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CB Brandon Harris leaving Canes to enter draft

University of Miami junior cornerback Brandon Harris has decided to forgo his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

Brandon Harris "I have decided I will declare for the draft this year in 2011," said Harris, 20, who started 13 games this season and had 44 tackles, a team-leading 10 pass breakups and 1 interception. ‘‘It's been a very long season. It has been very draining."

Harris, projected by Scout.Inc as the 32nd best overall prospect (currently the last pick in the first round), said the NFL draft advisory board told him "some good things and what I wanted to hear. I'd rather not get into the particulars, but I felt I was in a good position at that point.

"It was definitely a long process and you want to make sure you feel comfortable with what you're doing because this is a decision that will affect the rest of your life.

"After talking to my family and talking to my mom and my dad and my brother, we just felt like as a family, we weighed the pros and cons of staying and leaving. I just decided it was in my best interest to take this great opportunity I have in front of me and pursue my career at the next level.

"The overriding factor was being able to live out my dream. I've always wanted to play in the National Football League since I was a child. To be this close in the process, it was just something I couldn't turn down.

"I met with Coach [Al] Golden and his staff [Monday] afternoon and after speaking with them, everything else was history. That was it. I came to the conclusion it was a good decision. To see how supportive he and his staff were, they told me they'd continue to be there for me throughout the process.

"He's a very nice guy. We both handled it like men, and handled it like professionals. He's been in this kind of situation before and it was not a huge surprise for him."

Harris said he also consulted with former UM coach Randy Shannon and told him "how much the decision meant to me. He knew it was a huge decision for me. He never tried to sway me one or the other because that's not the type of guy he is."

Harris, the Miami Herald's Athlete of the Year in Miami-Dade when he was a junior and senior at Miami Booker T. Washington High, said he was "excited but also nervous. I'm spending a lot of time with my teammates and they're very excited for me. I'm nervous to be leaving them because I love them and know them so well."

> Harris father, Tim Sr., was told Monday by Al Golden he can remain on staff as a community liason. The former USA Today High School Coach of the Year woul eventually like to get back into coaching, though.

"I'm going to stay here for now," Harris Sr. said. "But the goal for me eventually is to be in a position to coach. I'm going to try to wait my turn. But I like to develop young people and I can't get that out of my blood."



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Driskel was mediocre- I like that Wittek kid instead.

Of the DEs, Clowney was good, but Chikillo was impressive. UM cannot let Chikillo go. He is a true D end. He is quick and aggressive. excellent technique.

Eli Rogers did look pretty good.

Two big misses: Marcus Jackson and Jabari Gorman. Marcus Jacksonprobably had the world promised to him at Tennessee including the fact that the SEC could care less about grades and requirements. Tennessee is a dirty program. Always has been.

Dosnt matter. I look at Stanford adn I see 1 star, 2 star kids playing their hearts out. Thats what Miami needs. Go back to the basics of cane football. Not that candy a77 style of football that the gators and Oregon play.

Gatards 5 stars get them 7-5. Oooooooooh. Get really excited, Gatard trash.

Miss. State's 2 stars will pound you again.

Anyone seen 5 star Brantley lately?

You suck, Pig.

Can we please get some news reports on the recruiting trail, focusing on QB's and LB's. Also, what contact with potential OC's has Golden had? Interviewing anyone? Please Manny

Posted by: smorlanne | January 06, 2011 at 06:16 AM

No News is typical Cane Bad News. But over the last 8 years, Ur use to it.

Congratulations, Brandon!
We'll miss you but expect to see you on the sidelines Saturdays and in the summers.
Make us proud.

Curse Pig/Soldy/Rawpimple/Sean Wilson sure loves him some 18 year old boys. It is all he will post about forthe next 4 months.

Right, Pig?

Jon Alvarez 6-1 227 ILB. Led district 3A-12 two yrs in a row in Fort Myers- check o ut highlight videos of him sacking Dallas Crawford. Serious underrrated jewel that the canes have just picked up. Just like the old days- build a program with unheralded kids WHO bleed green and orange, sprinkle in a few 5 star studs, good coaching and we have 5 ships.


I know one thing...waaaandy shannon won't be ur coach in 2013. He's no longa beelding depths.

The ewwww is in the building....I hope AG doesn't get this scUM stinch on him.

Hey I am 120 pounds soaking wet and I'm 6'10". Can I get a scholly to the ewwwww. I mean I can barely throw the ball 10 yards and I stare my receivers down throughout the entire route. Put me in coach...I'm ready to play!!!!!

Lost out on Jackson and Gorman. How are we losing miami kids to other programs? None of the decommitts changed their mind. Maybe they were going to leave even if Shannon stayed. Still have time in recruiting, but not looking good.

Miami fans shouldnt be dissapointed; UF and FSU should be. FSu has had good recruiting classes the past four years but little retrun. Your coaches can recruit but can they develop players. Weiss wont be at UF for more than three years. He wants a head coaching position and the UF OC job gets him in the light. UM is a private school and has won more NC than ANY school since 1983. What private school has done anything close to that. UF and FSU have more money, thus should NEVER lose more than 2 games a year with FL talent.

UFelony: 4 good years out of 100 and they pound their chests.

Horrible average Gatard trash.

The Gators have recruited themselves another 5 star QB...just like Brantley!

You remember Brantley, he was the blue chip, 5 star wunderkid that the Gators told us would win the Heisman Trophy...and now he wants to transfer from the cesspool.

In the nick of time the Gators hired themselves a coach that would have been fired from Texas if they had only waited another 24 hours. Then they hired humpty-dumpty, with the snot rolling down his face who singlehandedly destroyed Notre Dame football to be their offensive coordinator who even Lee Corso said was a TERRIBLR HIRE!!! One thing is for sure...he's certainly offensive!

Posted by: 5 stars and 7 wins...YIppeee!

8 wins they beat Penn State as we got blown out by Notre Dame

Harris leaving early....Andrew Luck stays despite being the #1 pick...what the hell is going on?

Posted by: Genie013

And his coach is leaving!!! I heard he may sit out this year and transfer to UM.

Welcome to the cane family Mr Luck!

Go 'canes!

who singlehandedly destroyed Notre Dame football to be their offensive coordinator who even Lee Corso said was a TERRIBLR HIRE!!! One thing is for sure...he's certainly offensive!

Posted by: 5 stars and 7 wins...YIppeee! | January 06, 2011 at 02:05 PM

And he singlehandedly recruited every player on the Notre Dame squad that just beat Du U down and made U quit ... Again.

Al Golden name on the recruiting trail is a nightmare!!

.."Hi I'm Al Golden new coach and UM former coach of Temple"...kids reaction "who?" "Al Al Golden new coach at UM, I came from Temple"..kids..Oh ..no thanks..

Big Splash..Thanks Kirby Holcutt

Gatard trash and Sean Wilson the PIG reduces everything to the Canes. I smell obsession. I smell something, and coming from the trailerpark that is Gainesville, it ain't good.

Ur stuck with me @ qb...accept it

Al's new sales pitch:

Hi I'm Al Golden new coach and UM former coach of Temple"...kids reaction "who?" "Al Al Golden new coach at UM, I came from Temple and we play in our professional stadium nick named The Library"

Can a Pig get a job? Maybe, the Pig thinks trolling the Canes blog IS a job. He has no money, women or life, but at least he thinks he has a job.

Yeah, Pig, I would say you are an overachiever. People look up to you. BWWWAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHA.

I'm a Seminole fan all the way! BUT, Brandon has enough titles and awards under his belt to be considered a great corner. He lacked stats this year, mostly due to the lack of coaching. So yes, coaching in the league WILL make him better. Good luck to you B .Harris! Make Miami proud....even though you know i like my noles. [:

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