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Canes take LB Paul away from Arizona St.

"Welcome to The U" Gionni Paul.

Gionni Paul With National Signing Day less than a week away, the Miami Hurricanes landed their 14th oral commitment Friday morning when the Lakeland Kathleen High School linebacker announced he was switching his future plans from Arizona State to Miami.

"I just did it this morning," Paul (6-0, 227) told CaneSport.com. "I called, talked to coach [Al] Golden and [Micheal] Barrow. They were so excited. They really made me happy, made me feel good, my parents feel good. It was a big decision. It was the best decision for me and my family.

"It just came down to Auburn, Louisville, Miami and Arizona State. It came down to the people. They're great, down to earth people. I love the way coach Golden conducts himself, his program. He's big on discipline. I love the players. There's nothing bad to say about Miami."

According to Canesport.com, Paul got an in-home visit from coach Al Golden on Thursday evening; Arizona State coaches came in for a visit afterward. But it was Golden & Co. that won out.

"Coach Golden came with Barrow," Paul said. "They told me they want me to come in and run the show. They didn't talk to me like recruiting. They talked to me more like from a life perspective."

Paul, who visited UM last weekend, said UM wants him either at middle linebacker or outside. "I'm shooting for nothing less than to play right away," he said. "My goal is to be Freshman Player of the Year in the ACC."

Paul started at safety as a high school freshman before moving to linebacker. Paul is He's rated the nation's No. 33 outside linebacker prospect by Rivals.com. He finished his senior season with 149 tackles, double digit sacks and four interceptions.


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okkk..still hopin for at least 1 big suprise though...anybody heard anything???

The ratings don't tell the tale on this kid. He's a beast, and I can't wait to see him suit up for the Canes. There is something wrong with the ratings because he is a 3 star on ESPN but every major program is after him...FSU, UF, Michigan, ASU, etc. ESPN's evaluation lists no weaknesses, and you can see that on the highlight tape. He tackles like the ball carrier insulted his mother.

I'm thrilled for this pickup. Welcome to the U young man. You and Spence are going to take people's heads off.

whooo, cant wait for manny's next podcast. every major program was after this kid, way to go coach golden

good luck with that surprise. Golden will make his mark next year, or attempt to. Jimbo is cleaning up the state. haha

this kid hits like someone stole money from him

90% of what I saw on the highlights was wrestling/arm tackling....there is a tackling epidemic in ALL levels of football....

I saw 6 of this kids games this year and he is a beast. He plays every play like he is on a mission to destroy someone. What I like most about this kid when I saw him play, was that he never seems to get caught up in traffic. He always gets to the ball carrier and when he gets there he punishes. I definitely think he can make an immediate impact.

This is a great pick up for us. Welcome to the U GP!

Hey, he's a football player not a recruit! In the past we've had too many recruits and not enough football players.

He is a great pickup... Will need to be taught to tackle properly but he is a mean SOB. With Perryman in the fold, these guys are going to be very good! Good Job Coach Golden and Barrow

He seems to hit a bit high but wants he gets his mitts on somebody he never let's go. Definitely some 'tude there! Welcome to the U.

With this young man's instincts, how great would it be to see this young man play along side of Sean Spence. Oh my...lights out to opposing offenses.

I know these are " highlights" but you can see that this kid gets it. He doesnt just go for the big hit, he wraps up and tackles. There is no way they can keep this kid off the field next year. Great job Al and Michael, keep it up. And welcome to the "U" Gionni Paul.

He probably is, he has a year head start. But we will catch up fast and bash his brains in sooner than later, and I mean in recruiting and on the field.

Love the bad intentions he plays with. Welcome to the []_[]!!


Impressive hard hitting backer. This guy plays smart and has been well coached. Another great pickup for the U!

Jimbo cleanin up? Yes they will be #1 this year but like how florida ,texas, and miami earned #1 classes the last three years doesn't gaurantee wins all those teams are coming off subpar seasons.......they must giving out 4 year degrees with the scholarship.. that and free shoes.......for one miami loaded up last year on lineman so hart leavinvg whatever ....the miami central kids randy never recruited or else they admitedly would have been at the U.. hence the switch by cb finnie....yo must live up north near no teeth ville or maybe in the exploding melting pot of tallahasse.....but in south fla one king rains supreme The U....kids will always want to go there...even kids who go elsewhere from failed recruiting or circumstance....list miami as dream school...the U will forever hold that advantage over any florida school sorry over excited fsu fan ......there is no tide turning!!!! all you so called pundits say that every year!! when a handful of good players go elsehwere have. Somtimes its nothing to do with school they just wanna leave home not to mention miami no longer gets gold teeth who can't spell..... that ufelons and fakes swag u (fsu) miami rosters as a whole will always hav the best collection of the state...there hav been a few misses of late due to randys arrogance but all the u has to do is look aroud and get what it wants.........and finally lol the most rings records and STILL the most pros and the best record against other florida teams belongs too......U already know!!!!

LB? Put him at fullback! He was blowing people up!!!!

In all seriousness, wherever he plays, he'll be great.

Welcome to The U young man! We are happy to have you!!

Manny estas ensendido with that podcast! Keep it up!

I love it when a worried, nervous opposing fan just has to say something ridiculous like Jimboob is cleaning up. That loser lost 4 games in his third season. Golden will own Jimboob! Shannon is gone, your dream win is an illusion !

Kid is a hitter and gets off of blocks very well. He will end up 235 and turn out a lot of lights from the LB position. Just has those instincts. Great pickup! As I have said, Golden is all over the place recruiting. Don't care about who's got what number one class. Our 2001 NC team was not a top class were they? Nope, but they came together, played together and hit. Can't wait! Go Canes!

He needs to get away from arm tackling. Thats not a good habit to get into.

Golden can inspire kids to play. If he inspires the kids to play this year we will trounce the teams we play. The recruiting class will always be good at the U. Jimbo who?

I saw this list on another message board.


Am I the only one who is surprised that we spend this much on our football program when everyone is always complaining about our "facilities" and how "poor" we are? These numbers I think show that is BS. We spend more on football than any other private school on the list and are about top 10 overall.

It's a little weird that manny is just ripping this story off from rivals

That's #14. Do we have only 1, 2 or 3 to go?

Big pickup canes. What's different this time is coach D'onofrio will have them playing with passion like it was 1991 all over again.

All the CRAP about the U's facilities this and that....that it's hurting recruiting...CRAP it's all CRAP....if the facilities were good enough to get future Hall of Famers into the league, it better be good enough for high school kids....period.

He is from Ray's old HS. He he can be 60% of the player that Lewis is, then I will be satisfied. Welcome to the U!!!!!

This is great everone is excited.This is how it should be. The program feeds of this. The kids feed of this. We dont need to bash the past, just look at the bright future. If U can't get excited about what's going on around here,then this program is not for U. Man It's great to be a HURRICANE!!!

He and Perryman are the NEXT GREAT LINEBACKERS at the U. Remember that!!

Let me tell you this kid is a player! He attacks the ball like strippers do a guy making it rain. He is very fast for a LB'er and best of all has good instincts. I'm so geeked to see us get back the swagger. Baby It's ALL ABOUT THE U.

The last LB we had from Lakeland Kathleen High School turned out pretty good for us,and for the Baltimore Ravens.

hit the nail on the head 202...if only history 18 years ago can repeat itself..

Edfutbol- Add Pref walk-on Jon Alvarez MLB 6 foot 225 from Ft Myers. 300 lb bench, 365lb squat. Coming to the 305 to contribute to the mayhem and destruction on opposing rbs and Qbs!

@ truthteller.........you have no clue what you are talking about!! Probly a gaytor fan! This kid is a beast!

Golden Era,
I was thinking the same thing !!

Welcome to The U Paul! Now we need some DTs, bad

and I like that he is a 3 star, not some premadonna 5 star. I'll take a 3 star anyday. Play like U got a chip on your shoulder Paul!

Love every thing I see/hear about this kid. Will have to rely less on arm tackles and use better techniques at the next level.....very coachable

Need BRISSETT to have a fantastic visit this weekend & sign next week to address our biggest need, QB. Golden & Fisch better do a great sales job. The way I understand the SunSentinel article, if he wants to play football in college, the U has the inside track, but he has a basketball scholarship offer from UNC. Playing both is challenging.

the last LB who thought he could just come in and start, and be freshman all american, is on the verge of transferring.

im not so sure about this one. maybe its just me but he doesnt look all that fast or explosive IMO. i wouldnt call ASU a top program either.

So does this mean the last two spots are reserved for QB's only? What if another kid who's not a QB commits, does a kid currently on the roster lose his spot? Just wondering?

Great looking prospect but can u guys slow down wit the comparisons. My gosh! Ray Lewis! We cannot keep comparing to the past.

Uh Illuminati I am all for not over hyping a kid. I don't crown kids the next big thing. It's almost setting them up for failure. But did we watch the same video? Did you have the film on slo-mo? 2nd thing is he originally chose ASU for the linebacker tradition he had Michigan, LSU and UF after him too. Offers from most major colleges.

New coach Golden steals one from legengdary coach Erickson. Passing of the torch?

idk... im just saying it seems like u guys think ANYONE who commits to The U is going to be a great player. and somehow after watching one youtube highlight, everyone suddenly thinks hes the next ray lewis... c'mon now... lets be A LITTLE objective. those schools may have offered but was anyone else still actually recruiting him?

i guess ill pose this question to everyone: while were all excited to have players who have decided to be a part of The U... is there any recruit in particular that youre not really excited about using a scholarship on?

Yes Dalton botts. Get that sh*t outta here. Maybe I am spoiled here because Bosher did both. Not down with schollies on both a kicker and punter.

WTF is a premadonna?

From Wikipedia... "prima donna" is Italian for "first lady". "Today the term has become a mainstream word outside of opera to often describe a vain, undisciplined, egotistical, obnoxious or temperamental person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team, and although irritating, cannot be done without."

keep in mind EVERYONE looks good in a highlight video. and we have a limited number of scholarships available. granted, golden's gonna sign about 20+ recruits, but hes probably counting on transfers, quitters, and recruits not qualifying academically in order to fit them all.

Lots of top schools wanted this young man for a reason. He chose Miami.

Golden means business, and it shows.

Between now and next Wednesday, we'll get a few more pleasant surprises, I'm sure.

All you anti-Canes': keep talkin' smack. It's better that way.

Welcome to The U!

It should make you feel good that FSU fans got nothing better to do than to come on our blog.

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