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Could Fisch end up back in Seattle? (updated)

The Miami Hurricanes were more than happy to introduce Jedd Fisch as their new offensive coordinator last week. Now, they may end up having to look for his replacement.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Tuesday afternoon the Seahawks former quarterbacks coach is on a list of candidates to replace Jeremy Bates as Seattle’s offensive coordinator. Bates was let go Tuesday, just two days after the Seahawks were knocked off by the Bears in the playoffs.

Fisch said last week he would join UM's staff as soon as the Seahawks were eliminated from the playoffs.

UPDATED... UM spokeswoman LaTonya Sadler said she did not know if Fisch had already begun working at UM yet or when he was expected to. Citing a source close to Fisch, ESPN's Bruce Feldman reported on Twitter that Fisch was "100 percent committed to being UM's offensive coordinator."

We'll have to wait and see what happens.



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If its true that Pete C. would want him back, that would actually make me feel better about the hire, however, it would make no sense that Pete would let him go to UM last week if he knew that he was going to dump his OC. If he was to go back, then I would imagine that Jeremy Bates would jump to the top of the line to be UM's coordinator, that that would be a trade up for us in my mind.

What, another decommitment!

This only stinks because we need someone by this weekend. It's a very big recruiting weekend. If he's coming then come...if not then go, but decide right now!

I'm sure Golden had a list of interested parties that he could have down here in a hurry. He chose to wait on this guy, but he may not have that option anymore. I know getting the right guy is the most important thing, but signing day is getting pretty close.

I never like the hire anyway of Fisch. he hasnt prove to me that he is capable of calling plays. but development of QBs maybe. Lets jus get this thg goin so we can get the rest of our recruits. By the way anyone kno how many schlorships we have available?

Quick John McNulty!

I to can't understand why PC would want him back after letting him go.
This doesn't make sense. But stranger stuff happens

It could be a fairly large misstep for the program.

No way Seattle would Fire the OC and hire someone who knows less than him. Pete Carrol will hire Norm Chow.. UM is the only onewho would fall for this JOKE..oh and maybe the Dolphins..LAUGHING STOCK

The Hurricanes have gotten three oral commitments the past two days. On Monday, they picked up another former Wolverine recruit — LB Antonio Kinard of Hargrave (Va.) Military Academy. Also Monday, South Broward running back Kevin Grooms committed to Miami.

How many schlorship available?

As far as I understand, we have 4-5 scholarships available.

We are handing out 16-17 total scholarships this year. Believe it or not, it's not that cut and dry. Coach Golden talked a little bit about it in a press conference he had a couple of weeks ago.

actual number isn't known due to possible attrition.

Well, like a said before: why would you hire a guy that you never met in person. Let's hope that he was not using us as a negotiating chip with the Seahawks. This is a tactic commonly used in the Pros. Let's hope that we have not fallen victim to smiling Pete.

How many days does it take to fly from Seattle to Miami?

If Fisch isn't already here (yesterday, actually) - I'd say it's time for us to make somebody else rich and famous.

Actually, I think they're more after Josh McDaniels, ex-Broncos coach.

Leach. TAKE THE CHANCE! Golden will keep him on his best behavior.

Nobody answered the phone after 5 pm at the U - so, that's where the hot-off-the-presses info comes from!

Manny, I would suggest that you get a few cel phone numbers - maybe even an email address or two - for future reference.

Another question is why would Pete want to torpedo his son's current employer knowing this is the most difficult time for recruiting?

If there is truth that this development may cause a hiccup in Fisch fulfilling his commitment to the Canes, then I say, shame on Pete Carroll.

Certainly Carroll must have known he was going to replace Bates when Hocutt approached him to ask for permission to discuss the Canes job with Fisch. Additionally, Fisch claimed that he sought the advice of Carroll who was supportive of his decision to accept the Canes job.

Based on the happening at USC that crowd led by Carroll does not have a very good reputation in terms of integrity and this episode, if true, will only add to that reputation.

PS: And as the poster above pointed out...not a ringing endorsement for Carroll's son.

I really believe that Carroll fired his good friend Jeremy Bates (whom he brought from USC with him) only because their is a "big fish" (fish with an sh not a sch) out there that he wants to hire. I believe he is really going to go after Josh McDaniels. Now, if that does not work out, then maybe he goes after Fisch. We will see. I may be wrong and I know coaching is a dog-eat dog business, but Coach Carroll and Coach Bates , from what I've heard were really good friends, so to throw his friend under the bus, I think he has big plans for Seattle's OC position. Again, I could be wrong, but we will see. Either way, all of this needs to really play out by Thursday afternoon, at the latest.

Lotsofthings: The Rams hired McDaniels as OC.

I say again: if Fisch is not already here - .....the taste is already sour.

Another question is why would Pete want to torpedo his son's current employer knowing this is the most difficult time for recruiting?

Posted by: dloving | January 18, 2011 at 06:56 PM

First of all, that's a stretch.
Second, sure PC is happy for his son but don't think for a second that he really cares about what happens at a has been program that's 3000 miles away.



No sweat, we have a solid 2 weeks before we need a OC. I just think a lot of coordinators like Miami's WR coach and there new OC because of the lockout scare going on. I am not worried about a OC being in Miami to recruit I would rather have them there giving out there play books and going over there philosophy with players. Miami had 15 or so Scholarships and they have filled 10 or so of those already.

From Bruce Feldman at ESPN:
New Canes coach Al Golden started off his week with a bang by reeling in two of the state's top recruits. First, it was Kevin Grooms, the nation's No. 83 recruit, then it was former Michigan Wolverines commit Dallas Crawford, the No. 142 prospect.

Crawford, the 8th-ranked CB, was apparently wowed by new Miami defensive backs coach Paul Williams. "First thing, he really hit it off with their defensive backs coach. He has built a great relationship with the guy," Crawford's coach Grant Readhead told ESPN.com. "Second, Dallas grew up a Miami fan and always wanted to play for them. The last group just lost him. But once this new staff took over, they really worked hard on him and won him over. They did a great job of turning that thing around."

Grooms, who could play RB, WR or CB in college, sounds like he might also be quite a factor in the return game, according to his ESPN player evaluation: "This kid is a missile of an athlete. Grooms possesses some of the best sudden quickness and stop/start ability of any prospect in this class. He has outstanding quickness, exceptional lateral movement and is tough to bring down in the open field. He has excellent vision, poise and balance as a runner. He sees things quickly and is able to consistently hit cutback lanes."

Also Bruce Feldman at ESPN:

Was just told by a source close to Jedd Fisch that he is "100% committed to being Univ. of Miami's offensive coordinator."

Come on Manny or Susan. Why do we have to stir the pot when there is nothing in it yet? OK so Carrol fored his OC. And your conclusion is that Fisch might be going back? He just let him go.

See http://seattle.sbnation.com/seattle-seahawks/2011/1/18/1943035/jedd-fisch-miami-hurricanes-offensive-coordinator-seahawks for the real story.

One thing we've learned at Miami is the value of a 100% commitment - starting with our much beloved Howard Schnellenberger.

Donna S gave the same commitment to the Big East, and then said "it was true when I said it, but I didn't say it was forever!"

Maybe that's why there are so many divorces now-a-days: the 100% commitment.

Tom Cable accepted OC position in Seattle already. Way to run with those "headlines" here

Cable was hired as OL coach. Does this mean Pat ruehl to UM?

Make that 'offensive line coach' - not offensive coordinator - according to the various posts elsewhere.

Two conflicting reports from ESPN. Wonder how they handle this. Do Adam Schefter and Bruce Feldman arm wrestle?

I just wish someone at UM had an answer as to when exactly Fisch was supposed to start working for the Canes. Hopefully we get an answer and some clarification soon. Just trying to get a clear answer. Obviously ESPN isn't providing one.

Tom Cable accepted OC position in Seattle already. Way to run with those "headlines" here
Posted by: CaneFanInCharlotte | January 18, 2011 at 08:46 PM

Too bad that you're an idiot posting incorrect info. Did you even read the whole story asshat?

hey Manny
Thanks for staying on this story so late into the night. You and Susan do a great job. I think it is time to call it a night and just wait to see what happens tomorrow. I am just so excited by the new energy in the air and the great recruits that are coming on board.

Early to bed, early to rise - g'night Gabe -

The rest of us will be up another 4 - 5 - 6 hours listening for the morse code thing to make its click clack noises!

Bring either Art Kehoe or Pat Ruehl as OL Coach!

Either would do a great job!!


Is this just a dream or what. This is just like getting a wife on e-bay. You have never met her(him in Golden game), just looked over his resume (just like Golden), now your future bride just got another hit on her e-bay for a possible another husband choice(just like Fisch). I hope and trust this is all a media carrying on.

I just did what the reports here do. say what I hear. Gruden anyone??? Yes I did mess up.

Josh McDaniels was hired by the Rams to develop Sam Bradford. where do you idiots get your info?

What the crap is going on? AG needs an apology. This is getting crazy round here in Miami Land.

The Hurricanes have gotten three oral commitments the past two days. On Monday, they picked up another former Wolverine recruit — LB Antonio Kinard of Hargrave (Va.) Military Academy. Also Monday, South Broward running back Kevin Grooms committed to Miami.

How many schlorship available?

Does Golden have the Midas touch or what? Recruits are feeling the fire this guy is bringing and want to be part of the climb to the top. This class is shaping up and like Coach Golden said I do not pay attention to stars by their name because I am looking for players. Imagine the class he will put together next year after he has Junior Days. Speaks volumes when the pros want your offensive coordinator. Florida's Coordinator Charlie Wuss was unwanted by Kansas City and was glad he got another job. Of course McChump was desperate for a big splash to keep dem old bull gator supporters happy. Too bad it was a cannon ball. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha This is all too good.

I am a UM fan and I must say some of you UM fans are idiots..If you can't see that UF has without a hiccup put together a nearly perfect coaching staff you are in the dark. I don't like the Gators at all, but you must respect how UF and FSU has moved on, while UM is struggling to put a quality staff together. I would be surprised if we win 7 games next season. If OSU beat us early with half the team gone the stadium will be empty the rest of year especially with road games at FSU,UNC,Va Tech,and USF...Al Golden it's time to put a staff together and get to work!!Bring in some real coaches and lay of Pete Carrols rejects and off spring

Last night on ESPN John Clayton listed several people who were interviewing for the job and Fisch was not on the list. They arent going to promote the QB coach, they need someone with NFL experience not some guy that needs a college job to move up. Wake up people!!!!!!!!!

** lay off

Uncle Luke is hosting a party for Auburn in Alabama. He is now the SC at NW.....wonder where those kids are going

Fisch just arrived @ MIA 30 MINUTES ago he was excited !!

Mike Leach is available, just in case. Just saying,.... you know. Just saying.

What is SC? I know what DC (Defensive Coordinator) and OC (Offensive Coordinator) are. Is SC Special Teams Coach? Either way, Why did he leave Miami Central to go to Miami Northwestern? Either way, if Uncle Luke does not want to get behind UM anymore, what can you do.I heard Coach Golden during an interview say that he would love to speak with him because he has a passion for the 'Canes program that he loves, so it seems that AG reached out to him. If he doesn't want to be behind UM anymore as FAU Coach Schnelly would say "who gives a hoot". I believe that Coach Golden and his staff will do alright with or without Uncle Luke. If he is going to steer guys away from UM, how come we just picked up the DB from Central (early enrollee)? Coach Golden needs to worry about Uncle Jimbo, Uncle Will, Uncle Nick, Uncle Les, etc., more than he needs to worry about Uncle Luke.

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