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Fisch wants fresh start for QBs, cut down INTs

University of Miami offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch went on Joe Rose's radio show this morning on WQAM. Here is a transcript of most of their conversation:

Jedd Fisch > Fisch started by addressing the initial ESPN reports the Seahawks may have been interested in bringing him back as offensive coordinator: "No I wasn't close to going back. It was one of those deals the last couple weeks were obviously hectic and crazy. The reason I took the job at The U is because I wanted to come to The U. It wasn't about other options or other offers I was going to have in the National Football League whether to stay with Seattle in a coordinator role or with a couple other teams. It was an opportunity to come down here, to go with coach Golden.

"I think it just happened to be more of a set of circumstances that the logical maybe progression was to ask me to stay or not to stay or whether to have that conversation. But really, as soon as I met with, as I soon as spoke with Coach Golden, as soon as met with Coach Carroll a week prior to our playoff game against Chicago I was totally 100 percent committed to coming to The U and that never wavered."

> Fisch said the fact he didn't meet Golden before he was offered the job -- and spoke to him only a week prior -- isn't as strange as it sounds. Fisch said he hadn't met Pete Carroll before landing in Seattle to take the quarterbacks coaching job a year ago.

"With our profession in coaching, at least in the circumstances I've been in, sometimes you don't have time," Fisch said. "We were in the middle of a season We were in a playoff run. I sensed that not many teams expected us. We were 6-9 going into our last game of the season. So I think coach Golden felt pretty good about talking to me and flying me in to interview me and then we beat St. Louis to win the first game and then we're beating the world champions. So, I think he probably felt pretty good at that point -- that he'd be able to fly in after that game and then when we won that game he had to start moving a little quicker in terms of having to fill his staff. So he called me that Sunday and we had a long conversation. Throughout the week we were able to talk in the morning and then in the evening each day to make sure we were philosophically on the same page.

"I know he probably did a lot of research, talking to a lot of head coaches that I've worked with and players that I've coached. As well as I did my research, talking to a bunch of people that have crossed his path. And we thought it was a great marriage. And that's what it needs to be when it comes to this profession and the role I have for him."

> Fisch said he spent a couple days researching Golden before taking the job.

"The first thing I found out was he's extremely organized, extremely detailed and one of the top coaches in the nation," Fisch said. "And I heard that from three or four coaches that I respect at the highest level. They felt that what he did at Temple -- and I know what he did at Temple. I'm from New Jersey and I know the non-rich tradition of Temple football -- and from 1979 to until Al Golden got there they did not have a winning season and when he was able to get there and go 9-4 and 8-4 in back-to-back seasons, I knew there was something special with Al Golden and the staff he put together at Temple.

"And as I continued to do my research, Matt Hasselbeck, who was on my team, was on a team with Al at Boston College. He spoke extremely highly of him. Along with other guys I spoke with. Everybody felt the same way, organized, detailed, a great football coach, a great communicator and a great person. And he emphasized both family and football. I think those are the two most important things."

> Fisch said the key to his offense at UM will be getting the ball in his playmakers hands. The role of the quarterback, he says, is to be a point guard.

"They have to be the Magic Johnson, the John Stockton, a guy that distributes the football as well as anybody that we can ever hope for and he has to distribute it to the best playmakers he can possibly distribute it to," Fisch said.

> So how does he feel about the Canes' two current point guards, who along with two other backups helped the Hurricanes lead the country in interceptions? Fisch said he wants to give them each a clean slate

"I saw we threw 27 interceptions this past season and obviously that's not a number we're looking for," Fisch said. "We'd obviously like to cut that in half at the most. Sometimes, interceptions are a fluke. I know Tom Brady threw 325 passes without a pick. But I saw nine that could have been. Sometimes you wonder what happens if guys catch balls instead of dropping them. The other thing is we have to do a great job explaining whether its Jacory [Harris], Stephen [Morris] or whoever plays quarterback at The U that they have to know where everybody is on the field. There's no need to force a ball. First of all, punting is fine. Second of all, checking the ball down to our backs is a huge advantage for us. I would guess that our running backs against most linebackers in the nation, I'll take our matchup. So we have to encourage our guys to say it's not just about throw it to this and just throw it to that guy. We have to understand how to go through a progression and most importantly we have to know how to check the football down. And be smart. We understand winning and losing games comes from turnover ratio."

> Fisch, who has been out recruiting and speaking to some of UM's top quarterback targets, said when the dead period starts on Monday he will begin breaking down film to see where and how he can help Harris and Morris.

"I think the first thing for Jacory is we're at a clean slate right now," Fisch said. "I don't have any history with Jacory. As a matter of fact, the games I’ve seen Jacory play were really in 2009 and he had an outstanding year the games that I saw. I know he won a bunch of games without even throwing an interception. He had some real early success. That's kind of the last time I've seen him play.

"What he needs to know is I have all the confidence in him -- as well as Stephen. Because I don't know any better right now. I'm not going to stare at a sheet of paper and see what a statistic told me or a report told me about a guy. I want to see it in person. And what he has to understand -- and what they both do -- we're going to coach swagger, confidence, intelligence, knowledge of the game and passion. We're going to evaluate them on on all of it. And if he has what we’re looking for at the quarterback position, Jacory can have a great year, and Stephen the same way. They both have an opportunity to do something special. What I can't wait for is to be a part of that with them, to help them along, not hold anything back and not hold anything against them for what they’ve done in the past. And really start fresh and start new."


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Jacory does not have the arm strength, accuracy, or decision making ability required of a good D-1 QB. He has had sufficient chances to prove that he can play consistently, but has failed to do so. I personally think that he has never fully recovered from the thumb injury that he sustained 2 years ago.

Morris is the much better athlete and QB. He makes throws that Jacory is simply physically incapable of making.

I am not saying that all of the INTs are Jacory's fault, but a good percentage of them are. You simply cannot win with him at QB -- at least not on a consistent basis.

If Morris is not the full-time starter next year, I'll be shocked.

WOW!..A lot of opinions up here...All the Hurricane players have a fresh start..No one is just given the position they have to earn it..new coaching staff, new hope and hopefully new fire!! Lets see what these guys do on the field before we judge them..I remember that Auburn alumni were not pleased with the hiring of their coach two years ago but he has a ring now!! Lets give this coaching staff a chance and support them...GO CANES!! UGACANE I live in Virginia but I still make at least one game a year and I do go to a lot of road games!! I am with yea GO CANES!!!

What is the definition of coached up? If brandon harris is a late first and Bailey is a second rounder, aren't they the top 64 players regardless of position? I'm confused by what development really means. If a first year te gets drafted, who gets da credit? Does it only count when the guy doesn't get drafted high? Sam shields was lazy here like a lot of these kids who don't live up to their abilities. We need to start putting the responsibility back on these kids to get better, not the coaches. Hankerson got better wit the extra time spent in the summer. I remember when the other wrs got there and everybody kept asking why he was starting? Randy had him out there! He is not even the most talented kid at his position for us. Streeter has been slacking since day one. Should we reward him with more playing time? Heck no! I hope al tells these guys that they will be judged solely on what they do on their off time. No undersized midgets, no out of shape wrs, no excuses. Players win u get games, not coaches

If that were the case then Shannon would not have sucked as a head coach. You must have talent that is true, but U must have the coaching to bring that raw talent up to the next level and play to their capabilities. All of which Shannon sucked at. Now the TE gets the credit because all he did was play with his natural ability, and when he got drafted the Saints staff coached the kid up and made him into the player he is, not Shannon and his staff of assistant nimrods.

Man...for those of you who are complaining that Fisch is all talk, you same morons would complain if he had said nothing. Just like they way you complain about Randy. Let the guy answer a question already. I for one would like to learn what the guy is about. He is our O.C. isn't he?

To those posting comments of Jacory, saying you'll barf if he's first on the depth chart, he can't lead us to an ACC Title, and that it's his fault for our record this past season are insain. Not only has he had to learn offenses schemes under two different OCs, but now a third one in Fisch (who actually knows how to coach a quaterback). Stephen's stats don't even compare as he threw more INTs in a shorter time frame. Jacory and Stephen will be great this year with the help of Fisch. The defense is the area that needs more improvement. With our best CB gone (Brandon Harris) and still no solid Safety or Linebacker play, it'll be interesting to see how this 4-3 style defense will play out, as this is the first time in history Miami will be running it.

I hate to say it, but we owe a small thank you to ... (it's hard to get the words out) ... Nick Satan ... for hiring Stoutland away and opening up the spot for Art Kehoe.

4 3 is all we run canesallday

2011 will be an interesting season. I see only two teams that might have better talent than the CANES, OSU and FSU. I really believe that this team has talent but it has been terribly coached. We will find the answer to that by Mid-Oct.

" ....and from 1979 to until Al Golden got there they did not have a winning season. ..."
Err, no. Temple was 7-4 in 1990. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story, though.

Hey Fisch your not going to look at film or stats on Jacory because u want to see it with your own eyes- that's funny because isn't that how we scout and evaluate other teams to prepare our team to play them? Jacory is not a qb and was the nail in Randy shannons coffin- he will be the nail in yours as well. Watch film on Jacory you clown- he's terrible and south Florida never wants to see him on the field again- you do want us to come to the stadium next year don't you? We NEVER want to see Jacory again

Ugacane- you go buy a ticket and watch our canes get their ass beat by south Florida but I and most canes fans will not- you call us bandwagon fans but I call u foolish. We are true fans and WONT tolerate losses- losses make us sick- win games and we will pack the stadium- not attending games is the way we get our point across that changes are necessary- it's our voice. We are finished with jacory- he's not a college qb and he proved that to all across the nation. Go canes!!!!!! Been a real fan for 40 years- losing is not an option

Temple was 7-4 in 1990, so they had a winning team between 1979 and Golden.

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