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Brissett enjoys UM visit, will decide Monday

Lisa Brown has felt a lot like a phone operator of late. Everyone she knows and doesn't know has been trying to figure out where her son, Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett, will be going to college.

Jacoby Brissett Brown isn't sure where that will be just yet. But she knows her and her son will probably be making that decision on Monday night, before announcing it to the public on Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m. at Dwyer High.

"Our plan is to cut the list down by tomorrow," Brown said Sunday evening. "We have to hammer a few things out so he can make the best decision possible. But I can tell you this: he had a really great time on his visit to Miami this weekend and they're definitely in it."

UM's coaches have tried hard over the last two months to recruit a talented quarterback since Miami Northwestern's Teddy Bridgewater de-committed and signed with Louisville following the coaching change. The Canes learned over the weekend they are out of the running for Orlando Lake Nona's Kevin Sousa, who informed UM coaches he's down to South Florida and Wake Forest. St. Thomas Aquinas' quarterback Jake Rudock told UM coaches earlier this week he was sticking with Iowa.

As for Brissett, Dwyer coach Jack Daniels said he called him Sunday morning to trim one of his four remaining schools from the list. So who is out? "He has it down to three schools," Daniels said. "He kind of wants to tell the school before I say anything else. I can guarantee Miami is one of the three schools still in it."

Florida, Wisconsin and Washington were the other schools still in the running for Brissett before his weekend visit to Coral Gables. The 6-4, 200-pound senior U.S. Army-All American visited Washington officially last weekend. Wisconsin is the only remaining school that has recruited him since Sept. 1 of his junior year. Florida, which already has highly-touted Jeff Driskel, "only started recruited him a few weeks before Miami did," according to Daniels.

"I don't try to get too involved," Daniels said. "But I know he has a pretty good opportunity at Miami and his mom is a huge Canes fan. That's definitely in their corner."

Daniels said Hurricanes coaches have put a full court press on Brissett over the last two weeks. Al Golden and several assistants went to see Brissett's high school basketball game on Monday. Golden sat next to Brissett's mother during the game.

"He's as close to Coach Fisch and Coach Golden as someone can get to anybody in a span of two weeks," Daniels said. "If he's really close to anybody, it's the coaches at Wisconsin because they've been recruiting him from Day 1. He really likes the offensive coordinator. The thing is the distance.

"We'll have to wait and see how he feels Monday. But the plan now is he'll inform the coaches of where he's going and make a formal announcement Wednesday morning. Honestly, it's kind of exciting. I'm on edge. We'll see what he ends up deciding soon."


> Daniels said UM, which hasn't spent a lot of time recruiting his players in the past, have already verbally offered 6-6, 280-pound left tackle Patrick Miller, who is part of Dwyer's 2012 class.

> Jacksonville Ed White offensive lineman Kaleb Johnson, who visited UM Jan. 21, will make his announcement at 9 a.m. Wednesday at his high school, according to his coach Terry Gilliam. Johnson (6-5, 280) met with UM coaches on Tuesday.

"Miami is still definitely in the picture," Gilliam said. "The others are North Carolina, Louisville and Rutgers. His mom decided he would let the school know before hand."

Does any school have an edge? "I don't know," Gilliam said. "But I do know he has a family member who works at North Carolina."

> Las Vegas Bishop Gorman defensive tackle Jalen Grimble, a 5-star recruit according to Scout.com who visited UM last weekend and was once a USC commitment, took his official visit to UCLA this weekend according to coach Tony Sanchez.

"He's going to announce at [5 p.m. EST] on National Signing Day," Sanchez said. "I'll find out more tonight when I talk to him at our banquet. But I can tell you Miami is still in it."


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Jacoby,we can't wait to see you in the Miami uniform. come and join the club.
You will not be dissapointed, you will be in the right team that bring the sixth national championship in Miami.

Charlie Weiss Ass please go back to gaysville and spend time with your momma or sister or cousin or whomever you sleep with there. Or maybe your from the redneck riviera. Regardless, Florida St. and especially Florida are the ones sending their young men to jail. Florida alone has had 30 young men in jail over the last five years. yea gaytor boys, look it up, the bladders do not lie.
Colorado Cane.

Jacoby, there is no place like home to show your stuff. You would be the QB that would bring Miami back to prominence. The football tradition is right here, not there. We have a new coach, new staff, new enthusiasm. Be a part of the new future. Be in the prominent role to make it happen and the future is yours for the asking. Only at the U!


Can't deny there's drama.

But the greatest drama is the crew of online traveling fans of the other colleges that Jacoby has been also considering. How this crew of online mercenaries always shows up at every single So. Fla paper covering this top recruit IS the drama.

While this crew is relentless, it is well oganized and "seems" far more reasonable (and subtle) than the typical trolls from in-state rivals. This crew should not be underestimated.

May Jacoby B & family make the best decision for Jacoby!

TO your post below. the only good thing shannon did was load up the roster the past 3 yrs. HoWEVER, since coker did such a bad job recruiting, this SR class was cokers players and only 16 or 17 were graduating. SO , HENCE, we only have 16 slots open. Usuually there are 2-3 extra from somewhere, so expect 18 probably. Golden does have a ton of talent on this roster. ESPN , which grades based on talent and not overall points like rivals and scout, has had us #9 in 2007, #1 in 2008, #7 2009, #13 2010, and they expect us to get into their top 25 with the strong close. ADD THAT UP, AND THATS A TOP 10 TALENT--DEEP ON THE ROSTER----if we get good qb play, we can win next yr
HOw is it that we only have 16 scholarships and other teams bring in like 25 players

Posted by: Phinsfan4life | January 30, 2011 at 07:40 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/01/brissett-enjoys-um-weekend-visit-will-decide-monday.html#ixzz1CaY2qrpv

What has Miami done in the past 20 yrs??? UF HAS NEVER EVER HAD AN UNDEFEATED SEASON IN SCHOOL HISTORY---------EVER--------THEY HAD 1 LOSS IN THEIR TITLE YRS. I think FSU has had only 1. UMMMM lETS SEE MIAMI undefeated 1986,1987,1988(1 pt loss) 1991, 1992, 2001,2002. THOSE R JUST UNDEFEATED SEASONS JACK ARSE-------------FSU STILL LOST 4 games this yr, everyone acts like jimbo went 11-1 or something. Turds lost 5, fsu lost 4, SO GET OVER IT

A lot of kids on the edge, if it goes bad we could be toast Thursdays morning.

I can understand the kid wants to stay close to home but why play for the 5th best team in florida? the canes were good before they invented the wheel but what have they done for the last 20 years?

Posted by: Charles Weiss | January 30, 2011 at 08:25 PM


Dear Charlie,

The real question is...what have you done lately?

It's going to take 20 years for Notre Dame to recover from the damage you brought upon them. You had every tool under the sun provided to you in South Bend, yet you still found a way to screw the pooch.

It is clear you took the Florida job because you figured that their offense is such a joke you couldn't do any worse.

40 felony arrests, head coach quit on em twice in one year, cowardly schedule, hired a new head coach who has never been more than a assistant coach who helped destroy Texas who was about to be fired, rumors of major NCAA investigation due to rampant corruption, 7 & 5 record after boasting about all of the 5 star players on their roster and blah, blah, blah.


My family is from Arizona, yet I went to U of Wisconsin to swim for them. I had the time of my life and have no regrets. Don't worry about the cold. I ultimately went to the U of Florida for my Ph.D. yet returned to the Midwest and currently practice as a child psychologist in the Chicago area.

Posted by: Dr. Mark Goldstein | January 30, 2011 at 10:04 PM


C’mon Doctor Goldstein…is this the type of advice you dole out to your patients? For their sakes—I hope not!

Be honest with the kid, had you been presented with an opportunity to swim at UM for Coach Diaz in your day you would have laughed at the fine people of Wisconsin and paddled your way down to Coral Gables.

You’re advising a kid that could be of NFL caliber to ignore the school who has put more successful (stars) players in the NFL than any other school in the country that is in his own backyard which is an environment that people travel from all over the world to spend time in. To instead, take an offer from Wisconsin located in what has been described as the frozen tundra who while they have been impressive in recent years regarding football, they simply don’t offer the kid the same opportunity as UM.

Respectfully doc, you need to see a psychiatrist!

I love when people try play up on UM's bad rap from 15 years ago. Truth is past 4 years it's what? 1 arrest from a player who transferred? Compared to UF where you are more likely to catch a felony than graduate. Or FSU where if you need a TV you can steal your teammates.

Remember the crowd excitement when you visited Wisconsin thump OSU in October.The BADGERS and Coach Chryst will develop you into an elite QB.

The kids a drama queen? You've got to be kidding me. The decision he's about to make is the biggest decision he's ever made and will affect the rest of his life.
These kids are either brash and not thinking, or drama queens....pfft get over yourselves and let the kid make his decision. Don't whine because nobody ever cared what YOU were gonna do.

The good doc was a swimmer in Wisconsin. last time I checked, those pools are heated, indoors. Try being a football player, doc.

Recruits- you should take a walk around the Miami campus on a nice weekend, like yesterday, and walk by the pool. Yeah, check out the beautiful girls laying out, girls walking around in shorts, people chillin in the sun. Now, imagine walking around campus in Iowa, or Wisconsin, or for that matter, Ohio State: Grey, drab, cold, slushy ice on the sidewalks. Nasty. The only skin you see on your fellow female college students is thheir noses through their ski masks.

jake Rudock: You are making a serious mistake going to Iowa. Nomatter what Ferentz is promising you. It is nasty, ugly cold up there for 8 months out of the year. Come to the U. Compete, become a champion. In the Big ten, youwill always be second fiddle to Ohio St., Michigan and now nebraska. Always.

Jcby- Come to the U son, Time to get the swag on.

January 31st--projected high temps today:

Madison, Wisconsin...18 degrees

Miami, Florida............75 degrees

Game, set & match.

Go Canes!!!

Should Randy Shannon be in serious talks with UCLA as is being reported on some sites, then it would be prudent for him and his advisors to consider UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel’s status.

It appears at this late date Neuheisel has only 8 commits with National Signing Day this coming Wednesday…not good. Of course hiring Shannon would greatly bolster the Bruins recruiting efforts, but will the UCLA administration give Neuheisel several more years to prove he can be a consistent winner. In today’s college football world that seems highly unlikely.

I suspect the delay in Shannon signing a contract is that very issue and Randy’s reps are looking for a longer term, guaranteed contract.

I don't think that anything written on these boards affects an athlete's signing decision one way or another.

This is too important a decision for anyone to make based upon what some idiot (including me) might write, positive or negative, on an internet bulletin board.

As for Jacory's Mom, I think that she was reacting more to the venom that she may have heard at the Games or on talk radio regarding her son. Some of it was truly over the top and regretable. Then again, you can't expect to come to play QB at the U, and not be the target of public criticism -- some of it cruel and unfair. It's part of the bargain that you make when you play QB at any high profile D-1 school with passionate fans.

One last thing...this board has obviously been infiltrated by several Internet trolls. It is not hard to recognize them. Just ignore them. I know that it's tough to resist the urge to respond, but treat them like your annoying younger brother, and they will eventually go away. The more you respond, even if you do so intelligently, the more you encourage them to post their comments. All they want is attention.

Everyone calling this kid a drama queen hasn't done their research. He doesn't take phone calls from ANY of the recruiting sites. He has tried to make this a low key experience but his HS coach and fellow teammates have wanted the limelight and drug him into it. Jacoby if you read this, in life the greatest rewards are had by taking the most risks, and playing QB at the U is prob one of the toughest things to do in sports, just ask Kyle Wright, Brock Berlin, and Jacory Harris. But succeeding here in one of the countries largest (and most brutal) media markets on the team held most dearly to Miami has its rewards! Look at all the players drafted into the league, and the amount of hall of fame quarterbacks we have sent! At the end of the day, its your decision, but no other program will groom you to be a professional PERSON than this U and this 'Cane family!

in reply to charles weiss. the only thing the canes have done in the last 20 years is win 2 national championships.


I just don't understand about recruits waiting until the last minute only to soak up the last of their 15 minutes of fame. Two days before NSD it shouldn't be a secret which college you prefer.

I am not saying this about anyone in particular, this is just a general statement about he process.

You either commit or you don't.

on the Pro Bowl roster yesterday you saw...

Jon Beason
Brandon Merriweather
Vince Wolfork
Reggie Wayne
Ray Lewis
Jonathan Vilma
Devin Hester
Andre Johnson
Ed Reed and
Antrel Rolle

That is why they call it NFL 'U'

There are a lot of fans out there giving their unprofessional opinion about a student athlete's athletic ability and personality with no regards for the truth. The student athlete and their parents should not punish Coach Golden and his staff for what uninformed fans are saying; their son (s)are going to be playing for the coaches not the fans. I do believe that Coach Golden will be a man of his word and take care of the athletes being recruited to the U. I am a UM fan who wish these kids success whereever they decide to go.
Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whipple to coach QB's for the Cleveland Browns...surprising when you think of Jacory's lack of development

Jacoby to the U-

Brissett is the real deal!

I agree with Cane fan. Recruits should learn that fans will be fans. There will be bad ones, some jerks, and many goodf ones. There will be bboisterous and rude ones, and smart, civil ones. Regardless, That is the nature of sports. It is not unique to Miami (many of you panzies sem to believe Miami fans are the worse)- FSu fans ran Bobby Bowden out of town, the vitriole and hatred towards Chris Rix was 1000X worse than anything I've heard here, not to mention the stuff said about Xavier Lee. Same with the turd fans who ran Zook and Addazio out of town and there has been some real nasty stuff said about Brantley. USC fans have had some nasty stuff said about their lastest teams as well.

Kids need to grow up. Things will not get any nicer if you plan on playing at the next level.Imagine if you end up at Philly or NY. The fans there are brutal.

we here on this blog reserve the right to post our opinions. And you who believe that some silly post (like this one) will influence where a kid goes are out of your minds.

What is true is that many of these kids are primadonnas and drama queens, all media promulgated. I am sick and tired of the hats and the theatrics and the committing and de-commiting and all of this hype that these kids get, without EVER having taken a snap or hand off or made a tackle in college. College. D-1. Not Miami central, not 4A, 5A, 3A. D-1. Where a 21 yr old 240 lb linebacker is not the same as a 16-17 yr old 210 lb linebacker.

sec sent 13 players to the probowl enough said. miami sent 10 enough said.

@Charles Weiss: Ok, I will play along. A failure @ ND. Now going to ruin another college program!! LOL!! UFelon? 30 arrests from 27 players in 4 years? You all confuse swagger with stalking ex-girlfriends!! Laughable!!

It amazes me that you insult the most successful college football program in the last 30 years. 9 national championship appearances!! Won 5 of them!! With 4 different coaches!! Nebraska is the only team that comes close to us, but that was with 1 legendary coach!! And we are on our way back!! And doing it without state money, unlike you welfare baby universities (UF, FSU, USF, etc.). Guess who suffers when the new Governor has to make cuts?

Even with 15 or so commitments, we will be fine, because our cupboards are not bare. A lot is said about Randy in these comment boards, but 1 thing is for sure: he could recruit!! He just did not coach up what he brought to the U. We have 25 NFL-caliber players already here. Golden and Co. will quickly realize this in spring practice, if they have not already realized it.

Best of luck as you waddle in mediocrity while Bama, Auburn, and LSU burn you annually. And please watch us when we play one of them in the BCS Championship 2-3 years from now!!

Actually Coker didn't do a bad job recruiting. He just forgot to develope them and So. Flo. was an after-thought.

go badgers! we beat you in the champs sport bowl 2 years ago and now we will beat you on the recruiting field! U RAH RAH WISCONSIN!!!!!

Don't know if you ever read these but please know that there are a ton of U fans across the country that would love to see you return us to Quarterback U. Good, honest people who would love for a true leader to step up and lead us to the national stage again. Can it be done in a year? Hell yes! Cam Newton did it and you will be surrounded by the talent and new coaching staff to get us there PRONTO. Taking over in the ACC and emerging a national contender would be a much more defined path than through the Big 10. And did I mention South Beach in the offseason? LOL I loved every minute at the U and you will too. Please ignore any obvious UF/FSU haters on this thread or elsewhere as they just want to keep you away from the U. There's a lot of honest, pure support for you being the next big arm at the U!

CHARLIE WEISS: YOU MORON! You're asking what UM has done OVER THE PAST 20 years...UM, well let's see...over the past 26 years, they've only won more national championships than any other school, that's all!!

IT WAS JUST 2001 and 2002 when UM went undefeated, back to back, YOU MORON!
Winning the National Championship in 2001, and getting s*rewed out of the national champinship in 2002.....SO, THAT'S NOT THAT LONG AGO, YOU FOOL!

What are you, a GayTurd or a SEMON-HOLE...? Combined, those two schools have as many national championships as this tiny, private university does TOTAL...and, MIAMI put college football on the map in Florida, and don't you forget it...you obviously know NOTHING if you think UM hasn't done anything in 20 years!

2001 and 2001 were not that long ago, maybe you were living under a rock those two years, or maybe you were home crying because UM was beating up whomever your team is back then.
Again, it's not so long ago!
Remember, UM was on probabtion and went 5-7 in 1997 - and, it only took until 2001 to win another national championship...WE WILL DO THAT AGAIN, VERY SOON.
Unfortunately, UM made the mistake of wasting four years on Randy Shannon, and it's going to take Coach Golden some time to mend what he did, like NOT RECRUITING FROM CERTAIN SCHOOLS IN SOUTH FLORIDA (Miami Central, for one).
Keep talking smack, soon your foot will be in your mouth where it belongs!!!

*2001-2002...sorry, typing too fast!!


go badgers! we beat you in the champs sport bowl 2 years ago and now we will beat you on the recruiting field! U RAH RAH WISCONSIN!!!!!

Posted by: bucky badger | January 31, 2011 at 12:12 PM


You beat us on the field without throwing a forward pass and only rang cow bells...booooo Mississippi State...of course our 3 rag arm QB's didn't complete a pass either...go gators!

Our coach had a nervous breakdown after being waxed by Alabama and had to be carted away from the stadium in a rubber wagon...go gators!

Our new coach has never been a head coach and was fired by Texas and since his arrival in Trailersville he has been able to get exactly one verbal committment--and after every in home meeting he's had with recruits the next morning they immediately committed to another school...go gators!

We are proud that our latest felony arrest was only a drug bust as getting our felons off of those charges when threatening to murder a co-ed is tricky as the states attorney doesn't come cheap...go gators!

Can't argue with a kid choosing to stay home so his family can see him play. But, as a Wisconsin fan, I hope he chooses to play up North. Wisconsin's coaches saw Jacoby's potential, and promise long before any of these other schools did. Especially Miami and Florida who only started the recruiting hard sell after they saw him play outstanding football at the Army All-Star game, and made coaching changes.

It's a testament to his character that he's showed so much loyalty to Wisconsin and their coaching staff, when his home state powers -- and his mother's favorite team -- started really recruiting him hard. He obviously was brought up the right way.

We'd love to see you come to Wisconsin and play, Jacoby. But, whatever decision, we all wish you the best of luck, and give you our best wishes.

Typical Canes fans. That's why your program is where it is. Kid has to make arguably the toughest decision of his life that may impact his entire futre and you guys call him a drama queen. The U just started recruiting him when they made the coaching change. Same with UF. We haven't even got to signing day yet. Instead of smashing Jacoby for weighing his options and making an informed decision, how about praising him for handling things so well. He's also a top 100 (country) hoops player who had Roy Williams at his game last week still trying to convince him to play hoops. That's a lot for 1 18 yr old.... I pray he signs w/ one of the others so you Canes fans are stuck w/ J. Harris next yr!!!

If he truly has NFL potential he might be better off getting used to the weather sooner than later. I believe they still play NFL games outdoors in some pretty northern cities from Seattle to Boston. Also UW has a stronger team right now and UM is starting a rebuilding program. UW also happens to have a wide open QB job next fall. But he won't have to take all the load as they return 2 1000 yard runners and good talent in the line so he won't get beat to death like the kid at Michigan ended up by the end of the season.

Miami and Florida Fans.....take a chill pill. You people are so full of yourself.

Plenty of room on the Badgers for a talented QB, but we don't need the act. Wanna play ball playa. Come on to Wisconsin.

We haven't sent a qb to the pros in a long time so I can't blame any kid having a hard time choosing to come here. He wouldnt play right away anyways. I wish him the best regardless where he ends up.

This team is a qb away from a bcs bowl. Randy needed one and failed. Hopefully al can get one of our qbs to take care of the ball like a caretaker.

Typical Canes fans. That's why your program is where it is. Kid has to make arguably the toughest decision of his life that may impact his entire futre and you guys call him a drama queen. The U just started recruiting him when they made the coaching change. Same with UF. We haven't even got to signing day yet. Instead of smashing Jacoby for weighing his options and making an informed decision, how about praising him for handling things so well. He's also a top 100 (country) hoops player who had Roy Williams at his game last week still trying to convince him to play hoops. That's a lot for 1 18 yr old.... I pray he signs w/ one of the others so you Canes fans are stuck w/ J. Harris next yr!!!

Posted by: Buckeye95 | January 31, 2011 at 02:11 PM
I was with you until the last sentence. JH12 has had his issues, but you do finish your career as the #2 all time for passing TDs as a Cane because you are a bum--that what it seems like you are implying.

To: Mr. Jacoby Brissett
Re: Kind of a tough decision huh

Best of luck to you and your family in making your college choice this week. It is an exciting time in your life isn't it. Just wanted you to know Jacoby, there are a lot of fans who are convinced you have the gifts and the heart to be the next player to polish up that "U" in "QUARTERBACK U". YOU GO DOG!!

Hope he becomes a Badger. Wouldn't mind if he stays local though.

Not the oldest cane fan at 65 years but the biggest..For eight years we've only been missing two things..Great coaching and an above average QB. Coaching makes great QB's. All the 5 star's of yesterday didn't quite turn out the way we originally anticipated..However the two/three/four stars, Kelly. Testaverde, Walsh, Torretta,Dorsey, had one thing in common..Great teacher's. Even Coker could inspire you when you were getting your but kicked.. Jacoby it's your decision, it's probably your future, go with where your heart is..I would have given anything to play for the U instead of ending up in the jungles of Southeast Asia listening to stories about a mad stork who played defensive end for the U..

Down in South Florida, winters are the best time of the year. Winter down here feels like paradise. No coats, no snow, no ice, no cold winds. Nice and cool or cool and balmy. Who needs Wisconsin's winters? Compare Wisconsin's winters to the beach in the winter. No comparison. Coach Golden and his staff mean HOPE for the UM football team and UM fans. Only the best came here in the not too distant past. Only the best should come here from now on.

Awww all the Miami babies crying about the cold.. Get over it! If you want to play in the NFL you are going to be playing in the cold ALOT. It's really not that bad and i guarantee he will regret his decision if he goes to Miami. Wisconsin will get you to the NFL. We have never really had a GOOD QB at UW and Jacoby would be the first great QB to come out of Wisconsin.

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