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Canes pull in WR recruit with knack for TDs

Rashawn Scott wasn't a player Hurricanes fans heard much about through the recruiting process. That's because until Monday, the 6-2 1/2, 195-pound senior receiver at Melbourne Central Catholic had been told he would have to wait for a scholarship offer.

Rashawn Scott Scott finally received it Monday and when UM receivers coach George McDonald visited him at school Tuesday, Scott told him he wanted to be a Hurricane.

So what kind of a receiver did the Hurricanes get? According to Scout, Rivals and ESPN, a mid-level talent all rated three stars by the so-called experts. But according to his coach, Mike Riazzi, Scott is the type of player who just has a knack for scoring touchdowns.

"Someone said to me 'What's Ray's gift?," Riazzi said. "I told them, 'When he catches the football, he becomes a running back. He's not like a wide receiver. It takes more than one guy to bring him down. He's got moves, he's fast. What he does after the catch is not teachable. He just knows how to score touchdowns.

"There are a lot of guys who don't have that knack and he's one of those guys that just knows how to get down there."

Scott scored 31 touchdowns as a senior at Melbourne Central Catholic, a Class 1A state school with a student population of 300 that has sent three other players to Division I schools (Navy, UCF, Georgia) in the last four years.

He scored four different ways as a senior -- as a quarterback (he started the first 3 games), a running back, a receiver and a safety. His final senior stats according to the team's website on MaxPreps: 545 passing yards (5 TDs, 1 INT), 1,008 yards rushing (on 96 carries, 12 TDs) and 1,072 yards receiving (45 rec., 11 TDs) and 59 tackles, 2 INTs and 2 fumble returns for touchdowns.

"He's a track kid and a basketball kid, too," Riazzi said. "He's got gifts. Coach McDonald believes he's a raw receiver. The things Ray does he can't teach. But he can teach him to be a receiver. But those other things? You can't teach that."

USF and West Virginia were his two other finalists according to Riazzi. But Scott also had offers from Michigan State, Indiana, Illinois, UCF, Georgia Tech, FAU among a list of 20 schools.

Riazzi said UM didn't begin recruiting Scott until after Al Golden became coach.

"I'd been on the phone with coach Barrow for a few weeks and he said the Canes were going through some transition and said we needed to be patient," Riazzi said. "There was a phone call here, phone call there, 'Are you still interested?' Ray loved his other school's too. You build relationships over the eight month process. But it's hard to resist the Canes. Art Kehoe, Michael Barrow, what Coach Golden is building is amazing. I really enjoyed coach McDonald today. It was a good day and a tough day. But it's a day Ray won't forget. And neither will the Canes."

Scott becomes the second receiver commitment for UM in this class and the 13th commitment overall. The Hurricanes are still recruiting at least two other receivers: Patrick Onwausor and Devin Lucien.

> JACOBY BRISSETT UPDATE: The Palm Beach Post's high school writers have been following the situation with Dwyer U.S. Army All-American quarterback Jacoby Brissett closely for the last few days. Here is a link to their story from Tuesday night. UM is pushing hard to get Brissett to take his final visit to Coral Gables. The Gators apparently are making a push too.

Al Golden was supposed to be in Brissett's home tonight and at his basketball game.

Hurricanes basketball coach Frank Haith said Tuesday he's had conversations with UM's football recruits in the past about playing basketball and is open to letting them tryout for the team.

"I would be very open to it," Haith said. "Vince Young never did it. But I remember at Texas he used to come over to my office everyday and tell me he was going to play both and it never happened. I saw him play basketball and he was really good. He and TJ Ford had some battles in high school. He was a bad boy, but it never quite happened for him."


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I love the "playing against lesser talent" argument. If a kids a good athlete and a football player, who cares what the talent is like around him? Year after year we get whooped by schools that "have lesser talent." Wake up people, what class you played in high school means nothing. Look at the northwestern crew, they were all supposed to be ballers because they dominated high school football at the highest level. Yet they get dominated by 2 and 3 star kids that now play at V-tech and so on. Get over it, trust the coaches evaluations.

Welcome to the 305 rashawn. He looks like the perfect utility player u need. A pure athlete that can play wherever u have injuries or depth issues. His safe position is wr but I wouldn't mind seeing him at safety. Great get Golden. Continue ur hard work!

I have quick questions for everybody. What is the expectations for next season? If randy sucked so much, golden should bring how many wins?

I bet he will be red shirted straight off. Would be a great idea, let his talent be coached up to the better competition he will see at the college level. I think a few of the kids we are grabbing this year will be red shirted also for the same reason. In the Wine business it's called aging. If we have all this latent talent everyone say we have on the roster, we don't have to rush him into the fire straight off.

answer to i kno da u: I say 9-10 wins next season.

Kev 122: You hit the nail right on, bro'. That is 100% correct. Va tech and its 2-3-4 star recruits got our number, and 2 yrs ago sacked our "5 star" Qb multiple times.

"Get over it, trust the coaches evaluations."

ill bet u said the same thing when shannon brought in that same miami northwestern class...

Heard someone knock Denzel Perryman for the talent he played against. I could be wrong but didn't Gore go to Coral Gables High?

what dont people get? all the ratings stand for is the players likelihood of success at the college level. and based on percentages... 5 stars are more likely than 4 stars to be successful, 4 more than 3, 3 more than 2, and so on. so to act like ratings mean nothing is just foolish. otherwise why in the heck do coaches recruit top players? and to say the coaches know more than scouting sites... well, the ratings of those players also takes into account what and how many schools are offering them. so if alabama, florida, fsu, miami, lsu, osu, etc. all offered a player, obviously hes highly rated in those teams eyes as well. theres also this bias among fans because the canes have been burned on some five stars. but thats no reason to shy away from them. yea we had kyle wright, lance leggett... but we also had devin hester, greg olsen. the key is getting guys with the talent, the right mindset, and good coaching who can develop those players.

the problem is only highly ranked players can be seen as busts. when a 2 and 3 star player is a bust, it goes unnoticed because theres no hype surrounding them. fact is, the more highly ranked a player is, the more likely theyll be successful in college, and when theyre not, theres backlash. in general, and relative to the other star rating success rates, about half of all 5 stars pan out and find success in college (look at the top 5 stars on ESPN for 2006-2008). In ’06 for example you had, taylor mays, matthew stafford, percy harvin, sergio kindle, demarco murray, and andre smith. thats 6/10 of the top players who became/will become potential 1st round picks. its the coaches responsibility to make sure he gets the right 5/4 star players. Guys with intangibles, the right right mentality, with a desire to work hard. when you look at the great teams in college football a few years ago (OSU, TEX, UF, OU, BAMA, USC, etc.) they all had great recruiting classes a few years back. their top players panned out and became impact players for their respective teams. the lower the star caliber, the less likely it is that that player will have success. for every 2 star you name who panned out i could name 10 who didnt. dont be stupid. in general, stars matter.

As another poster put it AWHILE BACK: You will always be able to find a 5-star that didn't work out or a 3-star that became a stud. But that doesn't change the fact that the schools with the top rated recruiting classes based on stars over the last 6 years are Florida, LSU, Texas, USC and Oklahoma. The National championships over the last 6 years? Florida x2, LSU x2, Texas, USC. See the correlation? Given multiple trials, a guy who is rated highly is more likely to become a star player. That doesn't mean every time, or that no one else will ever become a star. Miami has had a rash of bad luck with 5-star recruits. Kyle Wright, Ryan Moore, Charlie Jones and Reggie Youngblood come to mind. Not to mention the ones that never really played here. But that doesn't mean our coaching staff blew it by taking those guys. At the time, every program in America wanted Kyle Wright. And all of you were just as excited as I was when he chose the U. Now it's easy to look back and say the coaching staff should've told him to go elsewhere, but if they did it at that time you all would've been screaming for their jobs.

Bottom line is, guys who are consensus superstars in High School will more often than not be superstars at the next level. We have to take some chances on those guys if we are going to compete with the top programs again.

Also, everyone always thinks that whoever commits to THEIR program is going to be a good player. but MOST college football players arent. so it should come as no surprise when MOST players do not pan out. even highly ranked ones. likewise, we should not assume that just because a 3 star player commits here, hes a good player or a diamond in the rough who the coaching staff had an eye for. not saying thats the case here with scott, but to blame the sites for not having it 100% correct, like they have no clue what theyre doing, is just dumb. there are a decent number of professionals working for those sites who have experience playing/scouting for colleges unlike most of the people posting on here. Stars don’t mean EVERYTHING… but the 2006 UF class ranked #1 resulted in a dominant team that won 2 NC’s. The 2008 Canes class #1 resulted in a top 10 team until, as time went on, shannon held them back and caused them to regress.

point is dont say the rankings are meaningless because they arent. if youre gonna say a player isnt good, dont take it up with the sites because the numbers suggest otherwise. Get educated. Do some research. its an inexact science, but like the draft, the higher rated have a better chance of success than low rated. And… just for the record: ESPN’s rankings are the only legit one IMO. Rivals/scouts evals are garbage so i dont take them into account.

Posted by: i kno da u

I would say 8-9 wins. The NEXT year will be better.


Thanks for the facts. It seems like the war cry around here is that we put guys in the nfl but what have they done for UM? Sam Shields is a perfect example. Who the hell has golden out in the nfl by the way?

as for the record prediction... depends on how long the mentality change and physical development takes. could range anywhere from 8-5 to 13-1. i personally dont think the '08 class was a bust. the talent was just horribly undeveloped. they played better and with more passion as freshman than any other time in their careers. and over time, no one looked like they got any stronger or put on weight. no longer played inspired either. i remember the year we played florida at the swamp w/ nothing but that freshman group... they were BEASTIN. you could see the heart, swagger, talent... and up until late fourth quarter, they were competitive. against the #1 team in the country... who eventually went on to win the NC. the potential is still there. golden and co. just have to tap into it. and we as fans should do our part and pack the stadium every saturday come fall.

If he's playing against "lesser talent" that means he's pretty good, no? And why is this a problem?


no. big difference between looking good against dade, broward, and palm beach... and looking good against a bunch of sorry weakling nerds tryin to fill a squad. tough to guage actual ability when you never face a real challenge.

u dont know how he'll respond when he gets hit in the mouth by guys his size. he could be good. but he could also fold and wind up wasting a scholly.

Look the star system certainly is a joke sometimes. We can all come up with players that are 2/3 stars and turn into better players then others....heck in last years class we have Cain and Cleveland who look really good and weren't highly ranked. However, on average, more 4/5 stars turn into great players, thats a fact. Just look at how good Henderson and Linder were this past year right from the start. The point is not to build a team with all 2/3 and "coach the mup"......sometimes they have limitations, which is why they are 2/3 stars. The point is to get the best players, but if you have several who are 2/3 stars and you feel strongly about them....then go get them and bring them in. You can't build a team on just 2/3 stars...or else you'd have Duke.

illuminati- Are you done with your PhD dissertation? I almost fell asleep reaing all that. Most of it was garbage, some of it correct.

You left out the perennial top 5 in recruiting Notre dame, the perennial top 10 FSU. Then you also failed to explain how teams with 2-3 star recruits like Boise State go on and beat Oklahoma head on, on a neutral site. Or west va goes on to beat #2 Georgia.
Please. Florida was NOT #1 in recruiting in 2002, 2003, and yet they won the NC in 2006. You forgot Alabama and Auburn, which were not top 3 ranked classes before they won the NC. texas has been #1 almost every year and have only 1 NC to talk about.

And the coup de grace: UM had never been #1 in recruiting prior to their FIVE national ch. They were #1 in 2008 and here we are 2011 still waiting for these 5 stars to show up.

Do I think jacorry Harris is a 5 star QB? No way in ---. that proves to me my point. Would JH have been "developed" into a NC QB at USC or Texas? No way. Don't see that happening. His 5 star was an artifical evaluation given to the QB of the state champion team. A mockery.

How in the world did this kid not at least get some mention of being a cane. Picking him up in my openion has been the best job that big AL
has done with recruitment in the short amount of time that he has had. Things are looking up alredy and can't wait till spring ball to start.

This kid looks good! Big, Fast, Good Hands, could be our next Hank!

I think the Canes have a Golden opportunity to get back into the top ten in college football!

202cane why are you constantly defending Shannon? It seems like everytime someone on this board makes a negative remark about shannon you immediately post in his defense. Are you part of his family? When Coker left people were bashing him years after the fact and some still do today but you don't see people jumping to his defense. It seems like some of you still want to treat Randy with kid gloves and to be honest that played a part in his failures here at the U. He was never held accountable for anything and was allowed to make excuses for his failures. One of his major excuses was blaming Coker for everything which is something he should have never done. The bottom line is yes Shannon is gone but fans have the right to blame him for the current predicament we are in. I also wouldn't worry too much about your boy Randy as he got a fat buyout that he didn't deserve and is going to make even more money as defensive coordinator at UCLA so please no more pity for Randy!!!

Why are people such absolute crap that they have to say negative things about this kid and the positive comments made by people excited by his potential.

To all the absolute cancers out there who say, "oh he looks great putting moves on slow white kids." or say "his competition is non-existent" to you absolute stupid A-holes I say this:

What part about being 6' 2 1/2" 198 lbs and running a 4.5 40 at 17 or 18 years old do you not understand? Those numbers are right now before he has physically matured. You are not your fastest or strongest at age 17 or 18! And on top of that the kid's motor is non-stop. He never quits on plays, runs down guys (no matter how slow)from a mile away to save plays. Does not step out of bounds to avoid contact. Those physical tools with a hustle, never quit attitude. Are you kidding me!

His "no competition" are FLORIDA athletes. I don't care if he is playing 1A or 6A high schools, those are FLORIDA athletes. And while those 1A kids are not big kids, they are athletes, not uncoached and fat recreational league rejects.

Lastly for you complete morons, the speed, crazy unteachable moves in the open field, football fundamentals and instincts this kid showed on the film are AWESOME and should have lead your reptile brains to see this kid is a very unique talent.

If you saw a kid moving like this with these moves, this speed and this high a football IQ in drills with nobody on the field with him, a smart person, especially one who has played sports would say, wow, where did they find this kid, he can be a superstar!

The physical measureables and the football skills this kid shows at his age before a great college staff teaches and develops him is something very few players posses. An awesome find by Randy (who then almost blew it by ignoring the kid) and a better close by Golden to get the kid.

To say anything but, wow comments or put down wow comments after seeing this kid in action shows you are really brain dead and or a bitter, nasty person who is very very sad.

Golden is getting players who'll do what Miami Hurricanes should be doing, He Scott, reminds me of Andre Johnson. I like the idea of recruiting even at small schools, Golden is smart I trust him to put the best team possible to compete for a ACC championship this year. Great pick up, A couple up front defenders and we'll be set to challenge anyone, anytime any place. I'm ready for some football.

The 08 class is just lacking that impact player. There are some nice players like spence, v.t., Benjamin, and others who contribute but the failure lies wit the qbs that came here. This team got burned by bad qb play. Auburn's offensive talent was ok at best this year, but one guy made the difference. when u have a newton and (i hate him but respect him) tebow, your team has a warrior that can rescue them in rough times. I like jacory personally, but he's a silent leader which means nothing when u don't have other leaders stepping up with their play. Until we get that guy, we will just be good enough, but never great. U guys might laugh, but actually like the 09 and 10 classes better. The meat and potatoes of this team lies there

I cannot wait until Junior Days similar to what Texas and other major colleges do. Most of their commitments are made then. Of course Golden needs to tell them not to commit unless they plan on staying committed. We do not want any commit,soft verbal/decommit guys. Either your coming to the "U" or wait until you know for sure. I do think the scholarships are going to fill fast though. So if they do not grab one they will not get one.

The kid looks good. Just having the players that REALLY WANT to be Canes, or those kids that have ALWAYS DREAMED of being Canes (with talent) will make a big difference. With the talent that's already there, they will not quit during games and they will SHOW UP for every game!!

202cane why are you constantly defending Shannon? It seems like everytime someone on this board makes a negative remark about shannon you immediately post in his defense. Are you part of his family? When Coker left people were bashing him years after the fact and some still do today but you don't see people jumping to his defense. It seems like some of you still want to treat Randy with kid gloves and to be honest that played a part in his failures here at the U. He was never held accountable for anything and was allowed to make excuses for his failures. One of his major excuses was blaming Coker for everything which is something he should have never done. The bottom line is yes Shannon is gone but fans have the right to blame him for the current predicament we are in. I also wouldn't worry too much about your boy Randy as he got a fat buyout that he didn't deserve and is going to make even more money as defensive coordinator at UCLA so please no more pity for Randy!!!

Posted by: Tim | January 26, 2011 at 04:40 PM
This is a rather silly. So, it's ok to bash him but not defend him? I have yet to blame anybody other than Randy. He isn't the one that had his hand in the cookie jar regarding our issues.

I don't care who Scott was juking- this kid can play and is fast- Great addition- Golden will make us Golden

ill need a QB to throw to him. no way JH can throw to this or any other receiver. He has no zip on his ball and cannot throw the deep wide out no matter how much time you give him.

Welcome to the U Rashawn.

This kid has some good skills. He was playing against some very soft talent, maybe that is why he got only a 3star. But, with the right coaching this kid will be a baller at the U.

Now I want to see that stud DT. We need one in this class.

Rashawn is gonna be a good player for the 'Canes, nice diamond in the rough scoop for Golden Al and the boys. I like how even the ref gives him five and an attaboy after that TD.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

hey storm, doofus, jacory was a 3 star. really well written argument though... i wasnt aware recruiting sites existed in the 70's. props on figuring that one out though sherlock. also, apparently you dont read... you know, the part about needing good coaching as well? as for your underdog theory... you ever see boise playing in the NC? how about utah? no? ok then. idiot... good coaches, good recruiting classes. cant win the NC without both. zook and petrino come to mind...

i also find it really funny how people watch a youtube video of him and suddenly theyre an expert evaluator of talent lol. some of u guys act like that was the greatest highlight tape youve ever seen in your life.

those werent your traditional florida recruits in that video anyway. looked more like a team from wyoming. besides the school sizes have little bearing on talent level. what matters most is the area. kids from the miami, tampa areas are way better than his competition regardless of school size. not saying he cant wind up being good. but the odds are stacked against him. look at the video... his competition was sorry. and its a risky pickup with a limited number of schollies available.

and the andre johnson talk? you guys must be out of your minds. stop comparing these recruits to hall of famers. its getting ridiculous. tmaq=reed, ray=taylor, ford=shockey, benjamin=hester... now scott is andre!? chill with those comparisons

Kinda funny.. the kid reminds me of a young Sean Taylor. Versatile, same body make up, similar skills. Welcome to the U!

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