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Do Canes have surprises on tap for Signing Day?

Nobody ever wants to ruin a good surprise. So, its hard to blame Anthony Chickillo when he says he doesn't "want to be THAT GUY!" either.

Anthony Chickillo The Hurricanes' top recruit in the 2011 football class has been a busy worker bee for coach Al Golden since reaffirming his commitment over a weekend visit. His goal: recruit more monsters to Miami.

"I've be calling guys, texting them, sending them messages on Facebook," said Chickillo, the MVP of the Under Armour All-American Game.

"Recruiting is a tough job. I want to build a good class. My goal is to bring a sixth national championship team to Miami. I'm telling you there are going to be a couple surprises, guys who have committed but will announce later. I just don't want to spoil it for them."

Chickillo said he's spent a lot of time talking to quarterback targets Jake Rudock of St. Thomas Aquinas (who informed UM coaches he will stick with Iowa late Monday night) and Palm Beach Dwyer's Jacoby Brissett. "I have a feeling we're going to get one of those guys," Chickillo said. "I've talked to Jacoby a few times."

Others Chickillo said he feels UM has a real shot at: Booker T. Washington defensive tackle Elkino Watson, Junipero Serra (Calif.) safety Marqise Lee and Las Vegas Bishop Gorman defensive lineman Jalen Grimble.

UM, which has 12 players who have publicly said they're committed to the Canes, is likely to land Los Angeles Harbor City Community College's Byron Moore, whose friend from California (a fellow visitor to UM this weekend) told InsideTheU on Sunday he has picked the Canes over Tennessee. Moore hasn't come out and said it himself yet -- so don't officially count him as a commitment yet.

So, who could other potential silent commitments be? I guess we'll find out a week from Wednesday.

> Chickillo, by the way, said he is planning to have his National Signing Day event down here in South Florida, possibly at the Titanic restaurant near UM.

> As for Grimble, a 6-3, 255-pound five-star linemen and USC commitment, his visit to UM this weekend wasn't only a surprise to UM fans -- but his high school coach, too. Bishop Gorman coach Tony Sanchez said he "had no idea Miami was bringing him down."

"I talked to him today a little bit about the whole situation," Sanchez said. "Their coaches haven't contacted me at all. It seems like things with USC have changed a bit with him. Miami definitely has a shot. I don't believe he's going to visit USC this coming week. For me, his trip to Miami speaks for itself. But you'll have to ask him what he's going to do. I don't want to speak for him."

Sanchez said Grimble will probably make his final announcement on National Signing Day. Grimble's cousin, Xavier, was a freshman tight end at USC last season. He was the No. 1 high school tight end in the country last year according to Rivals. He didn't catch a pass this past season.

Could he eventually end up heading to UM, too? That's just pure speculation right now. UM national recruiting coordinator Brennan Carroll, however, did recruit Xavier Grimble to USC before being let-go by Lane Kiffin.

Sanchez said Jalen Grimble had a basketball game Monday night. He couldn't be reached for comment.

> Orlando Lake Nona quarterback Kevin Sousa will likely make his announcement by the wekend according to his position coach Anthony Paradiso. But first he will host the offensive coordinators from South Florida, Wake Forest and UM. Paradiso said UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch told him he would visit either Tuesday or Wednesday. Wake Forest's coaches come in on Wednesday.

"Kevin is going to ask a lot of questions, like how they can help him and get him better," Paradiso said. "I think his mind is made up about what he likes about certain schools. Every school has a little bit of something of what he wants in his future and what his goals are. He's excited about Coach Fisch and what he said.

"Ultimately, I know Miami would like to bring in two quarterbacks. They're goal is to take two. If they can get a real quality one or a transfer, they'll do that. The two kids they told me they've offered were Brissett and Sousa."

> South Broward running back Kevin Grooms didn't end up taking his official visit to Virginia Tech this past weekend according to coach Allen Held. Hokies coaches came down and tried to make a push for him to follow through, but Held said Grooms is fully committed to UM.

"Unless he did it without me knowing, I'm 99 percent sure he was here this weekend," Held said.

> Don't forget to watch former Canes Colin McCarthy, Allen Bailey, DeMarcus Van Dyke and Leonard Hankerson at the Senior Bowl this week.

> When the Hurricanes face Georgia Tech over the next four years, they can expect to face an angry and hungry Nick Menocal. The former Canes' commitment, who switched to Georgia Tech over the weekend, expressed his frustrations to ESPN about UM's new coaching staff.

"After coach Shannon got fired I was still very solid," Menocal told ESPN. "But last week I received a call from Coach [Micheal] Barrow and he told me that after re-evaluating my film they didn't think I would be a fit on the defensive side of the ball."

Menocal, a 6-2, 235-pound outside linebacker from Miami Belen, said that the Hurricanes wanted to honor his scholarship offer and move him to the offensive side of the ball, most likely as a fullback. At that point, though, Menocal began to reassess his standing with the program.

"I told them how I felt, I didn't feel like I was wanted to be honest," Menocal said. "None of the coaches ever came to my school or my house to speak to me.

"I went to Miami on an unofficial visit about the first weekend coach [Al] Golden was there and met with him, but there wasn't any real communication after that. No phone calls or anything, they pretty much abandoned me."


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I love the fact that the U is reestablishing CA pipeline ...It would be great to pick up a few players from CA and AR. Carroll was a great hire for Golden. I cannot wait for the next year's recruiting class.

sorry to hear about Nick Menocal. I guess he didn't fit the scheme. Casualties of war. I can't really blame him for switching it up. The 'ol bait n' switch!

I thought we want kids that want to be at the u? Oh, just not white linebackers from small private schools. That's why coach talk will always be bull***t do same guys dat jump on here scream we don't want u if don't want to be here or say how come randy didn't recruit a kid that want to be here? Well I can predict that u guys will say dat al saw potential in him at fullback. I guess the same feeling when south Carolina said let's just ignore the central kid we so called stole. I truly thought we needed all the lbs we can get. Let's c what happens next week. I support my school, just not the hypocrite talk.

U don't kno da english language.

Is he wrong Miami Moe? It's a shame they weren't honest w/this young man. Good look to the fella.

Menocal is a beast on film. They must know another Linebacker will commit that they feel is better.

dont know why, but i have a feeling we land jadeveon clowney or ray drew... storm johnson came out of nowhere last year, why not them this year? if were in for surprizes, might as well dream big.

You mean we have Miami coaches that are being picky?? That brought in the most talent to this school in years on a visit last weekend. You mean these coaches are watching film with a plan??
Your right, how dare them. Is Randy still available? LMAO

All the best young man - but we need to focus on who is coming vs who is not. Again, only better and better news still to come. Can't wait.

I am looking at the speed of the DEs that U is recruiting and see some of them ending up at OLB. If they can learn pass coverage, they won't be starters until 2013 but will be monsters at OLB.

good luck to Menocal.
I know da U- As I said to you before, you don't know squat. Menocal is hispanic. He ain't white. What are you saying? See, youcome here with that black racist junk, youaint no better than the rednk gators who sprew theirs. Simmer down with that.

Ther has to be a reason why the coaches got cool on Menocal (scheme, current commits, etc).

But we need QBs QBs QBs

Welcome back Coach Kehoe, Christmas really does come in January.
I'm certainly glad to see the Canes finally realize that Menocal is not the LB that he thought he was, it was nice for UM to say they would honor the scholarship offer, just not at LB, I'm glad he tucked his tail, and ego, between his legs and has decided to go go GT.

Posted by: I know da U:

Hate your race? You pseudo-ghetto speak clown.

Menocal shouldnt be mad. His schollie was honored. Thats what happens when a new coach takes over. Same thing could happen at GT. At least miami was honest. GT could be telling him stories.

How bout dem canes!!!

Ummm last time I checked there are white and non-white Hispanics. Just sayin. Good luck to the kid.

Whats Menocals problem?

Miami was honoring his schoilie. They were honest & told him upfront they were going to have him switch positions.

That happens all the time, in fact when Miami began its rise to power kids were recruited for their athletic potential & put where-ever the team had a need.

If Menocal was really a Cane & his dream was to attend the U, he would have no problem playing where he would most help the team & where coaches saw the best fit for him.

His stats don't compare to Perrymans who played much tougher 6A competition than Menocal who played at the 3A level. In fact the coaches were probably doiing him a favor. Instead of being a career back-up and special teams player, Menocal might have had a chance to be a 3-4 yrs. starter as a full back.

So stop whinning & feel lucky someone is paying for your educaiton.

I am not a racist. My favorite cane of all time is Jim Kelly. My second favorite is a skinny kid name dorsey. I didn't kno nick was from Hispanic origin. So sorry for any mix up.

The question I was raising, how come the kid got ignored? Denzel was coming here regardless of what other lb was coming. I thought we wanted kids dat want to be at the u. The same guys that get on here and say how come randy didn't offer schollys to local kids that want to be here are now the same ones that are saying the kid should be happy just to be offered a scholly. Y?

Coach Golden Just Reunited the Canes Nation: CanesPort.com

Al Golden just sent Canes Nation into orbit with his hiring of Art Kehoe as offensive line coach. Former players and Kehoe's former UM coach, Howard Schnellenberger, are ecstatic because Mr. Hurricanes Football is coming back home.

"Great idea," Schnellenberger told CaneSport.com Monday night. "Art is the only guy who knows the university top to bottom. He's loved by all his players and alumni and friends and will go long way to stabilizing the program."

Kehoe played on Schnellenberger's first two Hurricane teams (1979-80) and was a key member of the first UM team in 13 years to go to a bowl game, the Peach in 1980.

"He was captain of my team, a junior college transfer who had two years to play," said Schnellenberger, who is head coach at Florida Atlantic University. "He started at left guard two years, and he was a winning player. He was only 5-10 and 235 pounds soaking wet, and he was just what we needed at that time. He helped us win that Peach Bowl."

Leon Searcy, an All-American tackle who played for Kehoe on the 1989 and 91 national championship teams, echoed Schnellenberger.

"Great news," he said. "Longtime overdue. He shouldn't have been fired in the first place. He was made a scapegoat by a certain contingent.

"Look at his resume, look at all the All-Americans. I'm glad he's coming back home."

Another former Kehoe protege who played on three national championship teams, Dr. Claude Jones, added: "When I heard the news, it just made me so excited. You talk about a guy when you're looking for the model of trust, loyalty, great coaching, great recruiting, and on top of that just a very, very special person and someone who epitomizes what a coach at UM should be. The years of experience he put in there, and things guys walk away with that you take with you the rest of your life, how to get through the rest of life. I know I can always talk to him, if I have any issues with anything we can sit down. For him to come back is a great thing for the university, what he brings to the table."

Jones has such respect for Kehoe that he encouraged the Canes' new head coach to hire him.

"I talked to Art yesterday and he was telling me how important it was to him to be able to come back to UM," said Jones, who is an internal medicine physician. "He thought it would be one of greatest joys to come back. I told him I'd do whatever I could to make sure that happens. I called Al Golden this morning and told him what I told you, about the loyalty and trust and a guy who was in the program 25 years and is going to make players accountable. I can go on and on about him. I don't have a bad thing to say about Art and never well. Even after he left UM he still kept in touch with us. A lot coaches leave and don't, but that didn't happen with Art. Every conversation I have with him is about UM and how he misses UM."

All-American center K.C. Jones (1993-96) added: "What great news, huh? I think everybody had the hope that this could possibly come together. When Stoutland took the job at Alabama I thought what a great opportunity if they could bring back coach Kehoe. They made the effort. That was the toughest thing to do, to get him in the interview process. Once he sits down it's hard to deny his passion.

"Coach Golden has put together a great staff and this completes this side of the ball. Art's got the history behind him and the love for the game. On top of that he's a great offensive line coach. It's great for me to know these kids at UM are going to have a similar experience that I did. My experience at UM was second to none and coach Kehoe was a huge reason I went to UM and stayed and had a successful NFL career. This is a tribute to coach Golden's vision. I haven't met the guy but seeing how he is operating with recruiting and the staff and the message to the fan base and current and former players, everything is moving in the right direction and quickly. It feels right to know coach Kehoe is back at university."

Kehoe's ex-teammate Don Bailey also lauded Golden for bringing back the only UM coach who has five national championship rings.

"I don't think I could have a bigger smile on my face," said Bailey, who is the analyst on the Hurricanes Radio Network. "It's really outstanding. I really commend coach Golden for doing his research and finding the right guy. Coach Golden just united Canes Nation. That's the bottom line. He gets it. He sees it.

"The hiring of Art Kehoe will unite this entire program. It shows me that Al Golden understands the importance of not only Art Kehoe the coach but Art Kehoe the person and Art Kehoe the tradition.

"It's phenomenal, it's crazy. Art's like a cult hero and he's a helluva coach. Just look at the records when he was here versus the time that he wasn't. And I commend coach Fisch, the offensive coordinator, for seeing it.

"Art ties this whole thing together. Over the last 30 years there probably has not been a school that Art has not been to or a hand not shaken. He's the guy that can open the doors and make all the things that need to happen, happen. And he's a great person. We love him. He's home. This is a great matchup."

Former UM running backs coach Don Soldinger said of the hiring of Kehoe that "I think it's phenomenal, I don't think he ever should have been let go. You say one guy is Mr. UM it's Art Kehoe. He's in Iron Arrow, the Sports Hall of Fame, five national championship rings. I don't know what the reason was but he shouldn't have been let go.

"I think what coach Golden is doing is really good. He says the right thing, seems like a really sharp guy.

"You can read about what went on at UM from the early '80s to now, but there's nothing like having a sports encyclopedia for the UM and that's kind of what he is. If coach Golden wants to know about the tradition and all the history he just hired it. He's a guy who experienced it all. Art deserves coming back. It's a great move by coach Golden."

Soldinger said he talked to Kehoe by phone Monday night.

"I just told him, `You got bounced around but you're back and right where you should be.' It's a great move for coach Golden. I think it will attract a lot of people back to UM, the old-time guys who are true Canes.

"He drove in [to Miami] last night and went straight to hotel and said he was going to get up and take test and go out and recruit. That's Art. I think it's new beginning for Art and the program."

Just think, Jeff Stoutland was the good soldier, the Hurricanes' offensive line coach the past four years who was retained on the staff after Randy Shannon was fired and was named interim head coach for the Sun Bowl.

Golden kept him on his new staff, but Stoutland surprisingly left for Alabama and, lo, a blast from the past, a good soldier with a much longer resume, suddenly was a candidate to replace Stoutland.

"Look at that championship mentality," Jones said of Kehoe. "He's a guy who bleeds green and orange. And I know he is just as ecstatic. I don't think an NFL job would have been good enough for him.

"Ever since I stepped on the UM campus, he took me on and showed me how to be a good player, how to carry myself with class as a representative of the university wherever I'm at. That's one of the most important things. Probably a lot of young guys don't see it now, but you see it when you're older and come back. It shows you that family atmosphere and how we are involved with the program. Art understands how alumni can be an important piece as far as information for recruiting."

Jones said he couldn't understand why Kehoe was dismissed by Larry Coker when several staff members were purged after a crushing loss to LSU in the 2005 Peach Bowl.

"I know it really hurt him," Jones said. "Just to listen to him speak, it was devastating for him. I felt for him. If he'd stayed through the Coker regime he'd have been the next head coach.

"This is great for the Canes Nation. It's going to be a be great season. Coach Golden has put together a solid foundation. I'm excited. I want see first game now."

Searcy also kept in touch with Kehoe when the coach moved on to Ole Miss and the UFL team in Sacramento.

"He has been a good friend," Searcy said. "I call him for advice, and we exchange advice. I talked to him yesterday when I was at a sports bar with Claude and told us he might get this job and we were excited for him. What he talked about was, `Let's right this ship.' He was passionate about it.

"As former players we are excited about it. Most of the stories I hear about coach Al Golden is that he wants people to be accountable for everything they do. That was Art Kehoe's mainstay. He would hold people accountable. UM had become real country club. These guys felt they had the rights of passage and didn't have to put in the time to be great."

Asked what the hiring does for the program, Searcy said, "Don't get me wrong, I like Randy Shannon and what he did for UM. He did what he was asked. The one thing that was missing at UM was that old school feeling. We've got to get Miami back to prominence and winning national championships, get guys who know what it means to be a Hurricane and make sure we remain on map. He brings that old-school mentality.

"I'm sure I'll get a call from Art and he'll ask me to sit in on meetings or come out to practice and talk about pass protection or whatever. For some reason I don't think that was an open door policy in the Shannon era. So I'm glad that open door policy is here. He'll help kids understand what it means to be a Miami Hurricane."

When asked to give his best Art Kehoe story, Bailey chuckled and said, "What's the best scene in The Wizard of Oz, or Gone With the Wind? It's a classic.

"I hope the best story is yet to come. There are too many stories to tell, too much that's gone on. I looking forward to filling up the other hand with rings. My story is Art won five championships with four different coaches. I'd like to see him have six with five coaches. Let's start on the second hand, man. Al Golden just made it a family again."

Gotta love how UM's Coaches are recruiting... Telling kids they want them to play FB so they decommit... UM can't keep it real... Just tell the kid you don't want him period. Meanwhile up in Tallahassee, Jimbo Fisher has the #1 class in the nation coming in. Know why? He is not classless.

First off, Welcome Home Coach Kehoe !!! I believe that Miami gets 1 QB in this recruiting class. If we get 2 then great but it was too far along in the recruiting year to pick up 2. I'm all for surprizes on NSD but I'm happy with the class we are bringing in. These kids all seem like the U was in their hearts all along. I hope we do pick up E.Watson. Go Canes !! Bring it Home !!

Therein lies the problem, a big fish in high school, thinking he calls the shots at the U. Could you have imagined Howard or Jimmy having a high school kid telling them where they were going to play ? With the previous coaching staff it did look like "the inmates running the asylum." With the new staff they did the honorable thing and were going to honor his commitment, but put him where they think he could best help the team. It's about time that we have a coaching staff that shows leadership again.

What about this highly-ranked pro-style QB that just left Michigan? Tate Forcier?

I am not a racist. My favorite cane of all time is Jim Kelly. My second favorite is a skinny kid name dorsey. I didn't kno nick was from Hispanic origin. So sorry for any mix up.

The question I was raising, how come the kid got ignored? Denzel was coming here regardless of what other lb was coming. I thought we wanted kids dat want to be at the u. The same guys that get on here and say how come randy didn't offer schollys to local kids that want to be here are now the same ones that are saying the kid should be happy just to be offered a scholly. Y?

Posted by: i kno da u | January 25, 2011 at 08:44 AM


So, in your view it would have been better for Coaches Barrow and Golden to lie to the kid and once he was signed then they tell him he is going to be converted to offense?

It saddens me that a kid that wanted to be a partof the Canes tradition opted out based on the plans they had for him. And it cleary disappointed the kid--in the long run it was best for the player and the "U".

The bottom line? Some will always dig around and invent a reason to attack and belittle. Congratulations to Coaches Golden and Barrow for demonstrating ethics and compassion for all to see, but apparently one person.

Jimbo is on the rise, but wait till they have 6 losses next season. FSU is up and down. Time to go down again

I don't like coaches that lie. Barrow basically told the kid to play rollback or nothing. Golden ignored the kid. If u are being recruited by other major d1 programs, u would be insulted. Grooms will not play rb here at Miami no time soon, but we have him coming in as a rb before most likely being shipped out to corner. Why didn't they give him that same chance? Because telling him rollback would turn the kid off to go somewhere else. Marshall faulk didn't come here because somebody saw him as a db, not rb.

MENOCAL: You either play for Miami or get beat by Miami. You chose the latter. See ya next year. Welcome home Kehoe! Canes Ballin

Good luck to Menocal. GT will make you fell at home. Go Canes !

Blah, blah, blah. Happens everywhere and all the time. Clinton Portia would have gone to Florida but they wanted him to be a DB. Jime Kelly would have gone to Penn State but they wanted him to be an LB.

I know da U and Magic, you are children. I know da U, you are an illiterate child

Look up Alonzo Highsmith. Regarded as one of the greatest Canes of all time, he came in as a DE, was switched to FB and the rest is history.

Damn, some people are so dumb.

Doesn't happen enough,where good things happen to good people. Welcome home Coach Kehoe

I feel bad for Menocal because he had stayed committed to the program. Good luck at GT.

Golden really knows how to push certain buttons with the fans. Brining Kehoe back is genius on his part.

I don't like coaches that lie. Barrow basically told the kid to play rollback or nothing. Golden ignored the kid. If u are being recruited by other major d1 programs, u would be insulted. Grooms will not play rb here at Miami no time soon, but we have him coming in as a rb before most likely being shipped out to corner. Why didn't they give him that same chance? Because telling him rollback would turn the kid off to go somewhere else. Marshall faulk didn't come here because somebody saw him as a db, not rb.

Posted by: i kno da u | January 25, 2011 at 09:20 AM


Okay! I get it now...you just talk in gibberish. You have zero idea as to what REALLY transpired between Menocal and the new UM coaching staff, only what you read on blogs and twist around to help with your attack.

Just like the Grooms comments...you just make BS up and run with it.

By the way you are not fooling anybody...get a life!

Thanks Manny...now I'm going to be up all night worrying about facing an angry and hungry Nick Menocal in a few years (please read sarcastically). Nick should be worried about trying to tackle Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson in a few years.

is the dumb Pig up to his Pig tricks. Hey, Pig, you are a joke. Just like what you have in your pants.


6A, 3A who cares. Aaron Lynch played for a 2-3A team and look how he did at the Army All American game. Sammy Watkins and FDallas Craweford (3A) will still be studs at the next level!St Thomas (5A) would destroy both central and Miami NW (6A). Recall how Pahokee (1-2A) used to play against 5A teams and beat them.

Menocal: Youre good. But we want real canes. They could have found a position for you. bad decision to decommit. Good luck at Tech anyway.

Nick Menocal would have been wise to look at DJ Williams....he was the #1 LB in the country out of Cali and came to the U and they switched him to FB where he was needed. He eventually did play LB and is still playing LB in the NFL......lesson is you play where you are needed no matter what and good things will happen for you for being a team player.

Manny and Susan
Great article! It really helps clear up some things and puts them in perspective.
Also, the hiring og Kehoe will renuite the Cane Nation and really help with recruiting.
Anthony Chickillo is a true cane and is doing a great job talking to other potential recruits! He is a leader!
Thanks again for all you do for the Canes!

Agree with Go canes. Dj is the prime example of why you come to NFL-U.

I'd like to extend my congrats to Sam Shields. Two ints in teh NFC ch baby! Way to represent. Got to feel good for the kid.

Golden to visit Brisset this evening


On a positive note, welcome back arty! He will do wonders with linder, Washington, and Henderson. Can't wait to see the true toughness of this program back. Too many softies.

Fans are so blind but passionate. Gotta love it. Golden is tearing it up on the recruiting trail. I hope we finish strong. I just like to be fair regardless of what side I'm on.

What are we going to do with the qb situation?

Coach Golden is putting together a very solid and dynamic football program for the U. Bringing Coach Kehoe back is great news all around! Note also Tom Meahn as director of football ops. The guy is a dynamic organizer with a central role in recruiting. Coach Golden is a gem for UM and a true leader.

(Oh by the way, 13 players from the MAC in the Super Bowl).

I think we will see a very different attitude on the field next year. And it is going to be good. Good gains in recruiting, and Chickillo is a real score. The kid has great heart for the U. His career should be very bright and I welcome him!

This is gonna be fun, my friends! Go Canes!

Let's wish hankerson and the rest of the boys luck at the senior bowl

Nick Menocal, God bless him, is a Belen Jesuit Wolverine. A program that has improved dramatically, but is not a major high school program in Miami. It is AA. Menocal is a raw athlete. But, Belen does not produce college talent. Our best high school athletes have generally gone to academic institutions. If you recall, menocal also committed on an unofficial visit and barely spoke to the Canes coaches. And on tape, Menocal is a raw football player that needs significant development. For all his strength, he arm tackles and lacks awareness. The guy is just a physical specimen that played against lesser talent, but got whooped by Columbus. The d1 schools that are recruiting him all have good academic ratings and are not national title contenders.

I for one just hope that some of you fans buy tics this year.I am tired of going to games where we are outnumbered by the opposing teams fans. I'll be there 6 rows up at the 30.

Ray Drew may be a licensed minister, but he’s having a devil of a good time keeping people guessing about his impending college decision. The 5-star defensive end is going to unveil his choice on Friday morning in the gym at Thomas County Central High School. Which team he will choose, well, everybody thinks they know but nobody really does.

Publicly Drew likes to throw out hints that he’s headed to Auburn, such as the text he sent me Sunday night that read “WDE” (that’s “War Damn Eagle,” as in the Auburn battle cry, for the un-indoctrinated). But Georgia fans insist Drew is so overly outspoken about the Tigers that it has to mean it’s a smokescreen for his real intention, which is to become part of the Bulldogs’ Dream Team. But then Drew will throw up a Facebook status that confuses the issue even more, such as the one he posted late Monday evening.

“There will be a huge surprise on Friday . . . no Auburn, no Georgia, no LSU . . . time to shock the world baby!,” he wrote.

Based on our conversation earlier Monday night, that would mean he’s picking Miami. Drew told me then that his four final choices on Friday will be Auburn, Georgia, LSU and Miami (he eliminated Clemson after his official visit there this past weekend). But, again, can we buy that he’d offer such an obvious hint four days before his supposed big reveal? Should we believe that he’d choose Florida or Tennessee or USC, some of the schools he talked about late into the process but never actually visited?

Here’s what we do know: Drew’s announcement is tentatively scheduled for sometime in the 9-9:30 a.m. block at his high school. Drew said he hasn’t decided yet what he’ll do or exactly what hats he might choose from or if he’ll choose hats at all. Details are still being worked out but he wants the entire student body and faculty to come out for the announcement. I plan to be there, too, assuming I’ll be able to find a seat.

2. Speaking of Drew, No. 2 in the AJC Fab 50, and his invitation to join UGA’s “Dream Team,” I informed him of the AJC’s No. 9 player, Xzavier Ward, committing to the Bulldogs on Monday. You may have read part of his reply on Twitter. Here it is in full:

“Hmmm. I’m proud for him. I’m glad he found out where he wanted to be. I’m sure he made the best decision for him and his family. Now I’m looking forward to going against him one Saturday.”

If any potential recruits are reading this... just look at the All-Pro team just announced. At least 3 Canes on it. Look at the NFC championship game.... who had 2 interceptions for the Packers? Another recent Cane Sam Shields... You too can be like them and take advantage of the all-year weather to build your skills and get a good education!

From the mouths of sports writers from SI regarding the first day of practice for the Senior Bowl: "Leonard Hankerson proved to be a handful for whomever attempted to cover him. He continually created separation and beat multiple cornerbacks deep to make the downfield catch. Hankerson did not drop a pass all day and made several difficult receptions in practice". Moving up to the first round? Lets hope the "U" gets back to its first round dominance. Harris, Hankerson and maybe Bailey. Even though some reports indicate Bailey has slipped to the second round.

Drew will not be a Cane. Don't get your hopes up.

Nick menocal = anthony chickollo on film to Backspace

Maybe Drew won't be a Cane, but the fact that this coaching staff has the Canes in the final 5 of many top recruits says something. It also says something that Gatard Trash, USA is nowhere to be found among those to recruits.

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