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Meet UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch

New University of Miami offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch spoke with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is what he had to say:

Fisch Opening statement: "I want to say how excited I am about joining The U. While it's been a crazy time here in Seattle preparing for the second round of the playoffs, the opportunity to join the U football program, coach [Al] Golden, is really exciting. I can't wait to be down there, but hopefully it won't come for a few more weeks as we're hoping to continue on our Super Bowl quest. It's a great moment for me, my family. My wife can't wait to get down there as well as my two kids."

Why did you decide to make the move to college now?
"That's a great question. The first reason is I realized how much I missed the game of college football, the pageantry that college football brings, the youth, excitement, energy of the players you have the opportunity to coach. The second reason was I wasn't planning on going back to college football this year. It wasn't something I was looking into at all. I was thrilled to death to be in the job I have, but when a program like the University of Miami calls and you have that opportunity, it was a dream come true. I grew up in northern New Jersey, my brother went to law school at the University of Miami. I couldn't believe it, was so thrilled to take it."

When will you be able to start recruiting?
"Depending how we move forward in Seattle. Assuming we win on Sunday [in Chicago], then I will continue in my role as the quarterbacks coach of the Seahawks and the program will recruit knowing that I will be there when the season ends. I hope the athletes Miami is recruiting, there will be some visibility because then we will be in the NFC Championship Game and from there the Super Bowl. Recruiting would be going on without me making the direct hit, hopefully the indirect hit of being part of a championship program [would be beneficial]."

Are you allowed to recruit while you are still coaching the Seahawks?
"From what I understand about the compliance, until I take the NCAA recruiting exam, which is administered at the university, there would be no contact with potential student-athletes."

Can you at least evaluate the QB's Miami is currently recruiting, watch film of them to figure out who you want?
"That will have to wait. Brennan Carroll who is the national recruiting coordinator has been evaluating some top-notch quarterbacks. He's looking at them and coach Golden is looking at them, George McDonald, the wide receivers coach, is looking at them. They know what direction we're going in on offense. What I appreciate most about coach Golden is, `You take care of your business, winning this week and beating the Chicago Bears, and whatever happens after that we'll revisit it.' Right now we're about winning, taking care of the Seahawks business."

Can you talk about your offensive philosophy?
"I know a lot of people use the term pro style offense. We'll be multiple and balanced. That's the key to a pro style offense. We'll use personnel groupings to our advantage. We're going to try to find our best matchups whether that be through the air, on the ground, getting the ball to our running backs in space, more of a downhill running attack, taking one-on-one matchups with our wide receivers. We're going to evaluate all of that. We'll be under center and shotgun, and we're going to attack. The one thing I really believe in is taking advantage of the defense with your personnel and being able to make explosive plays when the opportunity presents itself. If you take care of the football and make explosive plays you'll win a lot of football games."

What did you learn in your time as offensive coordinator at the University of Minnesota (2009)?
"You can never underestimate the value of experience. It was a phenomenal learning curve for me, both the good and bad. What you learn is what the players can handle, the 20 hour rule versus an NFL work week, how it really feels, what you can ask your players to do, really do a better job of evaluating your own talent. I think the key thing in college football vs. pro football - you better really know what you have. You better know what you can ask your guys to do. The thing about coming to the U is we have the ability and opportunity to have the best players in the country. To be able to figure out what they do best, put them in position to do that, will give us our best chance."

Having coached at the pro level, what do you think can you bring to a college team?
"I believe a lot. Pro football -- it's football all the time, and you're around the best of the best in terms of the athletes you're coaching and you get a great feel of what can be done and can't be done, what's too much and what's not too much. When you're around the pro athletes scheme is so important, the amount of time you can study film, get ideas, learn from different coaches in what people are doing to attack defenses. It's really good. To be able to take that experience and the resources you have in the NFL in terms of offensive line coaches, quarterback coaches, wide receiver coaches, coordinators - talking to those guys and asking those guy questions you build such great relationships that they never die. What I'm looking forward to is coming in and taking the experiences of what we did in the NFL, and we did a lot of good things in the nine years I coached in the NFL, and the things we did at Minnesota - we did some good things there - and put those together and put [forth] the best possible plan for the University of Miami to put the U offense back on top, which is where it belongs."

What is the history of your relationship with Al Golden?
"It's a very short history. It goes about five days. I never met coach Golden prior to our phone conversations. I will tell you I can't be more impressed. Obviously it's not an easy decision to make when you're in the middle of a playoff run with a very young team and a first-year head coach. The reason I left is two-fold: one, Al Golden, two the tradition at the U. The times I spoke to coach golden on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, every time that we talked prior to the offer and the acceptance of the position has been great conversation. We're on the same page not only philosophically but schematically. We bring a similar passion and energy to coaching. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work for him."

So you've never met coach Golden?

So how did the connection form between you and coach Golden?
"I never specifically asked him that question. I don't know the answer. The relationship, we'll build that over time. The relationship will thrive; I can tell that from the conversations we've had.

When did he first make contact with you?
"He made contact with me on Sunday evening, spoke with coach [Pete] Carroll and then he spoke with me. It was more of a brief introduction at first, talked about my history, the people I've coached, coached with, the philosophy I have. We moved forward from there."

Can you talk about working with Mike Shanahan, coach [Pete] Carroll and Brian Billick, coaches like that?
"Those coaches have won three national championships, have competed in five national championships, and they are coaches that have won three Super Bowls - it's about as good as it gets in that regard. Obviously each guy brings something else to the table. Each guy has a special quality. But all of them universally have the No. 1 quality of being great competitors. The No. 1 thing I've taken from those guys is the motivation to compete every time. I hope I can take all of their characteristics and mold them into the coach that I'll continue to be."

UM's quarterbacks have thrown a lot of interceptions the last couple of years. How do you work with quarterbacks to make better decisions?
"Interceptions are the craziest things. You watch Tom Brady, it's in the 330 range of throwing without an interceptions. You can watch ones tipped, dropped interceptions. Sometimes it just works out that way. Other times it works out that they weren't clear on the read. Sometimes it's experience in the offense. What we need to do is make sure with the quarterback that the first thing you teach them is where everybody is on the field. Until they realize where their receivers are they stick the ball in tight places when they don't need to. The other thing is you have to teach quarterbacks to take care of the football - punting is okay, it's okay to throw it away. When you don't, sometimes momentum swings. We have to teach our quarterbacks to be extremely disciplined. They have to have a great work ethic so they understand what we're asking them to do."

You never played football, even at the high school level. How unlikely is it for you to be where you are now at age 34?
"There's a lot of circumstances that go around a lot of things. The one thing I know is when you work extremely hard, if you give it everything you have usually good things happen. One thing I chose to do growing up is I was going to be a football coach and a football coach at the highest level. That opportunity presented itself every time I turned around."

Your offense struggled at Minnesota (2009). What went wrong?
"They were in their third year [under the same head coach], had run spread, had no experience with the quarterback under center, from an I formation. I tried to go and put in an offense thinking they had more experience in that type of system than they actually did. I might have been quick to assume they were able to get it right away. We just have to always continue to evaluate, how to get better and make sure that at Miami if there's something that I'm going to make sure I keep a close eye on, it's what our players can handle mentally and physically."

How familiar are you with the guys you're coaching with and will you have any input on the offensive line coach hiring?
"I know George McDonald, spent three weeks prior to him departing for Cleveland - he was at Minnesota when they hired me. I think highly of him. In terms of Brennan [Carroll]] - Brennan and I met a couple of times, have always had great conversations. I'm looking forward to meeting with everyone on the staff. Coach Golden and I have been speaking about the line coach and we'll continue to have that communication. Obviously it's a critical hire for the program, for me to make sure we're on the same page with)the philosophy of running the football and pass protection."


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When ypu listen to the coachesGolden has brought on, they are intense, young and energetic. When they talk about The U and our tradition, its awesome. I'd love to see them on the recruiting trail...their pitch.

The guy speaks as though he is the real deal but still humble. I know there was tons of rabid Canes fans showing their displeasure of this hire but give the guy a year or two. I think you'll start to see good things happening. Be patient folks, same book, different chapter.

I hope Coach Fisch works out for us. Personally, I hope that the Seahawks lose this weekend.

We need him down here quickly for many reasons, not least of which is recruiting, the new OL Coach, and the need to get 2 QBs that have upside and can run the Pro set.

BTW where is the QB from NJ (Nova?)? Do we have any chance to get him?

Finally, I hope we can land the huge JUCO DT (Jenkins). He would be a valuable contribution to our DL.

Yea getting fisch down here asap definitely would help, especially with the 2 qb recruits we are hoping to get this class. and Gary Nova has committed to Rutgers but hopefully the golden staff can sway Jake rudock to stay home because he will be a good one and he will be perfect for miami offense. I also thing jacory brissett would be a real nice get, he also has a ton of potential.

Ok, now I feel better that I heard him on his press conference. Now it's time to settle back and watch it all develop. I think we are finally putting together a real staff unlike 4 years ago. I also think that the U has loosened the purse strings this time around and it's showing. Their probably some incentives in these contracts as well.

Jed looks like a nice gUy ......

Bryant looks meaner

Amazing what Driskal brings ...

``To be honest with you, it's a very short history,'' Fisch said. ``I never met Coach Golden prior to our phone conversations,

awwwwee ain't that sweet ... they've never met but now they be all 'bout the U ...

that's how Randy, Nix n Duh Whip started riieght ?

oh yeah , ... , ... ur back

The guy speaks as though he is the real deal but still humble. I know there was tons of rabid Canes fans showing their displeasure of this hire but give the guy a year or two. I think you'll start to see good things happening. Be patient folks, same book, different chapter.

Posted by: Lowndes Co. Guy | January 14, 2011 at 10:36 PM


must I Arty ? ...

Same finish come 2013 LCG ?

I guess I missed the bruhaha. Why were"tons of rabid Canes fans) voicing their displeasure?
I see a young, respected coach who recognizes his own previous shortcomings, corrected them and got a guy like Whitehurst confident enough to take the Seahawks into the playoffs, where an apparently rejuvenated Matt Hasselbeck then had the game of his life against the defending world champs.

I'd say our new OC (then, a QB coach0 had a SOMETHING to do with that.
He'll have his work cut out for him at the UM. Hopefully, in jacory's case, coach Fisch knows some psychology!

BTW, Manny/Susan..
Excellent questions put to our new OC. Already a better line of communication than the last 3 years.

Man sounds like we got another energetic young coach. Hopefully all the coaches can make up for the lack of crowd noise at home games. Oh and OSU will won their appeal
Go ' Canes 2016

He has NEVER played the game of football at any organized level?

So let me get this straight. We hire an OC who has never played the game, who the coach has never met, who has no idea of our current personnel, who has no idea of who we're recruiting and when he tried being an OC at Minnesota was at the bottom of all offensive stats. I like Al Golden but this hire is an obvious stretch a la Patrick Nix. What's happened here is that all the good and available OC's at both the NFL and college did not want to work for what the U was willing to pay which I'm sure is next to nothing. He might be young and aggressive but I'd rather have old and experienced with a killer mentality. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Orlando Cane and haters out there. The dude is coaching a team in the NFL playoffs. Can't get any better. Not at this time. What did you expect, to hire Belichik away from the Patriots? What are you all smoking? This guy WANTS to be here. He is young and energetic and seems to know what he is talking about. Whipple coached in the NFL, so-called "coached" Ben Rothlisberger, and what did that get Miami? A guy who can't coach his players to their abilities.
Paul PAsqualoni was hired by UCOnn. I guess the media "reports" that Whipple was the Number 1 candidate were wrong. Wrong again media.

We need to get: 2 QBs. Brisset and Rudcok, or Nova

Dallas Crawford made his official visit. Dude is a flat out play maker. Maybe a bit undersized, but quick and shifty.

Cannot let Chikillo or Menocal slip away.

Can someone explain to me, how FSU, with the NCAAlimitations on scholies following the last snactions 2 yrs ago, has about 10000 commits already? I don't get it. How is it that UM has only 15 to give?

No doubt coach Golden wants to bring in staff mentally from Pete Carroll. That mentally worked pretty good back then.

Can SM9 break J38's hallowed record? This will be an epic battle of FAIL

USC was a sleeping giant until Caroll became coach. I believe that the CANES are a sleeping giant and GOLDEN will be the man to awake this giant. Hopefully, the queen Shalaya will be banned from the CANE Kingdom.

If senior TE Blake Ayles of USC does in fact transfer to Miami, would he be considered a new commit and therefore be included in the maximum (16) allowed? As USC is on probation he would be able to play in the ‘11 season.

Hope Ayles comes, but with so few to recruit, only as a walk-on.

Since 2000, five of Bill Belichick's assistant coaches have become head coaches in the NFL or college.

Romeo Crennel was coach of the Cleveland Browns after winning three championships as defensive coordinator of the New England Patriots. Crennel went 24-40 as coach of the Browns.

Eric Mangini succeeded Crennel with similar results: a 10-22 record that led to his firing.

Josh McDaniels coached the the Denver Broncos for two years before getting fired this year. He went 11-17, and 5-17 since a 6-0 start in 2009.

Charlie Weis coached Notre Dame for five unremarkable seasons. During Weis's final three years his Fighting Irish went 16-21, subsequently leading to Weis's firing in 2009. He's now the offensive coordinator for the Florida Gators, which can't be all the exciting for those who truly know Weis's abilities.

See a pattern here?

Word from Peter King of SI is that this guy was in line to get an OC position in the NFL. He is that well respected. I don't know what happened in Minnesota, but those who know about these things think the world of this guy. We just got a guy to com to the U instead of taking a similar position in the NFL. I think that's a coup...

I said the same thing as all the doubters out there when I read about this guy. I had/have my doubts. But if he's this highly regarded in the NFL, and if Golden, a coach who is throwing his back into recruiting like noone I've ever seen, is willing to wait for this guy to finish the playoffs and miss out on potentially 2 big recruiting weekends just to get him, then he must really be something.

We'll see, but I'm feeling better.

Go Canes!

@ Miami Hurricane
Then we should thank our lucky stars he worked for Brian Billick and not Bill Belichick.


Bc Billick's offense was so great with the Ravens?

your an idiot

I can't believe U. U get a guy with no proven record, doesn't really know U or HC. This is a repeat of RS. On top of that, U bring me a UF grad...

This does not feel good. This is the second coming of Patrick Nix. U think he can develop J12?

``To be honest with you, it's a very short history,'' Fisch said. ``I never met Coach Golden prior to our phone conversations,

It's called grabbing a warm body because he looks the part.

Years past it was all about the excuses

Last year it was all about INT's

Next year it's all aboUt the fiery speeches. It's a U thang, U "wuhnent" understand.

Sooo, let me get this straight. We hired a guy who is a Gator who knows nothing that is going on at TheU and he hasn't even met Goldy. And supposedly he was in line for an OC job in the NFL but decided to not stay in the NFL for more money because of his love for the U or is it because of his long standing relationship with Golden...oh wait....

This is a FAIL of epic proportions.

What if Seattle wins? He will know less about what the hell is going on.

Oh but he is young and full of energy.

7-5 and empty stadium all over again

5 time National Champions...30 years and counting as 'THE' college football program...a Miami Hurricane has scored a touchdown for 149 straight weeks in the NFL...too many Hall of Famers to name...the hottest young coach in the country now at the helm of this great program promising more Championships 6, 7, 8, etc.

The Canes have been hitting Grand Slams since 1982 and will be doing so for at least another 30 years.

As has been said:


PS: Hiring failed soon to be fired coaches, felony arrests, cheating scandals being investigated by the NCAA, quitting coaches by the bus loads and that's the good news for the cowardly gators. The great pretenders soldier on...

Posted by: Miami Hurricanes

Pure Comedy..."too many Hall of Famers to name"
You have 4. 1,2,3,4 - that is not too many to name.

How many PRO BOWLERS are from the state of Florida's "other" schools?????? Not as many COMBINED as THE U. All the money and fat hog OC's cant buy you 5 Titles and THE most dominate program in the last 30 years. Taste it

And how many times did Emmitt mention that school he went to in his HOF speech?

Lmao @ " last 30 years". You've flat sukked for nearly a decade

DelUsion, it's what's for dinner. U look like an even bigger idiot when you run empty smack fool. A year from now will mark two decades with only ONE title

The U Sukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

This hire is a joke..the whole staff is..Kirby Holcutt should be sent packing UM is fallin fwd fast

Sure, Pig. You've said that a hundred times. Why don't you say it in your "ghetto trash" vernacular?

You are a sick stupid slob.

Well look at all the experience Shannon had and he still sucked. And he even played the game.

Posted by: Miami Hurricanes

Pure Comedy..."too many Hall of Famers to name"
You have 4. 1,2,3,4 - that is not too many to name.

Posted by: Gin and Juice | January 15, 2011 at 03:22 PM


You road-kill eatin nimrod hillbilly gator jock sniffer...there's also a college football hall of fame. Like I said stupid...to many too count!

Lmao @ " last 30 years". You've flat sukked for nearly a decade

DelUsion, it's what's for dinner. U look like an even bigger idiot when you run empty smack fool. A year from now will mark two decades with only ONE title

The U Sukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

Posted by: 30 years? Ur F'ing kidding right? | January 15, 2011 at 05:20 PM


I can't express strongly enough how tiring it is to always be pointing out your ignorant lies and monumental stupidity. The Canes beat Florida State in the 2004 Orange Bowl BCS game regarding your numbskull comment that the Canes sucked for a decade. Now stupid, take your smelly, worn out shoes off and count your fungus infected toes to see if 2004 to 2011 makes a decade.

2001 Sugar Bowl Champions (Canes smash cowardly gators), 2002 Rose Bowl (National Champions), 2003 Fiesta Bowl National Championship that Terry Porter stole away), 2004 Orange Bowl Champions, 2005 Peach Bowl Champions (Canes smash gators).

Bubba from traylorvile sez, fo plus fo equal tin.

You all check out the video on You Tube: Florida sucks. That video says it all.

Too bad for Ray ray, Ed Reed, Willie McGahee and Gooden. Season's over no thanks to a japanese d-back who gave up a 58 yd bomb ( Nakamura) and a former siemnhole, Anquan Boldin, who can't catch a train if he stood in the middle of the tracks.

I can't believe how many gators and hurricanes fans are using this blog as a forum to argue with each other over pointless nonsense.

UM has the better historical program, UF has the better more recent program, both UM and UF suck right now - THERE'S NOTHING MORE TO SAY.

Stop using this as an excuse to j*rk off over your brilliant arguments that you spent half an hour on wikipedia putting together and get a life! That goes for all you hurricanes fans wasting your time responding to this nonsense as well.

You're all sad and pathetic.

I read all of the comments. Quite a range of opinions so I'll throw mine into the hat. What has developed at the U, Golden an staff, is a long overdue breath of fresh air. Those who want a winner should be thankful for the gifts we've received. No more Shannon, Hill, Stoutland and others. Let's give this team of coaches the opportunity to return the U the championship level. Becase the OC didn't play football means didly squat. He didn't get to Seattle without displaying an ability to move an offense. Good luck Canes! Get behind these guys and all of you will be winners.

Rivals.com Final Ranking 120
FSU - 16
UCF - 24
UF - 35
USF - 39
UM - 45
FIU - 70

Players in Rivals.com 2010 All-Bowl Team
FSU - 1
UCF - 1
UF - 1
USF - 1
UM - 0
FIU - 1


Incredible piece done on Blacks in Sports on ESPN. Randy Shannon was on the panel and gave insight on his job at Miami as well as the other panelist gave insight on Black coaches and players in Sports. Very insightful for a UM fan or a sports fan overall. Im sure if most of the fans who dislike Shannon would watch the reruns they'd change their perception of him. Happy MLK wknd to all.

I worked for a company for 20 yrs. Before I got my job, I never met the owner. It was my resume and experience that won them over.

It does not matter. Take Care of the football, Throw it away, Punting is okay! I like the man and I like Golden and what he is trying to bring together. Give them a chance and see if they can make it work. These are high quality people.

UM is the most underfunded "State University" I've ever heard of.

It's all about the "U".. Gator trash is just that! TRASH!

WOW! Again the haters come out! I can tell you all something, if you supported The U and looked at this from a diffrent way maybe you could get past always bashing MY TEAM. It will be better than we have had it. Number one, we have coaches coming in from other areas of the country, yes, who know more recruits away from us as well, they NEED TO WIN. HERE ME, THEY NEED TO WIN! And win quickly. That will bring a whole different urgency to our program. So what that they don't know each as life long friends. Randy and Aubrey were very close. Boy that worked well didn't it? They know our eyes, and all of us alum are on them. Start getting back to hating ohio flate or whatever they are called and back the team. Do you think it could actually get worse than our pathetic notre dame showing? Come on haters, its your Team to. Give it a rest.

This hire is getting even worse- let me get this right this guy never played the game of football, sucked at Minnesota, sucked in Seattle, and coach Golden has never even met the guy?

State Universities of Florida (aka the obnoxious gator aahole):

Ok we all know UM sked the last few yrs. Thanks for the "Rivals" rankings. That says a lot about your intelligence.

Here are everyone's rankings:

UM 5 NCs
UF + FSU + FIU + USF + UCF + FAU= 5

UM has played for the NC 9 times in the last 27 years. Has won 5. 2nd 4 other times. Had 2 NCs stolen by referees. No program including Alabama, tennessee, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, FSU, Florida, USC, LSU, Auburn, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska can even come close.

The combined seats inthe school stadiums in those programs= 1.3 Million approximately. Yeah, I know, UM still doesnt have a stadium.

Not to mention the number of alumni in those schools combined, and the $ that they genertae.

UM had 9 players selected to the Probowl and has not won a NC in 10 yrs. How do you figure that?

UM STILL has more players in the NFL than LSU, Ohio State or USC. How do you figure that?

UM has more players in the playoffs than any program.

UM is still the king of football in Florida. Every program wants to be the U. Thats a fact, jack.

Caneboss-nobody gives a crap about blacks in sports and how it would make us think differently about Randy Shannon if we were to watch it. Let me give you some insight as to what continues to create racism and divisions among races. First of all how would it go over if we were to watch a program on whites in sports? It wouldn't go over and it's really not important. Next real fans don't give a crap what color the coach or players are because we are all brothers of God and once we put on the canes uniform we unite once again as a team of one. You see we didn't chase Randy out because of the color of his skin but most importantly because he failed to deliver. We have chased a lot of coaches out of here and it wasn't because they were white.if we continue to point out our differences and have shows and programs on only one race or we once again point out the fact that " this is the first black coach to coach in the superbowl or win one" or " this is the 3 rd black qb to play in a superbowl" we will continue to be divided- this is what divides our races- if we continue to point out our differences and recognize only certain races there will continue to be bad feelings and we will never live in harmony. I say bring in a GREEN coach and if he wins championships he will be my best friend.

NFL experience is key. Whipple and Shannon were not on the same page. Whipple thought he was more qualified to be HC, and he was probably right. This relationship seems more deferential.

Stanford had a lot of NFL experience on their staff and look what they did with slightly above-average talent. You can't fake it in the NFL and get by with superior talent alone. This is a decent hire, and may be exceptional considering the actual choices in the mix. And none of us know who those choices may have been.

Compare this staff with the one that began 4 years ago:
Shannon-no exp as HC/Golden-5 yrs exp as HC.
Walton-no exp as DC/D'Onofrio-5 yrs exp as DC.
Nix-no "real" exp as OC/Fisch-OC exp and NFL exp.
Defensive staff-green as Ireland/New staff-much exp.

*Not to mention that RS did a nice job of recruiting and leaves a much tidier cupboard than he found. Just think about the improvements on the line of scrimmage, running back and receiver.

This may not be the sexiest hire, but Miami does not have the $ to go for sexy. This new staff has a shorter journey with vastly more experience, energy, and above all, talent to work with.

Not that I/we have any choice, but I'm willing to give them a chance. Begin the countdown to OSU.


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