talk crap all the time!! "This kid is a drama queen", that's the point, the kid. I agree, it's a little over the top and I would not have my kid do it, but that is the decision of him and his parents. Let the kid (and kids) have their time in the Sun. When kids, their parents, friends and relatives go on sites and read about fans who bash the kid, it gets back to them and EFFECTS THEIR DECISION!! I know the response of the fans who post stuff like that "Well, if that effects their decision, they are weak minded and I don't want any weak minded kids here at the U" or "I only want true 'Canes on this team". People who think like that are either ignorant or full of crap!! A kid is not weak minded or not a team player if he has a press conference to announce who he is going to sign with. Over the years they have been many players who have signed with UM who have done the hat trick and/or have had press conferences. What, do we not want a kid who does the hat trick and signs with UM? Gimme a break!! These kids are making the biggest decision of their lives and let them do it the way that they want to. Again, I would not do it this way or advice my kid to do it like that, but I can see how the kids are having fun with it. 'CANES FANS NEED TO STOP BASHING THESE KIDS. AT TIMES, IT PLAYS INTO THEIR DECISION MAKING WHEN THEY AND THEIR FAMILIES THINK THE FANBASE IS HATE FILLED AND FILLED WITH IMBECILES!! Jacoby, I hope that you decide to become a 'Cane. We need you and you will be successful in the classroom and on the field here. Whatever your decision, you seem like a very bright and talented young man and I wish you the best during over the next 3-5 yrs.

wondering is he like a Jacory Harris build or is he a Vince young/ cam newton build? It would be good to have a physical QB that could take off and run if he wanted to.

I can understand the kid wants to stay close to home but why play for the 5th best team in florida? the canes were good before they invented the wheel but what have they done for the last 20 years?

remember defense wins championships. the present coaching staff is going in the right direction. if JB cannot see or feel the excitement presented by the canes then he should and has the right to go where he feels is right for him. from all reports he has a much stronger arm than JH and is not afraid to tuck it and run. he sounds honest and intelligent-we have a good chance to get him.
lets hope we do.

Having gone up to Boston for college after growing up in Miami the weather was a RUDE awakening. He has no idea what cold is yet if he chooses Wiaconsin.

@ Charles Weiss.. Try 2 national championships, 1991 ans 2001.

i bet he and maggitt pick wisconsin.

@ canes_god?
thanks for the ancient history lesson wasn't that before fire was invented?

what have you done lately?

The University Of Washington has the best young coach in the nation, Stark grooms NFL QBs, everyone knows this.


If he becomes a 'Cane, he has a better chance of going to jail.

WU fan same question what has your school done in the last 10 years?

The people on here that are talking "junk" about Miami or Jacoby are fans of others teams (FSU, UF, etc.). Any and all true Cane fans want Jacoby at "THE U" for the next 4 years.

Love to see Brissett a Cane, but I could see us losing him to Washington. Sark could prepare him better for the NFL.

Alot o the times the people posting negative about kids while acting like canes fans are bot canes fans at all. They are fans from another school and they think after hearing bridgewaters mother complain about how fans act that they can portray the U in a negative light by acting like a cane fan while bashing a kid and maybe that will cause the kid to go somewhere else, they don't want golden to get these kids to Miami because they know what's about to happen: There is a category 6 Hurricane brewing!!!!!

Looks like he need us all to fawn over him some more. I'm guessing he needs to be the last one to the party so he can make his dramatic entrance. I guarantee he'll be a Cane and he's going to be the most high maintenance one we've ever had. Make the damn decision please and understand that you're no better or worse than any other player. Stop being a drama queen!!

Charlie Weiss, go destroy UF like you did Notre Dame. Smh. You were supposed to be the savior and you were worse than Shannon.

Akeem, UF sends more kids to jail than UM does.

Washington is too far for him. Although I do respect their coach. Locker is raw but under the right coaches, he can be good.

It's between the U and Wisconsin. I think he will commit to the U.

He's not high maintenance or a drama queen. He's just thinking about it because the U came after him late so he has to consider it. this is a big decision for a recruit's life.

Cane4life, Thanks for your input! You are on point, and the fans need to realize their negative words do have an affect on young recruits. The negative words played a big part in the decision of Teddy B not coming to Miami. His mother didn't want her son to go through what JH had to go through.

Hey Charlie Weiss I bet we'll get our 6th championship before you get your 3rd...

Charlie Weiss' school USED TO BE relevant, though never as relevant as the U. The flame died out before it could be bright. All the 5 star felons didn't help either. Y'all should be really worried about your coaches not cutting it.

@ charlie weiss
You asked what the canes have done in the last 20 years and canes_god answered your question. We've played for the NC 5 times 91, 92, 94, 01, 02 and won it twice. So there's your answer IDIOT!


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

@Charlie Weiss & Akeem whoever. Look @ this u guys are a bunch of negative bums. Drama queen you say this kid is. I think not well tell me this u punks did you ever had the opportunity of making a big decision like this? I think not so y don't u both sit down and shut the hell up and allow this kid come in and do his thing. @Brissett & Mother mom I love you because you are a "U" fan and I know ur son is in a tough bind with this decision that he's about to make. But just tell you're son that UM will be a good choice because he will receive a good education and most of all he's about to be apart of history. Brissett come on and join the "U" we need you if Golden and his crew was in Miami alot earlier he would of been on your trail just like Wisconsin is. So I hope to see you put on the "U" hat on signing day.

Cane Fan,
Sark could prepare Jacoby better for the NFL?

you are kidding, right? Look how well he "prepared" Jake Locker. It's a joke out here in the Northwest!

Oh, and FYI, Coach Fisch has coached real NFL quarterbacks.

Come on Jacoby. The U is for you! GO Canes!

what is the U worried about this kid for shouldn't they be more concerned with how the recruiting is going up at Raiford?

+1 Cane4life.

I believe that soon, as in the "good old days"...the 80's, late 90's and 2001-2002..the very IDEA that a superior player would even CONSIDER a S. Florida or WAKE(?!!!) over the U will be ludicrous.

That day will happen sooner than we think if Al gets the support from the administration, his assistants, the fans, and most of all HIS PLAYERS, who MUST buy into the fact that big time college football ain't no picnic or free ride.
I think 2011 will ahow case a more focused and intelligent team that plays without the fear of failure that the Shannon regime propagated.

Sorry, meant 2011 will "showcase"

I can understand the kid wants to stay close to home but why play for the 5th best team in florida? the canes were good before they invented the wheel but what have they done for the last 20 years?

Posted by: Charles Weiss | January 30, 2011 at 08:25 PM

Notice how this p*ssy doesn't mention what team he roots for. That's because whatever answer he gives, the Miami program is better.

Miami has as many titles as those teams in the state combined, loser. Now go back to watching the Pro Bowl and give me a count on how many Canes are in there. Jerkoff.


My family is from Arizona, yet I went to U of Wisconsin to swim for them. I had the time of my life and have no regrets. Don't worry about the cold. I ultimately went to the U of Florida for my Ph.D. yet returned to the Midwest and currently practice as a child psychologist in the Chicago area.

I thought that those of you with a college education could figure that out.

Oh thats Right your U fans


I thought that those of you with a college education could figure that out.

Oh thats Right your U fans


Posted by: Charles Weiss | January 30, 2011 at 10:14 PM

Well, my little brother's elementary education would be enough to know that it is "you're", not "your", you inbred.

And since you're talking about last decade, genius.

In the last decade:

UF Winning %: .755
Miami Winning %: .717

UF Titles: 2
Miami Titles: 1 (Everyone knows that it was 2)

UF Players drafted: 41
Miami Players drafted: 57

UF 1st Rounders: 11
Miami 1st Rounders: 25

And that's with Miami sucking balls for a little over than half the decade.

So who exactly are you taking sh*t to buddy?

To all prospective UM moms:

I can tell you with all sincerity that your son will receive more educational opportunities at Miami than any other school in the nation. Your son will be well cared for and treated with love and kindness because we have a special, strong family unit. I know because I am the mom of a Miami graduate. My daughter graduated from the university and is about to receive her master's degree. I can also tell you that YOU will be welcomed with open arms to the family, too. There are Canes' all over this country, and the UM bond remains strong for a lifetime. Best wishes to you and your son as you make this most important decision. God bless.

Hope to see U in Orange and Green Jacoby. Why in Gods name would anyone want to go to a place like Washington or Wisconsin where it is freezing cold and icy half the year when U can stay here in South Beach with all the fine Miami women and warm weather year round. Plus U can be the next great to come from the U. Either way U roll Jacoby, good luck.

miami can have a serious and surprising class if they can close with brisset byron moore elkino watson and marqise lee and patrick onwusaor dont be surprised if he signs 20 o fhis guys to come to the u just wait until the 2012 class it might be better than the underachieving 2008 class
PS we need JACOBY more than anything right now

Our lack of QB committments worries me. I hope Jacoby picks UM. Just a shame Shannon never recruited kids from other Miami area schools besides NW and BTW. What was he thinking? (Or was he thinking at all.)

Well Dr. Goldstein,

I received my PHD in Clinical Psychology from the U and wouldn't trade it for the world! A beautiful city, a great university and beautiful weather. I don't remember wearing a parka, but I am sure yours comes in handy in balmy Chicago.

Jacoby, your mom has got it right, as does U Mom. Come join a real, warm family!
Go Canes!

Give it a rest 305 football, Randy gave it his best and it didn't work out for him. Talk about hitting a guy when he is down, SHAME, SHAME SHAME.

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