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Fisch wants fresh start for QBs, cut down INTs

University of Miami offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch went on Joe Rose's radio show this morning on WQAM. Here is a transcript of most of their conversation:

Jedd Fisch > Fisch started by addressing the initial ESPN reports the Seahawks may have been interested in bringing him back as offensive coordinator: "No I wasn't close to going back. It was one of those deals the last couple weeks were obviously hectic and crazy. The reason I took the job at The U is because I wanted to come to The U. It wasn't about other options or other offers I was going to have in the National Football League whether to stay with Seattle in a coordinator role or with a couple other teams. It was an opportunity to come down here, to go with coach Golden.

"I think it just happened to be more of a set of circumstances that the logical maybe progression was to ask me to stay or not to stay or whether to have that conversation. But really, as soon as I met with, as I soon as spoke with Coach Golden, as soon as met with Coach Carroll a week prior to our playoff game against Chicago I was totally 100 percent committed to coming to The U and that never wavered."

> Fisch said the fact he didn't meet Golden before he was offered the job -- and spoke to him only a week prior -- isn't as strange as it sounds. Fisch said he hadn't met Pete Carroll before landing in Seattle to take the quarterbacks coaching job a year ago.

"With our profession in coaching, at least in the circumstances I've been in, sometimes you don't have time," Fisch said. "We were in the middle of a season We were in a playoff run. I sensed that not many teams expected us. We were 6-9 going into our last game of the season. So I think coach Golden felt pretty good about talking to me and flying me in to interview me and then we beat St. Louis to win the first game and then we're beating the world champions. So, I think he probably felt pretty good at that point -- that he'd be able to fly in after that game and then when we won that game he had to start moving a little quicker in terms of having to fill his staff. So he called me that Sunday and we had a long conversation. Throughout the week we were able to talk in the morning and then in the evening each day to make sure we were philosophically on the same page.

"I know he probably did a lot of research, talking to a lot of head coaches that I've worked with and players that I've coached. As well as I did my research, talking to a bunch of people that have crossed his path. And we thought it was a great marriage. And that's what it needs to be when it comes to this profession and the role I have for him."

> Fisch said he spent a couple days researching Golden before taking the job.

"The first thing I found out was he's extremely organized, extremely detailed and one of the top coaches in the nation," Fisch said. "And I heard that from three or four coaches that I respect at the highest level. They felt that what he did at Temple -- and I know what he did at Temple. I'm from New Jersey and I know the non-rich tradition of Temple football -- and from 1979 to until Al Golden got there they did not have a winning season and when he was able to get there and go 9-4 and 8-4 in back-to-back seasons, I knew there was something special with Al Golden and the staff he put together at Temple.

"And as I continued to do my research, Matt Hasselbeck, who was on my team, was on a team with Al at Boston College. He spoke extremely highly of him. Along with other guys I spoke with. Everybody felt the same way, organized, detailed, a great football coach, a great communicator and a great person. And he emphasized both family and football. I think those are the two most important things."

> Fisch said the key to his offense at UM will be getting the ball in his playmakers hands. The role of the quarterback, he says, is to be a point guard.

"They have to be the Magic Johnson, the John Stockton, a guy that distributes the football as well as anybody that we can ever hope for and he has to distribute it to the best playmakers he can possibly distribute it to," Fisch said.

> So how does he feel about the Canes' two current point guards, who along with two other backups helped the Hurricanes lead the country in interceptions? Fisch said he wants to give them each a clean slate

"I saw we threw 27 interceptions this past season and obviously that's not a number we're looking for," Fisch said. "We'd obviously like to cut that in half at the most. Sometimes, interceptions are a fluke. I know Tom Brady threw 325 passes without a pick. But I saw nine that could have been. Sometimes you wonder what happens if guys catch balls instead of dropping them. The other thing is we have to do a great job explaining whether its Jacory [Harris], Stephen [Morris] or whoever plays quarterback at The U that they have to know where everybody is on the field. There's no need to force a ball. First of all, punting is fine. Second of all, checking the ball down to our backs is a huge advantage for us. I would guess that our running backs against most linebackers in the nation, I'll take our matchup. So we have to encourage our guys to say it's not just about throw it to this and just throw it to that guy. We have to understand how to go through a progression and most importantly we have to know how to check the football down. And be smart. We understand winning and losing games comes from turnover ratio."

> Fisch, who has been out recruiting and speaking to some of UM's top quarterback targets, said when the dead period starts on Monday he will begin breaking down film to see where and how he can help Harris and Morris.

"I think the first thing for Jacory is we're at a clean slate right now," Fisch said. "I don't have any history with Jacory. As a matter of fact, the games I’ve seen Jacory play were really in 2009 and he had an outstanding year the games that I saw. I know he won a bunch of games without even throwing an interception. He had some real early success. That's kind of the last time I've seen him play.

"What he needs to know is I have all the confidence in him -- as well as Stephen. Because I don't know any better right now. I'm not going to stare at a sheet of paper and see what a statistic told me or a report told me about a guy. I want to see it in person. And what he has to understand -- and what they both do -- we're going to coach swagger, confidence, intelligence, knowledge of the game and passion. We're going to evaluate them on on all of it. And if he has what we’re looking for at the quarterback position, Jacory can have a great year, and Stephen the same way. They both have an opportunity to do something special. What I can't wait for is to be a part of that with them, to help them along, not hold anything back and not hold anything against them for what they’ve done in the past. And really start fresh and start new."


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lets go jacory make it happen

Jacory it's ok to check down, you don't have to float it deep and get it picked off every down.

I hope Fisch has what it takes, because it wasn't just Jacory throwing those picks. Everyone was doing it, so it was probably an institutional thing...like the play calling didn't play to their strengths or was too complicated or too predictable after the first year. We'll see, but I can't wait for a balanced attack. I've been watching highlights of our offense from the early part of the decade and we got so many big plays from well-timed screens or throwing to the fullback out of the backfield. I can't wait to see those plays again.

I love this staff, but I'm going to make my first complaint. If Shannon's staff talked about "flying around" too much, then these guys talk about "being multiple" too much. I know what they mean, but the term is starting to annoy me. Just a stupid complaint I thought I'd share.

Go Canes!

Of course it just wasn't Jacory, half of the picks were plays the receiver gave up on, ran the wrong route or just stood their and watched the defender pick it off. If you can't make the catch you make darn sure they can't and that didn't happen last season.

Another blow hard coach added to the staff. All talk..6-6 if lucky.

This guy must know all about offense. Magic Johnson and John Stockton were sick college QB's.

And I wonder why a lot of people I know Miami has quite a few douchie fans that are negative and depressing and scare away coaches and recruits? total mystery huh? :)

I made this picture!!!


Another blow hard coach added to the staff. All talk..6-6 if lucky.

Posted by: Talk Talk Talk | January 26, 2011 at 03:40 PM

This guy must know all about offense. Magic Johnson and John Stockton were sick college QB's.

Posted by: UMoney | January 26, 2011 at 03:49 PM

LOL... you two knucks should change your monikers to Stupid, Stupid, Stupid and IStupid... it STARTS with talking about it... all Shannon ever talked about is why he was losing... and IStupid... he was comparing the ROLE of the position... to distribute the ball... i know... WAY to abstract for you... we know...

You're dam right that he should have left. Dude was fired anyway. The only reason he's not in the NFL...cause he can't coach at that level.

Jacory, please transfer before spring practice so that your spot can be used by someone that can play and throws TD's and no INT's. Please contact coach Shannon may be he can get you a spot in UCLA.

I really like Coach Fisch. Like his target variables for a player! He gets it and will be a good teacher and motivator. Like his check down to the running backs concept, and always wondered why that didn't happen more. Also, it seemed that in our scheme, receivers did not get open that much, unlike many teams. So, a breath of fresh air from a young and well spoken coach. And a fair-minded one who will give all of his players a shot. Good news! Go Canes!

UMoney and Calev et al,

Why all the whining before the guy fields an offense? Why not give Jacory a chance? He has played well in the past, and maybe coaching will greatly improve his performance. Plus competition is a good thing for the team.

Yes, Johnson and Stockton. It's a concept and an analogy. Don't you get it? He is saying that a QB is like a point guard in terms of distributing the ball to "shooters and scorers." Try to be more literal in your life...

What's with all the negativity? Give these coaches a chance. Are some of you such astute former players or fans that you can judge these guys at this point? Calm down!

Jacory, please transfer before spring practice so that your spot can be used by someone that can play and throws TD's and no INT's. Please contact coach Shannon may be he can get you a spot in UCLA.

Posted by: Calev |

Come on Calev, are you a fan or a fool if you think Jacory int ratio doomed the Canes!!!

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/01/fisch-talks-fresh-start-with-qbs-cutting-down-on-ints.html#ixzz1CBSJNSxL

Im a huge UM fan read every possible blog or article about the U. Can someone tell me if I'm crazy, but when I look at our pain points, my main concern was the linebacker play and missed tackles primarily by the safeties. During the FSU game, our linebackers got destroyed. Forget the offense, I think we are going to be okay on that side of the ball. We use to win games in the glory days from the defensive intensity. Im also sick of the guys being under-utilized at the U and going to the NFL and becoming stars. Please tell me if Golden and can optimize their strengths?

The negative comments above from Calev, Calico Jack, Big Shot Bot, and UMoney are Gators posing on this site as Canes. They don't know anything about football because everything coach Fisch said are true. A good quarterback is like a point guard because they must get the ball to the right person. So you morons obviously know nothing and should shut up.

i hate stupid people. you shouldn't be allowed to communicate with the rest of us.

it's great...to be... a MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I completely agree with dbc and what he said about the negative posts. They are all lizzards and are petrified about how pathetic they will be on ofense and how much better we'll be with our new coaching staff and players.

Coach Fisch - Welcome to the U!! You will be a great OC and part of the rebuilding of the program.
You have already shown your professionalism by the things you said in the article by Manny and Susan!! Giving players a fresh start is the fair thing do. Ignore the negative Gator trolls.

Welcome to the U Fisch, u guys gotta be better then the last regime anyways...

For those questioning the reference to bball, did you ever think he might of been using it to sway a qb commit? That plays for Dwyer??? anyone?


This is the position that cost randy his job and the reason our team didn't meet expectations. Just decent qb play and we would of won three more games.

The whole team came to play against Ohio state... randy had them ready. Jacory was still worrying about Twitter and Facebook.

If we go to Stephen early in the Virginia game, we win.

The south Florida game.... let's not go there

Even the v-tech game, a freshman played like a freshman the second half.

This guy is right on the money See it first hand before you make judgement. OLD SCHOOL

al golden and staff still not one qb commit wtf ....

We need a freaking qb. What is the problem ? it should be easy .im getting worried guys.

Oh yeah cane fans dont witness something with your mouth,that you havent witness with your eyes. Like results on the field yours truely THE BACKSPACE

You're dam right that he should have left. Dude was fired anyway. The only reason he's not in the NFL...cause he can't coach at that level.

Posted by: Calico Jack | January 26, 2011 at 05:06 PM


You are spot on!!! I've been telling people for weeks that Texas fired that train wreck Muschamp.

The Canes hired away a head coach from a program that he turned around and wowed the college football world with his success.

The Gators hired an assitant coach who took one of the top programs in the country and ran it into the ground and was fired.

The Miami Hurricanes...6 Time National Champions.

PS: Does anybody know if crazy Urban quit again today?

PPS: Does anybody know how many Gators were arrested for felonies today?

6 time national champs I missed one

Yes I realize that the Magic and Stockton reference was an analogy. My response was a joke.

The University of Miami will now lose all of its recruits because the fans do not respect the sanctity of the message board.

Backspace stfu. It's not easy when you come in and have 1 month to recruit and most of the top QBs are already committed to other programs. You seriously need to stop posting man. You make yourself sound dumber and dumber every time you post.

in reading the article I was struck by the thought of - is this primairly for JH to kind of build him up or what. i am sure when coach Fisch breaks down film he can judge whose fault regarding the interceptions. there is one thing for sure JH does not have the arm strength to throw the wide out-never has and never will. if the canes are counting on JH to lead them to the ACC title and more then we are in a world of hurt. good luck coach.

I'm glad that Fisch is saying that the QBs have a clean slate....but I think I will barf continuously if I see the first depth chart and it has Jacory as the starter. WE need to get Morris in there learning ASAP...Jacory had 3 years and he hasn't gotten any better....period.

Come on you guys, we gotta go get Doc J and Eightball!

Doc J and Eightball are WASTED!

Does any one remember the first offensive play of the ohio state game? where jacory calls an audible and the ot's motioned out to the seams where a quick out was thrown to them. who called that play jacory right. whipple was no better than nix. it wasnt all jacory.

how many games does golden have to win to not be on the hot seat since the majority of the fans thought we should have won the acc and been in contention for a national championship?

Hey, everyone on this team deserves a fresh start with new coaches. The coaches are in the better position to evaluate who should start. We are fans just have to be patient and trust that these guys know what they are doing and give them the opportunity to do it. We gave all the past coaches the same treatment, so let's not change now.

There won't be a hot seat for a while as long as he doesn't do a worse job than Shannon. That scenerio is as likely as Shannon winning a National Championship as a head coach. It ain't a gonna happen because we will be so much better next year than we were these last 4 years.

Tally, got to agree that was the stupidest looking play I have seen in a while. Some QB's have to learn to throw a ball with touch on it. Jacory's problem is he has too much touch and just needs to let it rip with some zip. He looks like he is trying to throw it to a 5 year old kid. U are right it's not all Jacory's fault. Whipple had a part in it and Shannon put the kid in a bad situation pressure wise by running all the other guys like Cook and Marve off. But Jacory can't say he hasn't had his opportunities. The thing that bothers me about both Harris and Morris is both seem to be better backup guys than starters. Neither seems like they can handle the pressure that goes with being the starting QB and Leader of the team. Morris though has more upside and eligibility so if I were going to invest in one of them, I would be inclined to go with Morris. He has more fire, leadership qualities, and physical talents than Harris.

You have to go through your progressions. Whenever an interception took place another reciever was wide open. Jacory can learn this and be what we all thought he could be. He now will have qualified teachers who will work with them if he puts in the effort. If not Stephen Morris will be happy to take the reins. This ain't high school anymore Jacory and you have to outwork and out study everyone.

6 time national champs I missed one

Posted by: Backspace | January 26, 2011 at 07:48 PM


It has become apparent to everyone on this site that you've missed a lot more than just one.

The argument that Jacory is never going to be a good QB is without merit--especially if you consider that none of our players improved under the past regime, except Hankerson who was coached up by Duper.

If Fisch starts Jacory after working with him during a full spring and fall practice then you will know this kid is going to perform and his past performances are a thing of the past, just like the coaches who DID NOT coach him up.

I agree J12 wasn't coached up...however, it doesn't take much coaching to not throw to the other jersey several times a game.

Dear J12,

U suck! Transfer to FAU. Just think, you won't have to move very far and you can still come and watch the Canes play. I will help with the move. You can focus on Twitter and Facebook postings.

One more thing, what are your thoughts on toothpicks and double sliced sandwiches with 3 pieces of bread? Thinking about starting a club.....sorry, no ints needed but if you want to bring some mayo, it would be money!

QB's throwing interceptions can be traced to a variety of reasons...

1. The QB simply makes bad decsions
2. He and his receivers are not on the same page
3. His offensive coordinator is calling the wrong plays
4. The offensive line is missing assignments
5. The running back are missing blitz pick-ups
6. All of the above, which was the case over the last two years.

Fair enough on the analogy joke!

QB's throwing ints can be traced back to the late 1800's when Notre Dame won their 10th Championship...but who cares!

We have a crazy amount of good running backs, yet we are very much committed to the passing game. Maybe we can get 28 picks next year, why stop now?

I will be the first to admit that the INT's these past two years were unacceptable and that both the QB's and WR's have contributed to the problem. I will also admit that I have screamed at the TV (@ Jacory) out of frustration. But I do not understand the negativity here. Support the team and the players, if you truly are a fan.

IF this coaching staff can get things turned around (I am truly hoping they can)I bet these critics will then begin hanging off of J12's nut sac or who ever (coaches, morris). So many hypocrites and band wagon fans!!!


Lucky Larry,
Well said on the progressions issue. I don't think Jacory was very adept at that, and didn't have an outlet RB on most plays, choosing instead to float it downfield in the hopes that the WRs would make an athletic play on the ball. Bad coaching and bad decision making.

I like Coach Fisch's fairness. Why put a kid down before you have even coached one practice? What kind of coach doesn't think he can improve a kid? I wouldn't want to see that, especially from a new guy.

Still believe that Morris has far more upside. More of a competitior, less maybe of the cool image thing. But in fairness, Jacory did get pounded because the O-line did not play up to its potential either. Bet that changes with Coach Kehoe back in the fold.

Anyway, good posts and discussion here. Some sharp fans and I learn from many! Go Canes!

Memo to Hurricane5champs:

First, we have a new coaching staff. This new staff has stated for everyone to read that they are going to be committed to the running game first. Additionally, Al Golden made that same point during his Sun Bowl interview and hoped that Whipple would stick with the running game, which of course he did not...bye-bye Whipple!

That being said, if our Canes do not develop a very strong passing attack to compliment the running game and become one dimensional, then we will NEVER win another National Championship. Balance is the key.

...agreed, S17 has the "it" facor that all coaches are looking for in their QB, in their leader, ...and while J12, throws a nice spiral, and a catchable ball at-that, he is horrible and lazy at reading defenses, lazy at going thru his progressions...he is always worried of making a nice pretty-looking throw down the field even when there is double coverage, or when his receiver is not open, or while it is not a mis-match...on the other hand, S17 has showed more moxie than J12 even as a true-freshmen and with less D1-level coaching,...fellows, it's very easy, hit the weightroom, spend endless hours watching film, dissecting the ACC opposition, and especially, dissecting your own play, making an emphasis of hitting the underneath routes more often, checkdowns, checkdowns, checkdows, High%, High%, High%...the thing is, only S17 possesses the type of discipline to do so! Good luck Coach Fisch! Go Canes!

dream recruiting team:

-tom savage (i see no need to waste scholarships on projects. we need depth. we should just get a top notch qb next year.)
-patrick onwuasor
-duron carter
-xavier grimble
-jalen grimble
-elkino watson
-tre jackson
-kaleb johnson
-ray drew
-jadeveon clowney (said he wanted to play with chickillo so... u never know.)

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