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Courtside blog: Canes at Clemson

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Checking in from Littlejohn Colesium where your Hurricanes (11-4, 0-1) will look to end a 10-game road losing streak in the ACC (dating back to a win at Virginia on Feb. 26, 2008) tonight against Clemson (11-4, 0-1). For your viewing pleasure, the game will be on ESPNU. If you can't watch, follow my updates on Twitter or tune into WQAM (560 AM) back in Miami.

> UM has only won 11 games on the road since joining the ACC in 2004. But two of those wins came here at Clemson (2005, 2008).

> A huge key for UM of course will be if Reggie Johnson can avoid foul trouble. He picked up two quick fouls in the ACC opening loss at Duke last Sunday. Frank Haith talked a little bit about that during a press conference Thursday.

"Reggie had two fouls he just can't get," Haith said. "He had two where he was 35 feet away from the basket and he doesn't need to be out there trying to pressure the ball. He's not Gary Payton, he's going to steal the ball from anybody. Those plays, he has to take them out of his game. Because there's no question, when he's on the court, we're much better -- offensively and defensively. He does a lot of things for us. We got to keep him on the floor. He's got to work at it -- the bad fouls. He's going to fall into some fouls because he's a big guy. But the ones we don't need him to get are the ones that are just he doesn't have to, the reach in foul, the first and second fouls he didn't need to get either one of those fouls.

"It's all maturity, all experience. Jimmy Graham had a problem with fouling. A guy like Reggie, like Jimmy, who has a strong body, you don't play with your hands. You play with your back, your chest, your hips. That's how you play defense. And if he does that, he's fine. When you get into the flow of the game, sometimes its reactionary and it's going to take a little time with him in terms of maturity."

> Clemson should present Johnson with a stiff challenge in the post tonight. Forwards Devin Booker (6-8, 245) and Jerai Grant (6-8, 230) will give up some weight to Johnson, but they're athletic and very good at boxing out.

"They're not going to just let us throw the ball in there," Haith said. "We always say that terminology -- do your work early. He's got to really be on point and understand he has to work a lot harder. He may not get first shot post ups. He's going to have to continue to work because we're going to get the ball inside to him. He's a big part of our offense and we have to play through Reggie."

> Last year, the Canes started 2-7 in ACC play as they played six of their first nine conference games on the road. If UM is going to make the NCAA Tournament, they can afford another start like that. This year's ACC schedule has UM at home for five of its first nine. But winning on the road is important. And the Canes feel they're better equipped for that this year.

"It's obviously extremely hard to do," Haith said of winning on the road in the ACC. "I think Mike [Kryzezwski] at Duke and Roy [Williams] might be the only two teams in our league to have winning road records in the ACC. It's a very difficult thing to do in this league. We can't let one game make us or break us. I think that's the focus when you get into league play. No one game is gonna make our season. No one game is gonna kill our season. We're going to attack each game as an opportunity and experience to do well to get this team in postseason.

"This Clemson game is the next opportunity. I think you have to be tough to win on the road. I think you have to be focused. Execution is so important on the road. All those things are important, home and away. I want us to have a mentality of togetherness. When your on the road, you really have to be together. You can't be distracted. Clemson, I think is one of the great venues in our league in terms of home court advantages. They're right there with the Virginia Techs and the Dukes. So, it will be a great experience for our guys."


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Where am I ?

This team basically gets no better. Malcolm Grant keeps launching shots from a mile away today. His last 3 shots are simply horrible. They don't get the ball enough into Reggie. The ball handling is simply terrible. Haith seems like a good enough guy, but they don't improve at all.

Unemployment is at 9% yet Frank Haith has a job. It amazes me how this guy keeps his job everyear. If it wasn't for Guillermo Diaz, and Jack McClinton, the guy's record would be .250. He does nothing. They have done nothing in 6 years. Make that 7.

James, the interesting thing is that he seems to have stepped up the recruiting and gotten decent players....they just don't seem to develop.

Somehow, they are staying close in this game....testament to how bad clemson seems to be.

Canes lucky to be only down by one at half. As usual, great athletes but lousy team BB players. One shot and it's over. Haith hasn't a clue about coaching. He needs to join Shannon in the unemployment line - and like Shannon, he won't find another job anytime soon.

Second half... Clemson not that good, but.... Canes are uninspired, little heart, lazy, etc. Sound familiar? Haith must go!

Haith is awful

Clemson wanted it more... And, they have a coach! The Canes do not.

Another solid start to the ACC schedule for Haith.

At least the Lady Canes know how to play basketball. Why no love for them Manny? They had a big win at Virginia and hopefully can get another at VT.

....it's basketballs time

The Pig is on the loose. He's not on a date on Saturday nights. His bloated smelly carcass is posting as he finds joy at the bottom of another bag of Bugles.

You are a living joke, Pig. No friends, no women, no money. But you sure love you some Gatard recruits.

YA mama was helping with the bugels sloppy mofo u.

I seems to have struck a nerve with the Pig. Did I hit home, slob? Or is your slop of choice Funions?

I bet it is both you sick unwashed slob. Is your hygiene as bad as your grammar? Pig man lives. Long live Pig man.

Haith is a good coach. This team need to rebound and block shots. Other teams are geting way to many second chances. They have No shot blockers and no enforcers.

"Haith a good coach"?
Have you all been watching canes mens BB the last 4 yrs? How can you say he is a good coach? He can't motivate this team, or coach this team to win ANYTHING that matters. Beating Clemson at Clemson to get this team to 1-1 in the ACC mattered. But Noooo. This guy stinks. Why is he still here?

Another mediocre season on the way. Obviously BB doesnt matter to UM.

On offense: no clue how to attack a zone, a man-to-man, a half-court trap or a full-court press.
On defense: no clue, period.
On the boards: no clue how to box out.
And the worst thing I saw last night? Zero effort.
Apart from that, this is a great team.
Haith needs to join Shammin'. Another disgrace to the profession of coaching.

Is the only reason you Haith haters say he needs to join Shannon is because he's black? A lot of race-haters on here. U of M needs to have this as the following so as to make it a lot more truthful to potential students/recruits:Warning: "Fire African-American coaches at will. White coaches do what they want. No Black Students need expect fairness from U of M." Harsh, but would be a lot more truthful.

michelle502- go take that kind of post somewhere else. Why is it that anytime you post on this site its always the same thing? Take your race war over to the Gators site where it belongs and not over here trying to start trouble you uneducated beyatch

If Haith and Shannon held a Coaching Clinic, how many peoples would show up ?

unorganized chaos. this team just plays like its street ball under haith. i feel like im watching football again. alot of talent. zero coaching.

CB latwan anderson officially no longer part of #UM program as football player or track athlete

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