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Kiper likes Hankerson, says Bailey has slipped

Mel Kiper, ESPN’s NFL Draft guru, spoke to reporters this morning via conference call. We got in a few questions about where several draft-eligible Canes stand in his mind:

Brandon Harris > At the moment, Kiper feels cornerback Brandon Harris will be the only first round pick. He has him going to the Ravens with the 26th overall pick. “That’s a need area for the Ravens," Kiper said. "I think if Harris doesn’t go there, I think [he’ll be drafted] late in the first round. There’s a couple of other teams that certainly could look at cornerback – Chicago being one and Pittsburgh another."

> After Harris, Kiper has defensive lineman Allen Bailey going next. Bailey, who has received a lot of praise at the Senior Bowl this week for his 'Adonis body', has also been ripped this week by a few pundits. Kiper thinks Bailey will be a second round pick.

"You look at him as a 3-4 end, a 4-3 defensive tackle that I think he would fit the bill," Kiper said. "I think the ball location this year was a little lacking. There were times where it looked like he didn't have that awareness, getting in the backfield and making the play some other defensive ends had. Maybe, he felt that wasn't a position that could maximize his ability, that he feels comfortable at that spot when he was kicked out. I think inside maybe he'll feel comfortable as a 3-4 end. I think he can hold stout against the run and hold double teams. I think he's strong enough to do that. I just think his stock dropped from where it was. I thought he would be a first round pick potentially, now he's more of a second."

> If anybody has really shined or improved their stock, its receiver Leonard Hankerson. Kiper believes Hankerson is the best senior receiver in this draft class.

"Hankerson I've liked all year," Kiper said. "I've never put him in the first round. I've never had him in my Top 25. But as a senior receiver I thought he was the best out there. With his size, he runs good routes, I like the pacing of his routes. I think he's a little underrated in terms of the quickness out of his cuts. His hands are very good. He'd have a drop or two, which was very uncharacteristic -- it was more of a concentration issue, not a hands issue. He's not going to be a vertical stretch guy on a regular basis. But he runs well enough. I think he could come in and be a good complimentary good number two guy and be worthy of being a second or third round pick."

> Kiper on a few other Canes:

“In terms of the other players from Miami, offensive tackle Orlando Franklin has some versatility that he provides. I don’t think he played to the level of his talent in games that I saw. He’s going to have to define where he fits best into an NFL blocking scheme. He could be in that early Day 3 area, maybe late Day 2.

“For linebacker Colin McCarthy, probably Day 3 for him which isn’t bad. Day 3 starts with the fourth round.

“I think cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke Day 3 as well. [Kicker Matt] Bosher free agent.

“You also have [running back] Graig Cooper who needs another year to come completely back from that [knee] injury. He came on a little late the year. He was [projected as] a second-round pick before the injury. You might be able to get him on Day 3. Remember James Starks was a guy was a guy that had an injury and fell to the sixth round and has a heck of a finish to the season for the Packers. I think Cooper could be in the fifth, sixth, seventh round and be a nice pickup for somebody once he gets back to where he was a few years ago.”


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What about Damian Berry? He was the best player on Miami's team when healthy.

Ha! Kiper never mentions any gayturds from the Trailersville USA.

Berry is definitely a superstar in the making. Reminds me of Donnell Bennet from years ago.

I think U has nothing but talent in this draft. Anytime Sam Shields can make it big, after stints as receiver then DB, i say U isn't missing a beat. I did not agree with the way RS coached Shields, but Shields kept his mouth shut and now look.

I never was a big fan of Bailey. Too slow, at any position. Almost too much of gentle giant. Just didn't have a mean streak in him. Very disappointed in Bailey. Some say, oh he was double teamed. You find a way to get to the quarterback. Glad we got all new coaches. GO CANES!!

Whatever...Bailey was bounced from DE to DT all through his career. He showed up wherever they asked him to play with no complaints. And yeah he was double teamed A LOT. Could you get get around double teams? He will shine and surely disappoint people who are always negative.

You don't have to be a big fan of any one player, "just supportive", that is if this is your team.

I love what Allen Bailey could be. His physical talents are obvious, and he'll probably be one of the most impressive bodies at the combine, but I feel like he is always thinking too much and needed to just play. That may have had something to do with constant position changes. I hope the NFL can coach him up and make him a star.

If one follows the picks for the NFL by Kiper, one would easily realize how wrong he has been over the years re: talent. Allen Bailey is the real deal and the team that drafts him will get a great player. I read tody, in the St. Times that the Bucs are interested. That would be a great addition to our pro team that is on the rise. Keep it Mel. Go Canes

Good Luck!

Bailey, Hank, Coop, Harris and the rest Thank you. Hope you all have a successful NFL tryouts/careers.

Go Canes!!!

You rarely see guys beat a double team; the guy isn't super man.. lol

Isn't this a um blog? Cancer u are an idiot!

I hope all of them do well but I thought Bailey at 2nd round is even high. He rarely showed up and didn't make any plays for all the Adonis body and his supposed great speed. I give him credit for playing wherever we needed, but he didn't make alot of plays no matter where he was. I think Brandon will be great in the NFl and McCarthy will be solid.

Bailey is the perfect 3 4 end. He is strong as an ox and his only job will be to hold the fort. He's never been a great pass rusher but always been good against the run.
Hankerson will play in the league just for the fact that his route running is smooth.

Van dyke needs to grow a pair. Straight up, he's more talented than most corners but nobody likes soft players.

I wish coop all the luck. He just got hurt by playing on a crappy surface.


Mel Kiper is a J@ck@ss. Guy doesn't know anything....he's so annoying.

and the bashing of kiper begins... now.


Big deal, let concentrate of the team at hand and not a bunch of future millionaires. Manny report on the current and future Canes and let the NFL people take care of those that have moved on.

Oh and Brian is right Kiper is a jackwagon, so are most of them at ESPN.

he knows more than you do about evaluating players so... yea...

So this on cnn. confirms lack of coaching the past 6-8 years.

One topic of conversation at the Senior Bowl is the marginal performance of the Miami Hurricane players. The once-proud program that placed a half-dozen players into the draft's first round in 2004 has fallen on hard times. Only five Hurricanes were selected in the past two drafts. Most believe the prospects are not properly developed and enter the league poorly coached. They point to players such as Sam Shields and Calais Campbell, underachievers in college who are developing fine NFL careers.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/football/nfl/super-bowl-2011/01/26/senior.bowl.wednesday/index.html#ixzz1CEdpFduB

I wish all the Canes successful professional careers.

But you have to wonder why Bailey and DVD weren't more productive in college.

Perhaps it was substandard coaching, but I suspect that's not the total story.

A great body and athleticism only carry you so far. A guy can look like Tarzan and play like Jane.

As for double teams, I think that Bowers and Fairly were double teamed on just about every play this year. The fact is that elite players beat double teams.

If one follows the picks for the NFL by Kiper, one would easily realize how wrong he has been over the years re: talent. Allen Bailey is the real deal and the team that drafts him will get a great player. I read tody, in the St. Times that the Bucs are interested. That would be a great addition to our pro team that is on the rise. Keep it Mel. Go Canes

Posted by: gil amspaugh | January 26, 2011 at 06:16 PM

This guy knows what he's talking about.

Wow the guy talking about bailey has never been to a game or ever played a game. He was being blocked by 3 guys if they would have had any other d line men he would have had 15 sacks. Watch pats draft him and he will be a star.

If dvd wasn't trained properly, why is brandon Harris, his counterpart being graded as a first to second round pick. Was he trained by himself while everybody else watched? The reason why we weren't sending kids to the first round anymore is because the talent fell off. Just like Campbell, Bailey will be productive in a 3 4 scheme where he uses pure strength. He is not a pass rusher. He's a ox like seymour and langford. Strong men who get paid to hold their positions. Sam shields at the end of last year was a late round draft pick in only one year of playing the corner position. He messed up by being arrested for drug possession. U think NFL people didn't kno he was a headache already? They were turned off n before u kno it, he was undrafted.

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