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Golden, UM have talent to build around in '11

Things might be down in Coral Gables as Al Golden takes over the program. But it's not unsalvageable. 

The Miami Hurricanes have holes to fill and quality depth to add through recruiting (linebacker, cornerback, quarterback and receiver). But there is enough talent around at the moment -- assuming we see some better coaching and play calling -- that can have the Canes winning and competing in the ACC relatively soon.

Storm Johnson For me, it all starts with the offensive coordinator and a commitment to running the football. If there is one real strength UM is bringing back next season, it is experienced talent on the offensive line and NFL-caliber talent in the backfield. Leading rusher Damien Berry and his tough, bruising running style is heading out the door. But with speedy redshirt freshman Lamar Miller, sophomore Mike James, Storm Johnson and Eduardo Clements expected back along with bulldozers Seantrel Henderson and Brandon Linder up front on the offensive line, the Hurricanes should and can become a team that consistently runs the football to setup the pass.

In Friday's 33-17 loss to Notre Dame, the Hurricanes ran the ball only 24 times for 103 yards. A 27-3 deficit by halftime obviously forced UM to pretty much abandon the run. But this goes well beyond one bowl game. In UM's seven wins this past season, the Canes ran an average of 42 times for nearly 196 yards and a total of 13 touchdowns. In the Canes' six losses, UM ran an average of 33 times for nearly 170 yards and six touchdowns. Nine carries and 26 yards may not seem like a lot. But it is the commitment to running first instead of throwing the ball that is the difference -- especially since the Canes led all FBS schools with 27 interceptions thrown. 

With leading receiver Leonard Hankerson gone and Stephen Morris expected to take over as starting quarterback heading into his sophomore year, it only makes sense for the Hurricanes to take this run-first approach. While the Hurricanes do have some untapped talent at receiver (it's time to see more from LaRon Byrd, Travis Benjamin, Aldarius Johnson, Kendall Thompkins and Tommy Streeter) and a budding young star at tight end in freshman Asante Cleveland, its going to take Morris (82-153, 1,240 yards, 7 TDs, 9 INTs) and his receivers some time to get adjusted to the playbook of UM's new and yet unnamed offensive coordinator. Feeding the ball to Miller, James, Johnson and Clements at least 42 times a game will only make that transition easier and take some pressure off a defense in 2010 that constantly had to keep coming back onto the field after turnovers.

Speaking of the defense, that is really where Golden has to restock the shelves with talent (we'll talk about linebacker shortly) and get a lot more production. Love him or hate him, leading tackler Colin McCarthy is gone and the linebacker spot is in dire need of not only help, but an upgrade in starting talent and depth. Sean Spence, the most consistent playmaker at linebacker for UM the past three years, needs major assistance heading into his senior year to help a UM run defense which ranked 81st nationally and gave up an average of 173 yards a game on the ground and 20 touchdowns on the season.

Sean Spence Who will Spence get that help from? Ramon Buchanan, who started 10 games on the outside, has had his moments (54 tackles, fifth most on the team). But he needs to take his level of play up a notch or two. Freshman backup middle linebacker Kelvin Cain (12 tackles) had a monster game at Duke in his only start of the season. And as of now, he's third leading tackler at linebacker returning for next season. That's scary. Scarier? The depth. All of it is young and unproven. Kevin Nelson, who was redshirted this season, was said to have the most upside of all the young players UM recruited. He and Cain should fight for playing time at middle linebacker. At outside linebacker, with senior-to-be Jordan Futch moving over to tight end (and maybe even fullback), the guys expected to provide depth are freshmen Tyrone Cornelius (a standout on special teams), James Gaines, and junior-to-be C.J. Holton (12 career tackles). 

Aside from better tackling and improving the run defense, the Canes will have to continue to produce sacks (they finished 10th nationally) and tackles for loss (led country with 8.85 per game) without future first round pick Allen Bailey at defensive end. Bailey may not have made as much noise as Hurricanes fans wanted, but he still led the team in sacks for the second year in a row (7) and ranked third in tackles for loss (11).

The good news for UM? Veteran help returns. For starters, we began to see better play from redshirt sophomore defensive tackle Marcus Forston (a 5-star recruit at Miami Northwestern) as the season went on. He had six tackles in the bowl game including three in the backfield for loss and finished second on the team behind Spence in TFLs. Forston and junior defensive tackle Micanor Regis (42 tackles, 8 TFL, 3 sacks) will be among a ground of veteran defensive linemen, which will also feature defensive ends Olivier Vernon (39 tackles, 10.5 TFL, 6 sacks, 4 QBH), a sophomore, junior Marcus Robinson (19 tackles, 5 TFL, 2.5 sacks in 10 games), junior Andrew Smith (12 tackles, 4 TFL, 3 sacks) and senior-to-be Adewale Ojomo (38 tackles, 7.5 TFL, 5 sacks).

The pass defense, which ranked second nationally, are where the bigger question marks lie. Sophomore safeties Ray Ray Armstrong, the team's third leading tackler with 79 tackles and 3 INTs, and Vaughn Telemaque, who finished fourth with 58 tackles and 3 INTs, are the veteran returnees. But it is unknown if junior cornerback Brandon Harris (44 tackles, team-leading 10 pass breakups) will be back. Ryan Hill, who had a stellar senior season despite a few bad moments in the Sun Bowl (51 tackles, 8 PBUs), along with Demarcus Van Dyke are gone, leaving UM potentially without its top three cornerbacks from the 2010 season. Sophomore Brandon McGee (15 tackles, 2 PBU in 10 games), former running back Lee Chambers and a cast of redshirt freshmen and potentially true freshmen are what the Hurricanes will have at cornerback next season should Harris decide to enter the NFL Draft early.  

Special teams? Not only will the Hurricanes likely have new coordinator, but also a new kicker, punter and a need for improvement on kickoff and punt returns as well as kick and punt coverage. After their big day at Ohio State where they returned a kickoff and a punt return for a touchdown, UM's return unit went into hibernation. Take away his 79-yard punt return at Ohio State for a touchdown, junior Travis Benjamin had 22 punt returns for a total of 27 yards the rest of the season. When it came to kickoff returns, UM ranked 102nd nationally with an average return of 19.96 yards on 44 returns. Matt Bosher ranked 16th nationally in punting with an average of 44 yards a kick and he made 13 of 17 his field goal attempts. UM's punt return defense ranked 56th and the kickoff coverage unit ranked 69th. 


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Mike Leach is probably done as a head coach because he likes to dress up his players as pirates and abuse them in dark electrical closets.

But he's an offensive mind and he'll be wildly successful wherever he goes.

Any former NFL offensive coordinator would be a great hire for Golden but I'm not optimistic about his chances of getting one. Assistant or position coach is more likely.

Lets get real canes fans. We should thank Randy Shannon or loving the "U", the fans, city and players. He took over a program that was a bottom of our program history, with many on the field and off the field problems. The NCAA does not want the canes to succeed. Just look at the media for example.

First, FSU provided test exams for student athletes and they suppose to be on probation with limited scholarships, but they continue to recruit at a high level and go to bowl games. In other words they get a free pass from NCAA committee.

Second, UF are allowed to have over twenty arrest and drug related issues with current players. The NCAA looks the other way and does nothing but contends them on having a great program and a great quilter of a hard coach urban Crier. No disciplinary action from the NCAA because they looks the other way.

Last, the”U.” We have not one incidence with student athletes over the last four years and the highest gradation rate in the state and in the top five in the nation. The NCAA has nothing to say positive about the “U’, other than they fired Randy Shannon. When it comes to the “U” good news is bad news to the media. I truly say, over the past four years it is a conspiracy by the NCAA to not let UM rise to the top by giving them a brutal schedule with tough opponents on the road at the beginning of each football season so they could fail.

That’s why it’s more that meets the eye to our football program at this point. Al Golden is in the best position to succeed because our 2011 schedule will not be as tough as in the years in the past. He must also, hire someone to recruit south Florida, to prevent Charlie strong/Clint Hunt, Jimbo Fishier and now Audrey Hill who is heading to UF from getting all the top talent in our area. He needs to get Lamar Thomas, Mike Irvin, Warren Sapp or other well known UM players to work as recruiters for the “U.”

If he recruit speed, tough, smart and a Miami guy type of football players we will win.>>>Go canes

How exactly how is the program better than when Coker left? Both left 7-6 teams but at least Coker won a bowl. Both left uncertain QB situations.

Please stop with Miami being soo talented. The only reason you say they are talented is because of there rivals rankings as recruits. Talented at spots but terrible in others. Look at LB or TE position or CB or S position.

Fact is Miami was 6-6 against Division 1 schools.

Orlando Sentinel reporting that McNulty from Arizona Cardinals will become OC and WR coach. He has had some decent wideouts, no?

And MacDonald WR coach of the Cleveland Browns will be the RB coach. Every wonder why our RBs can't break a TD run, get past the linebackers, etc.? MacDonald has coached some good RB on a weak team(Jerome Harrison, for one).

And Carroll will be the Special Teams coach. Remember how our kickoff coverage was amazingly fast and on the ball carrier at the 10 to 1t5 yard line back in the day?

Could all be settled very soon. Promising choices.

Source also says Cleveland Browns WR coach George McDonald is leading candidate to be RB coach for #UM #Hurricanes

Arizona Cardinals WR coach John McNulty is frontrunner to be #UM o-coordinator/WR coach, source w/ knowledge of Al Golden's plans tells me

Sure Miami has talent but so do the teams they line up against. This year it looked like there was more talent lined up on the other side of the ball. Combine that with a lackluster recruitment year and you can look forward to a dismal 2011.

McNulty was OC before, and his college team set records... these guys in the pros are not easy to nail on the dotted line... hope it can get done swiftly though

manny-goood summary. do you have any idea about our recruiting. I am aware of the 6 we have verbally sighned. do you think that the recruits from the hs that were shunned by RS will be willing to look at UM? Are we looking toward areas outside of the so called Liberty City field. I think that a heavy emphasis on the belle glade pahoke areas would be beneficial and offer players who really want to play and compete to be part of the UM team


FSU was 7-6 last year (and a home loss to USF - sound familar?)...they were 100-and-somthing in total D... I remember FSU fans posting they were a couple years away from competing with UF and Miami... But after Bobby and their D-Coord were shown the door, the FSU defense was a TOTALLY different unit under Mike Stoops and the team goes 10-4, pastes Miami and UF, goes 2-0 vs. the SEC and is recruiting like a machine...

Golden has as much to work (sans QB but Morris could be a good one) with as Jimbo and Stoops did when FSU began Spring pracice in 2010.

Calm down doomsdayers, read One-And-Done's post...Golden's not near as panicked as some of you Canes. He KNOWS Miami hasn't hada head coach in 9 years, he knows this team has talent (in spite of its flaws), and he knows no-name recruits at TCU and Boise cna beat VT and Wiscy while Shannon's guys only regressed... Think positive Cane fans, we FINALLY have a head coach!!!

I agree, CanezVA. To be honest with U, I see nothing to worry about other than we need to grab a couple of prostyle QBs and just recruit. I haven't been this excited about an upcoming season since the end of the 99 season, when I knew we would beat FSU. Like U said we finally have a head coach. Can't wait to spring practice.

I agree with both of you.

It could be worse also. Um could be Clemson. Perennial wanna be. or Gatech. Both have won NCs in the last 30 yrs. Or Michigan. Or Penn State.

And honestly by watching UF play, with urban Cryers goony 3 QB offense, Neither of them is any better than what we have. They all stink. Only UFs defense won the game for them. Reed is a big lug. Nothing like Cam Newton or EJ Manuel. Burton is an athlete but nota QB. Brantley reminds me of Kyle Wright. All hype no substance.

New OC should be David Shaw from Stanford. Coach Shaw has NFL coaching experience and is the OC for Stanford. Just watch Stanford offense against VT in the Orange Bowl. Enough said........

SCOUT.COM Reports: FIU is ranked only FIVE spots below UM in the 2011 recruiting class, out of 120 schools.

Two programs going permanently heading in different directions.

Bosher was the teams MVP in my opinion. They should"ve put a lil more size on him & stuck him in the middle. Betcha he would"ve shut down the run.

Listening to some of U, I'm not sure whether to bust a gut laughing or shed a tear in sorrow for just how pathetic U truly are.

So let me guess ... After a few days when all these "BIG TIME" nothing hires are finalized, U delusional Canes will revert right back to where U were last year at this time all pumped up about nothing, but yet again proclaim ...

Next years team will have the TOP TALENT in the Country !!! 11-1 !!! ACC 'Ship Game !!! BCS BOWL Game !!! National Championship Contender !!!

GOD DaaayUm, don't U all get tired of being wrong over n over n over n over, year after year after year ? JESUS, try just winning Ur side of the ACC Division first... And better yet, give Lame Canespace a scan, where those fools are finally starting to get it, and that is ...

U are the same program that QUIT and got MAN handled by BELOW AVERAGE NON TOP-20 Virginia, S. Florida and Notre Dame teams !!!

States Best Teams

3-S. Fla.

U is wat U is ... NOT GOOD ...U thaw out and better shoot for 6-6 in '11

oh yeah, Morris for Heisman right ?

miami has talant it need to be coached,take a look at FSU coach JIM BO FISHER this guy is a in your face coach each time a player makes a play even if its good fisher is still in their face saying good job but it could be a little better,miami got to layed back im so glad we have a young coach to put this foot up somebody u no what,it time to win,its time to put fear in teams heart when they hear the word THE"U".

Shannon did leave the cubbard with some talent, the problem was he just forgot to develope it. This is a lazy uninspired team, period! I'm sick of talking about Shannon & his croney Jaboney, who by the way should never step on the field as a representative of the "U" again. It sucks that our program has regressed to the point it's at now, down where the Titanic is. I've watched this B.S.football team get punked time and time again the last 6 years against sorry teams. I hope Golden is the meanest S.O.B. on this planet and gets rid of the non-hackers.
Season ticket holders got shaffted. I live in North Carolina and got shafted, watching these bumbs. The o-Line, which has nothing but pups playing, is the heart & soul of this team. Bailey, first round, give me a break, he haqd 6 sacks and there calling him a first round pick, what the "F" ever. Ojomo ain't going to be a senior, either Manny, as far as eligibility.
The whole Defense needs a make-over. No play makers and B. Harris ain't no 1ST rd. DC. We need some serious help on the LINE AT D-TACKLE Manny. We have whimps at that position, that's the problem, Manny. Cornerback is the least of my concerns, their only as good as the guys putting pressure on the QB's throwing the ball. While I'm at it Manny, maybe they should cut you too, with that false advertising of you answering questions every Tuesday,which i think you haven't done since Oct. How about a clean sweep! You cut me out yesterday, with my comments.

Jesus christ - you read other canes blogs too??!!


Eudo, what do U think about the guy they are talking about as offensive coordinator? We definitly need a QB coach. Heard of any guys transferring.

has anyone realized how with the hire of golden we got back in it with a bunch of recruits and seemingly everyone and their mother is coming in for a visit?

How 'bout Ed Reed sitting out the first 6 weeks of the season on the Physically Unable to Perform list and STILL ending the season as the sole league leader in interceptions?!

I don't know anything about this McNulty guy except that he was QB coach and OC for Rutgers for a while. And I don't know anything about those Rutgers QBs except that they made Ray Rice and Kenny Britt look good enough. I'd like to see a jump on the inevitable and have Ken Dorsey brought in as a QB coach, I think he's just working at some high school right now.

I can't help but think that it'll be an overall downgrade from Mark Whipple, but it's worth it to get someone who's on the same page as Golden. I read somewhere that wherever Bill Cowher goes, Mark Whipple will be his OC, so we might have lost him anyway. He called aggressive and complicated (i.e. good) plays but it was his own fault the players couldn't execute them.

Eudo, what can we say about ED Reed other than he is a straight up MAN. I hope ED will take some time and come back to help Telemaque and Armstrong develop. To begin with I saw them as a ED Reed and Sean Taylor tandem and maybe with some good coaching they may develop into that.
I would would really like Stevens to come back as QB coach, and have Dorsey there too to learn from him. Our QBs were great in the 80's and Dorsey along with Steve Walsh were two of the smartest QBs we ever had, so I can see that working.

The problem I had with Whipple other than he did not stick with the running game was that he was all over the place with his playcalling. I think his plays were good but for some reason he would run, run, run, then go to the shotgun and pass it about ten times in a row. It just seemed like our offense never had any flow to it so it could stay in rhythem. I know when U have pro QBs U can afford to be really complicated but when U are dealing with college kids, many time U are better off keeping it simple. That was what USC was so successful doing, having a simplistic offense.

Yeah it was the Randy Shannon effect. Now that its gone Golden is attacking recruiting head on. If his teams are like this, we struck Gold, no pun intended.

In three years, we will talk about disbanding the football team. That is what Kirby did in firing Shannon. Hometown guy is hired, he is black, and he doesn't get 5 years to develop his recruits? Why wouldn't black players notice that Randy didn't get the same opportunity that Coker did? Why would any Dade or Broward coach send any black kid to Golden. You think Golden going to the ghettos to get these guys? Michael Irvin would not get an interview under this regime. Golden will be gone if he doesn't win in a year or two? These kids are special, why not send them to Notre Dame? That is where these kids would have gone to before the Randy lock down. You really want to send the best 5 and 6 class A players up north, because you don't like how Jacory played? Get ready, cause they are already gone. 7-5 next year, 4-8 the next, and oblivion thereafter. Terrible terrible decision by Kirby and Shalala.

No one's falling for it, go to sleep.

It's Over,
I don't think race matters. If a coach
is not producing success, he should be gone.
If the recruits from RS are superior, why has the team been erratic?

Winning is it. Coker did produce a national championship, and that is the primary reason he was kept as coach.

As Canes, we should all be focused on what happens to the program, and performance on the field. That ultimately should be what matters most to fans and prospective players as well.

Didn't we win the second half by EIGHT points?
How many touchdowns did the Dome score in the second half?
I guess it was because they felt sorry for us and laid down.
AND, I do not need to be reminded that football is a 60 minute game, my point is well taken.

Championships are all that matters?
To whom?
Would you believe, the administration? They USE football as a tool for recruiting students( the U is on the move )!This is not cynicism, it is the truth. Just ask yourself, is there any other reason to have football in Universities?
Trust me, players in most college programs are there to; go to school free, prepare for N.F.L., or gain experience to become coaches. Few are there out of a love for the game.
No coach in his right mind really thinks playing for a " championship " is a motivating factor.

"It's Over":
You are a moron racist. I dont care how black Randy Shannon was and how many black kids he recruited and how many he recruited from the ghetto of Northwestern/

What have/did those 8 Miami NW kids done under Shannon?

It's not about race. Stop that nonsense. Its about Ws and Ls and 'ships.

And You know you all, if Miami had ended 11-2 this year, it still would have been a wasted season because in Miami championships is all that matters

Recruits: who dat leading the NFL in ints? Ed Reed- U
How many UM players in the probowl? 8
Consecutive TD streak by a U player in the NFL: 139 weeks and counting...to resume next season!

Don't let any FIU , or UF player tell you otherwise. This is still NFL-U. remember FSU was 7-6last season as well, and lost to USF at home as well. Then a change was made.

Canes68, U are partly true in the sense that players want to gain experience to go to the NFL. That is a given. However if U think winning championships is not a major recruiting tool, then U do not know a lot about sports. Why do U think since Saban went to Alabama that all of a sudden they are swamped with commitments, or any other top flight program? Its because although not guaranteed, by going to that school and playing for a good coach they are putting themselves in the best position to win a championship. Golden is the reason now that we are getting interest from recruits that before did not bother with us.

"It's Over" is that racist Pig Sean Wilson.

Bosh' was seriously one of the top ten most hard-nosed and consistent players on this team.

I love how our fan base is already calling for 9, 10 wins next season when Manny just detailed how we will have basically one CB w/experience and zero experienced depth at LB. Not to mention our safeties - constantly taking bad angles and unable to make up lost ground on the field because they are slow.

If Ray Ray wants to make it at the next level he needs to switch to linebacker. There is no getting around it, dude is too slow.

Has Al Golden really been given the keys to a Ferrari?? Let's not get too crazy with expectations for next year.

Leach as a head coach possibility is like a dead man walking. Way too much baggage for schools to take him on at this moment.

He should stay in MargaritaVille and enjoy the drinks and avoid the pop tops.

Sick and tired of hearing about him, if he couldn't get the Maryland job with his multi-millionaire buddy and Maryland booster fronting
for him where will he land?

Shannon not hired yet? I guess the reputation of being hard to work with and being a complete jerk to his assistants is getting in the way.

People on this blog need to be careful of who they pick as their heroes.

Maybe this is exactly what what we as Cane fans really need. Absolutely no expectations going into the 2011 season. No LB, DB's and a solid QB going into next year. Heck maybe this means the "U" will go 10 and 2. No expectations could be what this team needs. Cause they have not done squat when expectations were high. New motto going into 2011. Instead of no excuses like in 2010. In 2011 it should be no expectations. Cause being the 5th best program in the state is just unimaginable

You know, we forget, when HS took over in 1979 we had nothing close, regarding talent, to what we have now.

Look, most of us were behind RS. We were wrong!

But, the best part is we know why we were wrong.

It's all coming out.

His (RS) practices were totally unorganized. They were NOT upbeat. The coaches were NOT HARD on the players.

This breeds players that lack discipline, period!

This breeds players that lack growth (player development) and confidence in their abilities, period!

This will breed leaders and leadership, period!

This "NEW" Coaching staff, lead by Golden, will not allow this to happen. Golden doesn't know how to run an unorganized practice that is not totally UPBEAT!

Just this one change alone will breed early success to our program.

You know, we forget, when HS took over in 1979 we had nothing close, regarding talent, to what we have now. Also, we had the same complaints regarding unorganized practices that weren't upbeat, lack of player development, etc.

But, what we got in HS was a coaching staff that "knew how to run practices, coach up the players" and "create" leaders.

Well, for the "real canes fans" that's where we are now. This group of coaches from Golden on down the list are "WIN NOW" guys. This they will DEMAND!

And in my opinion we are - a little better off talent wise than we were in 1979.

We'll never be a "ho-hum" program as long as fans of other schools are more interested in what we're doing than what their own team is doing.

A hahahahahahahaha.....University of Florida a place for champions. What other team in the state of Florida can say they won a championship? NUFFS SAID.

Smdh @ the skinny QB known as J-12

Why cant UM recruit a QB like Andrew Luck?

I have been saying the same thing about the lbs and te for over 2 years. With all these kids looking for early playing time coming in as freshman. why, cant we land any big time kids to come in for these positions?

Now, that was the softest bunch of UM players I have ever watched play a game next to the lsu coker year..f!@#$%^g teams we had on ncaa sanctions played harder and had more heart and were less talented. You embarassed yourselves and the University for which you where that beloved U. You dishonored any former player that ever wore the green and orange with your performance this year. SERIOUSLY YOU LOOKED LIKE A BUNCH OF SISSIES IN EL PASO.. HELL MADE ME EMBARRASSED TO SAY IM FROM MIAMI!!!!!

ON To the Coaches:
Shannon- its amazing all the talk how stubborn and narrow minded you became on recruiting... alonmg with the player favortisim and lack of handling everthing football wise ...
Whipple:THANK GOD FOR CHANGE YOUR EVEN MORE STUBBORN THEN SHANNON.. insisting on throwing and throwing int after int.. hell it was the 1st qtr and all i wanted to see was a goaline formation on offense ..

Hill:: your wr's have een touted as the best group in the country for 2 years and they SUCK
they never in the right spot
they dont fight for the ball
they dont attack the ball
they drop too many balls especially td's
as an overall group they look like a 6 pack of CHARMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never blog on these sites,but I'm getting ready to let it out,when i found out j12. Was starting I'm like Omg I told my brother it would b a long day n Texas,it's embrassing 2 c the same mistakes over n over,I feel if Morris would have started we would have been n a better situation 2 win,reading the blogs can get u wrked up,he threw 3 in the Ohio state game,out from a concussion he still come back throws another interception to lose to south florida,all Florida teams can join the trash talking bandwagon but guess gators didn't get there 1st championship till 96, now from 96 let's do the math on there next championship was in 2006 that decade,now on to f suck u know the cane rules,1st one in 96 n 99.....WTF happen f suck u know the canes rules,Miami could fade away and they will never accomplished what Miami have,now it's golden boy time let's get it done pull them panties off and put ur jock strap on and play ball......go canes

Agree that this shannon team was Soft and has no fire. Not as bad as coker but still Soft & uninspired. Little things stick out like them getting pushed around and trying to stay warm while nd was sleeveless. Soft practices are part of that and Golden appears to understand how important "Attitude" is at this level.

Shannon restocked the talent level but most of the local goods still got away.

Shannon stopped the bad behavior but still has an undisciplined bunch that's penalized disproportionately.

I think we all agree that shannon pulled us out of the coker nose dive but was justifiable terminated after taking the team as far as he was able.

I would agree with others that the jury on Jacory has come back and it's Guilty as Charged.

Morris is clearly better. Has the fire too. He's the starter for next year almost regardless what happens in the spring with Jacory.

I have a big problem with all these 5 star recruits coming in and not getting playing time. Storm Johnson was being recruited by every big school there was, yet didn't see anytime PT last year. Eduardo Clements being recruited hard came into the U and didn't see one snap. Aldarius Johnson isn't as slow as a mule for whoever said that, if he was he wouldn't of been recruited as high as he was. This team has so many stud receivers but didn't have a QB who could get them the ball. Look at the catches they had to make always jumping or diving. So many running backs but not enough carries to go around. Storm Johnson and Clements should be a huge one, two punch but Shannon had no interest in playing them. Mike James doesn't have the talent Johnson and Clements have, not even close. Laron Byrd, A. Johnson, Streeter, and Benjamin could have been split out 5 wide but you never saw that once. They could spread teams out and burn them every time but didn't have the QB to do so. Jacory doesn't have the weight or arm strength on him to stand in the pocket, get hit and throw it 30 yards down field. Miami has the speed to win and compete but if you don't put the football players on the field that will get you W's then why recruit these kids? Start 2011 with Storm and Clements running the ball 30 times a game setting up play action with a spread offense and this team will be running away from competition. Jacory Harris is way too inconsistent to play QB. Look at an offense like the New England Patriots, it fits the U to a T. Defense needs to be shaken up into a Ravens style defense. Ray Ray Armstrong is a ball hog AKA Ed Reed. Let him blitz, let him play zone in the secondary. I hope this new coach uses all the recruits the right way and the U will be back on top.

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