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CB Brandon Harris leaving Canes to enter draft

University of Miami junior cornerback Brandon Harris has decided to forgo his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

Brandon Harris "I have decided I will declare for the draft this year in 2011," said Harris, 20, who started 13 games this season and had 44 tackles, a team-leading 10 pass breakups and 1 interception. ‘‘It's been a very long season. It has been very draining."

Harris, projected by Scout.Inc as the 32nd best overall prospect (currently the last pick in the first round), said the NFL draft advisory board told him "some good things and what I wanted to hear. I'd rather not get into the particulars, but I felt I was in a good position at that point.

"It was definitely a long process and you want to make sure you feel comfortable with what you're doing because this is a decision that will affect the rest of your life.

"After talking to my family and talking to my mom and my dad and my brother, we just felt like as a family, we weighed the pros and cons of staying and leaving. I just decided it was in my best interest to take this great opportunity I have in front of me and pursue my career at the next level.

"The overriding factor was being able to live out my dream. I've always wanted to play in the National Football League since I was a child. To be this close in the process, it was just something I couldn't turn down.

"I met with Coach [Al] Golden and his staff [Monday] afternoon and after speaking with them, everything else was history. That was it. I came to the conclusion it was a good decision. To see how supportive he and his staff were, they told me they'd continue to be there for me throughout the process.

"He's a very nice guy. We both handled it like men, and handled it like professionals. He's been in this kind of situation before and it was not a huge surprise for him."

Harris said he also consulted with former UM coach Randy Shannon and told him "how much the decision meant to me. He knew it was a huge decision for me. He never tried to sway me one or the other because that's not the type of guy he is."

Harris, the Miami Herald's Athlete of the Year in Miami-Dade when he was a junior and senior at Miami Booker T. Washington High, said he was "excited but also nervous. I'm spending a lot of time with my teammates and they're very excited for me. I'm nervous to be leaving them because I love them and know them so well."

> Harris father, Tim Sr., was told Monday by Al Golden he can remain on staff as a community liason. The former USA Today High School Coach of the Year woul eventually like to get back into coaching, though.

"I'm going to stay here for now," Harris Sr. said. "But the goal for me eventually is to be in a position to coach. I'm going to try to wait my turn. But I like to develop young people and I can't get that out of my blood."



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Posted by: Slinky | January 04, 2011 at 08:31 PM

If Driskill stood before U, decommited and pledged to Duh U, Ur kness would buckle and Ur experienced mouth would open wide for reception.

Sean Wilson is a pedophile Pig with a taste for Gatard recruits.

Sick sow.

Someone please get rid of the GayTurd trolls on this board?

Hey I'm A Cane Too! I'm with you! I think you're right. I think this team has incredible potential. I've thought so all year. It is really possible to bring up the player morale and skill in the off season. As bad as we played, we still made it to a bowl game. If Stephen Morris can continue to develop and not get injured (God willing) we will have a quarterback who can lead this team. He is fun to watch. Even when he's getting tackled and the team is getting blown out he's trash talking the other players. Love that. That's exactly the kind of spirit that we need. I believe in (most) of the players and I really like what I hear about the coaches. I am looking forward to next season way more than I was looking at the 2010 season this time last year. I cannot believe I have to wait 8 months to see how this turns out. GO CANES!

Sorry to hear it. The NFL ought not to take any
kid that hasn't finished his degree. One man's opinion. But best wishes to Harris, and I wish we have fewer players in the future so eager to leave college until they have completed their eligibility. This just in: Money Talks.

ewwwwweuuhhh, it's quiet in here ...

tell me all about Ur next Nix n Whip

ooohhhhhhhh , U don't know

just watched the film . Driskill is a little bit better than J-12 .

great feet

Recruits Recruits Recruits:

Miami has just placed 9 former players in the Probowl with the addition of Jon Vilma. No other program is even close. Last year there were 11. Miami has more in the probowl than the entire Big 12 conference!

Miami has the most players in NFL rosters. That, despite being down for thelast 6 years.

The U has had a former player score a TD in the NFL for a mind blowing 139 consecuitve weeks. No program is remotely close, and the streak will continue undoubtedly next season.

You see, recruits, Its a cane thing. Al Golden is putting together a new mind-set. A New philosophy, a new U. Thats why the 'turds are so scarrrred! Bragging about Jeff Driskel, blah blah, even though they have 2 other Qbs (not worth a ---, by the way).

The U will return to glory. Its not a matter of if, but when and it will be sooner than you think.

T Chick ? he's a soft commit ...

but when and it will be ?

Posted by: Fire Sha ne an ne ne .com | January 05, 2011 at 06:51 AM


" sooner than you think " ?


Chikillo may not be that smart, but he is not so stupid to pick a career-killing program like UFelony.

Charlie Weiss? Ask ND how that turned out.

Another 5 star 7-5 season awaits Gatard trash. It will be quite a sight to see.

The only sure thing will be that the blog Pig, Sean Wilson, will not post because he is a coward. A girlie-man. A virgin who fantasizes about 18 year old recruits.

Ain't that right, Pig man?


that 6-6 W.R. out of Belle Glade ?

si si Gato

Sean Wilson/Curse Pig/"Name your alias"

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295 lbs
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Smell like ass
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There is 0% chance that "Sean Wilson is a cancer" isn't that same gators guy.

No one else would constantly hype up and talk about that guy.

Posted by: Eudocimus

Nice try "D" Bag

Sean Wilson get a life!

What's the matter, Sean? Don't like your name plastered all over these blogs showing what a real piece of garbage you are?

For the record....Jethro is great name.

Yea, no, I'm not that guy. And if you're really not him, which you definitely are, then you might as well be.

You're both annoying loser(s). Stop talking about him/yourself. Nobody cares but you (two).

Good Luck Brandon. I was not impressed with your play but was not impressed with many of the U's players. Seems that everyone either under achieved or Randy recruited poor players. I tend to think it was poor coaching. I as all UM fans shoud do wish you well, and hope you perform in the pros as well as fellow cane Sam Shields.

Or if this nonsense actually does bother you, try doing what I did before I realized how pointless it is - just write one pretentious entry about how horrible this blog is to read because of that one guy (who's probably also you) and keep posting it towards the beginning of each entry.

That way the people that care can still read it and the rest don't have to sift through this mindless back and forth B.S., which again, is probably all you anyway.

Posted by: Eudocimus

Well said my friend. I will see you at the Cane pep rally located in my basement with the start time as soon as mom brings the 'loaf down.

Go 'canes!

Pat Forde is a joke over there on ESPN

Winner: The state of Florida. Its schools went 5-1, including the first-ever bowl victories for Central Florida (over Georgia in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl) and Florida International (over Toledo in the Little Caesar's Bowl). Florida State won its 10th game for the first time since 2003. South Florida made it a successful transition year under Skip Holtz by beating Clemson in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. Florida sent Urban Meyer out on a winning note. Just don't ask about Miami.

Yep, two ass-poundings of the overrated SEC and a down-to-the-last-minute squeaker by the Gatards over the worst Penn State team in a decade.

yep, reason for optimism in the land of trailers, open-air cesspools and general bible-thumping ignorance.

Sean Wilson, I see you are playing on your own name. Nice twist; can you be any more stupid?

Sean Wilson needs a jobby job;
Sean Wilson, your mommy will boot you from the basement (can trailers have basements?);
Sean Wilson can't get no girly girl;
Sean Wilson likes him some manly boys Gatard recruits.

Sean Wilson, overall pathetic loser.

Thought so.

Hey, Pig, why no fake conversation between two of your many aliases, Soldy and Arty? Are you worn out by how much of a loser you must be?

Are you taking your talents to the all you can eat buffet? Dumb sow.

With that being said, I don't trust outlets like ESPN, ABC, or CBS. They are too slanted against duh canes. All they show are our turnovers, empty seats, penalties, and how we don't do anything in the highly competitive ACC. They never bring up our past accomplishments.

Anyway Die, Sean Wilson you PIG

Does talking about what a loser you are actually make you feel better? Like if you say it jokingly over and over again then it might not be true? It's twisted bro.

Anyway just saw a mock draft that had Harris taken in the middle of the first round. If that's the advice he got then I take back what i said about staying to become a high first rounder, this may be the last chance he gets to get in on that rediculous rookie scale salary, get it while you can.

Posted by: Eudocimus

I think Sean Wilson the PIG is at it again taking peoples user names. Does that make you feel better? We will win this war, PIGGY.

Pig, post as Curae of Art Kehoe so at least we know which of your Pig aliases you are using. Why are you such a loser? Why are you still a virgin? Are you shocked women are repulsed by you?

Posted by: Slinky | January 04, 2011 at 08:31 PM

If Driskill stood before U, decommited and pledged to Duh U, Ur kness would buckle and Ur experienced mouth would open wide for reception.

Posted by: Easy With The Teeth Now U Hear ... | January 04, 2011 at 09:21 PM

LMAO good one queer! I bet u like to fantasize about things in your mouth huh boy?

Best of luck Brandon.

Damn it another gatorr to commit where are all the hurricane commits?too

Another overrated commit facing another 7-5 season. Yaaaaaawn.

Al Golden needs to make sure Anthony Chickillo makes it to Coral Gables !!! Stinks to lose Marcus Jackson but hopefully we can finish strong.

U know U wanted Gorman U clown

Hate on fool.

Chickillo is going to switch to Florida. The writing is on the wall.

Go check his video link on Gortens site.

And when the Pig is wrong, he will bash Chickillo and be MIA from this blog like the fat sow coward he is.

You still suck, Piggy.

ugh, the UA A-A game isnt going too well... marcus wouldve been a great one too. manny, is jabari gorman another one who shannon alienated? hopefully goldens able to close, but time is running out.

History lesson for you youngsters. Donna Shalala was the one who stood up in the Clinton White House rose garden (after the Monica Blowinsky scandal) and said that Bill Clinton had done nothing wrong/illegal. Now, either she was the stupidest member of Clinton's cabinet or the most partisan. So the affirmative action hiring of RS should not be a surprise.

Get ready.


Coach Golden may be in for a rude awakening. He ain't in the MAC anymore. Unless he really has the Midas touch, (which I doubt), we're not likely to sign a top 25 class on NSD. This is sad. We're not even contenders anymore for top-rated recruits. We're not even second tier. But this is inevitable, I guess, when a team repeatedly suffers embarassing losses on national television.

Hey Randy, NO THANKS for the memories.

Yeah- Shannon should return his UM diploma. He single handedly destroyed this program.

FSU gets NCAA penalties, scholi limits and they have 22 commits. UM is clean, blah blah and look- thanks to the ebonics robot.

no one...NUFF SAID

at least our guys are going to class....take that!!!! a hahahahahaha

I hope wandy shannon is studying that hooked on phonics i bought him


Yo man...they bailing out faster than the stock market.....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

6-4/230- 4.5 Cannon Arm # 6 GATOR

Can U say Deja Vu ?



Can we please get some news reports on the recruiting trail, focusing on QB's and LB's. Also, what contact with potential OC's has Golden had? Interviewing anyone? Please Manny

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