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Grooms talks commitment to Canes

South Broward running back Kevin Grooms, one of the best all-around football players in the state, committed to the Hurricanes Monday morning during an in-home visit from coach Al Golden.

Kevin Grooms

Grooms, considered the 83rd best recruit in the country regardless of position by ESPN, rushed for 1,363 yards and 20 TDs last season and returned six punts for TDs. He is considered the second-best recruit in UM's class by ESPN, right behind Tampa Alonso defensive end Anthony Chickillo, considered the 82nd best player in the country.

"It was just a great visit over the weekend and I feel like I'm the type of player that has to be at Miami and try to help Coach Golden bring that swagger back," said Grooms, who said he had not been recruited by UM at all until former offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland came to visit him at school three weeks ago.

"God works in mysterious ways. That's why you have to honor him. He made this possible. Once I went on the visit, saw the small classrooms, the great academic system -- that got me. Plus, I know there are a lot of players at UM that enter the draft. I'm excited. I can't wait to get there."

Grooms said Golden told him he would get the opportunity to play running back first. But if it doesn't work out, the 5-9, 170-pound athlete said he'll be more than happy to move to cornerback or receiver -- which he has played plenty of in the past. "They definitely want me on special teams," Grooms said. "Coach said they need a lot of help there and I'm ready to start delivering. I told him 'Give me the ball, I want it.' I can play anywhere. I played corner my junior year and was strictly running back this year. But I'll do what I have to do to get on the field."

Grooms was scheduled to visit Virginia Tech next weekend and Florida State on Jan. 28. But he said he will cancel those visits. "I'm not going to take any more visits. I feel like I don't want to waste anybody else's time. I've got my mind made up."

Now, all that's left to do is some more work in the classroom. Grooms said he has a 2.5 GPA and scored a 22 on the ACT. But he has to make up 4.5 credits -- something he said he is in the midst of doing during his senior year with online classes. "I'll be fine and ready to go," Grooms said. "I'm taking school seriously."

Grooms is the 10th oral commitment for UM and seventh since Golden replaced Randy Shannon as coach. The Hurricanes have hosted big recruiting weekends over the last two weeks and are scheduled to have their largest this coming weekend.

> For more on Grooms, check out this feature story I wrote on him over the summer.


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Yeeeeah!!! The M-F'n U! Load up coach Golden!!

Just what we need, more RBs!

You can never have enough Running Backs, wide receivers, Defensive backs, and Line Backers. I would pick a team loaded with great recruits at these positions any day than a team full of great recruits at the trenches on both sides of the ball or at quarter back. Certain positions can be coached up to great players while others it's just the pedigree and natural technique that matters most cause when they learn the system and mix it in with their talent then the sky is the limit.

Welcome home Kevin Groom.

Does anyone know if jeremy davis scholly offer was pulled or is he still going to be a cane

Welcome to The U Grooms. Runnit back for 6 agaisnt FSU this year.

Great get!!! Super athlete!!!

This recruit gives the Canes coaches options as they could line him up at corner back or in the slot or running back and/or kick/punt returner.

Coach Golden and his staff are doing a spectacular job. As they further put their foundation in place next year will prove to be the best recruiting year ever.

Again, great get!!!

The best "get" of all is Coach Golden...thank you Kirby Hocutt.

Posted by: Miami Hurricanes

Kevin Grooms Hall of Famer?

Golden 7 to Will 1 in recruiting...

Yeah "Storm Johnson" just what we need another RB!! Dummy he's an athlete period that the U can line up anywhere RB,CB & special teams as a PR/kick returner right now!! It's about now smart guy!! The coaches know this & U will know it soon too scrappy!

Welcome to The U!!!!

this kid is talented but we need dbs. not rbs. who knows he may be amazing at hb. but with our depth at rb nickleback and returning kicks may suit him the best. im interested to see if ray drew will come to miami. carry on the georgia d-ends dominating at the U. he spoked highly of golden and the staff but i think shannon's lack of recruitment may hurt us.

here's ESPN:

A big recruiting weekend at Miami had several top prospects walking away from Coral Gables, Fla., impressed with new Hurricanes coach Al Golden.

"I love Al Golden," Five-star defensive end Ray Drew told ESPN's Jamie Newberg. "I mean, I really like him. He knows what he wants and is very hungry. He wants to bring Miami back to its glory days, back to where they were. He's a high-energy, full-speed guy that's very genuine. Al Golden is a people person. I was pretty impressed."

Added athlete Kevin Grooms to Newberg, "I am all in with Miami. The coaches are ready, I love the players, and I felt at home. I mean I have connected right away with those guys."

The first recruiting class for a new coach is normally the worst. It's tough to hang on to the current recruits and find new ones on short notice. But Golden appears to be doing his best to woo new talent to Miami. The Hurricanes only have 10 commitments so far, but if anything, that gives Golden a chance to put a mark on his class, rather than try to keep former coach Randy Shannon's players.

Agreed...immediately special teams...we need the help as we were not very good at either side of the ball after the Ohio State game.

After watching tape on this kid I'm impressed. The kid runs like he is on skates and rarely gets hit. I can see why they compare him to Hester and Parrish.. I get it.. Finish strong coach Golden.

good looking MRA, there's a rumor that Anthony Chickillo is going to go to UF, if so, if we get Drew, it wouldn't hurt as bad...would be great if they both commit though

Posted by: Miami Hurricanes

Kevin Grooms Hall of Famer?

Posted by: Storm Johnson | January 17, 2011 at 03:46 PM


Now that he's a Cane you never know. Had he opted for the cowardly gators...with 100% certainty, it would never happen.

By the way--hate to be the one delivering the bad news to you, but stupid never goes away and you are living proof of that trueism.

Must be tough on you being Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Would have thought you would be out burning crosses and dining on road kill.

Have a great day Billy Bob!

PS: You gettin' all them there 5 star recruits of yours lined up for another 7 & 5 seaon? You claimed Brantley was going to win the Heisman last year, can't wait to read your prediction as to which gator QB you claim will win it this year. Hee-Haw!

PPS: I know I speak for college football fans from all over America--congratulations on hiring Muschump just before Texas fired him--another great moment in gator football history. Hee-Haw!

I don't know what to think of this. What has any of the new hires done that RS's staff didn't?

OK, U got another recruit. Lemma see U out-recruit RS...And then U got the UF grad....

Golden is doing well. I knew he would. He's not kidding around. He wants to win, he knows how to coach, and his knowledge and sincerity are compelling.

But the real test will come when the 'Canes take the field next fall.

Good recruit!!!!

Let's now:

(1) Keep Chickillo, and

(2) Get 2 QBs & 2 DBs(CRITICAL!)

Keep up the good work Coach Golden!!!!

SPPEED SPEED SPEED and athleticism. Golden could be the next Jimmy Johnson!

His highlights are against ONE TEAM.

Not impressive at all. That's what Da U does now. Brings in average kids. He won't solve anything

I hope he grows some, he's a little on the small side.

His highlights are against ONE TEAM.

Not impressive at all. That's what Da U does now. Brings in average kids. He won't solve anything

Posted by: He's a BUST | January 17, 2011 at 05:34 PM


Another sterling example as to how stupid is forever...

"A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice."

~Bill Cosby

Does anyone know if jeremy davis scholly offer was pulled or is he still going to be a cane

Posted by: canes2120 | January 17, 2011 at 03:34 PM

Yes it was...he will not be a part of UMs class this year.

His highlights are against ONE TEAM.

Not impressive at all. That's what Da U does now. Brings in average kids. He won't solve anything

Posted by: He's a BUST | January 17, 2011 at 05:34 PM

You're an idiot...go back to your trailer.

Just got another commit too. LB Kinard committed to Michigan last year but went to prep school.

Kinard just committed! OLB committed to Michigan last year now he's on board with the U!! Yeah gayturds/piss-noles we want you to stay on our forums and talk your crap! We are coming............!!

Great news about Kinard...the kid is a flat-out stud! Our linebacker corp just got a lot better.

The Golden era is tearing it up.

Go Canes!

Some nice info on Kinard - see link below:

Looks like what happened was the coach he expected to work with at Michigan left:


Nice coach. Give it a break bashers. Grooms said it. SHANNONS STAFF DID NOT CONTACT HIM. How does an espn 150 player in our own backyard not get a contact from the U staff. thats on randy. howard on the u DOCUMENTARY said we would know all there is to know about every top prospect in our backyard. well, he is actin like a young jimmy johnson did . brash , outgoing, outspoken, and got the kids he wanted

This kid is a rough neck. Seems like the kid has some baggage, but is a very good athlete. Has the Administratiion changed it position on the type of player they will allow in the program? Maybe we are now putting winning games over other worries.

Guys. I'm excited too. Coach looks like he has the "touch". Of course, I wont get too pumped up. Just like I think all the bashers who have already proclaimed the kid a bust are fools. Truth is... you never know until they get on the field. One thing I do know is that Coach Golden has shown that he can do alot with the underestimated. At Temple, he admitted that he had to work extra hard and have a keen eye to identify and recruit kids that werent high blue chippers. and he hit on alot of them. Enough of them to revive a dead program. And well enough to place several of those recruits in the NFL or in the position to be in the NFL. And this is not my personal opinion. This was clearly expressed and backed up by Golden himself in an interview on 790. So, let's have some faith. and let's hope he can "develop" talent alot better than Coach Shannon did. I think Coach shannons legacy can be best stated in two words... "Sam Shields".

Looks like a 5th grader. He is not 170lbs, maybe we can introduce him to the weight room and he will turn out ok- because right now he doesn't have a muscle in his body. Nice highlights- I can coach in HS- Pitch to really fast guy right, Pitch to really fast guy left.

'Canes and Golden snag *** OLB Antonio Kinard from Michigan, too...

Awwww C'mon Georgy enough with the Shannon bashing and his legacy at the U crap!! Randy Shannon is the U!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just didn't get it done period! So let's move on dude. You can't tell me that he left us in a bad position can you? He didn't leave the cupboards bare so Golden does have something to work with. Coach'em up and let's get it!!!

Colorado Cane, it was against 2 teams and I coach for the 1 he scored 6 against. He is the best athlete I ever witnessed live, even better than Matt Elam. He can cut on a dime and not lose any speed. He is as good a DB as a RB. He is an amazing PR as well. Only problem will be classroom, but he has turned the corner on realizing grades are as important as athletic skill. Hope he does hit weight room a little harder, but is not a small body frame at all. As long as he keeps his head straight, which looks like he might be doing now, he will NOT be a bust.

Shannon left alot of raw underdeveloped talent. George is right Sam Shields sums Shannon up.

From the Sun Sentinel...

South Broward High's Kevin Grooms, a member of the Sun Sentinel's preseason Super 11 for the Class of 2011, is an extremely versatile athlete.

Consider that Grooms is ranked among the top 30 players nationally at three different positions according to three different recruiting services.

Scout.com ranks Grooms as the No. 14 cornerback in the country; Tom Lemming has the 5-foot-10, 170-pounder ranked as the No. 24 tailback in America; and Rivals.com lists Grooms as the No. 30 athlete in the nation.

Last year, Grooms earned first-team All-County honors after rushing for 1,613 yards and 14 touchdowns for the Bulldogs.

The University did change their stance on players.. Article a week or 2 ago saying it used to be the player's had to score an 820 on SAT's.. Now the A.D. is on committe and if Golden has layed out to the player what he has to do academic wise. Holcutts is going to give the kid a pass,if his score's are not high enough...

I think Randy was handicapped in this aspect, of recruiting and the University had made mope of an emphasis on "STUDENT ATHLETES" and IMAGE.

I like what I see in Grooms. That is exactly the type of kid the U needs to get the swagger back. Athletes that want to be at the U for the U and everything else is secondary. The fact that he is cancelling his other two visits, to great programs by the way, and that he is willing to play whatever is best for the TEAM speaks volumes. Not a prima-donna. Way to go Grooms. You have one more fan on your side.

Athletes that are pondering their options (Chicki) should take a lesson from Grooms.

Its funny how folks get on Randy for not Sam Shields(was he a CB all 4 years? Nope!) Yet they never praise the staff Jimmy Graham. That is funny to me!

Keep it up coach Golden. Recruit those players that have talent, drive and hunger to win. There is no better motivation that a kid that is hungry to win and is willing to play any position to help the team. I am looking forward to the QB's, DB's and LB's that will be signing with the U soon.

Keep'em coming Coach!
[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Just got OLB Kinard as a commit. We're on a roll, but running out of allowable commits with only five more to go (I think) counting Chickillo, for a total of 16. We need two QB's, more help at LB, CB and on the middle of the line on defense as priorities. We have some great looking visits coming this and the following weekend. Hope we nail down the best of the lot in the positions needed most.

This kid is going to be great. great attitude. this kid is smart beyond what his grades say. i'm betting on him having an exceptional career at UM. welcome!

Awwww C'mon Georgy enough with the Shannon bashing and his legacy at the U crap!! Randy Shannon is the U!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just didn't get it done period! So let's move on dude. You can't tell me that he left us in a bad position can you? He didn't leave the cupboards bare so Golden does have something to work with. Coach'em up and let's get it!!!

Posted by: kkenya7 | January 17, 2011 at 07:00 PM

Shannon is more UM than anyone on this blog. If anyone saw his appearance on ESPN's round table on Saturday in reference to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., you would see that the man still bleeds orange and green, but seems to have moved on. The point is though that he got some of the job done, but not the entire job and thus, it was time to move on. I wish that these "fans" who do not give a darn about any of these young men who play at their beloved "U", who are not good enough to make it to the NFL (so they can brag and say, "oooh you know he went to the U too"), but have to get "regular" jobs like all of us would just realize that Coach Shannon had to ESPECIALLY care about the guys who did not go pro. He did a good job of getting the guys to graduate, but at the end of the day, it's wins that matter and RS did not get enough of those. Enough with bashing him now though. Out of the past 25 years, 22 of them were spent by RS either playing for or molding young men to play for UM and for future life. Coach Golden is doing a sensational job and is bringing a fire to recruiting, that appears we may have been missing. I really feel that he is the right man for the job and that come NSD, that we are going to have a small, but exceptional class. Welcome aboard Mr. Grooms, Mr. Kinnard and (sorry, I don't have his name) The Kicker who committed on Sunday. We are proud to have you all join the "U". Now lets start by winning our side of the ACC (I want NC's too, but you've got to walk, before you can run).

Oh it wasn't just Sam Shields. Just look at the whole team under him. They all looked good their first year and then they never got any better. Jimmy just played one year and did not start tearing it up til he got to the Saints. Glad we now have a staff that knows how to develop talent.

I appreciate all that Randy Shannon did for the University. He gave EVERYTHING he had - unfortunately, it didn't translate to a better winning percentage. However, as others have pointed out, please do not denigrate his service to the Hurricane Football program. He made a difference, and he was the right coach at the right time. It sure looks like Al Golden is the right coach for NOW. As I said in one of my tweets, if he can manage a game half as well as he recruits, we can be a dynasty again one day, maybe soon. Good luck, Coach Golden - thanks for coming.

Kevin Grooms was about to be the next Jayron Hosley, a super-talented athlete from SoFla being mysteriously overlooked by the previous coaching regime only to take his talents elsewhere even though he grew up a 'Cane. So who is happy we finally got a Coach that "gets it"???

<--------THIS GUY RIGHT HERE!!!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

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