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Golden, UM have talent to build around in '11

Things might be down in Coral Gables as Al Golden takes over the program. But it's not unsalvageable. 

The Miami Hurricanes have holes to fill and quality depth to add through recruiting (linebacker, cornerback, quarterback and receiver). But there is enough talent around at the moment -- assuming we see some better coaching and play calling -- that can have the Canes winning and competing in the ACC relatively soon.

Storm Johnson For me, it all starts with the offensive coordinator and a commitment to running the football. If there is one real strength UM is bringing back next season, it is experienced talent on the offensive line and NFL-caliber talent in the backfield. Leading rusher Damien Berry and his tough, bruising running style is heading out the door. But with speedy redshirt freshman Lamar Miller, sophomore Mike James, Storm Johnson and Eduardo Clements expected back along with bulldozers Seantrel Henderson and Brandon Linder up front on the offensive line, the Hurricanes should and can become a team that consistently runs the football to setup the pass.

In Friday's 33-17 loss to Notre Dame, the Hurricanes ran the ball only 24 times for 103 yards. A 27-3 deficit by halftime obviously forced UM to pretty much abandon the run. But this goes well beyond one bowl game. In UM's seven wins this past season, the Canes ran an average of 42 times for nearly 196 yards and a total of 13 touchdowns. In the Canes' six losses, UM ran an average of 33 times for nearly 170 yards and six touchdowns. Nine carries and 26 yards may not seem like a lot. But it is the commitment to running first instead of throwing the ball that is the difference -- especially since the Canes led all FBS schools with 27 interceptions thrown. 

With leading receiver Leonard Hankerson gone and Stephen Morris expected to take over as starting quarterback heading into his sophomore year, it only makes sense for the Hurricanes to take this run-first approach. While the Hurricanes do have some untapped talent at receiver (it's time to see more from LaRon Byrd, Travis Benjamin, Aldarius Johnson, Kendall Thompkins and Tommy Streeter) and a budding young star at tight end in freshman Asante Cleveland, its going to take Morris (82-153, 1,240 yards, 7 TDs, 9 INTs) and his receivers some time to get adjusted to the playbook of UM's new and yet unnamed offensive coordinator. Feeding the ball to Miller, James, Johnson and Clements at least 42 times a game will only make that transition easier and take some pressure off a defense in 2010 that constantly had to keep coming back onto the field after turnovers.

Speaking of the defense, that is really where Golden has to restock the shelves with talent (we'll talk about linebacker shortly) and get a lot more production. Love him or hate him, leading tackler Colin McCarthy is gone and the linebacker spot is in dire need of not only help, but an upgrade in starting talent and depth. Sean Spence, the most consistent playmaker at linebacker for UM the past three years, needs major assistance heading into his senior year to help a UM run defense which ranked 81st nationally and gave up an average of 173 yards a game on the ground and 20 touchdowns on the season.

Sean Spence Who will Spence get that help from? Ramon Buchanan, who started 10 games on the outside, has had his moments (54 tackles, fifth most on the team). But he needs to take his level of play up a notch or two. Freshman backup middle linebacker Kelvin Cain (12 tackles) had a monster game at Duke in his only start of the season. And as of now, he's third leading tackler at linebacker returning for next season. That's scary. Scarier? The depth. All of it is young and unproven. Kevin Nelson, who was redshirted this season, was said to have the most upside of all the young players UM recruited. He and Cain should fight for playing time at middle linebacker. At outside linebacker, with senior-to-be Jordan Futch moving over to tight end (and maybe even fullback), the guys expected to provide depth are freshmen Tyrone Cornelius (a standout on special teams), James Gaines, and junior-to-be C.J. Holton (12 career tackles). 

Aside from better tackling and improving the run defense, the Canes will have to continue to produce sacks (they finished 10th nationally) and tackles for loss (led country with 8.85 per game) without future first round pick Allen Bailey at defensive end. Bailey may not have made as much noise as Hurricanes fans wanted, but he still led the team in sacks for the second year in a row (7) and ranked third in tackles for loss (11).

The good news for UM? Veteran help returns. For starters, we began to see better play from redshirt sophomore defensive tackle Marcus Forston (a 5-star recruit at Miami Northwestern) as the season went on. He had six tackles in the bowl game including three in the backfield for loss and finished second on the team behind Spence in TFLs. Forston and junior defensive tackle Micanor Regis (42 tackles, 8 TFL, 3 sacks) will be among a ground of veteran defensive linemen, which will also feature defensive ends Olivier Vernon (39 tackles, 10.5 TFL, 6 sacks, 4 QBH), a sophomore, junior Marcus Robinson (19 tackles, 5 TFL, 2.5 sacks in 10 games), junior Andrew Smith (12 tackles, 4 TFL, 3 sacks) and senior-to-be Adewale Ojomo (38 tackles, 7.5 TFL, 5 sacks).

The pass defense, which ranked second nationally, are where the bigger question marks lie. Sophomore safeties Ray Ray Armstrong, the team's third leading tackler with 79 tackles and 3 INTs, and Vaughn Telemaque, who finished fourth with 58 tackles and 3 INTs, are the veteran returnees. But it is unknown if junior cornerback Brandon Harris (44 tackles, team-leading 10 pass breakups) will be back. Ryan Hill, who had a stellar senior season despite a few bad moments in the Sun Bowl (51 tackles, 8 PBUs), along with Demarcus Van Dyke are gone, leaving UM potentially without its top three cornerbacks from the 2010 season. Sophomore Brandon McGee (15 tackles, 2 PBU in 10 games), former running back Lee Chambers and a cast of redshirt freshmen and potentially true freshmen are what the Hurricanes will have at cornerback next season should Harris decide to enter the NFL Draft early.  

Special teams? Not only will the Hurricanes likely have new coordinator, but also a new kicker, punter and a need for improvement on kickoff and punt returns as well as kick and punt coverage. After their big day at Ohio State where they returned a kickoff and a punt return for a touchdown, UM's return unit went into hibernation. Take away his 79-yard punt return at Ohio State for a touchdown, junior Travis Benjamin had 22 punt returns for a total of 27 yards the rest of the season. When it came to kickoff returns, UM ranked 102nd nationally with an average return of 19.96 yards on 44 returns. Matt Bosher ranked 16th nationally in punting with an average of 44 yards a kick and he made 13 of 17 his field goal attempts. UM's punt return defense ranked 56th and the kickoff coverage unit ranked 69th. 


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and Miami only has 15 schollies to offer. There must be a bunch of dead wood on this roster.

One thin no one thinks about with Bosher is, how many times did he also make the tackle after his kicks. He was amazing in that respect.


I didn't really put together the damage Randy did to this program, until your last blog. This post was nice, but one factor we cannot foresee is the impact that transfers will have on the depth chart for 2011.

Good thing we got rid of Randy before the bowl game! That performance was a direct reflection of the last 4 years: underprepared and unmotivated.

Its a mixed bag of potential and holes. Golden has his hands full trying to figure out who to promote and who to bench but I want to focus in one area.

You ended the post with Bosher, people didn't give him enough credit. It seemed to me that on least half of the kickoff returns he was the one making the tackle and if not for him would most likely have gone for 6 (or at least 20 more yards).

Our Special Teams need to get better, there will be no Bosher around next year to make those tackles. Then again our kicker shouldn't be our go to guy on returns.

Well , at least Hill is gone(feel for the gators...OK maybe not). Now someone can teach these recievers to catch the ball first , then run. Jacory proved himself a good 4th string QB so now we need a #2and#3 so things are looking up there. O-Line looks to be better. Now with the new passionate coaches on D, that side of the ball can only get better. Let's just hope Jo Pa retires and Penn State hires a 10 year coach.

Look at it this way. Shannon for all his incompetence, limitations and lack of gameday preparedness/adjustments, was able to win 7-8 games per year. DVD couldn't cover a baby in a crib. Jacory wouldn't hit water if he fell off a cruise ship. Aldarius is slower than a Mule in a horse race. So why can't you believe this staff will win 9-10 games next year? Shannon did not develop players and many lack fire. I truly believe with the change in HC and staff these young will be better than the kids unfortunate to be led by Shannon who's life experiences didn't prepare him to be a CEO.

ThirdParty,,,, no-one had to tell me this,,, you are a jackass.

Third party source... 87 transfers? That's the whole team. All the starters ? wasn't J-int a starter? Third party sources are like third party checks. You just can't trust them. Although I heard from a first party source that Weiss and Hill will bring the gators down next season. I can't wait to see who the next letdown of a coach they(U-Felons)hire next.

Hey Manny with rumors flying around that John McNulty, (Arizona Cardinals WR coach, ex Rutgers OC and at one time considered by Alabama and Miami as OC coordinator), will be named Miami new OC come next Monday, How do you think it will fit into our needs? McNulty being another ex Penn St (Safety) to join the Golden clan I am developing concerns that we convert UM football into a Penn St or Big Ten football. Specially after yesterdays bowl where Big Ten teams went 0-5.

Its not that hard. Its not that complicated:

You throw eff&&en interceptions, 2, 3, 4 a game, and there is no way you will win the game. A) drives stall, B) the D gets tired and frustrated.

The 4 consecutive ints ended the game. The game was over in the 2nd q.

Harris'3 consecutive ints did the team in. It was taking a pin and popping a large bubble.

If this team cuts the ints from 27 to 14 next year, Miami will win 9 games. If it cuts them down to 11, thats one a game, I gauarantee you Miami will win 11 games. The running game will take over.

Its not as complicated as missed tackles, etc. Its the ints. Harris should never be allowed to play QB at Miami. Ok let him keep the scholie. whatever. But I would put Highsmith in before I would allow harris to stand behind center ever ever ever.

He is soiling the memories of Kelly, Losar Vinnie, Walsh, Erickson, Torreta an Dorsey.

He is worse than Kirby Freeman or Crudup.

can't believe what a disaster this season was.

TOP disappointments:
1. Jacory...nuff said. Dude i hung in there with you forever, but after the ND game, i'm not a fan anymore. 32INT's, seriously?
2. Aldarius...this was supposed to be his breakout season...is he on the team??? What happened to him?
3. Lack of using Lamar and Mike James...where were the easy screens and underneath passes to let these guys use their skills?
4. Lack of even trying to use Streeter...there's something in the locker room behind that, i mean look how easy he ran past the DB for that TD in the ND game.

TOP improvements:
1. Offensive Line...guys we have the makings of a dominant 2011 group man for man. Cut our sacks in half.
2. Defensive Line...i was surprised we had so many TFL this year.
3. pass coverage...except for the constant 3rd downs we gave up.
4. Forston cares, i needed to see that.
5. BH is a leader. He gambles some. Can you imagine how worse our season could've been without him shutting down half the field (Floyd aside, sigh).
5. HANK--thank you for taking the off season serious and giving us some great moments. Best of luck to you man, you've earned it.

The talent is there..Randy got fired because it wasnt used right...Golden has no excuses..I think Miami had a lack of speed like in years before. Miller, Benjamin, were the only speed guys..there was no one on defense could run down a back..we need speed..please golden dont turn this into a a slow big 10 team ..it wont work in the south

Third party source... I was just mowing my lawn and it dawned on me ,I believe there is only 89 players on the roster , of which I believe 17 are seniors so there are only 72 players that can transfer. Also 21 are juniors who if transfered would not play thier final season wherever they transfered to. That leaves only about 51 players (including J-int) that can transfer and still have eligibility to play for another team. There is no reason for these players to leave unless they were showed fovoritism by the last coach and the rest have a fresh start. Do the math before you post.

Sorry J-int is a junior and would not be in the mix for a transfer.

TOP improvements:
1. Offensive Line...guys we have the makings of a dominant 2011 group man for man. Cut our sacks in half.
2. Defensive Line...i was surprised we had so many TFL this year.
3. pass coverage...except for the constant 3rd downs we gave up.
4. Forston cares, i needed to see that.
5. BH is a leader. He gambles some. Can you imagine how worse our season could've been without him shutting down half the field (Floyd aside, sigh).
5. HANK--thank you for taking the off season serious and giving us some great moments. Best of luck to you man, you've earned it.

Posted by: RJ in DC | January 02, 2011 at 10:28 AM

Not making an excuse for BH, but that turf was reported to be slippery after they have shovelled the snow.

ND atleast are used to playing in that kind of weather and surface, they get that on a regular basis.

Most of our players were wearing sleeves and ski mask, Floyd and most of the ND players weren't even wearing a sleeve and definitely did not care what kind of weather they played in.

Are underclassmen the only one's who can transfer...anyone?

sidcane - it never occurred to you that TPS was being sarcastic? His next door neighbor's ex-wife's girl friend?

And juniors can definitely transfer, they just are unlikely to because they would almost always have to sit a year out.

lol @ the guy claiming to be a fan, yet he is questioning if AJ is still on the team. He was hurt, so he did not play vs ND. If Harris is not better than Freeman or Crudup than our QBs hasn't been that great considering Harris is second all time as far as touchdowns. lol.. Too many spoiled fans is the problem

Third party sourse... sounds to me like you get bad info and are a J-int fan or have lousy timing with your sarcasm.

force J-12 to transfer to some sorry D2 school...

let go canes !


Sorry to fool you, sidcane. But, you are the one that proved to all - you're a fool.

You still don't get it. That's embarrassing.

But, what is really embarrassing, 1) we have fans as dumb as you and 2) me actually trying to educate you.

What exactly does a Big-10 football team play like?

Do you guys mean run the ball and throw off of play-action? If so, isn't that what we want?
Don't you want defenses that can stop the run?

We'll have speed because we recruit this area. We just need some fundamentals.

TPS is a fraud, and has always been one.

Eudocimus, I like your fervor & spirit dude, but alas you've been taken for more rides than a one-arm hooker.

Is is widely stated & universally accepted that Shannon left this team stocked with NFL-CALIBER College recruits that will represent on Sundays, whether drafted as Tav Gooden, or simply as free spirits as Sam Shields. Thus, Manny did a hatchet job done on Shannon recruiting AND the U for complicity in knowing about and "supporting Shannonigan's recruiting".

So, no, Al Golden won't need to come in and be this Savior. But he can't just trashed this team as he did on his first year at Temple going 0-10 vs FBS Teams in Big East (oh yeah, that 1 win was vs our favoring tool: FAMU) before getting by far the best recruits in the MAC while never vying for the title... close your eyes if that sounds familiar... Well Coach Golden highly recommened by Howie Long, Seconded by JJ. Good enough? Sure

Let's win some games in 'll!

Man, how's a one arm hooker going to get johns when they can get one with both arms for the same price? That's trickonomics 101.

So if I understand correctly, sidcane is that gators fan purposely pretending to be retarded for some reason?

The day I understand what's going on on this blog is the day I need to find a new site to check on writing breaks.

wow i was just thinking of all the punter Matt Bosher made saving the day, miami would have lost many more games if he wasnt there.

Manny, Nice analysis of what lies ahead. It will be interesting to see which players transfer. The program needs good coaching, and has for years. Hope that strong O coaches come in, as this will be critical to UM success.I believe that Morris is a winner, smart and determined. Watch him grow with good coaching.

Let Jacory compete. I wish him well. He is an example of the Shannon/Whipple regime's poor coaching, and yes, questionable talent. However, the coaches' inability to build confidence in a key player was a dominant theme over the past 2 years. That is why you make a change and kudos to Hocutt for doing it. Coach Golden and staff should bring it!

Bring the fire and desire! GO CANES!

I've never posted here and won't post again after this.

It's one and done.

The Shannon era is over! He has left Golden with more talent to "work" with than he was left. That's a fact.

And that's about all Shannon can be credited with.

The word "work" is very important as far as Golden's and The U's future is concerned:


According to both Dan Morgan and Michael Irvin

(on the radio),

some of the players told them, in seperate conversations and after the hiring of Golden, how Shannon's practices were structured and run.

Both Morgan and Irvin were shocked to here what they heard.

Neither Morgan or Irvin went into any detail, but it seems to me that this may be the major culprit to a lack of discipline and players not growing to their abilities.

Morgan, who said at the time, he had not met Golden but having grown up in Philly (before moving to Coral springs) he had freinds that knew him and knew of his reputation as a hard working coach. That had a coaching process to rival any coach in the country.

"Hard working coach" and "coaching process" stand out to me. Just this alone will go a long way to fixing the and talent discipline growth problems. How many victories would this have been worth in 2010. USF, Virginia, maybe a VT or FSU.

I always have an additude of I'll believe it when I see it. Or Show me. But based on what I've read and heard about Golden and also his DC, D'Nofrieo (exuse the spelling), these guys are like a pair of Tazmainian Devils at practice and game time.

So, I'm not taking the cautious route. I see
these guys making an immediate empact on
talent, discipline, growth and game day staminia.

And this will mean a better team next year. A better "coached" team next year.

I predict 10 or more wins next year.

And I expect 9 or more.

Based on the known past and existing problems and the potential and existing talent - I don't think to achieve this will be too daunting. Not easy, just not too daunting.

Go Canes!

Larry Thomas as wr coach and Ken Dorsey as QB coach. And some heart to go with ith.

One and done,
Hey stick around for the conversation.
Tasmanian devils" works for me. Relentless
is required!


It's called sarcasm. Moron!

Done for fun and to exposing morons like you . . . and sidcane!

Eudocimus thanks for the feedback about transfers. Didn't even think about the sitting out a year thing.

I do think we need to clear some dead weight off the squad if possible.

OK, thanks for the invite, dbc.

Look, not knowing who Golden will chose as his OC.

I feel confident he knows the type of guy he wants and thats who he will get. He probably has a couple guys he feels will work and he'll get what he wants.

But, my premise for next year is this;

Relentless structured coaching will be great for this situation. And will go along way to correcting the ills of our team.

And from what I hear and read that's what we have in Golden and his staff.

They DEMAND SUCCESS! They don't ask for it - THEY DEMAND IT!

And as far as transfers go. They will transfer because Golden will take their scholarships.

Article by Manny on Shannon was some of the most interesting reading I've read in years. Wow, thought Coker was bad, Randy has let this program go down even further. Ten yrs ago this team was the best in the country. Now Miami is the worst team in the state of Fl.

Shannon and Whipple's stupidity was trying to make this a passing team. Clearly with a good offensive line and decent talent at RB this was what was going to win games. If you took half of the 27 ints and turned them into 3 and outs (worst case cenario) we would be playing in a BCS game - it may have been against UConn - but seriously, what ACC team was dominant this year?? This was not a top caliber team as billed, but no college team is.

Fundamentals rule - Oklahoma had 0?? penalties last night. Ill take the OC job at UM - it would be a pay cut - work 80 hours and fix these obvious problems... Step 1 by the way - #12 moved to special teams bc he thinks he is such a special player. Further, starting quarterbacks give interviews.

Well at least the Gators won the Outback Bowl

The program is definitely on the downside. Of the Big 3, Miami is in the biggest trouble because they don't have an identity at QB. Maybe Morris will develop over the offseason and become a stud. He definitely showed some flashes during the Sun Bowl and he'd be my No. 1 QB when spring practices begin.
As far as Shannon goes, he's a 'Cane for life and I have nothing but respect for him. He did some great things as coach but I'm sure he'd be the first to admit he made many mistakes. I think the program is stronger now than when he took over. At the same time, he wasn't a complete coach. While he excelled in some areas, he definitely failed miserably in others. I know he has the capability to prepare his teams (i.e. vs. Oklahoma, Ga. Tech, North Carolina, Pittsburgh), but at other times the team looked hideous, unprepared, uninspired. This inconsistency is what got him fired. Miami really hasn't had a somewhat decent QB since Berlin, and not a great QB since Dorsey.
I can only hope that Morris will step up and be a leader on the team.

Yea, on the "downside", but of any team ever on the "downside" this particular team has more upside potential.

Simply, structured practices run by demanding coaches - with the talent we have will show results quickly.

This will build confidence which will lead to wins. At the beginning, wins over teams we should beat, the usf's, virginia's, clemson's etc. and maybe pick off a FSU or VT or OSU.

I think we have enough of a nucleus to win at least 9 games next year with the better coaching ahead. These 15 schollies they have to give out will be very interesting...I think we will be plesantly surprised.

Of the Big 3, Miami is in the biggest trouble because they don't have an identity at QB.

Did you watch any Gators games this year? The Canes are in better shape at QB with Morris than any of the three QBs that played at UF this year.

This is what pisses me off with some of you idiot Canes fans. I thought Shannon should be fired too, but to listen to you guys tell it he was the worst coach we ever had. When he inherited this program he had NOTHING to work with. And he turned that nothing into something. He was obviously not good enough to take this team to the next level, but NO REASONABLE FAN can argue that Shannon left this program better than he found it. People expect Golden to have this team at least compete for an ACC title next year. That just shows you that Shannon brought this program up, because NO ONE expected Shannon to compete for a title in his first year, because we all knew Coker left him nothing to work with. People tend to forget just what Coker did to this program. Shannon is clearly not the answer but only an idiot would say that he somehow made the program worse.

He did make the program worse. He alienated south florida coaches, he alienated the media, he alienated recruits, he played favoritism, he had 3 QBs transfer out directly because of his shanningans, he was overrated as a recruiter, and he made empty promises.

And for you who says Jacorry should be allowed to compete, becaue it was the coaches fault for not "developing" him- The 3 lob passes that he threw into the defenses hands against ND ws a micro-capsule of how lazy, uninspired and unmotivated this clown hasbeen. he nevr steps into his throws or bothers checking down on his progressions. he has no clue how to read a defense. Part of it has to come from him. He should have studied film more, and he should have worked harder in the off season. Compete? He should not be allowed to play another down. He should be a water boy at best.

Al Golden should work these players' tails off. Whoever doesnt like it, transfer out or quit. Winter and spring should be a weeding out process. Summer as well. For those who truly want it, comes fall. Make these soft players puke on thepractice fields. Make them lift till their hands are bloody. Bring back the snd pit in the back of thepractice fields where portis, McGhee and the others used to run they a00es off.

This team needs to be cleaned out of the lazy a-- p() ss-ies. Watching TCU, Oregon, Boise StAlabama, MSU, Stanford, I see that its not that hard. All you need are kids that are willing to bleed for their program. Not these soft ski-mask and space heater lollypops that we have seen in two consecutive bowls.

You are your record.

Randy Shannon is the worst coach we've ever had (since Saban) and he left this program the exact same as he found it: 7-6.

People expected Shannon to at least compete for the ACC title his very first year, he said himself "I don't expect anything less". Same with his second year and his third. And this year.

Edsall was just hired as Maryland's coach - it'll never happen with Golden wanting a pro-style offense but Mike Leach would dominate as our OC.

Sha ne ne ne, etc.
I DO get your point regarding #12. The first interception was a classic dumb pass into double coverage. The second was a bizzare lob into the middle of the field, as if any D back couldn't easily break on that ball.The third interception he threw was not a lob and looked like the receiver and he were not on the same page (once again). In several cases, Benjamin looked open on the right sideline.

His lack of development IS partially attributable to the coaches, but he is not that gifted a player. Nonetheless, let anybody complete in 2011. What's to lose? It helps the team if there are battles for spots. Discerning coaches will get who should play and who will be a detriment to the team.

Harris' interceptions have typically been mistakes, whether in velocity, reading coverages or receiver routes. So long
Hill. WELCOME to a new regime of demanding coaches for whom winning is the goal. Hopefully, they will objectively evaluate talent and not play some daddy game with favorites.

Love the post One and Done. I think Golden already has his OC picked out and just can't name it until the NFL season is over. Either that or it's down to a couple. He made a comment about filling out his staff in the next couple days because the NFL season ends on Sunday, so it's obviously a current NFL coordinator that's still a bit busy.

It is so hard to believe a guy like Shannon would have poorly structured practices, a lack of recruiting effort and no fire in his belly. He was hired specifically to counter the lack of those traits in Coker. I hated hearing things out of fall camp like "these practices are lighter so we'll be fresher at the end of the season." What bull!

Shannon may have left the program better than he found it, but that's like crediting a 5 year old for growing taller. We couldn't have been in worse shape after Coker's 5-7 final year, so the two great recruiting classes Shannon pulled in had to lead to better days, whether or not he was a better coach. But his 9-4 year could have easily been 8-5 or 7-6 with all the tight games filled with turnovers. No, it's pretty clear he didn't improve things a whole lot over Coker. We've gone back to the original formula for hiring a coach at UM. Young, hungry, proven at a smaller school, has a chip on his shoulder. I agree with One and Done...those characteristics ought to be good for at least 2 more wins right off the bat, even without a dramatic improvement in talent.

Go Canes!

Third Party Source: Farce = Sarcasm = Fraudulent Fun = TPS

another great piece by manny!

In some ways Shannon left the program in better shape (talent level) in some ways worse ( playing favorites, running QBs off so Jacory could be the unquestioned starter, allienating former Cane greats and local coaches) and in some ways we are just as bad as we were when he took over, 7/6, terrible player development, lack of player motivation, and excuses.
In any event Shannon should have had us in at the very least the ACC title game his first year. So he did nothing but tred water the whole time he was coach. Thank god for Holcutt not putting us through another year of Shannon misery.

Eudo, Mike Leach and Randy Shannon done! One is a former fan flame and the other a former coach. Enuff said @ both = Time to move the convo on to ELSE!!

Just as much as the Trustees wanted its new HC with experience, I hope they also get an OC via Golden) with real PLAY-CALLER. experience (unlike Pat Nix) rather than a mere NFL position coach!

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