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New DL coach Jethro Franklin speaks

Just had a chance to listen to (and speak to) new UM defensive line coach Jethro Franklin on a teleconference while he was en route to a small town outside Bakersfield, Calif., to do some recruiting.

Here's what he had to say, with the questions he was asked: "My name is Jethro Franklin. I’m starting my 21st year coaching the defensive line, so I’m awfully fired up. I have a passion for what I do." 
Jethro Franklin How much have you seen of the kids you’re going to have and impressions?
"I was able to observe a couple days during their bowl prep and I was satisfied with what I saw. Guys were really ambitious about wanting to get better and that’s the whole thing. Coach is doing a good job with them and guys were working hard and doing a nice job."
Obviously recruiting is a big part of the job. What are some of the areas you’ve recruited in the past and has coach golden talked about where you might be in charge of as far as a certain area?
"Right now we’re just getting ourselves together.  Shoot, I’m on the road right now heading down to a little town right outside of Bakersfield, Calif,. going to look at a kid.

"We are just getting it together. Obviously I’ve recruited the West Coast so I’ve got a lot of ties out here. I recruited Virginia while I was at Temple.  I recruited Texas a little bit, a little bit of Dallas, a little bit of Houston. We haven’t gotten into the specifics of who has what area. Right now we’re just going with what we have and know. I know this area so I’m kind of out here looking at guys and doing the best we can to ensure that guys want to come to the University of Miami. But I’m sure that once we get everyone on board that will be all handed out to us."
You’ve worked with Coach Carroll and Coach Golden in past. Can you talk about the way they recruit and their philosophy?
"I’ll talk about it a little bit. I won’t go too much into detail with it. Coach Golden obviously has a reputation of being a great recruiter and that’s evident in how well he’s organized and how well he goes after the target people... Coach Carroll in the same way. There are a lot of similarities there. He does a nice job, the same as Coach Golden, of targeting guys and doing an awesome job, of number one, evaluation. Both Coach Golden and Coach Carroll do an awesome job of evaluating talentfirst, getting as much information as we can on the prospect, digging down as deep as we can to find out anything in their history and all that good stuff. And obviously both guys have an eye for talent, so they’re both very, very similar in that way."
What were your impressions of the Sun Bowl game?
"I don’t want to comment on that a whole heck of a lot. Obviously we’ve got some work to do and that’s why we’re here. The guys played hard and it was just one of those situations. It’s kind of hard on the kids and the coaches as well. It’s kind of an awkward situation. It’s kind of hard to comment on that. We know that we have a job to do and everyone has to improve – offense, defense, special teams. We’re going to roll our sleeves up and we’re going to get to work."
Your personality, coaching style?  What do you expect out of your players in practice and preparation?
 “It’s kind of hard to talk about yourself. I just like to have fun, and fun comes in winning obviously in our profession.  We know that in order for that to happen you have to have a tremendous amount of preparation. And also in order for that to happen, there are going to be some hard lessons learned in the process. So, you know, the whole goal is to win. I like to have fun, and again, fun is in winning. And we’re going to do what we have to do on the field to ensure that that happens. We’re going to practice hard, we’re going to finish things. We’re going to do a lot of little things. We’re going to make sure we cross the Ts and dot the Is and so when they play on game day it’ll hopefully be, uh, the game will be slowed down in a sense because of how fast we practice and how well we did things throughout the week of practice. And that’s kind of our expectations of the guys. As long as they come and give a good day’s work, they work hard, they finish, they take their coaching, they study the game, they study themselves, then what more can we ask for? If they do those things and do everything that we ask them in terms of contributing to winning, because that’s all we’re going to ask them to do, then we’ll have fine."

What is the difference between coaching in college and the NFL?
"Well, I would say it’s a different level from college to the NFL but the teaching is pretty much the same, to be honest with you. You're dealing obviously with a different pool of talent, you’re dealing with guys, obviously, who were elite at the college level and now you have them at the professional level but the teaching is pretty much the same. Getting them to play hard is never going to change. Getting them to finish plays is never going to change. Getting them to use proper techniques is never going to change. A big part is of it is communicating. The biggest difference now is obviously in the NFL you have the elite player as opposed to a guy who is an incoming freshman and doesn’t have it figured out yet or dealing with a walk-on or a player who has a potential of being a scholarship guy and getting him developed. But there’s still developmental stages at both levels.
You’re just dealing with a little different athlete.”

What do you tell kids you're recruiting about the University of Miami and their opportunities at the school?
"First and foremost, the University of Miami speaks for itself. You have a brand that is recognizable anywhere in the world so that in itself is very, very positive. Obviously, with the history and tradition of the university and all the great players that played there, that sells itself. My philosophy about recruiting is that it’s about relationships and trying to get close to people as much as I possibly can, developing a great relationship. Couple that with everything I stated earlier, that’s kind of how I go at it.”

How difficult is it to get started in recruiting this late in the process?
"The difficult part is all the rules we had to adhere to with the one phone call and all that. We’re starting a period with unlimited calls. The main thing is with the brand with the ‘U’ and all the history and tradition. Obviously it’s a marvelous place to be. But again, building those relationships is the biggest challenge. We’re doing everything we can, I’m doing everything we can to do that. I’ve been here before so I feel real confident about getting that done.”

What is your take about the defensive line depth?
"I won’t comment a whole lot on that, either. The main thing is we’re constantly trying to develop [depth], there’s no question about it. We all know we’re only as good as our weakest link. That’s why our job as coaches it to develop players and to develop them to the point where we have to make tough decisions on who is going to be the starters because they’re all that good. Hopefully we get to that point. So our depth is going to be crucial, no doubt about it, as we get going here. Our philosophy at Temple and most places I’ve been as a D-line coach is to play as many guys as you can to keep guys fresh. Obviously, the development of our depth is going to be crucial for us to implement that plan.”

Do you think there’s enough depth at defensive tackle or will you have to address that in recruiting?
"Oh yeah, you’re never [going to] go a year without recruiting defensive linemen. I mean they’re premier guys and you have to make sure you have a nice supply on hand in there and ready to get better. That’s always going to be…You have to make sure you recruit those guys that are difference makers.”


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Noooooo, Jethro folks will be mad @ you for saying you are going recruits guys that want to be here. lol

Manny, can you explain why do you feel the need to throw shots @ Randy now?


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Debacle is over now....go get'em new staff

I can not believe Brandon "toast" Harris is leaving to the NFL. What a dumbarse but not as dumb as Sean Wilson the Pig Racist.

How is he dumb? This is life, not yours! Be happy for the man! Damn! I enjoyed his 3 years here.. If I remember correctly he is graduating after 3 years anyway.

lets go canes.. lets get good players and start beating up tems

Posted by: 202cane

Nice try Sean Wilson

This pretty much says it all about U ...

Marquise Williams, North Carolina's early enrollee 4 Star duel threat Q.B. on rumors that he is considering switching his commit to the University of Miami ...

"I move in on the 8th of January at UNC. I don't see that happening. Not interested in that train wreck program or no-name coach"

And if U don't think that's not the Consensus opinion, outside Ur lil Miami media blog bubble, of all National recruits as to what's happening down in Coral Gables, U are sadly fooling Urselves.

U still have a Football Program that is being held together with gum, paste, construction paper, spit wads and 50,000 Empty Seats. And U have no other way to react but with false hope because where U are and have been for going on 8 years, there is really nowhere else to go ... That's called the bottom.

But look on the bright side Cane Fan, U just might be ready to compete and win a Title in the MAC Conference with all Ur no-name Temple and UCONN retread Coaches.

Kirby and Donna keep feeding U and U continually ask for more ... That's called being "Owned".


Arty, their enthusiasm is admirable, yet so sad at the same time. They take it time and time again and come back for more over and over... We tried to warn them years ago. Looks like more of the same for years to come down in the City Beautiful.

Damn U Delusional Cane Fans are a riot ...


How nice is it to be able to talk to the coaches, players etc. We have not been able to get this kind of info in years. As much as I want to revoke myself from the Canes this much access is helping me get excited for next year. Good luck Manny, I'm sure we'll really start to see your talents now that you can actually do your job.

Noooooo, Jethro folks will be mad @ you for saying you are going recruits guys that want to be here. lol

Manny, can you explain why do you feel the need to throw shots @ Randy now?

Posted by: 202cane | January 04, 2011 at 11:05 AM

Because Randy was a crapy coach!

Randy was indeed a crappy coach. Manny should have told those stories long ago.

I like coach Franklin. Golden has got something going here!

Soldy, I'm saving your post. It was great. It typifies just how afraid people are of the University of Miami football program.

That was quite simply the rant of a paranoid individual if I ever saw one and I bet you have come back to this page 100 times since you wrote it to see who replied. Well I did.

You can see that what we got at the top now is quite different than what we just had and that scares the heck out of you and the rest of your liquored up friends.

Get ready, you are about to realize your worst fears my paranoid little friend.

What posses the fan of another school to come to an article about Miami and make these comments? ........ got to be paranoia.


Manny's not throwing shots at Shannon, he's just telling the truth.

Soldy....same post as the other post on a different page....get a life guy....if you don't like the U go away......you have nothing to add to the conversation at all. Find another blog to spot your nonsense on. Go Canes.......
The U class of 1981...Yes an alumni

Noooooo, Jethro folks will be mad @ you for saying you are going recruits guys that want to be here. lol

Manny, can you explain why do you feel the need to throw shots @ Randy now?

Posted by: 202cane | January 04, 2011 at 11:05 AM

Because Randy was a crapy coach!

Posted by: Teddy | January 04, 2011 at 12:37 PM

My point is Manny should have been saying these things when the man was here coaching these guys. Why wait until he is gone to question his recruiting abilities, etc. His job is to speak the truth, not kissing ass & then come from hiding.

Soldy do you ever write anything with facts, or an original thought? Sounds like you were abused by someone at some point in your life and your now redirecting it towards the "U" and its fans. Tell us what happened to you maybe we can help.

My point is Manny should have been saying these things when the man was here coaching these guys. Why wait until he is gone to question his recruiting abilities, etc. His job is to speak the truth, not kissing ass & then come from hiding.

Posted by: 202cane | January 04, 2011 at 02:16 PM

I agree! Instead of calling the coach and admin out for their shortcomings the Herald Staff chose to taint local recruits mind into not coming to the U. However, I am sure that Golden will tighten the reins on statements to the media once that he gets everything in place. It is never good to talk to much to the media. There is an old saying that goes: Live by the sword, die by the sword. Well, once you try and build you kingdom by using the media, the time will come when that Media will destroy your kingdom.

Jethro Franklin has hops. Check out the vertical in the picture.

Trust me, the college football world loves the fact that the canes are down right now. But even more afraid that this won't last long. We will be back and stronger than ever. Golden has the fire that was missing from our previous coach and the staff to finally get these players ready and prepared on gameday. But it will take time so sit back and watch the player development and the recruits come in by the truck load. Ignore the negativity that's being said by other recruits about the U. When we are back on top of the college football world, they will regret not coming on board. They'll be at home watching all the first round draft picks being selected. Have faith and support the U mort than ever before.

Hey Soldy,

Don't you start something new with optimism?

These coaches will, with time, bring the Canes into prominence. For me, I'd be happy with a team that plays its heart out every down.

Regarding the UNC recruit, hope he likes basketball, the REAL sport at that school.

Go Canes!

Soldy is probably a Florida - 3 NC or Florida State fan - 2 NC. We are still on top of the best state for college football untill someone takes it from us.

Being down as a program has to make people angry. Might see some a different tone out of the program now.

Hope so.

Hey Soldy you Jerk a/k/a obsessed Gaytor Troll...where did you get that quote from? Or is it another one of your delusional made up crap?

...and UNC was in good shape this year??

The landscape of this program is about to change, and I hope you unrealistic fans are prepared. Miami will no longer consist of players from south fla as in the past. Championship football games are won in Nov and Dec, so the majority of recruits will come from cold weather states. Current South Fla players don't have the toughness as demonstrated in the past to play in cold weather. In addition, the negative comments posted on bloggs such as this will have a big impact on recruiting south fla players. Parents will no longer want their kids to play for this program as a result of such hate demonstrated towards current players on this team. Thanks to you spoil fans who want to live in the past, this program will never be the same. I hope Al Golden can overcome the problem blogging have caused to get great recruits from south fla. Good luck to the future because this program will need it.

CANE VA...to blame bloggers for the sorry state of our program, as opposed to the administrations lack of foresight in hiring a REAL HC and gifted assistants is just so much BS.

I'll wager, we go 7-1 to start the season, the negatively (or at least most of it0 will disappear, as will many of the empty seats. Build a stadium near campus (Tropical Pk) and all will be restored.

However, it may take time, but at least we appear to have in place a legitimate, experienced head coach who recruits from farther away than his nose.

Love this interview, thank you Manny. Didn't know much about Jethro but thrilled to have another fired-up winner on our staff. Looks like a 180-degree turn from just a few weeks ago - amazing and awesome.
Welcome aboard, Jethro - stoked to have you here.

well of coursr - it s a good time for him to leave because next year or the year after,the nfl will have salary limits on rookies and it will be cut drastically.50 per cent less maybe.now-is the time to make in the 1st or second round what those same type players will make equivalent to 3rd and 4th round players.it s all about the money.END OF STORY.Do you blame the kid?He did his homework,the math anyway.He s right on.Get it while you can.He s no fool.

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