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UM picks WR coach; OC hire on hold

The Miami Hurricanes have hired a new wide receivers coach, but they're going to wait a little longer before hiring an offensive coordinator.

George McDonald According to a source at UM, new coach Al Golden is in "a holding pattern" in selecting and announcing his offensive coordinator and will probably wait until the end of the week to make an announcement. The reason for the delay -- it is believed -- is because that coach is still involved in the NFL playoffs. According to the source at UM, Golden hasn't revealed who his top choice for offensive coordinator is and is keeping the information close to the vest. 

One potential candidate is Seahawks quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch, 34, who is considered a young, energetic and hungry coach. Fisch began his career as a grad assistant at Florida under Steve Spurrier. He is a former offensive coordinator/receivers coach at Minnesota, spent five years with the Ravens, one with the Broncos (where he coached Dolphins' receiver Brandon Marshall) and is now coaching under Pete Carroll, the father of Brennan Carroll, UM's new national recruiting coordinator. Read this interesting article on Fisch for his background

As for the guy who was hired at UM Tuesday: former Browns wide receivers coach George McDonald, who just completed his second season in Cleveland. McDonald previously spent nine seasons as an assistant on the collegiate level, including two seasons as the wide receivers coach at the University of Minnesota.

“George had a burning desire to be back in the college game and we are thrilled to welcome him to the Miami family,” Golden said in a statement released by UM. “I’ve seen his work on several levels and he is great teacher and technician. As the strongest brand in college football, we can’t understate the importance of the fact that he has recruited South Florida and the Northeast, while having roots in California.”

McDonald spent the last two seasons studying under Browns offensive coordinator Brian DaBoll, who was with the Patriots from 2000-06. Before beginning his coaching career, McDonald played receiver at Illinois (1995-98), where he finished with 59 career receptions and 589 yards.

> UM's former offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, meanwhile, could end up taking over for Randy Edsall at UConn. Edsall left for Maryland. According to the Hartford Courant, Whipple is the leading candidate for the Huskies job.


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I can't wait to find out about that OC. I'm confident he'll pick a good one after he made that comment about wanting us to look like Stanford's offense. That is exactly what I want us to look like so whoever the OC is obviously will have those attributes. That's why it seems like a Spurrier disciple may be misinformation, even if he is in the pros now. Nonetheless, whoever is chosen will run a smashmouth, play-action attack and I can't wait to see it.

Go Canes

solid hire, he coached up Erik Decker at Minnesota and Greg Jennings when he was in college...

Nevermind...that guy is hardly a Spurrier disciple. Just a bad coincidence.

The Gophers went 6-7, after losing in the Insight Bowl to Iowa State. The offense was one of the worst in college football. They accomplished nothing after star receiver Eric Decker's college career ended with an injury. Fisch's system was criticized as being too difficult for college kids to pick up.

You would think losing Fisch wouldn't be too much of a big deal. But after three years and three different offensive coordinators, the Gopher's seniors on the offense deserve to have some continuity for once in their college careers. Especially Second Team All-Big Ten quarterback Adam Weber, who is fighting to keep his starting job over MarQueis Gray.

I heard it was NE Assistant Brian Ferentz

Go 'canes!

I don't know how many of you frequent the UNIWATCH website but a comment today caught my eye...
A little birdie who’s friends with someone close to Miami football coach Al Golden sends the following report: “[The person who's close to Golden] says Golden plans on getting rid of the current uniforms next season and going back to the uniform template of the ’80s. He also said they would only break out the Pro Combat uniforms for one game — home versus Ohio State.”
What are your feelings, 'Cane Nation?

"As the strongest brand in college football ..." blah blah blah

As long as U believe this garbage, Golden will keep buttering U up by speUing it over n over. Ur 20th. Century history is all that he has to work with. U know, like Notre Dame.

But know this, outside and north of the Dade County line, the entire Country knows Ur delUsional and that Ur brand died with the O.B. after Virginia smoked U with their scalding V branding iron.

According to a source at UM, new coach Al Golden is in "a holding pattern"


Translation ... I'll get back to U Al, but keep searching in the meantime.

I heard it was Jim Fassell

Go 'canes!

One question...... what is the expectations for the canes next year? U guys say randy didn't develop talent and dat was the problem. Now dat he's gone, do we win the access or anything beyond dat? I guess when he had Sean Taylor, rolle, vilma, Williams, season, gooden, n the many others while he was the dc, they overcame his horrible teachings. u guys get excited about coaches, but it doesn't matter unless the players between the white lines have no heart. its not coaches..... its talent n heart combined. Oregon playbook look simple as long as ur team can keep pace. oh yeah, a a first round st doesn't hurt either to disrupt a play

Apollo Cane 13

“The Earth is getting awfully big in the window Golden Cane Base … Do U have the OC Re-entery to relevancey procedure yet? … Cane base ? The procedure please?”

“Crew, it looks like we’re going to skip off College Football’s relevancy atmosphere yet again … Capt. Golden’s about to screw the pooch like Private Shannon did with his OC procedures once aga … hold on … Say again Cane Base ? U say another week huh for the OC procedure ? Roger that Cane Base, we’ll just go around in circles and stay in yet another holding pattern …”

Earth To Cane Fan ...


He'll end up having two crappy Co-Coordinators, kind of like the last 4 years.

The Pig is on tilt. Still a self-loathing scumbag? You hate your race, Pig.

Now, curl up and die.

I heard it's between Bill Walsh and Vince Lombardi Jr.

Can you Noles and Gayturds stop writing on UM blogs? seems to me all of you are scared of everything that Coach Golden is mixing up down here. First he has 40 prospects coming to visit that are committed to other schools, yes including FSU and UF commits. You obviously do not see us UM fans even bother with your sucky blogs. please do us the favor and leave Miami and move up north to Hickville.

Seriously, what high school kid wouldn't want a free trip to Miami in January?

We are close to signing Jerry Glanville as our OC!

Go 'canes!

I would love the idea of Golden going back to the uniforms of the 80's. Those orange jerseys on white pants with white cleats and the away uniforms, with the orange pants with white jerseys and white cleats were the best of any era. No matter what do not change anything on that white helmet with the split U.


I heard it was Rob Chudzinski...tied to canes, great player (tight end) at the U, he runs a prostyle offense, and uses the tightends. His offense is like Stanfords. That would be a great hire...hope it is true.

Dude, you just posted two messages right in a row - you're obviously the one calling yourself out as a "pig" or whatever.

Seriously man, get a life, nobody cares about your lame ass trash talk - you're just pathetic.

I checked that report out. Evidently Coach Golden did the same thing at Temple. He went back to the 70s uniforms when Temple had some kind of success, so this seems pretty plausible. Seems like he likes to connect with the past in terms of success which is great. Loved those uniforms from the 80s. Also if you look at comments from Temple and PSU fans, it looks like we got a winner in our coach.

I trust Coach Golden is doing what we want him to do, interview all the candidates for this critical position of OC. Exactly why I wonder what is UCONN thinking?? Whipple displayed impatience, stubbornness, lack of ability to further develop players and no personality (qualities you want in a HC)Quite funny how other state schools are so worried about THE University of Miami. If you are so confident in your man at the helm of the ship why the worry about the U? If you are worried now, you are going to need therapy after this new staff gets a year under their belt. We've only just begun to reload for # 6. You never lose your history you just add new chapters.


Come back to the U

I also heard Coach Golden is going to eliminate cell phones and go back to pagers from those days.

Lastly, I really really believe, Sean Payton will be fired and our new OC

Go 'canes!

Sucks! I said I heard that Chud might be our OC but it seems it will be for the OTHER Miami team...the Dolphins.

It would be nice if Chud came back...he was only 35-3 as our OC when he was here and won a championship.

Hey Kirby! If money is not an issue get Chudzinski.

On an other note: whoever that guy is that keeps posting stupid Sh-t to this site I can only say, "I used to go the elementary school too."

Yea Scott I just wish he came here instead.

Sounds like the Coach is having a hard time getting his man for OC. Surely he would want the OC in place for the visits set up this month. Plus, what quality QB would sign on without knowing who the OC is and knowing what kind of offense that he typically runs. I just hope that we don't end up with an OC in training. Regarding the WR Coach. Well, I can't say anything good about Minn in past, and the Browns sucked for the past two years. Let's hope that he can relate to these young players better.

Sorry, I'm under whelmed by this latest selection. But I'll wait to be proved wrong.

Also, can any of you explain why we passed on the new Pittsburgh HC? Just wondering.

The Southeastern Conference is now 7-0 in BCS championship games and has more national titles in the Bowl Championship Series era than all the other conferences combined. Auburn is the fifth different SEC team to win a BCS championship.

Maybe they should just start handing out the crystal ball at the SEC title game in Atlanta during the first weekend of December?

U were saying ?

Jedd Fish is your OC, ha ha!!!!

That is for you Falkarelli.

First he has 40 prospects coming to visit that are committed to other schools, yes including FSU and UF commits


Correction... Free Vacation on Duh U's dime equals fun and sun on SOBE .

I would love to see us go back to the old uniforms.

As far as the Pro Combat crap throw it in the trash bin. Up here in Atlanta one of the analysts commented they make up look like Florida AM, and I agree, their small time, plus I don't like us advertising for corporations.

Latest word is Kyle Wright, Kirby Freeman and Frank Costa will share the Q.B. Coach and O.C. duties ... They will huddle together on the sidelines and flip a coin as to who gets to call the next play, all the while assulting each other with conks to the top of head, slaps to their faces and 2 finger pokes to the eyes ...

I just wonder which one will figure out the open handed eye block first. Should have us back in no time. U getz them Ring Sizes ready.

INTERESTING LETTER GOING AROUND ON A FEW CANE SITES (explains alot really if its true. like whipple being restricted in his playcalling, the division, lack of leadership, lack of heart):


Got this from a Radio Host who is a big U Fan. I will not mention the name. I do not know if this letter is real. IF it has any merit I hope to be able to get the updates. I am not trying to create any false rumors or otherwise. Just passing on info.

Cane Brethren,

I’ve not participated in the forum discussions this year. Happy I didn’t, or the little prick shannon had doing his internet reconnaissance would have intercepted it.

Since my Nephew enrolled at UM and joined the football program. It’s been a hard transition going from alumnus/Fan..to father figure of a player. My sister divorced her husband and I helped raise her kids and introduced my Nephew to football.

I would like to be able to say I taught him football but it was really his work and time that improved his game and enabled him to be recruited into college athletics. Well, that and his investment into academics.

In either case, I’m writing to exorcise frustrations that had been mounting from the time my Nephew joined the program. Some of which is my own fault for assuming Randy Shannon to be a pillar of honor.

I might as well cut to the chase and say how thrilled our family is that Randy Shannon is history. Our Holiday was more congratulatory and liberating this year as a direct result of Coach Shannon being fired.

Coach Shannon may have endured some hardship, which he has no monopoly on, as everyone has their struggles growing up. But his adversity did not shape him into a consummate professional.

Those struggles shaped him into a bi-polar vindictive recluse and a mentally weak human being…bordering on cowardice. The inmate was truly running the asylum. And I’m using the term “running” loosely. More like a prototype figure of neglect and indifference.

Early AM practices were meant to “get it out of the way”, so that everyone could go about their day. Zero emphasis on team unity, accountability and camaraderie. It was an atmosphere of back stabbing and laziness.

On field triumphs were trumped by off field snitching and subterfuge. Quite frankly, the entire program was an embarrassment and the polar opposite of what a football environment should be.

There was no performance demands placed on the players or the coaches. My Nephews position coach, whom I spoke to many times, made it clear there was no direction and very little communication, even during staff meetings. My Nephews position coach told me ” we hardly see him during the week” & ” He doesn’t talk to me either, so don’t feel bad”

There were even jokes about his gameday headphone silence. Essentially, referring to him as a walking corpse.

The Senior leadership team, we all remember…the one that was put in place by Coach Shannon to self police the team? Well, that disappeared into the night, didn’t it? The Seniors imposed a penalty on Marve (and others) for getting in trouble with a car mirror and Shannon completely ignored them and introduced the suspension. There was zero communication and the kid was hoping it was over. I only mention this because it marked the end of the senior leadership panel.

Anyway, the students are more than capable of handling their academics, they’re more than willing to handle them in order to play. When they’re out of the classroom and in football mode, they need no reminder about their academics or personal problems.

You’ve been working out, you’re physically exhausted, your class work is exemplary…You’re going to pass on a study hall and freakin sleep, rest or study from the comfort of your dorm…then..all the physical investment you’ve made is for nothing..as you’re now sitting on the bench for a game that you spent the week busting your ass for.

Except…for a few of his favorite buddies. Who were allowed to do as they wish in that dept. Which created a rift among the team and even some parents.

This head coach lived for the 20 hour work week. The man was a living breathing disappearing act. Particularly during the off-season, no where to be found. There we zero performance demands placed on the staff…if the staff did put off season demands on the kids..one or two would contact Shannon..at his secret bunker, wherever the hell it was and have the demands removed or permission to exclude themselves.

He had a couple gutless little warts that would spy on the kids off the field, stand over their shoulder during media interviews and report of anything overheard in the dorm, locker or weight room… It was disgusting.

Here’s a quick example of the retardation.

The coordinators create a game plan for a game. It’s a binder of data and In it is personnel, plays, keys, situational scenarios, substitution rotation, etc. Without fail..before the team buss, flight or the staff meeting before the game…Coach would have his vindictive snipers list of players to be benched or reduced playing time. Many times, some hand writing scrap with players to be inserted onto the special teams unit, RB rotation and whatnot.

Player personnel that worked on particular plays during the week, were essentially removed, thus removing the plays themselves.

OSU 2010 was horrible in this regard…there was, from what I was told in great detail, a great plan for the game. Offensive plays removed from scripted drives and players removed from red zone packages. Shannon scrapped it and argued with offensive staff about it.

Remember the first play of the game? QB comes to the line, under center, then stands and opens his arms as if parting some illusory sea…then the offense jumps into a ridiculous formation…well, that was called to piss off Shannon and begin a well scripted first possession drive that was scrapped by the vindictive one.

A refusal to allow the offense to work on a silent count during the week and force the offensive staff to implement the guard slapping the leg of the center to indicate snap on one. WTF did he think that would tell the opposing D-Line & LBers?

You can only imagine the confusion it creates, when said players are in the established rotation, only to be removed or limited..where other players are instructed to fill in or be prepared. I was told 08/09 was the worst in this regard.

2010 didn’t matter, because the offensive game plan binders rarely changed at all. Whipple had enough before Clemson 09.

Out of time for now…I had meant to be more elegant in my description..but I’ve failed to remain composed. Additionally I’ve failed to even delve into many of the things that happened and the mind games that were played on these kids wearing the U. It’s just difficult to speak on certain things without using the names of the kids.

P.S. The QB wasn’t hurt @ OSU & there was no groin injury during FSU…it’s quitting on the big stage. And as a result, you find a nice appliance on the sideline to hide behind. There’s zero leadership…no one wanted it. Not because they were incapable..yet, because it almost certainly meant your demise..

The most bizarre catch 22. When you can’t be vocal out of fear of losing playing time..Yet, why go out there and create bad film, when I have no idea WTF to do.

Discussing NFL aspirations was frowned on..and your plans would be sabotaged if you did.

P.S.S. Coach Golden called all the parental units..and did something the recluse couldn’t. Communicate. I’ll do what I can to be more concise and terse with my future posts.

Thank the football gods we have real coaches now.

Jeeeeeeeeezus, now Ur talking about uniforms !

Try putting some real Football players in them that don't quit.

I just want someone that will address the issues. Develop the QB's, stop the penelties and the drop balls. Even with the problems we still generated over 400 yards a game. Can you imagine if we get these problems corrected.

going back to the CLASSIC 80's unis is the best news ive heard since golden was hired. and thats saying alot considering theres been nothing but good news and hope of a brighter future coming out of miami.

Most of you should not give up on Jacory Harris because the only thing JH needs is some good coaching and teaching. If JH can move past the Shannon firing and open up that mind to learning he could develop into a very good quarterback.

Rob Chudzinski would be a good selection he was a good OC when he was there being in the pros for a couple of years he can really get the potential out of the "U" great atheletes.

Earth To fat, stupid Gator Fan ...

U Hired Humpty--Dumpty as your O.C. with snot rolling down his distorted face. NO TOP HEAD COACH CANDIDATE WANTED THE GIG SO YOU HIRED A COACH THAT TEXAS WAS GOING TO FIRE... Get it ?

He'll end up having three crappy years, before getting fired.

I know for a fact that you are a LIAR!!!! 90% of this crap that you are spewing is a damn LIE and you know it!! My cousin plays for the U and I've been a season ticket holder for years! Shannon didn't get it done and he deserved to be fired, but absolutely lying on the man is disgusting. I just told my cousin to go on-line to read this entry since I never heard him tell me this and he laughed and said that you are a pathetic loser!! Get off the CANE site gayturd/piss-nole!! U fans this guy is lying!!!

to the trolling gator fan, cant you go away with your hatred of miami? why do you insist on annoying other teams fans? it just makes no sense. ive never seen someone who hates a program so much that they would literally spend every moment of their life on the opposing teams blog. honestly, your team has so much to look forward to just like we do. you have a good oc and an energetic defensive coach whos recruiting well. not to mention addazios gone and jenkins is coming back. just worry about your team. find a real hobby, something at least. youre way more concerned about our program than any opposing fan should be. maybe its out of fear or jealousy, idk. but doing what youre doing just gives your teams fans a bad rep. seriously, just focus on your team and leave ours alone. for your sake.

LOL at some of you trashing new WR coach because the browns sucked. Yeah because a WR coach makes the difference. Didnt have anything to do with their shitty head coach. Browns WR's actually aint that bad. Then in the same breath you wish we had Chud. At one point wasnt chud a postion coach with the browns? Man that dude must suck then.

I already love Golden, but if he goes back to the uniforms of the 80's I will be ecstatic. They were the greatest classiest most feared uniforms in the country. And, I don't know why, maybe bigger shoulder pads in that era, but our guys looked huge and fearsome. Oh what I would give to know that's true. Go Canes.

Ps, I hate those ugly orange things with the ugly green helmets.

Shannon is gone everybody....why continue to beat a dead horse. It's obvious there were quite a few disconnects on the team. Golden seems to be doing some good things. Let's move FORWARD!!!!

lying on the man lol thats a new one... i didnt even write that, nor do i even know if its real. i was just curious to see where shannons flaws as a coach really were. intrigued me anyway so i figured id re-post it.

? why all the bickering over the OC when no one has even been hired. Coach Golden is running the program now. Give him time to adjust to the whirlwind he is now in. Take a look at his new hires-all are young and seem to have a hand in recruiting. He (coach Golden) has made signifiant strides in re-building the break downs that resulted from the previous coaching staff. He appears to have a plan-let him implement it.

The Pig - back on tilt. He is a Pig. He has to wake up to that every day. That is the sweetest revenge of all.

Consider what it is like to be him every day. Then just ignore his idiot-speak.

Right, Pig?

Oh yeah my bad Illum, you did re-post from some other bs source but that source/article was 90% incorrect!!! It made Shannon seem like a paranoid serial killer or something. My cousin said that many on the team loved the guy. He and or they just didn't get the job done. He said that the players and the assistants pointed the finger at themselves for not getting it done! Period!!!

yet again, another great hire by golden.

steve clarkson for quarterbacks coach!!!

...or ken dorsey

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