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Could Fisch end up back in Seattle? (updated)

The Miami Hurricanes were more than happy to introduce Jedd Fisch as their new offensive coordinator last week. Now, they may end up having to look for his replacement.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Tuesday afternoon the Seahawks former quarterbacks coach is on a list of candidates to replace Jeremy Bates as Seattle’s offensive coordinator. Bates was let go Tuesday, just two days after the Seahawks were knocked off by the Bears in the playoffs.

Fisch said last week he would join UM's staff as soon as the Seahawks were eliminated from the playoffs.

UPDATED... UM spokeswoman LaTonya Sadler said she did not know if Fisch had already begun working at UM yet or when he was expected to. Citing a source close to Fisch, ESPN's Bruce Feldman reported on Twitter that Fisch was "100 percent committed to being UM's offensive coordinator."

We'll have to wait and see what happens.



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Fincane 13...FSU has put together a good coaching staff, but if you think UFelons have , you must be crazy. And as far as Fisch goes , he was not on the list for Seattle.As far as Uncle Luke....His career ended with 2 live crew and UM in trouble. If you ask me ... Keep him as far away as possible.

Anyway we could release SPENCER WHIPPLE from his scholly and use it for another recruit? Based upon what I've seen of this guy, his quarterback skills are just not there.

Florida is putting together the perfect staff? Please! Look, I have seen lots of professional teams go out and sign every available all star one year and finish near the bottom of the league. You need to put together a TEAM, not just a bunch of great players, and Muschamp is doing the latter at Florida. Everyone he is hiring has a great resume, but he is not thinking about chemistry or about the overall makeup of the team. He is also not thinking about egos. The assistant coaches have to be great, but they also have to respect the head coach and fall in line. Does anyone really think that Charlie Weis, 2 time superbowl champ and 5(?) year head coach at Notre Dame, is going to take criticism from Muschamp, career assistant head coach at Texas? The first time there's a disagreement the locker room is going to collapse.

In the meantime, Golden is putting together a group of young and accomplished coaches that are all exactly like him, that see the game the same way, and that want to be part of Golden's staff! Read that correctly...they don't only want to be assistants at Miami...they want to work for Al Golden! Everyone, including Fisch, has said that it is both Miami and Golden that attracted them to the job. I doubt any of the UF assistants would say that about Muschamp.

I am a UM fan and I must say some of you UM fans are idiots..If you can't see that UF has without a hiccup put together a nearly perfect coaching staff you are in the dark. I don't like the Gators at all, but you must respect how UF and FSU has moved on, while UM is struggling to put a quality staff together. I would be surprised if we win 7 games next season. If OSU beat us early with half the team gone the stadium will be empty the rest of year especially with road games at FSU,UNC,Va Tech,and USF...Al Golden it's time to put a staff together and get to work!!Bring in some real coaches and lay of Pete Carrols rejects and off spring

Posted by: FinCane13 | January 19, 2011 at 07:03 AM


Let me get this straight…the Gators claim they had the best coach ever in Urban Meyer. Last year the great one Meyer led his gator juggernaut to a 7 & 5 season playing an embarrassingly weak junior high school schedule comprised of a lousy 4 away games to only have Meyer up and quit again for the second time in a little over 12 months.

Yet, today, the Gators claim they are going to win the SEC and a National Championships this coming year because they hired a coach that Texas was going to fire to replace Meyer, an offensive coordinator that destroyed Notre Dame football and recruited another rag arm, clueless quarterback that they swear is going to win the Heisman…like they claimed Brantley would win the Heisman.

I would take Golden and his staff over the Gator staff in a heartbeat. Muschamp will be a distant memory inside of 3 years. Those so-called gator fans will eat that guy alive and that will greatly impact recruiting. And when you consider the Gators claim they have all of those 5 star players and the best they could do was a 7 win--5 loss season against a woefully weak schedule then you have the formula for a long-term disaster.

Posted by: Ray Graves

Gators had an 8-5 season and won their bowl game like the rest of major colleges in Florida.

Posted by: Ray Graves

Gators had an 8-5 season and won their bowl game like the rest of major colleges in Florida.

Posted by: Caniac | January 19, 2011 at 10:04 AM


You are including post season--I'm talking regular season--and that 7 and 5 season was against a bunch of tomato cans with only 4 away games...truly pathetic! The gators have always been cowards and nothing say's it better than their fear of playing the Canes in a yearly home and away series similar to our FSU series. Hocutt called the cowards out and even with that they still ran and hid under the bed.

the seahawks signed a OC already and its not Fisch

The lizards hired Ron Zook 2.0 and a pear shaped loser who couldnt win with top recruits at the holiest of holy's. The []_[] hired a leader of young men. If you dont believe me then here it is straight from some swamp lizards' gap toothed mouths....

Muschump is working wonders with his staff. First, they were applauded for getting Kelvin Benjamin to hold off on his commitment to FSU. He eventually still commits. He meets with an AA LB and a week later he commits to OSU. He meets with Nick Waisome and he converts to FSU. Then he gets current commitments to come out to make statements that they are still committed. Then slowly one by one they are dropping out.

So, the staff really hasn’t picked up any big time recruits and have struggled to keep the ones they have. For this, the gator writers and fans are excited?!?!? Some gator fans have actually said Muschump has talked some hig rated commitments into decommitting because they aren’t any good. You can’t make this stuff up!!!

We better be concerned about the 3 star. We aren’t #2 or #3 or #4 on many 4 or 5 star players right now. This hire has turned out to be colossal joke. Muschamp is inexperienced. Weis is a lazy, fat blob that receives too much credit for what somebody else did at New England. The offense at KC improved because of the RB and OL coach. The man couldn’t score but 7 points in their last game. Then Muschamp hires a DC from the 7-9 Seahawks and everybody scored at will on them. To top it off, he hires Young, who has no real coaching experience to the DL. Great player, not a coach. Now, we also have Meyer sticking around. Kick him to the curb because he left us high and dry.

Foley pulled another Zook and the recruits know it. We are about to lose 2 more recruits and we may have to sign several 2 stars to fill out our roster. Why didn’t Foley go after someone with real coaching experience like Peterson, Harbaugh, Fisher, Stoops, etc. They were all there for the taking and he bent over and took it in the poop chute.

Meanwhile, Al Golden just landed another 2 more 4 star recruits at miami. That guy seems like a hard worker and a good coach. I may be in the minority here, but I would much rather have golden than muskrat. The guy has been killing us on the recruiting trail. Canes and Noles on the way up… Us??? Back to the 1980 – early 90’s. THANKS FOLEY!!!!
If those arent ringing endorsements... GO GATA LMAO

It seems that Hurricane Sports reported via twitter about twenty minutes ago that Fisch is primed and ready to get on the recruiting trail. All that is pending is the paper work regarding recruitings do's and dont's.

The Palm Beach Post reports that Jedd Fisch is on campus. How about it, Miami Herald? Why is an out of town newspaper ahead of you?

So you are saying everything that UF does is wrong but everything UM is doing is right?..it makes no sense going back and forth with you then..go look at ND offense under Weis..see Patriots..see Kansas City Chiefs...IGNORANCE is BLISS

i would rather have Bates... not that he is interested... but he posted 34 versus New Orleans and 24 versus Chicago... in the playoffs... lol... sounds to me like the Pete fired the wrong coordinator...

oops... 41 on New Orleans and 24 on Chicago...

Then Muschamp hires a DC from the 7-9 Seahawks and everybody scored at will on them.

Didn't we hire the QB coach from that same 7-9 team?

Yep, as soon as Jedd gets his paperwork completed, he's on the recruting trail TONIGHT. So lets put an END to the stupid rumors for crying out loud.

Oop's meant recruiting, sorry all.

Posted by: FinCane13 | January 19, 2011 at 10:45 AM

The Chiefs offense in their last game:

70 yards passing.

108 yards rushing.

7 points.

Wasn't impressed with him in the first place... if u look up his numbers from when he was an OC @ University of Minnesota , they were very poor...We need to bring back an old name like Chudinski, whom i heard is available...

Get with it fatback. Chud is the O Coordinator for the Panthers. He has said over an over and over again he is not coming back to the college ranks.....you're judging Jedd on his first and only year as an OC at a school with little talent and was transitioning from a spread offense to pro style. Wow. You're dumb.

Espn just reported thst fisch is staying at Miami!

Two conflicting reports from ESPN. Wonder how they handle this. Do Adam Schefter and Bruce Feldman arm wrestle?

I just wish someone at UM had an answer as to when exactly Fisch was supposed to start working for the Canes. Hopefully we get an answer and some clarification soon. Just trying to get a clear answer. Obviously ESPN isn't providing one.

Posted by: Manny Navarro | January 18, 2011 at 09:06 PM

Why not bash them like you bashed the previous coach for not releashing info.

Oh yea, UF doesn't have some great coaching staff Weiss sucked at ND with his own recruits. Besides, Weiss isnt the type to take orders for to long; he will be gone within three years. Uf hasnt had stability in coaching ever since Strong left. Thats why they finished 8-6.


The Palm Beach Post reports that Jedd Fisch is on the U campus. What do you hear, Miami Herald? Why the protracted silence from both you and the U?

Cane4Life why are you wasting time talking about Luke??? Please dude, Luke loves the U!!! Stop listening to these gayturd fools making things up anyway!! It's not about Luke it's about the U!! Stop wasting time with nonsense!

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