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Do Canes have surprises on tap for Signing Day?

Nobody ever wants to ruin a good surprise. So, its hard to blame Anthony Chickillo when he says he doesn't "want to be THAT GUY!" either.

Anthony Chickillo The Hurricanes' top recruit in the 2011 football class has been a busy worker bee for coach Al Golden since reaffirming his commitment over a weekend visit. His goal: recruit more monsters to Miami.

"I've be calling guys, texting them, sending them messages on Facebook," said Chickillo, the MVP of the Under Armour All-American Game.

"Recruiting is a tough job. I want to build a good class. My goal is to bring a sixth national championship team to Miami. I'm telling you there are going to be a couple surprises, guys who have committed but will announce later. I just don't want to spoil it for them."

Chickillo said he's spent a lot of time talking to quarterback targets Jake Rudock of St. Thomas Aquinas (who informed UM coaches he will stick with Iowa late Monday night) and Palm Beach Dwyer's Jacoby Brissett. "I have a feeling we're going to get one of those guys," Chickillo said. "I've talked to Jacoby a few times."

Others Chickillo said he feels UM has a real shot at: Booker T. Washington defensive tackle Elkino Watson, Junipero Serra (Calif.) safety Marqise Lee and Las Vegas Bishop Gorman defensive lineman Jalen Grimble.

UM, which has 12 players who have publicly said they're committed to the Canes, is likely to land Los Angeles Harbor City Community College's Byron Moore, whose friend from California (a fellow visitor to UM this weekend) told InsideTheU on Sunday he has picked the Canes over Tennessee. Moore hasn't come out and said it himself yet -- so don't officially count him as a commitment yet.

So, who could other potential silent commitments be? I guess we'll find out a week from Wednesday.

> Chickillo, by the way, said he is planning to have his National Signing Day event down here in South Florida, possibly at the Titanic restaurant near UM.

> As for Grimble, a 6-3, 255-pound five-star linemen and USC commitment, his visit to UM this weekend wasn't only a surprise to UM fans -- but his high school coach, too. Bishop Gorman coach Tony Sanchez said he "had no idea Miami was bringing him down."

"I talked to him today a little bit about the whole situation," Sanchez said. "Their coaches haven't contacted me at all. It seems like things with USC have changed a bit with him. Miami definitely has a shot. I don't believe he's going to visit USC this coming week. For me, his trip to Miami speaks for itself. But you'll have to ask him what he's going to do. I don't want to speak for him."

Sanchez said Grimble will probably make his final announcement on National Signing Day. Grimble's cousin, Xavier, was a freshman tight end at USC last season. He was the No. 1 high school tight end in the country last year according to Rivals. He didn't catch a pass this past season.

Could he eventually end up heading to UM, too? That's just pure speculation right now. UM national recruiting coordinator Brennan Carroll, however, did recruit Xavier Grimble to USC before being let-go by Lane Kiffin.

Sanchez said Jalen Grimble had a basketball game Monday night. He couldn't be reached for comment.

> Orlando Lake Nona quarterback Kevin Sousa will likely make his announcement by the wekend according to his position coach Anthony Paradiso. But first he will host the offensive coordinators from South Florida, Wake Forest and UM. Paradiso said UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch told him he would visit either Tuesday or Wednesday. Wake Forest's coaches come in on Wednesday.

"Kevin is going to ask a lot of questions, like how they can help him and get him better," Paradiso said. "I think his mind is made up about what he likes about certain schools. Every school has a little bit of something of what he wants in his future and what his goals are. He's excited about Coach Fisch and what he said.

"Ultimately, I know Miami would like to bring in two quarterbacks. They're goal is to take two. If they can get a real quality one or a transfer, they'll do that. The two kids they told me they've offered were Brissett and Sousa."

> South Broward running back Kevin Grooms didn't end up taking his official visit to Virginia Tech this past weekend according to coach Allen Held. Hokies coaches came down and tried to make a push for him to follow through, but Held said Grooms is fully committed to UM.

"Unless he did it without me knowing, I'm 99 percent sure he was here this weekend," Held said.

> Don't forget to watch former Canes Colin McCarthy, Allen Bailey, DeMarcus Van Dyke and Leonard Hankerson at the Senior Bowl this week.

> When the Hurricanes face Georgia Tech over the next four years, they can expect to face an angry and hungry Nick Menocal. The former Canes' commitment, who switched to Georgia Tech over the weekend, expressed his frustrations to ESPN about UM's new coaching staff.

"After coach Shannon got fired I was still very solid," Menocal told ESPN. "But last week I received a call from Coach [Micheal] Barrow and he told me that after re-evaluating my film they didn't think I would be a fit on the defensive side of the ball."

Menocal, a 6-2, 235-pound outside linebacker from Miami Belen, said that the Hurricanes wanted to honor his scholarship offer and move him to the offensive side of the ball, most likely as a fullback. At that point, though, Menocal began to reassess his standing with the program.

"I told them how I felt, I didn't feel like I was wanted to be honest," Menocal said. "None of the coaches ever came to my school or my house to speak to me.

"I went to Miami on an unofficial visit about the first weekend coach [Al] Golden was there and met with him, but there wasn't any real communication after that. No phone calls or anything, they pretty much abandoned me."


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Then you've never seen film of either backspace. Those weren't scrubs Chick was dominating at the UA AA game. Those were his peers that are all going to D1 programs he was dominating.

Fate is strange. Cortez Kennedy rode the bench most of his first year, as he was a transfer from JC. He waited and things turned out OK, a hall of famer. This Nick kid should be lucky U was willing in the first place. That's our weak spot, the last thing we need is a know-it-all.

Well it seems the racist blogger has gone silent. He is scared because this is going to be our 6th NC in 2011. Hundreds of fans will be chanting "Number 6" in the professional stadium, Sun Life not like the dumpster Ben Hill. Al Golden has put together the best staff and recruits ever.

Go canes!
Go 6th NC in 2011.

we need QB badly, I hope that we land Jacob out of WestPalm Dywer, It will be a good fit for the program.


Randy brought in enough tweener players last year and Menocal would of been more of the same. How many players have dump us after verballing in the last 5 years? We didn't dump him. Our fault was being truthful. Move to F-Back. Uh, No thanks! You didn't show many any love and I felt not wanted. What a flipping cry baby. They were handing you a 4 year ride and you didn't feel wanted. Everyone should have your problem. Go play for those losers.

Alot of cane fans remind me of kirk herbstreit wishy washy I hate some of yall and dont know yall let the canes take the field and win before yall crown golden and chickollo champs damn he did not win any titles at temple dummies and chickollo didnt win in highscool so just relax till the season starts and we see results they could go 0- 10 then what ... Fire kirby and donna

being honest with Menocal was the right thing to do. his ego may be bruised but in the long run both he and his family will appreciate the honesty of the present coaching staff. you are either a cane or you get beat by one. there is a different atmosphere in coral gables

Go head and say backspace is a gator a nole no im a cane and action speaks louder than words !!!!

backspace, you back as-wards fella, Its Chikillo. At least get his last name correct!

Arrington Jenkins of Coralpark, an OLB, is talking smack now that he committed to FS-who. He's talking to EsPN.com talk about " I'm tired of hearing about the U. I'm going to spend the next 4 yrs putting them ion the ground".

Son, you ain't nothing to be talking smack here. Your slo-aaa is going to be chasing Storm Johnson and Lamar Miller with your tongue hanging out. Good Go to Tallahassee. 2 National Championships and Miami's perennial beee--onothc. that's what you will be over there. Along withall the rednks

And another note what if we win the national title next year would yall say al golden did it with randy shannons players like yall did coker nope yall would say that I bet my last dolla r on that golden hasnt done nothing on the field coker did win im just saying

there's a difference backspace, when butch left, he was winning...so coker inherited a winning program... on the rise.... golden is getting a program going a different direction.... so if golden wins, there will be more credit given to golden than to shannon... just sayin'

The golden era actully its chickillo so you get his name right to clown!!!! Lol and im not a fan of his so who cares chickollo and made a play here yet but in all honesty I hope he makes me eat my words and if he does I will praise him like everybodys doing now but until then I think ed reed deserves my praise he came back his senior yeat and got us a championship when he could have went pro!!!!!!! Yours truly BACKSPACE

And ed was a leader what were really missing now at the u a true captain

from eye witness account. nick menocal is terrible. thank god da u unloaded this clown. what a cry baby he is by complaining to the media, trying to smear coach golden. he is probably the softest kid in the state of florida. his mommy would make a better linebacker.

Backspace just as we are praising him before he touches the field, you are ripping the kid before he touches the field and then comparing him to Ed Reed. Who has already played and done something. You are not even giving the kid a shot. Chill out dude you are acting like he boned your wife or something.

Ray Drew,
Come on down. You have the right spirit to make the Canes a stronger team going forward!
Hope you choose UM on Friday!
Go Canes!

This idiot is talking about how FSU has the #1 recruiting class in all the NCAA...that means NOTHING....NOTHING AT ALL!

For many years, Notre Dame had the same thing -the top recruiting class in the nation, and they didn't win a thing....people put too much stock into these "so-called" experts, when in reality, no one knows for sure how a class is going to do from HIGH SCHOOL to COLLEGE!!
Example: UM's "great" recruiting class under Randy Shannon....except for a few select players, as a unit, they stunk up the place!!

So, I wouldn't put too much stock into that five-star, four-star BULL....for years UM had "middle of the road" recruiting classes, according to the so-called experts, yet won national championships with those same classes!!

The difference will be that Golden made Shannon's players good. Golden is light years better than Shannon ever will be as a Head Coach. Heck D'nofrio is a better defensive coordinator than Shannon for that matter.

Canes picked upped a real gamer in Rashawn Scott. This kid has some speed and moves tempered with a great attitude. A real good pickup!

Talk is cheap cane clucks. November wins are HARD!

MIAMI OF OHIO took golden behind the woodshed.


championships is all that matters golden is better than shannon how he hasnt won a game at the u and dnofrio a better dc how randy shannon has a nc as a dc dnofrio doesnt even have a mac championship as a dc wow im done with these blogs lmao

caneman69- Wheres Scott from?

Backspace? Wow. You need some education, son. Reading your posts is torture. Like a 4 year old. Horrible.

Go take some English night classes.

Melbourne Central Catholic.

I feel sorry for Menocal. Perryman played in a district weaker than a 90 year man bladder. Sharpton was faster, smarter and stronger. Good luck on taking the prom king.

What does everyone think about Tate Forcier?

Eat sh@t Pig. You need a long painful death, Pig.

But you have been silent like the coward you are.

curse of the pig come give me some im waiting matter of fact ill come to you. so u can meet backspace in person chump

Nick Menocal is a good kid with a great family,wish him well at Georgia Tech.

Backspace, do U not have the capability to type a complete sentence. Your posts look like a crack head's with a 3rd grade education.
As far as the Golden being better than Shannon question(s) U have, I will gladly explain it to U so that perhaps U can understand. If U can't understand it then U may want to seek a tutor or someone that can break this down into dipsh!t language your brain cell may be able to understand.

Shannon as a defensive coordinator ran off of the fumes and players that Greg Schiano coached up before he left. Do you remember how Louisville carved us up with Stefon LeFlores on that Thursday nite game and SHannon never made any adjustments. Thanks to our overall team talent luckily we prevailed that night. Then LSU sliced and diced SHannon's defense to the tune of 40 points in the Peach Bowl game. Once again no adjustments. D'nofrio built Temple's defense from nothing into a top 20 defense while Shannon had a top 5 defense with supeior athletes in place and which went from being feared to being one that ends up getting 40 points put on him.

Now Golden being a better head coach than Shannon. Pllleeeeaaaaaasssssssssseeeeee, surely U do not believe that should be turned around. Look at recruiting, Shannon ran off Marve, and Taylor Cook so his boy Jacory would not have any competition. THen he didn't have enough sense to give Morris a shot at the job until he knew his job was probably on the line. Look at Tommy Streeter, 6ft 5 and the first time we see him is in a bowl game, which coincidently was after Shannon was fired. Heck look at the whole team and how undercoached all of these poor student athletes were. Then take a look at how Golden took a celler dweller that nobody wanted or wanted to go to and turned them into a 8 and 9 win team. Just imagine what he will do with all the great talent he has at his disposal in South Florida. I guarantee we will see a much improved team in all aspects now that we have a real head coach and staff in place.

Now those were just a few of the many examples as to why Golden is a huge upgrade over Shannon as a Head Coach and D'nofrio is a better Defensive Coordinator than Shannon. If U would like a few more take a look at this year's Shannon coached teams against FSU, Virginia, Duke, Ohio State, South FLorida and Virginia Tech. Even a nimrod like yourself can figure it out then. Happy reading dummy.

I personally would like to have Forcier here in an orange Cane jersey. I really like the Savage Kid that's transferring out of Rutgers though. I believe they both would be great additions and upgrades to our QB situation.

It was very common back in the day for Jimmy Johnson to switch a kids posistion...nine times out of ten it was successful and they ended up in the NFL....perhaps he should have listened...on the flip side...I think Golden & Co did not think he was U material so...the old switcheroo got him to committ elsewhere.

I fly from Colorado Springs for every home game and hope to see the place full of Orange and Green next year. I went to the Sun Bowl and was totally surprised when i heard that miami had sold their 8K tics for the game but what I did not know was Notre Dame bought the remaining 42K tics. Ae need to represent the "U" much better than what we have in the past.

All I know - Is that Coach Golden has made magic in just a short few weeks, with coaching hires as well as attacking the recruiting trail. This man gets it.. He is well organized to say the least, has a plan in place, and exploits the essential parts of recruiting player and coaching personnell... the human element. Something that can not be taught - I am a Randy Shannon advocate, but he just could not get it done! Did not have the people skills nor the ability to go into these kids living rooms and close the deal with their parents and decision makers. No knock on him, either you have it or you don't!! Go Canes

DJ was the number one recruit in the nation that played rb also in high school. He was recruited as a linebacker. Because davenport got hurt, he was moved to fullback. That is not the same as a kid being recruited only as a linebacker only to be asked late in his recruitment to switch positions. His feelings was hurt just like Clinton portis and Marshall faulk's feelings being told he is not good enough to play their dream positions.

On a positive note, I think the culture will change soon. That was and will be the reason why Miami failed during the middle of coker's years to the failure of randy's time where some of the kids busy studying their haircut over football

All the "Deliverance" movie extras must be going to Trailerhasse now. They are too ignorant to get it. The U is coming for U and Hell is coming with them.

I'm so SICK of so called Canes whining and complaining about switching a player to another position. THIS IS FOOTBALL PEOPLE! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS SOMETIMES. D.J. Williams came to The "U" as the #1 linebacker in the nation & ended up being #3 on the depth chart & was switched to full back and played well! Later on was switched back. Sam Shields came in as a top receiver,never excelled,and wasn't switched to DB till his last year and is now BALLIN' in the NFL! Not at receiver which would have been "keeping it real" as some of you have put it,but at DB! CHANGE YA HUGGIES & QUIT CRYIN' LIKE A BUNCH OF "B"-WITCHES! Thank God we're FINALLY on the right track with all the great hirings & recruiting. All that are complaining now will be throwing up The " U", talking bout national championship after only a couple of wins or beating fswho? And "U" won't be able to shut them up as if they NEVER criticized! And will turn tail after a loss. They are invisible to "The Real" Cane Nation! So keep doin whatcha doin Miami! I'm gonna continue what I've been doin for the past 3 decades,reppin' The "U" 2tha fullest,& I'm going down with the ship if necessary! The only problem with that is the only ship we're going 2b going down to is The National Championship! GO CANES!!!! THE "U"!!!!!


If u read the article when grooms committed to Miami he also said he would play where he was needed to get on the field so what u talking bout ( I kno da U) if Nick decommitted from da U for that then that means he's not coachable,change is always good,the ones that don't like change wine all the damn time. Golden has done very well go U

Menocal sounds like he has the mental toughness they are looking for. I also see folks commenting on his physical talents. Isn't it up to coaches to train the players? Redshirt him and who knows maybe he can adapt to the system. Maybe the strentgh coach can have a field day with him. look at Sam Shields.

Even with the position switch, it seems that the nail in the coffin was the lack of communication after the conversation that led him to believe that he was a reject from Shannon. I love the U like no other, but to have a coach tell me he wants nothing to do with me and isnt willing to give me a shot i would be determined to prove him wrong elsewhere.

5-star defensive, will announce its choice in the morning in the gymnasium of Thomas County Central High School. Which team is chosen, however, everyone thinks they know, but nobody actually does.

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