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CB Crawford becomes latest UM commitment

Another day, another one of the nation's top recruits has chosen to join Al Golden's team at the University of Miami. 

Dallas Crawford South Fort Myers playmaker Dallas Crawford, considered the eighth-best high school cornerback in the country by ESPN, committed to the Hurricanes on Tuesday -- just a couple days after taking an official visit to the Coral Gables campus. Crawford (5-10, 185) had originally planned on waiting until signing day to announce his decision, but felt that now was the best time according to InsideTheU.com. He had been a Michigan commitment prior to the firing of coach Rich Rodriguez.

A two-way starter at South Fort Myers, Crawford, is coming off a senior season in which he intercepted nine passes and had 76 tackles. As the team's starting quarterback, he accounted for over 2,800 yards and 40 touchdowns and led his team to the Class 3A state semifinals.

Ranked 142nd overall regardless of position, he is the third player on the ESPN Top 150 to commit to UM in its 2011 class. The others: Tampa Alonso defensive end Anthony Chickillo (No. 82) and South Broward running back Kevin Grooms (No. 83).

> UM also received an oral commitment from Hargrave Military Academy (Va.) linebacker Antonio Kinard (6-4, 215) late Monday night. Canesport.com reported Kinard, a 3-star linebacker considered the 32nd best prep school player in the country regardless of position according to Rivals, picked UM over Iowa and Clemson.

> Below are highlights from the Class 3A state semifinal between Miami Norland and South Fort Myers. Highlights feature RB Duke Johnson (2012 UM commitment), South Fort Myers WR Sammy Watkins (Clemson commitment) and Crawford (starting at 2:28 mark). It was an incredible game. I was there to see it in person.

> By the way, if you want to know if UM has landed a verbal commitment -- follow National Recruiting Coordinator Brennan Carroll on Twitter. He can't discuss names per NCAA rules. But everytime UM receives a commitment, he sends out a "Welcome to The U" tweet.


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The snowball is running down the hill now. This is great news. Now Fisch needs to get on the horn to the QB's and get us one, and we can all move on to Spring Ball.

Go Canes!


Great news! Big pickup. Anything on the O-line search?

Welcome to the []_[]!!

How may scholarships are left?

The Golden staff is doing a great job in the time they have!

All Canes....All day!!!!!

The Golden Era is rolling!!!! This effort to turn around the recruiting class has been amazing. Thanks to Kirby for making the early move on a coaching change it is saving us. Keep it up coaches, finish strong and let's get back to being The U all the time.

You guys really do an outstanding job covering this team. Other south Florida papers don't put in the effort and it really shows. Along with there constant output of negative, and biased articles, they really are a detrament to their respective staffs. Keep up the great work guys.

Huge recruiting news:

Blake Ayles has transferred from USC to Miami. He was the #! 1 TE - 5 Star in the 2009 class. He is like
Olsen and Chudzinski and just as good!

Go Canes!

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/01/18/2020915/south-browards-kevin-grooms-picks.html#ixzz1BPQQhKS4

Liking 2012 commit Keith Brown in that video.

@Coach P

Im sure there's more than 20 left. I think golden is going to let some go and maybe some transfer. There's another huge number of recruits visiting this weekend, so just 15 or 16 scholarships left is a low number, its more.

man it feels good 2 get up and read what mr. golden is doing for the U...keep up the great work..!!

You gotta love the emphasis on cover guys and pass rushers.

What good has all those 5 star LB's we've recruited gotten us? i.e. Willie Williams, Arthur Brown, even Speance for that matter.

Watching Notre Dame pitch and catch all over the field like that was absolutely embarrassing...a hell of a lot more than even Jacory the pick machine.

Lets get back to hurting QBs and winning NCs.


For all the gayturd trolls on our site on a constant basis slinging mud.....we are coming!! Canes fans go to the ORLANDO SENTINAL sports section on the Gators and read the comment section(the article where the gators lost the O-line commit). The fans are blasting Muschamp and staff for the poor recruiting. The comments are funny as hell!!

You guys have seen me on here before. I am a former UM Alumni, and live in Fort Myers, FL. I have previously said, before Dallas committed to Michigan, he's coming to The U. I have seen this kid play. FLAT OUT, ALL AROUND, BALL HAWK. This kid is a natural. Has Ed Reed instincts. Good kid and is TOUGH. Welcome to The U Dallas.

By the way, Dallas comes from the same city as FSUs Deion Sanders. I'm telling U, this kid is rated a 3 star, but should be a 5 star. I have seen him play. He even broke Lee County's passing yard recored, yet he's only 5'11"

Keep up the OUTSTANDING WORK Coach Golden!

DON'T FORGET, we need 2 QuaterBacks!!! This is extremely CRITICAL!!

Also, Manny can you do a new interview w/the new OC (Coach Fisch)? When is he going to be on campus? When is he going to start putting together the Offensive Plan? What is he doing to help the Recruiting cause down the final days? Etc., Etc....

Posted by: UCane305 | January 18, 2011 at 01:23 PM

Kid is a baller. Watched him play a few times in person. I went to N.FT.Myers high school when Deion was there. Warren Willams was a senior when I was a freshman.

I read on bleacher report about the top TE transferring. Maybe a change would do him good. THX for the post to mention it above. We need TE's and this kid has been in USC's system for a few yrs, so hope it works out. Nice job for Carroll to add a nice TE piece. We got Greg Olsen this way from Notre Dame accept this kid has played already. here is the link


Those site rankings are crap anyway. Dallas is ranked and ESPN 150 4 star on espn, and 3 star on rivals so who knows. ESPNS grading is a nicer system, and he is listed as a top 150 player regardless of position, we have 3 of our 12 committs are espn 150 players and basically have 3-4-5 star kids. Scout upgraded Chickillo to a 5 star.

Meanwhile, Al Golden just landed another 2 more 4 star recruits at miami. That guy seems like a hard worker and a good coach. I may be in the minority here, but I would much rather have golden than muskrat. The guy has been killing us on the recruiting trail. Canes and Noles on the way up… Us??? Back to the 1980 – early 90’s. THANKS FOLEY!!!!
Straight from a Lizard's gap toothed mouth....
[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

We haven't had this kind of energy at The U in a very long time. I'm loving it. Slowly but surely, a message is being sent across the country. If Golden can channel that same energy on the field (no reason to think he can't based on what he's done so far in such a short time) the ACC should be on notice next year. We'll be picked 3rd or 4th in preseason so there's the motivation. Go Canes!

Who's the low life that has sabotaged my username?? All of the post above with UCane305 are not mines. Damn that guy has nothing better to do then to fabricate stories. Dont believe the hype, i have no idea who that wanna be is, but i'll take a wild guess... he must of ran out of cud

the real UCane305

It's good we are making our way back out of the whole Shannon left us in but that being said, our 3 glaring weaknesses, that need to be filled are who are we going to get at QB, Mid. LB and TE? Forget Ayles, as he will only be here one year.

Its starting to feel like the U again! The Shannon hiring put us back years...


We had 16 scholarships available and we now have 12 commits plus the new USC TE transfer, that leaves a total of 3 scholarships left.

And about 18 visitors left, should be interesting to see what happens.

what... and no complaints about why he can't recruit the kids he wants for whatever reason or another... what's going on here?

We need to close on D-Linemen Jonathan Jenkins (JC guy), Marquise Wright and steal Lonnie Gosha from Arkansas. We have to win the battles in the trenches so we need more big time D-Linemen too

I see a new "Welcome to the U" tweet from Brennan Carroll - approximately 3:20 pm Tuesday

well if he posted one 3 minutes ago does that mean we just landed another one?

Thank goodness Randy is gone. No one was signing up here...

I guess you can't rely on that "3 minutes ago" indicator - it hasn't changed in the last 15 minutes - and I have no idea how long it was up before I noticed it....

Do anyone know what happened to Jeremy Davis, (I think that's his name)The kid out of prep school? I don't see his name on the recruit board anymore. Is it because he didn't qualify?

This staff is on fire in the recruiting game.

Golden Gave Davis his walking papers.

Dose anybody know who the big RT is that we suppose to have gotten today,ESPN 150? WE NEED QBS,GARY NOVA COME ON AL.CANE FAN SINCE 1970.

I spoke to Jeremy Davis, he said he will be enrolling at Miami..

UCane305, I didn't know U had a legal right to my name, UCane305. Sorry, but it's my name. Don't know where you live, but I live in Fort Myers, FL and attended The U in the early 2000s. So, just tone down the rhetoric and enjoy the Golden show. I don't know who much your monetary donations are to The U, but mine are significant.

AdamSchefter Adam Schefter
Add one more name into Seattle's OC candidates: QB coach Jedd Fisch, who was supposed to be Univ of Miami's OC. Seattle making one last push

Oh no!!

LMAO !! TEDDY Brig WHO ??? Have fun in Kentucky ... The CANES are coming back ! Go Canes !!

Thank goodness Randy is gone. No one was signing up here...

Posted by: el ponce | January 18, 2011 at 03:31 PM

You mean to tell me all the guys that are going elsewhere were all 1 star recruits? GTFOH.. At least be right if you are going to bash the man.

Mike Bernadino reporting Fisch staying in Seattle.

I'm nervous about Chickillo. Sounds like UF is making a big push for him. I really want to see him in a canes uniform.

LOL! The pU is looking for an OC again! What a laughing stock! POS football program. Even USF kicked Ur arse in Ur own stadiUm, LOL!

UCane305 your monetary donations must not be much... how about building us a stadium. who the hell lives in Fort Myers?? u went to hs with Deoin Sanders, who graduated in 1985 and then went to UM "...and attended The U in the early 2000s." When exactly?? SURE u did buddy... U keep lying to urself u'll eventually believe it. I'm enjoying the Golden show couldnt be happier, actually i would if we land a QB and a couple of other recruits, DB's DTs & LB much needed. Im from MIAMI, I live, breath, eat & sh_t Miami, Im also a season ticket holder by the way...


LOL! The pU is looking for an OC again! What a laughing stock! POS football program. Even USF kicked Ur arse in Ur own stadiUm, LOL!

Posted by: SCUM Fan | January 18, 2011 at 04:43 PM
I usually disregard anything coming from a fan of another school. Just curious though--why are you wasting your time posting about The U when you are not a fan?

I'm nervous about Chickillo. Sounds like UF is making a big push for him. I really want to see him in a canes uniform.

Posted by: BertDawg | January 18, 2011 at 04:36 PM

I'm not. If he decide to move on--so be it. Good luck to the fella.

Panthers Name Rob Chudzinski Offensive Coordinator..and UM get stucks with AL Golden and an OC who was days away from getting fired!!
Kirby must go!!!

If Fisch is staying in Seattle, then we should go back after McNulty off Arizona's staff. I can't blame Fisch if he's being made the OC of an NFL team. We need someone who wants to be here badly, and if he's not the man then he's not the man. We seem to be recruiting fine without him.

Go Canes!

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