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Eight Canes headed to NFL combine

Some news and notes including NFL Draft info provided by UM's sports info office:

> Eight former Hurricanes -- defensive end Allen Bailey, kicker/punter Matt Bosher, running back Damien Berry, running back Graig Cooper, receiver Leonard Hankerson, offensive tackle Orlando Franklin, linebacker Colin McCarthy and cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke -- have been invited to represent UM at the 2011 NFL Combine from Feb. 23 through March 1 in Indianapolis, Ind.

According to Scouts.Inc, Bailey heads the class of draft prospects and is currently projected as a first round selection -- going as high as the top 15. He currently ranks 27th. Orlando Franklin is listed as the top offensive guard in the draft and the 49th overall prospect (2nd round).

McCarthy is the 88th best prospect and the ninth-rated outside linebacker. Hankerson and Cooper come in as the 145th and 148th best prospects, although ESPN experts disagree on Hankerson. Mel Kiper has Hankerson rated as the top senior wide receiver and someone he expects to be selected behind juniors that may come out early at the position.

> Offensive lineman Joel Figueroa, who played in only three games this season and who has battled shoulder problems throughout his career, is applying for a sixth year of NCAA eligibility.

> Junior cornerback Brandon Harris, who said he would decide whether or not he is leaving school early for the NFL, is rated as the 32nd best prospect, right on the first round bubble, by Scouts.Inc. He is considered the fourth best junior cornerback by Kiper.

> Senior cornerback Ryan Hill, fullback Pat Hill and defensive tackle Josh Holmes have not been chosen for the NFL Combine, but could still receive an invite at a later date.

> UM has tentatively scheduled its 2011 Pro Day workouts for March 10 at the Greentree Practice Fields.

> I spoke with national recruiting analyst Tom Lemming last night who told me the Hurricanes are looking two sign two quarterbacks in their 2011 class out of these four: Stanford commitment Kevin Hogan (6-4, 200, Washington, D.C. area), North Carolina commitment Marquise Williams (6-3, 218, Charlotte Mallard Creek), Iowa commitment Jake Rudock (6-3, 190, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas, Fla.) and Palm Beach Dwyer High's Jacoby Brissett (6-5, 225).

> New UM defensive coordinator Mark D'onofrio will meet reporters at UM today after 1 p.m. Stay tuned from updates. I'll be there.


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how can you get a qb or any offensive player to commit when you have no offensive coaches?

What about Gary Nova?


National signing date is early Feb. I think it's Feb. 2nd. But, it's early Feb. just the same.

They will have the OC and other O coach(es) by late today or tomorrow.


Good question. But, it's just name brought up by the media.

Not an official recruit.

As a NJ guy the media will throw out a name that may make sense based on Golden's area of knowledge. Nova has never been mentioned by anybody that matters ie: Golden.

It's like Lemming mentioning the 4 guy's above.
He doesn't know anything official. But he's just putting up some "possibilities" based on Golden saying he plans to bring in 2 QB's.

Anyway I hope Golden's going after these guys. Those that have committed will be very difficult to flip. So, don't count on them, especially the kid from St. Thomas. Coach George Smith doesn't allow his players to de-commit. That's according to Mike Irvin. I think he might know.

Now, Palm Beach Dwyer High's Jacoby Brissett (6-5, 225) might be interesting especially if Nicklaus's grand son, O'Leary, a top TE prospect went to Palm Beach Dwyer High as well.

O'Leary had FSU and THE U as his top 2 schools. I'm sure with our mess down here and before our hiring of Golden, HalfA$$ U - has done a good job of holding him down. But, as Yogi likes to say "It ain't over till its over."

This will be an uphill battle for coach Golden. He really has to work extremely hard with recruits and the current players. I wanted Randy Shannon to suceed but I think he knew he was going to get fired. Honestly, I think he and some other staff members (Aubrey Hill) did not recruit hard this past year because of their job status at UM. The few players UM have are really UM fans and they love The U tradition. I don't believe in 25 scholarship diamonds in the rough players and nor should UM (coach Shannon). MAYBE 1 but several players....is not going to happening with a championship team. Ask: Florida, Alabama, LSU etc. One good thing is that there's still some good players available but a full coaching staff would really help some players that are on the fence about UM. We will be back soon.

good luck to all of them at the combine...i think coop and hank will have really good nfl careers...dvd will have to bulk up some to play corner

Pat Hill will eventually be a starting FB in the NFL.

He can't run and he can't catch, but he can stay low and explode into a block 5 yards down the field - a rare and valuable skill set that will eventually get him paid.

Please God get those 2 quarterbacks, whoever they are. We need 4, and it would be nice to only need 1 in next years class so we can go hard after receivers and d-lineman.

If Golden gets 2 QB's despite starting this late, it will be a miracle, but at least he can say with a VERY straight face that they can come in and win the job straight away. Stephen Morris is likely to win the job in the Spring right now and he threw a pick in the bowl game and more picks than TD's this year. We're talking about him as our savior (and I agree he's better right now, especially given he was on the scout team the first half of the year), but Harris had a higher completion percentage and a better TD/INT ratio (though he'd better...he's the junior).

Get the QB's, add some depth, and let's really get this thing rolling next year.

Go Canes!

Win out. Check out espns recruiting. Unlike Rivals and Scout(who add up total points to the more schollies available, the better U have 4 a higher rank). Espn actually grades on overall class. We had #9 in 2007, #1 in 2008, #7 in 2009, and #13 in 2010. The talent is on the roster people. WE have 6 highly ranked 3 and 4 star kids already this yr. The good thing shannon did was recruit and restock the roster. when he took over, we couldnt dress enuff players for some road games if u recall. Guys, 15 scholly's available mean we have a full roster loaded with 3 and 4 star guys, and some 5 stars thrown in like seantrel , ray ray etc. SO, THE TALENT IS THERE. WE SHOULD NOT BE A 5-6 LOSS TEAM.
ALSO UF AND FSU FANS------------LETS NOT FORGET FSU LOST 4 and UF 5 games this yr. GET OFF THE HIGH HORSES--------------

Mark D'Nofrio(sp) on Irvin's wqam show now.

This guy know's the problems and how to fix them!

Energy, passion and confidence will be demanded in a winning way.

Al Golden and Mark D'Nofrio(sp) will put on a full court press for recruits.

We expect to win NOW! No Excuses!

No "out's" for the kids here. They need to work on football starting NOW!


Six kids from their first recruiting class are in the NFL. 2 where first yr football guys who spent high school playing basketball.


9 or 10 from tis senior class.

Lot's of passion and energy!

Wow, very impressive.

This D'Nofrio(sp) guy is half crazy but very smart!

That's what you want in a DC!

The Tasmanian Devil.

Our new DC is the Tasmanian Devil.

And that's a good thing.

Can he and the rest of the coaches coach this team? Only time will tell. But again as with Golden I like what I'm hearing.

Go Canes!

When you look back at they had to deal with at Temple and coach those guys to NFL quality. Wow that's impressive.

And best of all, they don't take $h*t from anybody.

Don't want'a work? Get lost!

I like that attitude!


I think.

Ok, Looking them up, none of them are even considering Miami as a potential so that's the first indication that none will probably come here. Of the 4, only 3 look like they would fit... Hogan, Rudock, and Brissett. They all have video on Youtube.
Watched Marquise William's video and he is run happy so he's out in my book, can't stand running QBs.
Hogan is nice and tall, mobile in the sense he can evade to keep the play alive. He just has this wierd hop pass that he keep doing.
Rudock is a bit undersized but you can put weight on a player easy enough ( don't know how Jacory never gained though ) has the height to see down field. Saw alot of shotgun though so I don't know how comfortable he really is undercenter. He looked like he could be the best choice though.
Brissett was really patient in the pocket. Moblie enough to be elusive but didn't seem run happy.
All looked like they had decent arm strength.
All need work on mechanics to release the ball faster.
All were moblie enough to keep a play alive if needed.
I'd rank them:
1. Rudock ( over all )
2. Brissett ( Patience )
3. Hogan ( very close third if it wasn't for that funky jump pass )

Thanks One of Many!

I caught the last half.

Very impressed!


Did Brissett play with the TE O'Leary?

are you talking about Nick O'Leary?

if you're talking about Nick O'Leary then yeah, they played together and Nick has been quoted as saying that one of the factors for him picking a school has been when Brissett is going. http://www.tarheeltimes.com/article27382.aspx

According to ESPN, O'Leary doesn't even have NC as one of his considering so don't know if that's still a factor.

I am confident Golden and Staff will bring in kids that can be developed into high caliber talent and character. Problem is that most fans get wrapped up in this star thing. But player development, coaching and organization goes as far into developing a winning program than the raw skill level of players. I think we're gonna be surprised with the quality of recruits Golden and Staff will be able to sign in Feb. Bet none of you 3 years ago would have raved about TCU's class, but as you can see Champions are not made by star ratings. Lets sit back and let Golden and staff do their thing.

Terry Richardson - new RB coach.

Here we go again, Williams and Brissett are spread Qb's. That experiment should be over with. Trying to make these guys into pro-style QB's can be done, but we need a QB coach and a whole lot of patience for them to be successful. Worse case scenario, we make Brissett a TE and maybe we get O'leary, although, that son-of-a-gun loves him Some Jumbo Fisher. D'onofrio says the de-fense biggest need is at Lb, with depth, and CB. What about some play making defensive tackles. Where's Vince Wilfork when you need him? Oh I forgot it's been about 7 years since he played here and it's been that long since we had somebody who could play that position. Every Lb that comes in here with some height and size they want to make him into a D. End. And every light weight strong satey, they want him to play LB. I think that last worked 20 years ago when nobody else had speed but us!
It's exciting times, not so much because of the change but who are we going to end up with on signing day. We are so far in the hole can we make up time on the back stretch?

Most of the high schools in the USA are running spreads, so you're going to get a spread qb regardless.

Doesnt matter, spread or prostyle, as long as they dont throw fr--ggin interceptions, who cares!

the kid from Jersey, Gary Nova, why is he not being considered? he actually WANTS to come here and his junior and senior numbers aren't bad at all and he ran a pro type...wonder what his negatives are???

Bleachers ( http://bleacherreport.com/tb/b7Qx8 )says the Sun-Sentinel says Arizona Cardinal's WR coach John McNulty "has emerged as the front-runner" to replace Whipple as the 'Canes' OC, and Cleveland Browns' WR coach George McDonald "is the leading candidate to become the Hurricanes' RB coach."

Good hires: pro guys, lots of experience.

That's the problem, it does matter if their spread or pro-style, especially if you haven't played under center your whole high school career and now you will have to learn to be a drop back passer. Jaboney taught us that lesson and so did Kirby Freeman.
I'd rather us run a spread, I hate the pro-style, but you know the hard heads here are all about being an NFL farm team.

As for recruits, I kind of hope UM stays away from some of the Miami-area high schools, or at least recruits from them very carefully. To put it plainly and simply, those kids seem spoiled to me: spoiled by undeserved hero worship. If I was a former Hurricane football player, I'd kick the living you-know-what out of any of those sissy prima donnas who even mention "the U." They aren't "the U." They have no right to even mention it.

I live in NC and have followed Marquese Williams for the last 2 years. This kid is big,fast and athletic. Qb of the yr in NC this year. Yes he played in a spread offense but he can throw the rock also. Would love to see him come to the "U". His team beat their opponents by an average of 33 pts/game. A high ankle sprain in the quarters of the playoffs cost his team a defeat in the semi's. NC was after this kid hard and thought they had him locked up.

So what are our possibilities for offensive of Coordinator? I have been harping Rob Chudzinski He was the offensive coordinator for 3 BCS bowl games!!

Montana, no one is going to leave an OC job at an nfl team to come to the U and do the same job. The only way would have been as a head coach, maybe.

Bailey has an NFL body but hasn't progressed or learned any NFL ready skills. That's a sure sign of terrible coaching. Very disappointing. He should have been unstoppable at this level but had absolutely no moves, just a straight bull rush.

For all the rebuilding Shannon did after Coker was canned, he really stumbled this season in recruiting top line talent and just simple numbers.
Golden will be a miracle worker just to make this an average recruiting year. Next year will be the measuring stick on Golden's recruiting abilities.

the canes needs qb and dl that make champions team look at the teams of the pasts of any teams.

post by: dodiecane

All things being equal, I think there's little doubt that a HS QB playing a pro style set that can turn his back to the defense, read and throw for comparable numbers is way ahead of a "Spread Offense" QB that isn't able to Process the information as fast and needs the extra time to make it work.

Agree 100% with Mr C's: player development, coaching and organization goes as far into developing a winning program than the raw skill level of players.

Canes 60,
I live in right outside Charlotte and I don't care how good Williams can throw the rock, he's been in a spread offense, his whole career. Heck Jaboney won a ship as a spread qb at N.W., look at him, he still has no clue what he's doing under center. He defenitely can't read a defense and Williams, although he is physically bigger than Jaboney, would have the same problems. It would take him a good 2 years to get acclimated at running the pro-style and once he does get acclimated then can he read a defense. We need someone who has been running this offense in High School.

I don't get caught up in the Scouts.com BS. Most of those ratings are put together by people who don't know anything about football, but the fans (and some schools) take it as gospel.

Look at all of the five star recruits that we've brought in over the last 5 years... are they any better than the 4 and 3-star guys? Robert Marve, Arthur Brown... I'm looking at you.

Coaching and player development are far more important- the U will always have the horses but it won't mean a thing until we start coaching them up right.

I think Golden and D'Onofrio may be the guys to fix that.

Out of all the guys invited to the combine. I think Ryan Hill will be the better pro with Orlando Franklin not to far behind. Jacory should enter his name in the draft. If not take his scholarship away.

Marquise Williams laughed when I mentioned this to him earlier today. He said, and I quote, " I move in on the 8th of January at UNC. I don't see that happening. Not interested in that train wreck program or no-name coach" I almost pimp slapped him. lol

uh, what about nova? hes probably the best of the bunch

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