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CB Brandon Harris leaving Canes to enter draft

University of Miami junior cornerback Brandon Harris has decided to forgo his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

Brandon Harris "I have decided I will declare for the draft this year in 2011," said Harris, 20, who started 13 games this season and had 44 tackles, a team-leading 10 pass breakups and 1 interception. ‘‘It's been a very long season. It has been very draining."

Harris, projected by Scout.Inc as the 32nd best overall prospect (currently the last pick in the first round), said the NFL draft advisory board told him "some good things and what I wanted to hear. I'd rather not get into the particulars, but I felt I was in a good position at that point.

"It was definitely a long process and you want to make sure you feel comfortable with what you're doing because this is a decision that will affect the rest of your life.

"After talking to my family and talking to my mom and my dad and my brother, we just felt like as a family, we weighed the pros and cons of staying and leaving. I just decided it was in my best interest to take this great opportunity I have in front of me and pursue my career at the next level.

"The overriding factor was being able to live out my dream. I've always wanted to play in the National Football League since I was a child. To be this close in the process, it was just something I couldn't turn down.

"I met with Coach [Al] Golden and his staff [Monday] afternoon and after speaking with them, everything else was history. That was it. I came to the conclusion it was a good decision. To see how supportive he and his staff were, they told me they'd continue to be there for me throughout the process.

"He's a very nice guy. We both handled it like men, and handled it like professionals. He's been in this kind of situation before and it was not a huge surprise for him."

Harris said he also consulted with former UM coach Randy Shannon and told him "how much the decision meant to me. He knew it was a huge decision for me. He never tried to sway me one or the other because that's not the type of guy he is."

Harris, the Miami Herald's Athlete of the Year in Miami-Dade when he was a junior and senior at Miami Booker T. Washington High, said he was "excited but also nervous. I'm spending a lot of time with my teammates and they're very excited for me. I'm nervous to be leaving them because I love them and know them so well."

> Harris father, Tim Sr., was told Monday by Al Golden he can remain on staff as a community liason. The former USA Today High School Coach of the Year woul eventually like to get back into coaching, though.

"I'm going to stay here for now," Harris Sr. said. "But the goal for me eventually is to be in a position to coach. I'm going to try to wait my turn. But I like to develop young people and I can't get that out of my blood."



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I think he could have helped his stock more by staying one more year, but can't blame him. The whole CBA issue makes it kind of tough for a guy to come out. What happens if they do not reach a deal to the guys drafted? Either way good luck.

does anyone have access to canessport and can put up that article where the homestead coach says "wow" about miami recruiting please?

Not the best decision Brandon you won't be taken in the first round and i don't think you will be a starter in the NFL next season...One more year in college would have been beneficial just like it was for Hankerson...Hank will be making more money because of that and he is more than ready for the NFL...

depth at CB just got reallllll thin!

I am not Mel Kiper, but NFL receivers are way to physical for him right now. I feel he should have stayed. Hopefully with NFL coaching he will represent the U well. Good Luck and thanks for giving it your all.

This pretty much says it all about U ...

Marquise Williams, North Carolina's early enrollee 4 Star duel threat Q.B. on rumors that he is considering switching his commit to the University of Miami ...

"I move in on the 8th of January at UNC. I don't see that happening. Not interested in that train wreck program or no-name coach"

And if U don't think that's not the Consensus opinion, outside Ur lil Miami media blog bubble, of all National recruits as to what's happening down in Coral Gables, U are sadly fooling Urselves.

U still have a Football Program that is being held together with gum, paste, construction paper, spit wads and 50,000 Empty Seats. And U have no other way to react but with false hope because where U are and have been for going on 8 years, there is really nowhere else to go ... That's called the bottom.

But look on the bright side Cane Fan, U just might be ready to compete and win a Title in the MAC Conference with all Ur no-name Temple and UCONN retread Coaches.

Kirby and Donna keep feeding U and U continually ask for more ... That's called being "Owned".


Arty, their enthusiasm is admirable, yet so sad at the same time. They take it time and time again and come back for more over and over... We tried to warn them years ago. Looks like more of the same for years to come down in the City Beautiful.

Damn U Delusional Cane Fans are a riot ...

He will be SOL if a new CBA isnt completed. Even if it is, the money wont be like last year. I think he always knew he was leaving with what happen with the coaching change. He mentioned RS. Floyd abused him, so he wont like NFL WRS. The new staff could make him better.

after he got schooled by ND Wrs he should know the Pros will see that...oh well..good luck and make us proud..

After that game and the way he performed, I would run to but it stills look bad.

What is your take about the defensive line depth?

"I won’t comment a whole lot on that, either.

Jethro Franklin

THE MOST OVERRATED PLAYER ON THE TEAM. This guy was constantly out of position and had only 1 int. all season and only 4 his entire career! He also had less forced fumbles and less tackles in 2010 then he did in 2009; he actually got worse this year! Maybe he can develop in the nfl but he was average at best in miami.

I see Seam " the Pig" Wilson is back to trolling all the blogs as Arty/ Soldy etc.

You still suck, grim Pig. Time to get cancer, sow.

Man there are some real losers on this blog. Be happy for the guy. He played very well throughout his career here and he truely was was a shutdown corner. You can't evaluate him on one bad game (it happens to every corner). He's a top flight corner and will rep Da U well in the league. Congrats on your decision Brandon.

He didn't play that well in the Sun Bowl but he did have an overall good year. The Canes are gonna be razor thin at cornerback next season. Some young fresh faces are gonna have to step up.

Harris? To the Pro's?

Can the pros do for Harris what they did for Sam Shields?

After Harris see's the DB's coach coming in can he change his mind? One more yr of "real development" at the U would be a better move, but hey he'll do well over time.

We will be be fine without him.

Best of luck to Brandon for his contributions to the U. I don't know whether its the right decision or not. I think you have to strike when the iron is hot and it is for him now. No guarantee that if he comes back he will be much higher. Certainly, it helped for Hankerson, but he was starting from a lowere point. Harris is thought of in a higher place than Hank a year ago. And even with this great year, Hank will be lucky to be a 2nd round pick. I say if you can get in the first round, you go. I just don't see Harris as a 1st rounder...he is a bit on the smallish side (as the ND Wr made him look) and though he was pretty darned good in coverage and pass breakups, he made very few big plays. I kinda want more out of my 1st round pick. But, this is not to say that he won't turn out to be great. He is certainly starting with a greater base than Shields. So lets raise a toast and wish Brandon the best, as Canes fans should.

Good luck Brandon....you're a great player.

After some "real coaching and real player development" between now and the first game next season, every player on this team will be much better than they would have been without this new coaching staff. Just a fact.

I think we can all agree most players - under the Shannon group - never improved. And an argument can be made that most players may have declined under the RS group. Just a fact.

Soldy....why are u even on this blog...if you HATE the canes so much why do you always read the news and then have such negative comments. You need to find a life.....and be gone from the Cane's blog......

I'm not sure Brandon did himself any favors based on his play in the Sun Bowl. Before the game he said he would stay unless he thought he would be drafted in the 1st round. Now if he goes in the 2nd or 3rd round he loses and we lose.

Listening to Irvin's partner on wqam talk about he's coach in JC.

He said he's coach was a Paterno player and assistant caoch.

It was he's team 1st yr. They went 4 and 2. The next yr 9 and 0 and Juco NC's.

The point is - when he interviewed THE U's new DC he heard everything he heard from his juco coach, a Paterno devote. Player development and coaching techniques that work!

Brandon should have stayed. We could have used him to finish third in the ACC Coastal again. Alas, now that seems out of reach.

Good luck and go Canes!

PS Die racist Pig



Couldn't agree more!

Sean Wilson is a cancer,

Your a cancer and a fool, Fool!


What he doesnt want to stay around and watch the train wreck??

It's usually pretty fun! Not often do you get to see a once mighty program come crashing down HARD. After Mr. No Name gets a hold of this program, you all should get ready to close up shop.

At least, for about 8,000 of you, you wont have to waste your saturdays at that joke of a stadium and you can go to overrated South Beach.

Add "rawpimple" to the Sean Wilson alias list.

Trolling is what Sean does. A Pig is who he is.

Cancer, Sean. Catch it soon.

Posted by: Sean Wilson: 1" virgin

Nice try, "D"-bag.

Brandon is making a mistake. We easily could finish in the top 6 in the ACC and make it to the Meinke Bowl. It would be the only game on and the exposure would be incredible.

Go 'canes!

Simmer down there Soldy!! first of all what are you accomplishing with that rant? nothing, Yes Miami hasn't done much of 8 years and I agree there and I agree with the stadium remark.But first of all there is a ton to do in Miami you got the beach, clubs, ocean activities, pro sports and what do you have in chapel hill? (nothing) yes exactly, so its difficult for Miami to fill the stadium!! If it wasn't for the godsend of Butch Davis to UNC your program would still be bottom dwelling!! but he really hasn't done all that much what 8-4 seasons and 7-5's = to Miami seasons? Plus you guys have the tainted program now with agents!! I am a Miami fan but I am a realistic Miami fan!! I don't think UNC will do any better then the Hurricanes next year!! I hate to say this but FSU has the best shot at winning a ACC championship and a BCS championship!! They have had fairly decent classes and they looked quite mean in that bowl win over SC.

He should have waited until the NFL gets their Labor problem resolved. If they Lock Out next season, Brandon may get drafted but won't have a check coming until they sign which could be a yr later.

Other than that, I wish him well and hope he makes the U proud!

Some of these people are forgetting the run game killed us and thats why the CB did not get to see that much time but when they did, boy it was ugly.

Canes will only win 10 or games next year, guaranteed!

Posted by: The laughing liberal

They have to declare by January 14th.

Canes will only win 1 bowl game next year.

Canes will suck next yr. They will only win 10 or more games next year, at best.

This pretty much says it all about U ...

Marquise Williams, North Carolina's early enrollee 4 Star duel threat Q.B. on rumors that he is considering switching his commit to the University of Miami ...

"I move in on the 8th of January at UNC. I don't see that happening. Not interested in that train wreck program or no-name coach"

Posted by: Soldy | January 04, 2011 at 12:06 PM

Hey, great write-up, you should be with ESPN with that kind of info!


hahahahaha really??? going pro after being abused by malcolm floyd and ND!!

at a boy way to let UM down, please take jacory and rest of the worthless players with no heart on this team with you!!!

I hope Golden releases a lot of these clowns from there scholarships, they dont deserve them and definitely havent earned the free education there receiving

Posted by: WHAT!

Pretty sure he went up against Michael Floyd as Malcolm Floyd is on the San Diego Chargers. If you are going to attempt to bash a kid who will be infinitely more successful then you, please get your facts straight.

Malcolm Floyd????? who is that????

LMAO at ALL the wierdo's who for some reason just love to come on the Canes blog and rag us. So either you have NO lives, and spend 24/7 in front of a computer like good little geeks, or you're just that immature. I guess this is your fun, since you have no girlfriends, or wives, or partners, or whatever, lol.

Check this out yall. Im reg

Matt Shodell
CaneSport.com Managing Editor

Talk about it in The Storm Center


That's the impression Homestead High School coach Bobby McCray gets when it comes to the UM coaching staff.

McCray, who coached with Cane coach Micheal Barrow for a year, visited the Hecht Athletic Center a couple of days ago to meet the new staff.

And what he saw was something he's never seen before. And he's been around the block a few times.

"I was just like `Wow,'" McCray said. "I saw the (recruiting) board - it's like the NFL Draft the way they do it. They're constantly watching highlights. Barrow and the defensive coordinator (Mark D'Onofrio) were watching, and coaches were coming in and out.

"These guys are trying to contact everybody."

McCray said recruits' names were drawn up on a huge white board on the wall in what is probably best described as a war room.

"It was so many (names) - and they were watching DVD's, highlights," McCray said. "They were going down different lists - there could be 100, 200, 1,000 kids on the different recruiting lists. And they were checking out everyone. Man, those guys were working. They were busy."

Under new coach Al Golden, Miami hasn't just gone after players the Canes may have a good shot to land.

They are going after numerous players already committed to other programs. The coaching staff has already had success landing official visits from Dallas Crawford (Michigan) and Pat Martin (Tennessee), and Californians Jason Gibson and George Farmer are also considering coming for a visit.

Other commitments to other programs UM is now chasing hard include Edsel Caprice (USF), Johnathan Jenkins (Oklahoma State), Rashad Greene (Florida State), Jake Rudock (Iowa) and Sammy Watkins (Clemson).

"As far as those (coaches) are concerned everybody is fair game until they sign a scholarship," McCray said. "They're going after whatever they can get."

McCray said when he first met the new coaches "They were very friendly, open. They acted like they knew you. You couldn't tell they weren't from Dade County. The head coach (Al Golden) came over and we spoke, the defensive coordinator. Everybody was very professional, very open."

McCray's overall feeling about the new coaches?

"They're new guys on the block, but the football program seems to be in pretty good shape despite the (bowl) game," McCray said. "I think they'll be alright. The guys seem to be doing a good job."

* McCray says Homestead High DE Ricardo Williams is being recruited by UM but that he's not sure if the Canes have offered him a scholarship yet.

"Their coaches are coming this week, and he has a visit set for the 28th of the month," McCray said. "They have him very high on their list.

"I talked to coaches about him. They liked him on film, saw highlights. They want to talk to him, get to know him."


What high school kid living outside of Florida wouldn't want to visit Miami in January? It's CLOSING the player that counts.

10 games! I don't know about that.

Not be negative. But, then again when you see quick turn a rounds it usually happens at schools that have some talent to work with. And where that talent wasn't coached well or developed.

So, that sounds interesting in terms of our situation here.

I'm convinced, based on the word of people that know a lot more than me and most of those that contribute to this blog as well as anecdotal evidence, that we have a coaching staff that develops players.

When you bring recruits into a program that was 0 and 11 or 1 and 10 and put six players, off that first recruiting class into the NFL.

And 2 of those recruits never played a down of football until college.

That my friends is called player development.

And by the way every class put more players into the NFL than the last.

That my friends is called player development.

The CANES will be fine. Yes, that will be just fine.

Can't wait to shove the coming great success into the faces of all the "slimy trolling bloggers" here.

Canes will suck next yr. They will only win 10 or more games next year, at best.

Posted by: I'm a negative cane | January 04, 2011 at 01:22 PM

And you call yourself negative???

I see a 9 and 3 record, plus winning the bowl game, and Lamar Miller reaching his potential, that my friends is my prediciton.

Nino Brown,

Just be man or woman enough to come back "when Golden and crew" close some of these players you don't think they have a chance at closing.

I know from past experience with Golden and D'onofrio that they will bag a couple of kids that will surprise you and others.

Can't wait to hear from you.

Posted by: WHAT!

Pretty sure he went up against Michael Floyd as Malcolm Floyd is on the San Diego Chargers. If you are going to attempt to bash a kid who will be infinitely more successful then you, please get your facts straight.

Posted by: Nino Brown | January 04, 2011 at 01:28 PM

malcolm floyd or michael floyd whatever his name is, raped B Harris in the bowl game!!! and give me a break ill bash every man on the team if I want there not "kids" and LMAO you dont know who I am or what I do so dont assume whos more successful

Good luck there brandon. Great advise to take going into the draft with the cba going on and eventhough you might be drafted in the first two days of the draft you wont be collecting a paycheck... should have stayed but good luck. grow a set of balls. Thanks for freeing up another scholarship for this year's class.

One things for sure about next season, we should beat VT and OSU, lol. VT is losing major starters and of course OSU will have their Fab Five out of the game, lol. So that's at least 2 wins right there.

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