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Canes pull in WR recruit with knack for TDs

Rashawn Scott wasn't a player Hurricanes fans heard much about through the recruiting process. That's because until Monday, the 6-2 1/2, 195-pound senior receiver at Melbourne Central Catholic had been told he would have to wait for a scholarship offer.

Rashawn Scott Scott finally received it Monday and when UM receivers coach George McDonald visited him at school Tuesday, Scott told him he wanted to be a Hurricane.

So what kind of a receiver did the Hurricanes get? According to Scout, Rivals and ESPN, a mid-level talent all rated three stars by the so-called experts. But according to his coach, Mike Riazzi, Scott is the type of player who just has a knack for scoring touchdowns.

"Someone said to me 'What's Ray's gift?," Riazzi said. "I told them, 'When he catches the football, he becomes a running back. He's not like a wide receiver. It takes more than one guy to bring him down. He's got moves, he's fast. What he does after the catch is not teachable. He just knows how to score touchdowns.

"There are a lot of guys who don't have that knack and he's one of those guys that just knows how to get down there."

Scott scored 31 touchdowns as a senior at Melbourne Central Catholic, a Class 1A state school with a student population of 300 that has sent three other players to Division I schools (Navy, UCF, Georgia) in the last four years.

He scored four different ways as a senior -- as a quarterback (he started the first 3 games), a running back, a receiver and a safety. His final senior stats according to the team's website on MaxPreps: 545 passing yards (5 TDs, 1 INT), 1,008 yards rushing (on 96 carries, 12 TDs) and 1,072 yards receiving (45 rec., 11 TDs) and 59 tackles, 2 INTs and 2 fumble returns for touchdowns.

"He's a track kid and a basketball kid, too," Riazzi said. "He's got gifts. Coach McDonald believes he's a raw receiver. The things Ray does he can't teach. But he can teach him to be a receiver. But those other things? You can't teach that."

USF and West Virginia were his two other finalists according to Riazzi. But Scott also had offers from Michigan State, Indiana, Illinois, UCF, Georgia Tech, FAU among a list of 20 schools.

Riazzi said UM didn't begin recruiting Scott until after Al Golden became coach.

"I'd been on the phone with coach Barrow for a few weeks and he said the Canes were going through some transition and said we needed to be patient," Riazzi said. "There was a phone call here, phone call there, 'Are you still interested?' Ray loved his other school's too. You build relationships over the eight month process. But it's hard to resist the Canes. Art Kehoe, Michael Barrow, what Coach Golden is building is amazing. I really enjoyed coach McDonald today. It was a good day and a tough day. But it's a day Ray won't forget. And neither will the Canes."

Scott becomes the second receiver commitment for UM in this class and the 13th commitment overall. The Hurricanes are still recruiting at least two other receivers: Patrick Onwausor and Devin Lucien.

> JACOBY BRISSETT UPDATE: The Palm Beach Post's high school writers have been following the situation with Dwyer U.S. Army All-American quarterback Jacoby Brissett closely for the last few days. Here is a link to their story from Tuesday night. UM is pushing hard to get Brissett to take his final visit to Coral Gables. The Gators apparently are making a push too.

Al Golden was supposed to be in Brissett's home tonight and at his basketball game.

Hurricanes basketball coach Frank Haith said Tuesday he's had conversations with UM's football recruits in the past about playing basketball and is open to letting them tryout for the team.

"I would be very open to it," Haith said. "Vince Young never did it. But I remember at Texas he used to come over to my office everyday and tell me he was going to play both and it never happened. I saw him play basketball and he was really good. He and TJ Ford had some battles in high school. He was a bad boy, but it never quite happened for him."


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Al Golden....wow. I can't wait until this time next year, when he has an entire year to get all the local talent down here.....

Brevard County Canes on deck Hurlie Brown, Bubba Mcdowell, Matt Walters Derrick Ham, Darrl Spencer, Aaron Jones, Ramon Cookie Buchannon and now Ray GR8 Scott!!!


This kid looks like an athlete!! This is a player that Boise State or Oregon would recruit and end up being a star in college football. I hope Miami develops him into a great playmaker.

he reminds me of andre johnson if u ask me......welcome to the u

Welcome Rashawm! We are glad to have you in the Canes family! You can do great things at the U!

And, Tate Forcier has mentioned Miami as a possible transfer school. The kid is a fierce competitor and a winner. Not perfect, but he will flourish if coached well and feels embraced by coaches and community. Coach Golden, go after this guy! He is the kind of player who can make a big difference. He has great heart!
Go Canes!

Scott is a great pickup for the U. Hard to believe by looking at the films he was only rated a three star. Gonna be a good one!

Is this a good get for us? Can he compete right away for playing time? I'm seriously asking. Seems like this might be a strange scholly to give out with us going for other WR's. I like how Coach could get him after only a week but still.

This kid looks like a stud. However, you can't overlook the competition he was playing against. He looked like he was playing against 8th graders. Welcome to the U

And check out the video highlights on Rashawn. He is fast, has great moves, good hands and is versatile. A winner!!! Nice work Coach!

Can he compete for playing time? He's catching the ball and making plays, so yes. I'd rather have this kid come in and develop then watch some of our current receivers.

Trust the coaching staff.

Don't look now; but it seems were getting players who are playmakers and with an attitude. The best is yet to come.

Maybe this kid along with phill can get in the rotation b/c the travis ben and aldarius john cnt catch or run correct routes. their very inconstant so this shall be a boost for us.

Great addition to Golden's first class. I would not give up on the guys that we have already in place though. With good coaching guys like LaRon, Aldarius, Travis and Streeter can have a great year. Remember guys Shannon was their head coach and Hill was the WR coach so it isn't as though they were getting the best coaching during their previous years. Streeter should have been playing the last two years. Now that Shannon is gone we can finally see the kid get an opportunity.

Wow! This kid looks like a stud on the highlight tape. And he looks A LOT bigger than 6'2 200.

Welcome to The U young man!!!

Has Forcier ever red-shirted? He will have to sit out a year per NCAA transfer rules and I think he will be a junior this coming season. That gives him only 1 year of eligibility if he hasn't had a red-shirt year. However, we need competition at the QB position and he is a competitor.

hm... his competition is non-existent. i dont know about this one. we'll see i guess.

he looks like a play maker, the current players are going to have to bring their A game ...go canes

Has Forcier ever red-shirted? He will have to sit out a year per NCAA transfer rules and I think he will be a junior this coming season. That gives him only 1 year of eligibility if he hasn't had a red-shirt year. However, we need competition at the QB position and he is a competitor.

Posted by: IBGO | January 25, 2011 at 10:35 PM

Are you serious? Holy sh*t. Please stop watching football. Thanks.

Maybe that POS Frank Haith should stop thinking about turning football players into basketball players and worry more about improving the ACTUAL basketball players we have on the team. Given the fact that this team never progresses and we are well on our way to finishing last in the ACC and missing the NCAA tournament yet again. Freaking loser that guy is. Fire his @ss.

R, I agree 100%.

Kendal Thompkins is still there right? Dude is a baller.

Everyone has to stop feeling that the star system is right every time. Do some research over the years they are wrong 70% of the time. Look at our highly rated players the last 6 years and there were some major busts. Agree coaching was bad and it will improve. But plenty of lower ranked players are plying on Sundays, some players are late bloomers. I want players with heart and a will to win, coach them up and make them men. I trust what Coach Golden is doing - he is locked in and getting it done. My gut says we will get Brissett and that will be huge. Florida has a #1 QB already, he is not going to Washington or Wisconsin too far. He will be a game changer.

This seems like a steal, this kid has a T.O size frame n runs like a bull. Of course it looks like hes playing against 8th graders he has an NFL-ready fram now. But if this kid shows up at practice ready to work no doubt he'll be grabbing some PT from one of the upperclassmen...The Golden Era has just begun!

reserve your tics now! See ya'll there in sept.


Kids has no competetion playing for this high school. Has confidence and believes he canmake plays. We'll see if his talents is up to par when he make sit down to Miami. Might have sat the bench at a Dade county school, might be a mediocore or a excellent player. You just cant say. Hit or Miss. Ed Reed or Daniel Adderly....

This was the sickest thing I've seen in a while. That video made my day. Around 6:07 when he strips that ball and runs back for a TD and no one even realizes it. And the next play showing him as a WR catching the tipped screen, and juking everyone for a TD. Who gets 31 TD's in a season???

only time will tell. take what we can get and do the best with it. as we get better as a team,WE WILL LOOK MORE LIKE DA U AGAIN AND BE ABLE TO CHOOSE PLAYERS INSTEAD FO THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Coach G is doing a good job with the hand he's been given.

Reminds you of Andre Johnson? Except Andre is 1" taller and weighs about 30lbs. more, is faster and is the best receiver in the NFL. The kid is good, glad he chose UM, but don't compare him to Andre Johnson, at least at this point, not fair to the kid.

I agree with the posts aboutthe star system. Total BS. Look at ESPN.com/recruiting and go through the 490 pages of recruits. There are 14,000 recruits listed. hundreds of them "3-stars". How do these kids get evaluated? By of mouth? stats? combines? By how tall they are? I mean thats ridiculous. I myself know of 2 unrecruited players who were walk ons at D-1 schools, never got offers, and are now fluorishing. I also know of a certain 2012 "player to watch" who wasn't done a danged thing, at least not anything dramatic, who is a good athlete but is being hyped like he is the next thing since sliced bread and for thelife of me i can't tell how or why.

The perfect examples of how flawed this system is are Boise State the past 5 yrs, TCU, Utah, etc. For the mostpart those programs DO not fill up with so called 4 and 5 star players. Yet year in year out they whoop an SEC team or a Big 12 team or whatever. The 5 players, the cream of the crop, the Jadeveon Clowneys are for the most part obvious but the 2-3-4-star players or others... The so-called experts have no clue.

welcome to the U Rashawn. we need consistent playmakers WHO CAN CATCH THE DANGED ROCK. You seem to be one.

For those who are worried that he is just a 3 star recruit, remember what Coach Johnson did with his recruits who weren't highly recruited, won one national championship and played for three. If you have good athletes and coaches who can not only coach, but teach, you have the recipe for success. Welcome home coach Kehoe, it's great to have you back in the Orange and Green.

Congratulations Rashawn... We are so happy for you.. All of your hard work has paid off. Go and show the country your skills and learn all you can learn.. You have a great coach and we know we will see great plays and numbers from you.... The adventure begins......

Canes Fans think about this there is only one 5 star recruit playing in this year's Super Bowl that's Lamar Woodley. This kid will get develop by Al Golden's staff. Golden is a teacher, recruiter, and a motivator unlike Randy Shannon who was just a recruiter and could not develop talent like Calais Campbell, Allen Bailey, and Sam Shields. During the Randy Shannon he only produced one first round draft pick and two more this year. This kid have four years to get better and learn from NFL caliber coaches and players.

Wow! Did you see Scott juke those slow 1A white kids. Very impressive

Posted by: Turn the page losers | January 26, 2011 at 07:53 AM


I sure did!!!

By the way...did you see where Janorice Jenkins was busted for drug use and arrested? What does that bring the felony arrests total up to in Gainesville 40? 50? 60? One thing is for sure, it's only going higher...much higher!

And then you consider that since Coach Golden's arrival he has secured 11 committments and Muschamp with a one month head start over Golden has 1...hmmmmmm committment...that observation was on the Rivals.com Gators blog.

One more question...has Urban quit on you again this week? I'm just asking...

Welcome to the []_[]! Big, fast and physical. Exactly what we need.


Canes Fans think about this there is only one 5 star recruit playing in this year's Super Bowl that's Lamar Woodley. This kid will get develop by Al Golden's staff. Golden is a teacher, recruiter, and a motivator unlike Randy Shannon who was just a recruiter and could not develop talent like Calais Campbell, Allen Bailey, and Sam Shields. During the Randy Shannon he only produced one first round draft pick and two more this year. This kid have four years to get better and learn from NFL caliber coaches and players.

Posted by: Keith | January 26, 2011 at 08:16 AM
Why is there a need to dump on Randy just praise Al? I certainly hope Al can get us back to the top but you do not know if he is Randy part II yet. Geesh! Randy is the U regardless of his record, yet we are treating an outsider better than one of us. That is crazy! I certainly hope the same folks will bash the current staff if it doesn't work out!

Slow white kids? You racist pig. Last time I checked there were a few slow white kids in the playoffs and Superbowl. Clay matthews? Smith, safety for the jets? Rothlisberger? Wes Welker?

I mean why am I even wasting my breath witht his?

Scott is good no matter what. 3A, 4A, 1A. he is a stud and will prove it at the U.

LMAO! even the referee want to shake his hand after a TD (7:12 mark)

Michael Irvin was also a three. so we will Sea

Quit dumping on randy.. He bleeds Orange and Green and gave it his all. Sometimes talent trumps gumption.

Welcome to the canes Rashawm!!You willare a great receiver and will become part of a great team!!

I like the kid because of the way he handled himself after every touchdown. Classy kid.

The last 6 NC champions have all had classes ranked in the top 10 according to the star systems on Rivals/ESPN etc so there is something to be said to that correlation.

And temper the expectations, we alway seem to win our 6th NC in the off season. Let's give Golden a chance, it's a process. Don't set yourselves up for a let down then start calling for Golden's head in November.

202Cane... nobody is bashing Shannon... they are just pointing out that he sucked and that a guy that went to PSU is more into the Hurricanes than he was... he left the program in a dismal state besides his poor coaching record... we all got behind him when he was there because that is what we are told we are supposed to do but as it turns out he was turning the program upside down during his tenure and it almost seems like he did intentionally... my evidence for that would be the current state of recruiting and the comment he made that not winning the ACC Championship is not disappointing... i mean if you such a fan of Shannon's then follow his simple ass out of town...

Kid looks like a blend of Andre Johnson and Frank Gore. Who cares what his competition in high school was, looking at his raw ability he looks like the best athlete in America.
Big,fast and a playmaker.
Can you think of a better looking recruit?
Reminds me of Noel Devine's high school films where he looked like the reincarnation of Barry Sanders.
This kid has the skills and from his comments
he is honored to be at Miami.
If he trains hard and learns this kid is going to be a star.

He looks big and catches the ball with his hands. Give him a little time to develop.

Definitely a very impressive highlight package. He certainly looks like a men amongst boys in many of those clips, and perhaps his competition was not elite, but there are some things that stand out about Rashawn regardless of who he played against. First thing that I noticed was that he seems to have great awareness once the ball is in the air and is able to make plays in traffic. That typically is a skill that guys have or don't have (Travis Benjamin) and Scott seems to have it. Other thing is that he doesn't look to run out of bounds. Scott absorbs contact very well and always is looking for extra yards. Like his coach said, he has a nose for the end zone. Even when putting moves on guys, Scott seems to still be going North/South.

We will see how fast and strong he truly is once he gets on the UM practice field, but I do like the kids natural abilities and aggresiveness.

@All Florida Gators: My new head coach is kicking your new head coach's ass!

Oh, and keep the arrests coming Gators. This is fun to watch!

As much as I am disappointed with much of Randy's coaching performance, I do believe we can thank him for keeping the guys disciplined off the field. That speaks volumes. I trust Golden will continue with firm discipline on the field, off the field, and in the classroom. I cannot WAIT until next season!

Does anyone know how many more we can get committed? Seems like we're very close to the limit, whatever the number is, and we have some more talent in key spots to still recruit - especially at QB, DL, LB and S.

Look, from the video the kid Scott was playing against the sisters of the poor. The fact remains, though, the kid is big, has some speed and we don't need him to play right now, so he'll have time to learn. Why Shannon wasted Hurns last year is beyond me! We only have a few schollies left, maybe 3 and one is going to a QB. We still need a DT, a difference maker not another space taker. We still need another DB & Wr. Another LB wouldn't hurt either. Chick says there are some surprises in store for signing day. I hope they are of the big time surprises. We need difference makers, period! Of course, with better coaching, 3 star or 5 star, they all can be difference makers.

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